Eastwick (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 7 - Red Ants and Widows - full transcript

After Chad visits her one last time in a dream, a grieving Roxie resolves to fulfill his last wish -- if she can figure out what it is. Hounded by Max, her replacement at the Gazette, about her kidnapping ordeal, Joanna grapples with her own lingering questions while dodging his. And Kat, startled by a newfound ability, realizes that Bun's old friend Eleanor Rougement, may have answers for both of them.

Good morning.When did you get here?

I didn't.

What do you mean?

I'm not really
here.You're just dreaming.

I am?

Is this a vision?

Sort of, but not.

Oh i should wake up.I
think I have to go pee.

No, don't wake up yet.

Why not?

Because this is the last
time you'll ever see me.

Why would you say that?

Listen, I don't have a lot of time.

You're about to wake up, and there's
one last thing I want you to do for me.


I want you to follow the signs.

Okay, you are good to go.

What you doing?

Trying to move the jell-o toward me.

- What? - Don't
touch the jell-o.

You said you wanted the jell-o.

No, I said I was trying to
move the jell-o with my mind.

Have you had a psych consult yet?

I know this is gonna sound weird,

But when pastor dunn had me
tied up in his barn o' crazy

before he stuffed me into the coffin
And tried tourme alive, I *****.

With my mind.

No, you didn't.

Yeah, I did!

I mean, how else would I
have gotten myself untied?

Well, maybe... You didn't untie anything?

Honey, post-traumatic stress disorder
Affects people in lots of different ways.

Your memory may be
jumbling stuff right now.

You knthe mind has a way of protecting itself
From dealing with things it's not ready to process.

I' already processed the
whole kit and caboodle.

- Got kidnapped.
- Right.

Almost died.

Moved a knife thingy
with my mind--didn't die.

Scuffed my new ballet flats.

Okay, I am gonna have a counselor come
down, And they can explain to you p.T.S.D.

I don't have p.T.S.D.

I have s.A.P.--Super
awesome powers.

I just need to figure
out how to use them.

Are you sure you don't wanna stay just
a little while longer For observation?

Nothing left to observe.

I am fit as a fiddle and ready to rock, And
you know what I'm rocking, don't you?

Your s.A.P.

High five.

No, I got it.

See, this--this poor soul could
have been me, But it wasn't.

I got a second
lease on life--

Oh, no, no, no.This can't be right.

What is it?

Season 01 Episode 07

mammy's little baby loves shortnin'

mammy's little baby
loves shortnin' shortnin'

mammy's little baby
loves shortnin' bread

The water of eastwick Has long
been famous for its purity,

Its vitality, and the barest
hint of effervescence.

And now that water has
found its true calling.

Ahh, the eastwick brewing
company-- Taste...

The magic.

All right, chad, I don't know
why, But I'm getting worried.

Call me. I'll try your cell.

Pick up your damn phone, chad.


Chad left his phone here.

Um, sweetie...

Why don't you sit down for a minute?

He's dead, isn't he?

Who told you?


He did.


I really think you should sit down.

Tell me how.

It was an accident.

Statue of darryl.

Outside the eastwick inn.

My statue.

It is not your fault.

Roxie, it was a-a weird
freak thing that happened.

I'm familiar with those.

I should go pick up my dry cleaning.

Honey, we are so, so sorry.

Do you want a shot of tequila? I
could use a shot of tequila.

No, I really should go to the dry
cleaners And pick up my dress--

you know, the one I was wearing
At the funeral from my vision.

I should go do that, And
I have to write a eulogy,

and I should bake
something-- A pie,

but not a fruit pie 'cause
chad didn't like Fruit pie.

He liked pie and
fruit, But not fruit pie.

- What about a boston
cream pie? - Honey--

He said there was something I was supposed
to do for him, But I don't know what that is.

I'm supposed to follow the signs.

But I don't know what that means, But
you guys should go, cause I'm very busy.

It's a shame, isn't it, fidel?

Damn shame.I liked that statue.

Hey, you know, maybe I could
move it into the garden.


What happened?

R.J. Tripped me.

Raymond junior! Get over here!

What'd you do?

You told me not to bite her, so I didn't.

Well, no biting means no tripping,

No hitting, no scratching, no
slapping, no wedgies.

Now get your butt upstairs.Ten
minutes of time-out. Go.

God. You're okay.

- Mommy, mommy.
- Okay, okay, okay.

Let me just clean your cut.

Look at me, look at me, look at me.

Here you go.

Mommy, how'd you do that?


Um,I-I... Well, that's... What
mommies are for, right?

Now why don't you go upstairs
and wash up, okay? Go on.

Oh my god.I heard about chad.

I know. I spent the night at roxie's.

It's so horrible and strange and creepy,

Like a lot of things that have
gone down around here lately.

Yeah, speaking of which, Shouldn't
you be home recovering?

Nope! Anyway, I wanted to surpre you,

And I brought us a little break room picnic,'cause
I wanted to talk to you about something--

Something that's not horrible.

Awesomeness is afoot
for ol' joanna frankel.

One word, penny...


Oh, you know what, actually?

The break room totally
smells like guacamole today.

So what do you say we go out for lunch?

Uh, did you hear what I just said?

Yeah, you got a job As a
telemarketer.It's awesome. Let's go.

Why are you trying to get
me out of here so fast?

I'm not,I'm not. I'm just... I'm hungry.

Penny, don't lie to me.

I'm not.

Yes, you are. Every time
you lie, you touch your nose.

Okay, first of all,I'm
not... M not touching my nose.

Tell me what's going on,

or I will let the entire office Know about
the time That you got arrested for chasing

that guy you thought Was keanu
reeves into the airport bathroom.

Oh, you're worse than The
interrogators at guantnamo bay.

All right, look, Clyde has hired
someone else for your job.

You've officially been replaced.

Don't freak out.

What do you think you're doing?

Hey.You're joanna frankel.

Yeah, I recognize you from that little sketch
Next to all your articles in the paper.

I like the glasses.

That's my desk you're sitting at.

Then I guess these
must be yours then, huh?

They're useless to me. I
need the super absorbent kind.

And you're not amused.

Okay, well, um... I'm max brody.

And I guess this must be my lucky day,

Because I wanted to talk to you
about a story I'm working on.

No, thanks. Don't care.Very busy. Clyde?

It's about you.

Not interested. Wait. What?

Big story. Front page--
you, nailed in a coffin,

Laying on a burning pyre by an
insane pastor Bent on revenge?

Come on. I call it "death box:
The kidnapping of joanna frankel."

I'm not dead.

Yeah, but "near-death box" doesn't
have quite The same ring now, does it?

So come on. How about it?

Care to give me the exclusive?

Now what makes you think that I would give the
nerd-hole Who stole my job a front page scoop?

I need to talk to clyde.

Yeah, clyde is out of town.
He's at an editors' convention.

All right. You're bitter.
I get it, but mae I can help.

I mean, hey, would you consider
relocating, say, to d.C.?

I know people at the "post."

You know people "the washington post"?

Worked there for three years.

And "the baltimore sun,"t."And you like
cajun food, there's always new orleans.


I mean, so, uh, I guess you have some
problems Keeping down a job, huh?

Well, it's "holding down a job"
and "keeping down" your lunch.

Look, I know what's going on here--A
little--a little quid pro quo, huh?

I saw "silence of the lambs."

You're not getting my story, hannibal.

That's a fascinating reference.Do you
identify with clarice since the ordeal?

This is not an interview.

Come on, penny.we're going to lunch.

Hey, whatcha doi?

Looking for signs.

Oh, god. You didn't find
rat poop again, did you?

No, no, chad came to me in a dream.

He said there's something
he wanted me to do

But that I should follow
the sign... Or signs.

I'm not sure which. He got
cut off before he could finish.

Why couldn't he have finished?

Are you okay?

I will be, soon as I take care of this.

It's the least I can do to
fulfill his final wishes.

After all, it's my fault he's dead.

You know, justine's mom is a therapist.

I don't need a therapist.I need
someone who can figure out puzzles--

A puzzle-ist.

Isn't that dad's drawer?

No, that's dad's
drawer-- the bottom one.

So you're gonna keep chad's
stuff in his drawer, too?

Why not? I could clean out this one
for The next fatally unlucky guy.

Just designate This whole
dresser for dead exes.

Uh, you seem really upset. Maybe
we should skip the funeral.

Yeah, god forbid I should
be upset at a funeral.

Except, um, you... Can't
go to the funeral.

Why can't I go to the funeral?

Well, josh just called, And his
mom doesn't want you coming.

She thinks I killed him because
I'm the black widow And I'm cursed.

I'm sure it's not that. I think
it's just immediate family only.

Wow. That's...

this is it.

What are you doing with that?

This is the first
sign.I have to follow it.

poking me.

"B"--I asked
for a flu mask.

These hospitals are petri
dishes of pestilence.

Fine. I'll be right back.

And hurry up.


You're my nurse now. Come here.

Uh, excuse me?

Would you place your hands on
my scrapes so I can go home?

Why would I place my
hands on your scrapes?

To heal them.

Why did you just say that?

Because 's true, isn't it?

How do you know... That?

You're like me.

What do you mean?

Well... Well, think of it like
dogs.You know, they look different,

but a majestic afghan Can still recognize
that a little shih tzu Is also a dog.

Well... You're a shih
tzu... and I recognize you.

So... You've got...

The gift, yes.I'm a
dog, too, just like you.

But what do you--what do
you mean? What is the gift?

You don't...

No! It's all over you.

If I'm not mistaken, you used it today.

How do you know that?

Well, I have ways.I have
ways of knowing, yes.

As a matter of fact,I'm dealing
with this a lot longer Than you have.

Dealing with what?

Don't play dumb with me.

You and I both know that there
are bigger things out there--

Bigger than you and me And anyone else
who's part of your little cone of power.

A what of power?

Never mind.

Okay, you know what? Uh, that's fine.

I don't believe in this
stuff anyway, so... Whatever.

Um,I'm just gonna treat
you medically, okay? So...

Wait a second. Bun waverly is your
emergency contact.I know bun. That's...

I want you to tell me everything,

Starting with the moment that pastor
dunn showed up At your door, and go.

Uh, if you don't mind,I'd rather
we talk about my magical powers.

Your what?

I can move things with my mind.

- Oh, no, you can't.
- Yes, I can.

No, you can't.You're just traumatized From
being kidnapped.We should talk about that.

Penny, getting kidnapped and almost
burned to death Was the best thing

that ever happened to me.Okay?

Like, things are-- are
more vibrant and brighter.

Food tastes better.
Smells smell smellier.

I feel alive, like awakened, you
know, to my true potential.

Okay, so are you gonna bend spoons And
dodge bullets like neo in "the matrix"?

Does everything have to be about keanu?

Uh, yeah.All right, mr.
Anderson, Move that saltshaker.

Okay. Prepare to be wowed.

I'm prepared.

Hey! I was making progress.

Look, if you're not ready to talk
about what happened to you, It's fine.

It's not that I'm not ready.

It's that I'm already over
it.There's a difference.

Great. Well, let's figure out
what you're gonna do next,

Because I don't mean to
be a downer, but, frankly,

Getting kidnapped is not the only crappy
thing That has happened to you recently

and, I mean, You happen to be unemployed
and in love with a guy who's,

You know, he hates you, so which one
of those Do you wanna tackle first?

Um, neither.

You're right. The will situation
does seem kind of hopeless.

It's good. It gives us time to
focus on getting your resume In shape

and get your writing
career back in action.

Well, I don't have time to worry about mundane
things Like having a job or liking a boy.

Uh, actually, you've got loads of
time, Because you don't have a job.

Joanna, you're not acting like
yourself.I'm starting to really worry.

Penny,I'm fine!

Okay? I'm great. I'm better than ever.

And I don't need to have a
job, because I have a gift.

Now watch... While I bend this spoon.

It's not the spoon that
bends, neo.It is only yourself.

Ah, roxie,I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've been meaning to come
by your place, but I...

I wasn't sure if you'd want me to.

After all, it was a statue
of me that... Smushed him.

Yeah, well, I made the damn
thing. I don't blame you.

So you haven't come here
to kill me with that hammer.

Does it make you wanna tell me anything?

Does it symbolize something?

No. Just a hammer.

Chad came to me in a dream.

He said there was One more
thing I'm supposed to do for him,

But I don't know what it is, but
all I have so far Is a hammer.

I need another sign.

What about the funeral?
Shouldn't you be there anyway?

I was disinvited.

What the hell are you doing?

Fire walking.

Of course you are.

Care to join me?

Uh, no, thanks. I need
the bottoms of my feet.

Oh... My... God!

Walk with me, roxie. It is electrifying.

Maybe I should as
punishment for being cursed.

You say cursed like it's a bad thing.

It's not?

You know, women get their
periods, And they call it the curse,

and yet it is because Of
this so-called curse that

they are blessed With the most
awe-inspiring power on earth--

The power to create life. Curse? Please.

Would you dare get rid of
this curse if you could?

Well, they have this pill
now where you only have to--

God curses adam and eve after
they eat of The tree of knowledge,

and what does he curse them with?

What is this terrible
thing he inflicts upon them?

The curse of self-awareness.

They come to know
desire, lust, passion, greed,

fear, hatred, Anger, ambition,

Gluttony, jealousy, everything
that makes Life... Interesting.

You have got to be in all
kinds of pain right now.

*****Is that you are extraordinary.

Now people will fear you.

People will hate you.

You don't fit in, and you
never will, so toughen up.

Develop a thicker skin,

and you may come to see That this curse
of yours Is truly your greatest gift.

But chad and--and
gus and danny.

- All dead.
- Yes.

- And all possibly victims of your curse.
- Yes!

*****To wear that curse with pride.

Knowing roxie torcoletti is not for
the cowardly Or the faint of heart.

It comes with
risks--Great risks.

But it also brings tremendous reward.

Let those with courage
come fward and face me

And let those too afraid run
from the very sight of me.

I don't want pepople
to run away from me.

I can't even go to my
own boyfriend's funeral.

This is not a gift.

I thought in your vision, you
were at the funeral.

I told you, I was disinvited.

Besides, in my vision, it was raining.

Well, that is definitely a sign.

You don't have to do
this with me, you know.

I know, but I wanted to.

I cared about him, too.

Thanks, honey.

Welcome, all...

- This is gonna be bad.
- I know.

...To mourn the untimely
passing Of our dear beloved chad.

It is with great sadness that we
mark the loss Of someone so young.

I don't know who this woman
is.Why did you bring me here?

Because, bun...

I want to help you. You
know, you're her emergency contact,

So that must mean
that you two are close.

Maybe she can help
you with your amnesia.

Pl I really need to talk to
her, And you're my only way in.

Hello.I there. Um...

What do you want?

Well,I, uh, I thought that I might
arrangeA little reunion of old friends.


I don't have any friend
Especially not her.

I haven't seen her for 20 years, And I'd
be happy not to see her for another 20.

- Okay, but see, the thing is, Bun here lost her memory.
- Lucky her.

And I just thought maybe you
could help her get it back.

So if could just come
in, just for, like, a second...

I don't think this is
a very good idea, kat.

This woman seems very unfriendly.

Put a sock in it, bun.

Please, please, just for a minute.

All right.

I'll help you get your memory back,

But then you're gonna have
to do something for me.

- Fine.
- Great.

Come on.

You know you wanna.

Fancy meeting you here.

I don't find it fancy at
all. I find it annoying.

That's a fairly common reaction.
I don't take it personally.

So were you just talking to your beer?

What? No. Of course not.

Perhaps an imaginary friend
in the seat next to you.

You know, some people develop mild cases
of schizophrenia For short periods of time

To work through traumatic experiences.

You totally just made that up.

I did, but it sounds possible, doesn't it?

I'll take the check, please!

So what were you doing?

Cause I'm happy to print
That since the kidnapping,

Joanna frankel sits in bars during the day
And has conversations with alcoholic beverages,

But I'm not sure...

I was trying to recreate an
experience that I had.That is all.

What kind of experience?

It was an intense experience.

I was able to do something that
I was never able to do before,

And I would like to
be able to do it again.

Multiple orgasm?

- I'm leaving.
- I kid, I kid.

Okay, so something happened to
you, And you wanna mat happen again,

Only you're not sure how or why
it happened first time around.


All right, well, did it happen here?

Uh, can you tell me what you
were doing when it happened?

Interesting. Uh, how about the feelings
in the moments That led up to it?

Uh, were you happy? Sad? Scared? Nervous?


All of 'em?

Two of them.

Okay, um... well, then, uh,

I would do whatever I could
to summon those feelings.

You know, it's not always about
recreating the exact situation.

It's about recreating the
elements that led To the situation.

You know, like bill
murray in "groundhog day."

Oh, I love "groundhog's day."

Yeah, well, it's "groundhog day,"

And of course you do.
You're not an idiot.

Remember when bill was making snow angels to
try to get Andie macdowell to have sex with him?

It almost worked that first time.

But when he tried
again, he got bitch-slapped.

Because he was faking it.

Exactly.He tried to get the result Without
going through the emotional journey first.

You got to feel the
feelings to get the goods.

That actually makes sense.

Yeah, well,I'm a smart guy.

Oh. So where to now?

I didn't invite you anywhere.

Yeah, but I'm just gonna keep following
you. So you can either tell me,

or we can do the whole,"hey, fancy
meeting you" thing at the next location.

It's totally up to you.

Wow. You are really obnoxis.

I know. Shall we?

Dorothy,I'm so sorry.

You should be.

You have a lot of nerve showing your
face here After I asked you not to come.

I loved him, too, dorothy, more
than you can know.

You should have honored my wishes.

I'm just trying to honor his.

Why don't you move along, okay?
Nobody wants you here.

Thanks, dad.

Is this really neccesary?

You've hurt my family
enough, roxie torcoletti.

It's okay, grandpa.

Please let me go.

He never should have been
with you in the first place!

I warned him about you!

I didn't kill him. Get your
hands off me, Or so help me--

you're a horrible woman!

I'm sorry! That--that
wasn't the curse!

That was just me accidentally
shoving an old man Into an open grave!

I'm sorry, sir!

Get me out of here.

- Let's go.
- Good idea.

That woman...

That t-shirt--that's the next
sign! That's the next sign.

All I have is tea. Would you like some?

- Sure.
- Okay.

Oh, eleanor, your garden is amazing.

As is yours,I'd imagine.

It smells like... bird.

Excuse me, your majesty.My
maid has the decade off.

Hey, are these your
kids? I have five kids.

I know. That's why I
said we're the same.

Let me guess. When you get angry,

Bad things happen--Natural
disasts, that sort of thing.

And strange weather patterns
seem to follow you around.

How do you know about this?

What part of "we're the
same" are you not getting?

Okay, okay, so what is
it? And--and how can I control it?

And why is it happening?

Oh, my god.You're exhausting me.Just
tell me how she lost her memory.

Uh, well, bun was... Attacked
by a horde of red ants,

And she suffered a minor
stroke.She slipped into a coma,

And then when she came to, she
couldn't remember anything.

Red ants, huh?

He is one tricky bastard.


You're curious about your gifts.


Well, you are about
get... A crash course.

Excuse me!

Hi. Um,I'm roxie.

We didn't get a chance to meet.

Oh. Hi. I'm jenna.


So you knew chad?

I've been seeing him
for almost six months.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Uh... Just can't
believe this. I had no idea.

He wanted to keep it a secret from you.

But he told you about me?

Yeah, he talked about you the
whole time we were doing it.

- Weird.
- But he wasn't very good.

You know, I can tell you that.

So that's all he was to
you-- just a dull lay?

What? No. Lay? Dude, I
was his guitar teacher.

His what?

Yeah, he was taking lessons
from me for the last six months.

He's been trying to learn a song
for you.We recorded it last week.


He wanted to save it for your birthday.

It's like he sent you a
message from beyond the grave.

Freaky, huh?


Are you noticing that most people Seem to
be heading the opposite direction as us?

That's because the park
is closing in ten minutes.

Ah, but you suddenly had an insatiable
desire To ride the bumper cars.

Ferris wheel.

Ah, I see, and have you always
loved ferris wheels, joanna?

Never been on one before.I'm
terrified of heights.

Me too.Yeah, heights and
spiders-- hate 'em both.

Tarantula on top of the
empire state building?

That's my worst nightmare.

Sorry, guys. Ride is closed.

Darn. Hey, here's a thought.

Maybe we go play the ring toss While
you tell me what pastor dunn said

Before he put you in the coffin.


I supposed we have tim
for one more ride.Hop on.

I just miss somethin'?

What, did you flash him some boob?

Th-there's no seat belt on this thing.

I'm locking the bar in place.

Put your hands in your lap, sir.

You don't need to do
that. Stop us at the top.

So let's start at the
beginning, shall we?

Uh, where were you
born? Joanna, where'd you grow up?

I was born in philadelphia, uh,

But my family moved to boston
when I was 10 yearyears old.

Really? Uh, I went to college in boston.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Harvard.

And, uh, And, uh... Ohh! Holy crap!

Just calm down.

We're gonna die. We're gonna die.

We will if you don't shut
up! You're ruining my concentration.

Don't! Why did you do that?!

Because I'm young and attractive and
have no interest In plunging to my death!

Get me off this ride!

I said I was sorry.

Oh, I am not talking to you
without my lawyer present.

It was an accident.

Oh, clearly, that was not
an accident, all right?

And I feel bad.I feel bad for you, lady,
That you got this--this death wish.

But that doesn't give you the right

to trap someone Into riding shotgun
with you On these sicko suicide missions.


That was not a suicide mission.

You say tomato, I say suicide mission.

Stop saying that.

You had some bad stuff
happen to you, joanna frankel.

You don't want to talk to me
about it, that's fine. I get it.

But you better talk to someone

Because a person does not go
through what you went through

And come out of it
psychologically unscathed.

Denial is adorable for about
ten minutes.Then it's just dumb.

Well, I didn't think
that I was in denial.

********And eliminating the negative.

Are you seriously quoting
bing crosby to me right now?

Okay, you're right.

Something happened to
me in those 24 hours,

And 99.9% of it was so horrible

That every time I close my eyes, I
break out into a cold sweat.

But a tiny fraction
of it was--was like...

I don't know, it was--
it was miraculous.

And so I choose to concentrate on that
part And not think about the other stuff

So that maybe
I could--

maybe you can eliminate the negative?

Don't skip the negative.

You can't have critical thououi.

And where would we be
without critical thought?

Floating on a rainbow cloud
full of marshmallow bunnies?

Go to therapy.Work it out, okay?

Chug it down.Don't sip it. Chug it.

So you were talking
about a cone of power?

What is that? Not that
I even believe in powers,

But, like, what is m-my power?

You should be quiet.

Oh, I feel funny.

In a few minutes, you're gonna start
to feel numb From the waist up,

but don't worry. It's temporary.

Um, okay, what is going on?

How are you feeling now?

Well,I-I feel numb from the waist up.

What--what is
happening to me?

It's just to dull the pain!

But I'm not in pain.

Well, you're going to be, And
you need to hold her legs down.

Okay, I don't know what you're thinking
about here, But I-I can't let you do that.

Too late!

Oh, bun! Oh, my god.



Averto absum, malum licentia.

What the hell are you doing to her?!


Relax?!Are you insane?

Okay,I'm--I'm calling the police, Because
you are clearly out of your mind!

Are those ants?!

Yes, kill as many as you can.

Why is this happening?

You were the one who wanted
to find out about this stuff.

What's... Happening?
Where--where am I?

Bun, bun, are you okay?

Ugh. It's you.

You're welcome.

Wait. You--you remember
her? You remember eleanor?

I remember everything, dear.

Thank you for helping me.

Did you find out what
you wanted to know?

Bun, we have got to get out of here.

Actually,I... I need to stay here now.

Then I'm leaving. Uh...

He's back you know.

What are we going to do
about darryl van horne?

I think we're gonna
have to kill him again.

Hey.What's up?


I can't dodge bullets, and
I don't know kung fu.

That's okay. The sequelucked.

Think I might be mildly crazy.

I could have told you that.

I was locked in a box, and
I was almost burned alive.

I know.

I almost died.

I know.

And to top it all off, I
am unemployed and...

Completely alone.

You're not alone.

You got me.

I don't know what I'm gonna do, penny.

I can't even afford a therapist.

Uh, that's what I'm here for.

Come here. Come here.

I did it. I completed the puzzle.

I know what chad wanted me to do.

To interrupt my tantric yoga session?

He wanted me to release myself.


Stop. This is important.

Chad wanted me to be okay.

He wanted me to stop blaming
myself for him and danny.

He wanted me to let them go.

Well, that's very
generous.It's... Enlightened.

I know, and I know I'm right.

But how do I do
that, exactly--release myself?

Well, there's really only
one way, don't you think?

Um... You're a mother.

How many times have you tried to take
away Something dangerous from a baby

Like a pencil or a glass or a chain saw?

You try to pull it out of their hands,

And they just grip
tight, holding on for dear life.

But if youive them a new toy, They
will drop the old one and grab it.

Now adults are the same.

You only move on when you
give yourself To someone new.

Maybe chad understood
more than we imagined.

Why is it that his quest
for you Sent you over here t?

Maybe, just maybe that
hammer wasn't just a hammer.

You know what? He hasn't sent me here,

anthat hammer Was just a dead
end, if you think about it.

I keep coming over here 'cause I
assume talking to you is gonna help.

But it doesn't, not really.

Oh, now you're just trying
to hurt my feelings.

Not that I don't enj our chats, But I
think I've been using you as a crutch.

If I'm going to free myself or
release myself Or forgive myself,

well, then I need to do it by myself.

You can't help me, darryl. No one can.

But, you know, you might not
have figured that all out

If you hadn't come all the way
over here. I'm just saying...

It keeps falling over.

I know. We need more support.

Why don't you get some books, And we can
pile 'em up and prop up the cushions?

Ow! Crap!

Ooh! R.J.!

It hurts.

I know, but we need to stop
using that word, okay? Me, too.

You need a band-aid. Okay?

Put your finger out.

You do it yourself, okay, buddy?

There you go.

Lift it up.

Just like maGic.Good as new. See?

On! Uhh! Go on.

Well, where are we going camping tonight?

* They say everything can be replaced *

* they say every distance is not near *

* and so I remember every face *

* of every man whput me here *

* I see my light come shining *

* from the west down to the east *

* any day now *

* any day now *

* I shall be released *

* I see my light come shining *

* from the west down to the east *

* any day now *

* any day now *

* I shall be released *

* any day now *

* any day now *

* I shall be released *