EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6355 - Episode #1.6355 - full transcript

Bobby helps Martin get his job back on the Fruit n Veg Stall.

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You OK?


I'm OK as I can be with
a mum like mine.

I can't believe she made
a scene like that.

No-one even noticed.

The night was ace
and Ruby'll be impressed.

I doubt that very much.

Um... Do you want to stay for
a coffee?

Nah, I've got some stuff to do.


Here she is...with the world's
strongest man.

You going to try and throw me out of
here, too? I'd like to see that.

I'll... I'll leave you to it.

That face'd turn milk sour.

Says you,

demanding cash and then storming out
when I say no.

Where were you last night?
At a mate's.

So you went to get drugs?

No. Look at me.

It's just the booze now, like I told
you, and that's under control.

So what was last night, then?

You made a right show of me,

turning up like that,
and you ruined the whole thing.


So...if you're not using,

then what do you need the money for?

A river cruise?

Food, a roof over my head.

I'm too old to be kipping on floors.

Look, you don't need me
hanging around,

cramping your style.

You're doing all right for yourself.

I should just leave you to it.

Look, um, I've got work,

but are you around later?

Do you want me to be?

How about we share a bag of chips
and a can of pop like we used to?

Meet me at the club at three?
I'll be there.

Just this, please.
70, please, Bobby.

You all right, Bob?

Honey, I hear you're off to America.

Lily was well jealous
when she heard.

Fingers crossed we are.

Martin, I'm glad I've seen you.

I just... I wanted to say sorry
about Peter -

he was completely out of order.

I mean, I did batter his tablet.

Yeah, well, he might've deserved

Have you sorted things with Dana


You keep trying, mate.
You'll get there.

Yeah. See you.
Bye. See you later.

Just that.
1.20 please, Martin.

Is card all right?


It's been declined, sorry.

Uh... That's all right.
I've got another one.

Yeah, gone through!

See you later. See you later.

You haven't spoken to Kheerat yet.

You need to do that, today.

I won't be doing that. What?

I don't lie, Suki.

I thought you wanted to take
Janet to America.

Look, you may be my boss, OK?

But it doesn't mean you can
bully me.

I know my rights,
employment rights.

Well, you have to still be employed
to have those.

Have you thought about how

you're going to feed your kids
without a job?

When you first told me about Jags,

I couldn't believe it,
that you'd do something like that...

..but maybe I was wrong about you.

What are you saying?

I'm going to be taking leave -
from tomorrow.

And if you threaten my job again,

it'll be more than just the kiss
that I'll be telling people about.

Tiff said to give you these.

Oh, cheers.

Is Tiff OK?

Ain't your problem any more, is it?

Maybe I should speak to her.
She don't want to talk to you.

Hey, Rainie.

Hi. Everything OK with our son?

I got you a drugs test.

Oh, that was...quick.

Um... I thought it'd be, like,
a week or two.

Well, seeing as you're here,
you can do it now.



Yeah. Toilets are over there.

OK, look, I...um, I...

I took a sleeping pill last night

and it's not how it sounds.
I'm not using, I promise.

Just, since Abi left, I...

..when it gets hard,
I take half a one.

And, you know, if it shows up
as something,

then you're going to think it's
something else.

HUSHED: I've got to get on.

Look, don't worry.
We'll get it sorted.

No more Cotton clan hiding
round here, is there?

Eh? I wouldn't want Auntie Liz
jumping up from behind

the bar, shouting,
"This is Your Life."

She didn't recognise you.

She didn't recognise me
cos I made myself scarce,

but how long before she does?

How long before she's off her face,

"Hey, Tom, give us a bit of Neil

Sweet Caroline -
always a crowd pleaser.

I ain't got time for this.

You need to get your mum
away from Walford.

You're the one always banging on
about how important family is.

I ain't telling her to leave.

Blood's thicker than water,
Uncle Tom.

Ha! Blood?
Sandy's blood is so diluted

with vodka, you two would struggle
to get a DNA match.

No, last night,
last night was a one-off.

She will blow the whole thing.

You think I can't see what this is
really about.

You would love it if we gave
the whole thing up

so you could carry on playing Daddy
to Sonia,

which is really creepy, by the way.

Whatever way you play Sonia,
Sandy is a problem.

Even if you get your money,

she will find a way of getting it
off you.

She is never anything but trouble.

She's my mum.


Yes, yes, I'm still here.

So they'll book the flights
AND the hotel?

That's fantastic.
Thank you so much.

Thank you. Speak to you later, bye.


Yeah. Janet's agent.
I'm taking her to Miami now.

Suki kindly let me have
the time off.

Anyway, that's me done.

See you when I'm back.
Yeah. Safe travels.

I thought you'd said she

Mum, am I missing something here?

I know what I'm doing with Honey,

She'll come crawling back,
apologising for the lies she's told.

You'll see.

In the meantime,
I need to go to the wholesalers.

Mind the shop for me.

Are you enjoying the show?
I'm just checking you're OK.

Why wouldn't I be?

You might want to try the bus stop.

People light up, then the bus comes.

I'm ten months in recovery.

It ain't easy,
but becoming a mum changed me.

It had the opposite effect on me.

Look, why don't I get you a cuppa

Look, I'm not a charity case.

I'm here visiting my daughter,

I'm just waiting for her to finish

Have you got any cigs?
I'm dying for one.

Why don't you get yourself a pack?

You want me to promise
I won't score with it.

It's your life.

But if I was you...

..I'd want to get me the cigs, and
then spend time with me daughter.

It's precious, that.
Don't waste a second of it.

See ya.

Well, now is not a good time,

Are you in on your own?
Yes, but...


..I'm so sorry for the way I've
handled everything.

You mean the way you slapped me?

I mean everything.

I, um...

I shouldn't have lashed out at you.

And, uh...

..I shouldn't have tried to...

..kiss you.

I don't know where it came from.

It was... It was a silly moment
that meant nothing.

I was grieving, I was confused,

..I'm not like that.

So it's just, um...

..a misunderstanding?

Yeah, of course.

But now I've got Kheerat
asking questions.

I can't have him think I'm something
I'm not.

He's a very proud man, Honey.

And he's been raised to look up
to me as his mother.

And this whole situation, it...it
will affect our relationship.

And, as a mother,

surely you can understand how hard
that is for me?

Yeah, Suki... Honey, please.

I know I don't have the right

to ask you again,

the way I've treated you, but...

..I need you to tell Kheerat
you lied.

You know I can't do that.

I have to keep my family together,

it means everything to me.


Everything all right?

I should be getting back.

Do you have to do that now?


Look, is this about Dana?

You can't let what's happened send
you under.

I don't want to talk about it.

Look, I feel for you, Bob,
all right? I really do, mate.

But, when it comes to work,
you've got to keep it together.

Oh, Bobby, look, I'm busy here!

I've been trying to get hold of Gran
for days to talk business.

She said she'd call me.

What are you doing?


Well, look, can you go in
the kitchen, all right?

Cos there's plenty of stuff you can
get on with in there.



Hello, Gran. How's your holiday?

Yeah? Look, I know you probably
don't want to talk business, but...

No, yeah, you go first.

Yeah, but you didn't see
what he done to my...

No, you're right.

Yeah, you're in charge.

How did you hear about that anyway?

Yeah, loud and clear.

OK, you, too.

OK, enjoy your holiday.

OK, bye.

Bobby, go and tell Martin he can
have his job back on the stall.

Uh... But what about
his battered tablet?



..tell him.

Well, I don't think it's right,
what she's doing to you.

It's all a bit MeToo.

It's not like that at all.

What do you...? She's your boss.

She's tried to get you drunk,
she's tried to kiss you,

and now she's asking you to lie
about it?

You don't lie, Honey,

it's one of the things that
I love most about you.

Thank you.

Jay, look, if I do do this,
I get to keep my job.

I get to take Janet to America.

Suki gets to avoid any embarrassing
questions from her family, so...

..everybody wins.

Yeah, but how do you know
you can trust her?

I just do.

It's a little white lie, Jay...

..to protect a mum who's grieving
for her son.

It's the right thing to do.


Mum? You're on time.
I'm early, actually.

You're high. Don't be ridiculous.

Don't lie to me.
Where did you get the money?

That face again. Come on, let's get
out of here. I'm working.

Well, get us a tenner from the till
and I'll get us some chips.

You think I'm giving you cash,
so you can go stick it in your arm?

Who do you think you're talking to,

Always acting like you're better
than the rest of us, ain't ya?

I had to be, with a mother like you!

I used to think you'd make
something of yourself,

but look at ya!


Go on...take it!

And get out of my life.


Hi. Hi. I was just on my way
to yours.

I've got something to show you.

Billy, I just need to have a word
with Suki,

so I'll see you later, yeah?


Well, you've got a nerve. Kheerat.

I just wanted to apologise for

..the misunderstanding.

I told Jay that your mum tried
to kiss me, but that wasn't true.

So why did you say it, then?

Well, you were right before,

Jay and I had been arguing,

he kept asking me what was wrong,
so I told him that,

well, for him to stop going on
at me.


Right, OK.

So, you made the whole thing up
just to get Jay off your back?

I wasn't thinking straight.

I had no idea that he was, you know,
going to tell you.

I mean, it just all got completely
out of hand.

Suki, I am so, so sorry.

I hope you can forgive me.

Do you think that you can go around
telling...? It's fine.

Apology accepted.

Have a nice trip.

I feel like Captain America
with his shield.

What's Lord Sugar said about this?

Well, not much he can say.

Seems Nan doesn't think Peter's up
to the hiring and firing of people.

Are you OK with this?

Yeah. You know, it means I get more
time at the restaurant,

try and win Dana back.

Well, she's bound to see
what she's missing, then, mate.

Right, I best get Auntie Kath
a big bunch of flowers.

It's probably best not
to mention anything

to Peter about how this came about.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

I'm just glad Nan put Peter in
his place,

like she said she would.

Well, I guess I owe you one, then.

Well, a call to Nan's not
a patch on a battered tablet.


Listen, you need to tell him about

He's telling me he's looking up
videos of water parks to visit.

I will.



What are you wearing?
Closest I could get to mouse ones.

About that, I can...I can take Janet
to Miami now.

Brilliant! I'll get you some ears.

Janet's going to be really made up,
you know, both of us taking her.

I mean, sorry, Billy, um...
I can take her instead.

What? Why can't we both go?

There's only expenses for
one parent and...

Billy, I would really like to go
with her,

please, if that's OK with you?

Come on, Bill. I mean,
it's not exactly a holiday, is it?

You know, it makes sense for Honey
to go.

She's got the history with
the modelling

and it's that mother-daughter thing.
You know, you get that.

And you could spend, you know,
quality time with Will.

Yeah! You always say you wanted to
make up

for the time he was in Canada -
well, now's your chance.

Well, why don't you move in here,
eh, while they're gone?

Yeah, right.

I think that's a great idea.

I Mean, Billy, Will would love that.

Yeah, all right.

But I'm only doing it for Will...


She's not rousable
and her GCS is eight.

She's not rousable
and her GCS is eight.

Yeah. We are outside
the Queen Victoria pub in Walford.


Mum! Give her some space, Dotty.

What happened?
I think she might have overdosed.

The ambulance is on its way.

If you go back to the house
and get my equipment bag, please?

Dotty, go!

How long? How long?

It's coming now.

I saw her give money to her dealer.

What else could it be?

I don't know.

But Mitch said Mick made a mistake,
that she weren't using again.

TEARFULLY: You didn't want me to do
this in the first place.

I should've listened to you, Mum.

You need to talk to Rainie.

How do I know if she's lying to me?

Your hormones are all over the place
and, by working yourself up,

that ain't going to do the baby
no good.

But how can I give her my baby now?

It's going mad out there.
Think someone's OD'd.

There's an ambulance
and everything.

Do you think it's Rainie?

Na, it's...it's Dotty's mum,
I think.

What's up with you?
Nothing, I'm fine.


I saw Tiff before and
she wouldn't even look at me.

It's like she's everywhere I go.

I know, love, but maybe you just
need to give her a bit of space.

I spoke to Keanu and he said I can
stay with him if I want.

Well, I don't mean just up
and leave.

I think I need to go, Mum.

But we need you here.

No. No. We'll be fine, Mum.

Just forget everyone else.

Do what's best for you.


Did, um, everything go OK
with Kheerat?

I'll tell you what, when I get back,

why don't we do something nice

I've missed us having fun.

I trusted you...

..telling you about what happened
with Jagvir.

You think you can just throw that
back in my face?

Look, I regret that.

You will. You're fired.

You can't do that!

I can because no-one will believe
a single word you say any more.

Enjoy your trip.