EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6353 - Episode #1.6353 - full transcript

Honey confesses to the treatment she has been subjected to from Suki since the Panesar Matriarch tried to kiss her. Jay armed with this knowledge confronts Kheerat who refuses to believe any part of it and threatens Jay.

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See what I mean? You've just got to
be a bit quicker, you'll get there.

Remind me not to upset you, eh?

Not bad. Could do with sharpening
that jab up, though, yeah?

And a better-looking
sparring partner.

Oi, look, you want to feel better
about yourself, earn a bit of cash,

why don't you ask for
your old job back?

Go on, son. Don't let the hot pants
put you off, yeah?

Peter. Peter.

Can I have a word?
Can it wait? I'm warming up.

Just listen to me.
I need a job. I want the stall back.

Yeah, well, I want Margot Robbie
and a Rolls-Royce,

but we can't all get
what we want, can we?

That stall is in my blood,
I run it from better than anyone,

so do me a favour, will you?
Just take your little earphone out,

postpone your Pilates and that,
and we'll have a talk, yeah?

All right, look. Number one,
this is called dynamic stretching.

Number two, I am actually waiting
for an important business call.

And number three, if you want a job,

Martin, you're going to have
to interview for it, mate.

Interview? Are you joking? No.

I never joke when it comes to
family business. Well, I am family.

Peter, stop being a prat, mate,
and let's talk about it.

Look, I've got a dad it's gone AWOL,

A brother that's crying over
a minicab driver's daughter,

and a gran that's getting more
action than I am, so, please,

don't talk to me about family.

Look, I tell you what, meet me
in Walford East at lunch, yeah,

and we'll talk then.
Now, please, in the meantime...

..it's leg day.

I put an extra sugar in that to perk
you up a bit. Ain't worked, has it?

Are you sure you're all right?

Drink me in. Muscle Beach, beware,
Billy the bod is on his way.

Blimey, Hon, you'd think
we had bad news from the agent.

We're going to Miami. I thought
you'd be happy.

I am happy. It's just...

Just a lot to do, that's all.
You know. Work to think about.

What's to think about? Suki will
give you time off, won't she?

Is that the paperwork
I need to sign? Yeah.

Right, well, I'd better get off.

Show those other parents where my
daughter got her swagger from, eh?

Oh, Hon, better start packing.

It's these evening shifts, innit?
They're too much for you.

No, I'm fine, Jay, OK? Don't worry.
I'll speak to Suki today.

Oh, you lot, I'm making spaghetti
bolognese for dinner, all right?

So no big lunches. All right, Mum.

It's too late for apologies.
He should have just told me

in the first place he was freezing
our account. Do you know what?

He wants to be careful.

If you divorce him, you can take
half his little empire away.

Empire? He's only got a poxy
little sandwich store.

Er, you'd be surprised.
That stall's a little gold mine.

And he's got an investor. All I've
got is an overdue electricity bill.

I must chase Dotty for that.
I've already spent our savings,

don't really want anything
else off him.

Look, if he's worth a few bob,
you're entitled to half, right?

I'm not entitled to nothing.
Why not?

He cheated on you, Tiff.

If it was the other way round,
he wouldn't hesitate.

I know I couldn't have time off for
her audition, but this is different.

I mean, Janet got the job
and, well, she's off to Miami.

And she needs me there, obviously.

Please, Suki.

I'm sorry. The answer is no.

But it's not like it's short notice
or anything, we're...

I'll stop you there.

The truth is you've been letting
yourself down recently.

What? Your work isn't what
I expect it to be.

The takings are down,
the displays are a mess.

I set high standards, Honey,

and employees who want frivolous
time away need to meet them.

And you haven't.

Her father can take her. In fact,

I want you in tomorrow morning, too.

No time like the present
to right your wrongs.

Right, we both know this
is about the kiss, don't we?

I mean, you can say
what you like, Suki,

but we both know what happened.

There is nothing to be embarrassed
about, OK? We are friends.

I suggest you watch your step.

And mind your words.

Um, sorry,
is everything all right here?

Of course.

Honey was just leaving.

Do you know what propaganda is?

It's when a Cockney
has a good look at something.

"Proper gander." Hm. Ha.

Do you know - if it was happy hour
in the Vic, you'd have to leave.

You've got to have a laugh.
I don't need a laugh, I need a DJ.

Oh! I'm only doing all this
to show Ruby

how well I handle things
and now look.

My DJ's let me down.

I've got PR people to sort,
influencers to book,

and now Chelsea has called in sick -
yet again!

So save me the jokes, yeah?

Look. If you're worried about money,

before our windfall comes in, don't.
I've got it covered.

Oh. What's that?

Top-notch knock-offs.

One-Eye Si done me a deal.
I'm going to shift 'em for him.

You're actually an idiot.
You're supposed to be a millionaire.

What if Sonia sees you? I'm not
going to sell them round here, am I?

I'm going to shift 'em
down the Roman.

Those Bow boys, they love a bit
of bling on a shoestring, right?

Hey! Here he is.
A DJ saved my life. What about that?

Dotty, look. What are you doing
tomorrow? Dotty needs a DJ.

You've still got some gear in the
club. Huh? Want to earn a few bob?

I'd rather be skint.

Don't worry. I know a bloke
who worked the Hacienda.

Used to sell acid. Not a DJ,
but he must know someone, right?

No current CV.

And, reference-wise...

I can't imagine Ruby's is glowing.

Can prisons give references?
Look at you.

You're a couple of trophy wives and
a toilet head flush away from being

a real chip off the old block,
aren't you?

Look, let's just cut straight
to the chase, shall we?

The stall, it's not going to happen.

The only position I can offer you
right now is at the chippy.

The chippy? Are you joking?

I can't go back to smelling
like chip fat again, I can't.

I need to go back to who I was.
Back on that stall.

For me, for my kids. So just do me
a favour, Peter, please.

What are you doing here? I heard you
saying we're low on fruit,

so I just went and got some
from the stall.

Look, she don't want your
bananas any more, Bob,

so just take 'em
back to work, yeah?

Actually, seeing as you are here,

Martin here wants your job
on the stall.

Why don't we have a barrow boy-off,

Yeah, you can sing for your supper.

Oh, come on, Martin, give me
your best market call, heh?

Who knows? It might persuade me.
Just because Nan's on holiday

doesn't make you the boss,
OK, Peter?

Yeah, well, it's the chippy
or nothing, all right?

Take it or leave it.

It's not the end of the world,
is it? I can take her on my own.

But that's not the point, Billy,
she wanted us both there.

She'll be fine. We'll Facetime you.

Must get some factor 50.

I got sunstroke in Clacton once,

so I that Miami heat will kill me.

Could you be any more selfish?

I'm her mum, she needs me there.

Well, maybe Will needed his dad
there when you took him

off to Canada, hm? It's not my fault
you can't get time off work, Hon.

Don't take it out on me.

I just don't understand.

You're one of the only people
Suki likes.

Has something going on
between you two?

I don't want to talk about it, OK?
What's done is done. It's over.

There's your change. OK.
Enjoy a sandwich.

Cheers, mate, have a good day.

Sonia was right.

Got a little gold mine here,
ain't you?

Does all right.
More than all right, I reckon.

Makes me wonder why you'd
bother freezing

a joint account with pennies in.

I made a mistake, all right?

I was... I was drunk

and I was vexed.

And I'd have come round
to apologise in person,

but I didn't want the door slammed
in my face again.

I'm... I'm sorry.

You should be. Because you're out
here earning hand over fist

while my sister struggles to make
ends meet. How's that work?


You make sure she starts seeing some
money out of this, or I'll make sure

she gets everything she deserves
when she divorces you.

Am I the only person in this family
who actually does any work?

Mum, I'm just making sure
you're all right.

Because it looks could kill,

we'd be carrying Honey out of here
in a rolled up carpet.

Look, I don't know what all
that was about, but...

Yeah, well, what you don't know
could fill a book.

So, you leave my employees to me
and mind your own business, OK?

All right, Jay?

Look, I ain't here for an argument.

Honey's really upset. She's not
herself and I'm worried about her.

I thought you two were close. She's
doing these night shifts for you

and you're not letting her have the
time off. I mean, what's that about?

Has there been a row or something?

Ever since we became friends,
she's been making mistakes.

She's been late, she's careless,
and it's costing me money.

Who knows? Maybe all this modelling
stuff has turned her head.

Well, that certainly doesn't
sound like Honey...

Well, maybe you don't know her
as well as you think.

The world doesn't run on friendship.

Now, if you don't mind,
I've got work to do.

You know, we're only a saveloy
short of a dream I had once.

Anything else?

I'll have a squirt of your sauce,




Ah, don't worry. It happens.

Listen, if you're looking
for a new sugar mama,

why don't you call the Kimfluencer?

You know, I could smarten you up.
And who knows?

I might just keep you for myself,
you tall glass of water.


Thank you.


KAREN: You all right? Hello.

Ah, you all right there, love? Me?

Yeah, I'm terrific.

Working for a Beale,
kipping in Sharon's spare room.

Top of the world!

I've done worse than wrap chips
and had worse places to kip.

There's no shame in providing
for your kids.

We do what we gotta do, right?

Look, Honey, will you just
talk to me?

I've told you not to do anything.
And what did you do?

You go right round to her.
I mean, why would you do that?

Because I love you too much
to see you like this, that's why.

I mean, she's making out like
you're pretending to be her mate

so you can skive off work
or something.

She's lying, and so are you.


..you are the kindest, most hardest
working person that I know.

So, whatever's going on, you know
that you can tell me about it.

All right? You know you can,
you know you can tell me anything.

She's punishing me, Jay.

I haven't done anything. I wouldn't.

I'm her friend.

So why? Why is she doing it?


Because she tried to kiss me.

If you're here about Rainie's drug
test, I've already ordered it. OK?

I don't care about the accounts.
Liam came to see me.

Look, I have worked so hard to get
that stall going, Tiff.

No, we both did,
and things are going all right.

But if you try and take half now,
it's going to stop everything

in its tracks.

I know that you're angry
and I understand why.


You'll get what you deserve
out of it, I promise you.

Just give the stall some time
to grow, yeah? Please.

I don't want anything from you,

Not any more.

Do you really think that I care
about the money?

I cared about YOU.

So don't insult me.

I am so sorry, Tiffany.

For everything.



Just looking out for you, sis.
I don't need looking after, Liam.

Stay out of my business.


Cheer up, pal.
Job's a job, ain't it?

You know what, I used to think that
that stall held me back.

Now look. There's nothing
I'd rather do. You'll get there.

Life's got a funny way of working
itself out, ain't it?

Not talking about me, are ya? No.

Just give her some time, will ya?

Hey, don't worry.
Janine ain't working.

Look, Zack,
I've got to shoot off, mate,

I've got to pick some popcorn up
for me and Hope. All right, mate.


I'm telling you now,
if that is Peter again,

I am going to do time for him.

Interview went well then, yeah?



She's embarrassed, that's all.
She's a bully, that's what she is.

This is sexual harassment, Honey.
If this was a bloke...

She's been through a lot, Jay.

She's struggling.
And so are you, because of her!

So don't make excuses for it. That's
enough, I'm going round there.

No! Don't you dare. Why not?

Whatever she's going through,
it doesn't give her the right

to take it out on you, does it?
I feel sorry for her. I do.

I'm her only friend, Jay.

Maybe her trying to kiss me was
a mistake, but, you know,

that's for her to work out.

This stays between us, OK?


Promise me?


I'm not having a go,
I'm just saying you're a week late

on your share of the
electricity bill.

And is Liam chipping in too, then?
Or is it just me you're chasing?

You're lucky you've got a roof over
your head after what you did

to Tiff. All right?
This is about you, not him.

I'm just here to pick my gear up.
Have you got the keys to the back?

Can you wait, please? Now listen...

Ruby has got her accountant
watching me, OK?

So I've gone all out tomorrow
to prove myself

and I've had to pay for stuff
out of my own pocket.

I will get straight with you,
I just need time.

You do know she's going to sell this
place eventually, right?

And what do you think
she's going to do,

put you in charge because
you can throw a good party?

Be realistic, will ya?
You're 20 years old,

you need to think about what you
want to do with your life.

It's time to grow up. You can
pay me for this gig next month.

That way, Sonia won't have to
throw you out on the streets.

As long as I get her share,
that's all I care about.

You're a life-saver.

So, did you want to...?

I want double my usual fee.

Nothing's changed.

I'm just doing you a favour,
that's all. Cool?

I told Peter I was having
a movie night with Hope.

Now, all of a sudden, I've been
pulled in to cover a shift

at the last minute. It's simple -

I'm quitting and then I'm chinning
him. Hope's all right, look at her.

It's either chips or Daddy.

Always the chips.


I said I'd be home.

It's not even our home, though,
is it? It's yours.

I just promised her, you know?

Whit's got Arthur and Lily,

so I said to her that we'd have
a princess movie marathon.

I've let her down.
I've let 'em all down, ain't I?

A month ago I had everything,
now look at me. What have I got now?

You've got your kids, Martin.
That's all you need.

So, stir something into Peter's tea
if you feel you have to.

But just remember
you're doing this for them, yeah?

I don't know how Dad used this
thing, it's older than I am.

Our whole infrastructure
needs a revamp.

I hope they've been paid for.

Here, Boss.

Fancy a cuppa?

Yeah, why not?



Catch you in a bit, Mum.

Oi. I want a word.

Look, Jay, whatever's going
on between them two,

let's stay out of it.
I know what my mum's like. No.

You don't know what your mum's like.

What you on about?

Your mum tried to kiss Honey.

Are you having a laugh?
Does it look like I'm joking?

She's embarrassed, that is why
she's putting Honey through hell.

That is why she's causing all this
grief. So you tell your mum...

Now you listen to me, OK?

You lie about my mum again

and I'm going to show you
what trouble really is.

Do you understand me?

Hey. I said, do you understand me?

Yeah. Yeah.