EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6356 - Episode #1.6356 - full transcript

Rainie is devastated when she discovers Bernadette has run away to Keanu's. This is another major blow to her as she has already lost Abi and now the baby Bernadette is carrying too.

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I thought things were going well?

They were...until Sheree sold the
place from right under our noses.

I'm so sorry, man. I didn't know.

It's bad enough losing
the family business,

but to have it
stolen from you by your own wife?


Well, it puts my stuff
into perspective.

I was freaking out

cos I thought I was going to
lose half of my stall.

But you managed to keep it, then?
Yeah, but that doesn't matter now.

No, I'm going
to be leaving the ends for a bit.

The way things are with me and Tiff,
it's too hard being here right now.

So, you're going
to leave her here on her own?

Tiff's got enough people looking
out for her. She don't need me here.

You don't know that.

So, before you turn your back
on someone,

be 100% sure here and here.

Right, are you ready to go, Patrick?

Them lawyers charge
by the minute, you know? Come on.

I'm getting there as fast as I can!

I mean, if it was that easy
to pull money out of thin air,

we would be rich, right?

Yeah, all right!

Last four minutes,
what's she doing in there?

Not everyone can go on command!

She's running away to fake the test,
isn't she?

Look, we've just sprung this on her!

Unless Rainie carries a bag of
someone else's wee around with her,

then there's no way
she can fake a drugs test!

I know what the result is
going to be anyway,

especially after seeing her
with that dealer.

That could have been a client.

You don't settle
funeral expenses in cash

in a children's play area, Mum!

Oh, it's too late for all of this!

I could feel your eyes
boring through the door at me!

She's clean.

As a nun's duvet.

Listen, Bern, I know you need to
be cautious, but...

..I'd never do anything ever
to mess this up.

Right, well...

Is that everything?

I've had my doubts, too, love.

But we got proof.

She's clean.

Do you need a hand?
It's a zip, Jay, not a Rubik's cube.

Before you ask
if I have packed too much...

I get why you're angry, right?

I knew that we couldn't trust Suki.

And don't you dare even say
I told you so. I wasn't going to.

I didn't think she'd be
this spiteful.

Sacking you
because you bruised her ego,

and after you lied for her as well,
I mean, that's wrong.

Tell me something I don't know.

Right, so why not phone up
the Minimart head office

and make it right?

Instead of getting angry with

..get even.


Decided to come and say goodbye?
News travels fast.

But, no, no,
that's not why I'm here.

Well, Dotty is a bit busy after
everything with her mum, so...

Look, Tiff, no matter what...

..you know that I've always got your
back, yeah?

I've just run into your brother
on the phone

and he sounded like he was
up to something.

What has Liam got to do
with anything? Yeah.

What's my business got to
do with you?

You sounded desperate about money.
I knew you would get it upside-down.

He said he was going as fast as
he can to get some. Shut up!

Are you saying that I heard wrong?
I'm saying you're a grass!

And pathetic!

Thinking of any excuse to come
sniffing round my sister.

Well, explain what the call
was about, then.


I was just giving a mate
some advice.

It would make sense why he's been
pushing so hard

for you to get half of my business.
It makes sense for you to do one.

Why else would you turn up all
of a sudden?

Because he's my brother, Keeg,

and because he cares about me.

And you be careful
who you trust, Tiff.

Bit rich coming from you, isn't it?


You're lonely.

You're sad.

Want to know why?

There's only so much
the Foxcatcher can do,

when your profile picture
looks like an exploded bin bag

at the back of a kebab shop.

What you need is a miracle makeover

..the Kimfluencer! Yes!

We're talking hair, make-up, nails,
downstairs grooming,

that's a lie, but let me sort out
the mess that is you.

Let me be your Kimfluence

and let me make your meal for one
into a saucy sandwich of fun.

Oh, you know,
that solicitor's right, huh?

Hi, guys. I'm livestreaming.

Maybe we should get a second
opinion, hm?

Just like your sex appeal,
I'll be right back.

The lawyer reckons we're stuck
and, if we take this to the courts,

it's going to cost us thousands...

Ha! ..which we don't have!

Oh, Pops!
I feel like an old fool!

That woman not only break my heart,

she thief all our futures!

I just... I just don't know how
to get it back.

Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!

Must have insides of steel!

Got you this, keep you hydrated.

You want to take her pulse, check
she's actually got a heart.

Thank you...

..for letting her stay.
That's fine.

Just ring me if you need me,
yeah? Have you seen my mobile phone?

Yeah, you must have dropped
it at the back of the sofa.

Don't look so proud of yourself.

When did you start again...

..with the heroin?

That stuff will kill you, Mum!

You spouting cliches is what
will kill me.

What happened to getting clean?

Gave up on that pipe dream
so long ago

you still had your
natural hair colour.

You just give us some cash
and I'll be out of your way, yeah?

Go on, shakes will
kick in any minute.

You need to get away from here.
Isn't that what I just said?

From the city. It won't work.

I could find a button in a
zip factory if I wanted.

Not if we go together.

A couple of weeks by the coast,
away from everything.

Get you clean, a proper detox.

We've done it before.

We can do it again.

You got the bank balance for that,
have you? No...

..but I'll find a way.

What are you doing here?

Well, I could
cause you a lot of problems, Suki.

I could speak to head office,
you see?

Tell them how you've been
treating me as an employee...

..but I'm not going to do that.
Because you're weak.

Is that you think?

You're thinking that, if I hurt you,
it's going to make me feel strong?

I offered you friendship, Suki, and
you have completely destroyed it.

Having someone who loves you,
the real you,

and you loving them back,

that just simply frightens you,
doesn't it? Love?

What are you talking about?
Well, how else would you explain it?

I'm sad. I'm sad how things
have turned out.

I may not have a job...

..much money...

..or be the sharpest tool
in the bucket...

..but I have friends.
I have a lot of friends.

I'm surrounded by people
who love me.

But you...

Breaks my heart.

You have no-one.

Face who you really are...

..because, if you don't...

..it's just going to tear you up
from the inside.

Not a single plug socket was
working in the whole block, no TV,

people eating frozen pizza...

It turned out Sandy had dug up the

to sell the copper lining
for scrap.

She's mad!

She once set fire to a nightclub

because the DJ wouldn't play her
favourite song!

I know what she's like!

I need... I need to get her out
of here.

Amen. Hallelujah.

Sort her out, get her clean.

Can you lend me some cash?

Eye on the prize, Dotty.

We stay, your mum goes,

either that or this plan is going to
get blown to bits.

You think I care more about my
inheritance than my mum's life?

If it's a wad of get away money
you need, I don't have it,

but if that is what you need, to
get your mum away from this place,

then I would like to remind you
that the relaunch party

really did get this place jumping...

..if you know what I mean.

You're so stupid!

This job is the only decent
thing that I've got.

Hmm. Well, if you want to keep it,
get her out of here!


Can you promise me that you'll look
after Tiff while I'm away?


You can't walk out on your wife,

not if you think she's in trouble.
I ain't got time for this.

My train's in an hour
and I still need to pack.

If your gut is saying something
ain't right, you've got to listen.

Keegan, look me in the eye
and tell me you're 100% sure

you're doing the right thing.

Well, in my head, yeah.


But the way I've been feeling...

It's just the pressure...

..and I ain't just talking about
her idiot of a brother in my ear.

You can't imagine what it's like...

..every day...

..coming face-to-face
with the person

that you love most in the world...

..and not being with her...

..not being able to hold her.

Or him.



If you love somebody so much,

why let them go?

Especially if you're leaving them
in danger.

Where's Sandy?

Well, I doubt she's hiding
in the back of a drawer.

Is that what your text was about?

I can't find my engagement ring.

I took it off to do the washing up
and then... And then what?

Well, then Sandy arrived,
didn't she, your mother?

She's nicked it, I know she has.

Wait, so you make me leave work in
the middle of the day to come here

and have you chat rubbish
about my mum?

Look, she's gone out, that's all.
She's an addict. She's...

She's not a thief.

I saw what she was up to with
my mobile phone earlier, Dottie.

Addicts will do anything
for a bit of easy money.

I know she can't help it,
but with a ring that pricey...

It ain't in there. She must have
crushed it up and sniffed it.


Mum, meet me at work.

I need to talk to you.

KAREN: Wait!

Little louder, Mum. I don't think
they heard you down in Dundee!

I had a mare at work
with a velvet catsuit.

Now, promise me you'll give Keanu
the biggest, smunchiest,

longest, wettest kiss from me, OK?


Keegan ain't going anywhere. Yes!

Whatever your sister said to make
you change your mind, she's right!

But I'm going, Mum.

Look, I know Mick said that
he was wrong about Rainie,

and I know her test was clear,
but, since yesterday,

I just keep asking myself, like,
"What if?" You can't...

You can't run away from your
responsibilities, love,

not when it's something like this.

You've promised two people a child!

My only responsibility
is to keep my baby safe.

Keep it safe?

Or keep it full stop?

You signed an agreement!
Which won't mean nothing in court.

Please, Bern, don't do this.

It's just not about me any more.

Like, there is a little person
in here relying on me.

I just need to get away for a bit,
just...get my head together,

make sure I'm doing the right thing.

You've got to let her go, Mum.


This is going to destroy Rainie.

Well... Well, at least tell me
when you're coming back.

I j...

Bye, Mum.

What you got there?


I can get enough equity from
this place to get back the salon.

What, you want to give up
part of the house?

I don't want to, but I need to,
to fix all the mess I made.

The mess Sheree made.

Listen, you've poured your heart
and soul into that salon

and now you're going to lose it?

..you've already invested
so much into this family -

I mean, buying us the business
in the first place -

and now you want to risk
losing your house?

Can you think of an alternative?

Not yet, but I do know that,
all of us, together,

that's how we're going
to get through this.

Now, please put down that pen.

We will fix this...

..I promise.


You baby-sitting me
or holding me hostage?

Look, I just...
I don't want you at mine right now.

Why not? Doesn't matter.

All that matters is that
we're going to sort this.

Oh, yeah, magical break
at the seaside.

Sandy at the seaside.

You'll stay clean this time, OK?
Not just for a few weeks - for good.

What's going to make this time
any different?

Me. I am.

My life, I'm...

I'm settled.

Is that so?


I got a bonus.

Ruby Allen's got you cheap
at double the price.

Why? After the life I've given you,

why bother for a piece of work
like me?

Cos you're my mum.

Sorry to interrupt, boss, but could
do with a hand out there, yeah?

Come wait for me at the bar?

Do you want a pint, yeah?

Two pints, please.

All right?

Hey! It's nothing big,
it's just a little...

Oh, I can't keep a secret!
It's like...

It's like a little fluffy vampire
guinea pig thing, with wings!


Well, I think it's cute.

No, it ain't that. It's...
It's Bernie.

She's gone to stay with Keanu.

Oh, well, that's all right.
I can give it to her Monday.

She ain't coming back Monday.

I know I can...

..be intense and scare people off.
Is that what's happened here?

You keep pushing people away
and you end up on your tod, right?

Well, you ain't going to be on
your own, are you?

You've got Stuart... I've already
had one kid taken away -

I can't lose another!

Bernie will be back. She just wants
what's best for the baby...

It's not THE baby! I'm sorry.
It's MY baby!

It's mine!

Yeah? In you get, then, darling.

All right? Seat belt on.


Honey! I...

I wanted to say...

..you're right, about everything.

And now I've messed up
the most precious thing in my life.


I'm sorry.

Once people think you're a liar,

they don't ever believe
anything you say -

you taught me that.

But I know I'm not a liar.

But you are, Suki.

And I will never believe a single
word you ever say to me ever again.

You ready? Let's go!


Hey. All right, Liam?
A pint of lager, please, Trace.

What are you doing here?

I thought you were...? Gone?

Listen, you need to stay away
from my sister, all right?



If what I told Tiff ain't true,
why you looking so shifty?

Let me tell you,
it's cos I'm on to you.

Now, Tiffany, she's still my wife.

And we're going to be together
properly again,

so you need to know that
I will do anything -

and I mean anything -
to protect her.

Enjoy your pint.

That's yours.

Enjoy your drinks.

Have...? Have you seen my mum?
Yeah, she ducked out.

No, I told her to wait here.

I literally saw her leave.