EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6350 - Episode #1.6350 - full transcript

Patrick comes to the aid of Lola and Isaac when their future plans are put in jeopardy.

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Oh, I've got to see a guy about
a horse.

I've tried apologising.

I've tried going to the school.

I've even tried sweeping
a salesman with a broom.

And I am still the pariah.

I deserve to be, I know,

but please, Patty, how?

Tell me, how can I put this right?

Maybe just...just give it time.

Maybe, um...

..give everybody a bit of space.

We still have the tickets to
Trinidad and we're not

going to get any kind of refund now.

Maybe we could still go?

Me and you? Oh.

Just because the seats are
going to go to waste?

No, because of what you've just
said, about time and space.

I thought you'd be pleased.

You've had jobs before,
hundreds of them.

Make this one actually last,
then maybe I'll be impressed.

How old are you?

Old enough to have got your number.

Right, I'm off. You sure you don't
want me to come with you?

I know Ruby's the one doing time...
You heard what the solicitor said.

Hopefully it'll just be
a bit of community payback.

Anyway, you've got to look after
your wounded soldier.

Where do you think you're going?

Nowhere. Hold on,
you heard what the consultant said.

She said you can't play football
for two weeks at least.

I ain't playing.
Just...practising for a bit.

What, on a crutch?
What do you know?

I know you can't practise on
one leg.

You don't know nothing.

He's got your number, too.

This is it,
this is definitely the one.

So what do we do now?

These are our standard terms.

Just fill in your bank details

and attach proof of income for
the last six months.

Six months?

I've had a bit of
a career break recently.

Those are the terms
for all our lets.

So what are you telling us?

We can't get our own place
for another half a year?

Unless there's a guarantor -

someone who will step in if
the tenant runs into difficulties.

Look, I'm starting work any day now.
And when I do,

this rent,
we'll be able to pay it, no sweat.

I'm sorry, it's six months proof of
income or a guarantor.

No exceptions.

Think it over,
then get back to me,

but don't take too long.

So this guarantor,
do you think Patrick...?

No. Babe, how do you know?
You haven't even asked him yet.

It's too much of a risk.

What if I have another episode?

So, what? That's it?

We just have to live on what-ifs
and maybes, yeah?

Babe, if something goes wrong...
I'm not asking him. End of.

Have you seen my phone?

There it is.

Voila. Just cooked it.

You haven't cooked anything since
I was ten.

Yeah, but I can, huh?
Proof of the pudding.

Not that it's a pudding.

But if you do decide to go uni,
I could cope.

And what about the rent, the fees?
You can get loans for all that

stuff, I've been reading up on it,
and I can help out,

I can get extra shifts and that.
We can't afford it, Dad.


Ugh! It's Bobby, again.

You might as well know. We're over.

Well, since when?

Since I found out he became your
tamed poodle.

First up's no good for anyone.

They'll all still be taking their
seats. Does he sing as well as speak

for you? Right, second or third spot
tonight. OK.

It's the least Whit deserves.

OK, OK! Second spot it is.

Right, let's get you ready for
a sound check..

Why do I sense your greasy fingers
all over this?

Bit early to be drinking,
isn't it? Even for you.

I'm working. Dotty's asked me

to help out while she sorts
the relaunch.

Oh, good. You can start paying me
the money back you owe me.

That's you all over,
isn't it? You act the big shot,

but deep down you're just
a small-time cheapskate.

I've found this one.

That? That's half the size.

But the agency don't need proof
of income,

so we could get it,
and then in six months' time...

You want me to move
a couple of times in

the next few months
and live in a shoe box like that?

Is there a problem? No.

Yes. Lola!

Patrick, we've found this flat that
we really like,

but the agency needs six months
proof of income.

Or, uh...

Or a guarantor.

Or I could talk to the letting agent
and get her to be

a bit more flexible.

Well, she didn't seem very flexible,
if you ask me.

No, no, no. Isaac's right.

There isn't a problem.
I'll step in.

I've already told Lola,
we wouldn't ask you.

No, you're not asking. I'm offering.

What if I'm sick again?
Well, what if you get hit by a bus?

It's too much of a risk.

Listen, man.

The 1.30 at Southwell,
now that was a risk.

But my son, his partner,

your new family...

That is not a risk, that's faith.

And I have faith in you, son.

Hey. You all right, Tom?

Won't be long and you'll be playing
properly, won't you?

Yeah, sure.

You know I asked if you could get me
in touch with my Dad...

With Alfie?

You know, don't you?

You already know he ain't.

Of course you do.

Everyone's known, apart from me.

Look after yourself, mate, yeah?

Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Ain't you got your own kids
to worry about?

Yeah, I'm doing Hope's washing in
the sink.

Cocktail money didn't last
very long.

Sounds like you need a pint.

No, I need to sort this washing out.
That's why they call it

a service wash. Someone sorts it for
you, mate.

Oh, go on, then,
we'll have a quick one, won't we?

All right,
I'll see you in Ruby's.

Nah, mate, not Ruby's.
It's the anniversary this week.

I'll see you there in five.


# Sometimes I get frightened

# But I'm ready to learn

# The power of love

# The power of love. #


That was brilliant.

It was just the rehearsal. The
offers are going to be flooding in.

Actually, there's something that
might have come in already.

And it's the kind of cash that means
you could work one year

and take the next two years off if
you wanted.

What, really? Every morning,

a different view out of
the window. Different view?

Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda.

And that's just the Bs.

A cruise ship?


Just the ticket for
a single girl with no ties.

I'm assuming you're single.

No husband, kids?

No. In that case, let's talk.

I've no right to press you, I know,

but the flight's are tomorrow

and I can't stop thinking about what
you said -

time and space. You were right.

It's just what we need to get out of
this mess, build bridges

And maybe this is
the day for it, huh?

For what?

Building bridges.

You, Isaac...


Does that mean you will come
to Trinidad?


Yeah. I'll come to Trinidad.

Come on, Kat, this is Dana's future
we're talking about.

Give me the club run. We always
clean up on tips with them.

Yeah, and I have to clean up
the cabs after.

I'll even do that. All right,
you're on. All right. See you later.


You sure about this?
Oh, can you stop giving me grief?

Isaac's given you enough
of that, ain't he?

What, and you ain't?

Look, I just want to know that he's
going to look after you

and look after my daughter. Yeah,
well, we're trying to sort ourselves

out here, all right? How is that
airbed, anyway?

Got us cakes. Ta.

Ah! When did you take that?!

When you weren't looking.


See you later, darlin'.

Is he hassling you? No.

Liar. Could hear you from the

It doesn't matter what
Ben says, all right?

This is about us and our future,
and it's all thanks to Patrick.

Yeah. He really has come through
for us, hasn't he?

He's your dad, he's supposed to,
isn't he?

Yeah, but mums are too,

and that hasn't always happened,
has it?

Sheree, you mean?

She gives me the creeps.


Whit? One minute.

What do you think?

For the show.

You look amazing.

But I've been thinking...

Isn't this job a bit of a waste?

What, travelling around the world in
the lap of luxury for a whole year?

Yeah, I mean, I know when Jen first
said it, it sounded great,

but we know the type
of people that go on cruise ships.

You'd be serenading wall-to-wall
Zimmer frames every night.

When was the last time you went on
a cruise? Singing 1950s covers.

It's better than freezing my bits
off on the market.

And it get me away from all the
memories, you know?

I mean, I'll miss people.

Really miss people, like Tiff and

..and you.

And I know it would leave you in
the lurch with the kids,

but it's just a year, and a year
will fly by.

And I'm not saying I'm
going to make it big-time on

a cruise ship, I know that,

but if I can make a success of it.

then who knows what might happen?

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We're talking online dating. We're
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Obviously it's sponsored by
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Thank you, thank you!

I told you it would blow you away.

Now all I need is a guinea pig.

Not me.

Not being funny, Dee, but if anybody
needs any help, it's you.

Well, I'm really not being funny

when I say if I let you anywhere
near me, I'd need my head examined.


I've got to go and meet Lola.

I've...got to go and pack.

Yeah, I'm going down to Trinidad.


With Sheree.

It's just a little break in the sun.

Right, so she's, uh, finally talked
you round, has she?

What a surprise!

Oh, come on, man,
it's not like that at all.

It's just a chance
to get our heads straight.

And it's only going to be for
a couple of weeks.

I'm not going away for good.

I mean, you wasn't even thinking
about going before she got

to work on you.

I'm more worried about Isaac.
You mean the world to him, Patrick.

And I just... I actually don't think
you realise how much.

And, OK, so he's finally back on his
feet and he's looking forward to

a new home now, but, you know, he's
still recovering from everything

that's happened to him,
and he's not out of the woods yet.

It might just be two weeks to you
but, you know, that's two weeks that

you're not here
and you're in Trinidad.

Well? Are we going to start seeing
you in a high-vis?

No, because I won't actually be
needing one.

I did get community payback, though.

So what are you going to be doing?

Um, working in a charity shop.

Which I think I might quite like!

Uh, Janine? Paying you to serve, not
stand around chatting.

Have you not heard
of customer relations?

All right, darling?
What's this about?

I've got a cab to get into,
money to earn. No, you haven't.

Not for me anyway.

I've called the uni,
I'm definitely deferring.

But you've wanted to be a nurse
since you were a little kid.

No, actually, you've always wanted
me to be a nurse. What, and now all

of a sudden you don't? I don't know,
that's the point. That's what I need

to figure out.
I need you to stop this, Dad.

Stop trying to push me into things.

You want what's best for me,
and I love you for that,

but right now this is what I want.


You know...

..Kim thinks it's easy. You know,

one makeover and
the whole world opens up for you.

Yeah, but it's not that simple.

Not at my age.

I want to grow old with
the mother of my son at my side.

Is that hard to understand?

Finding love is never easy.


And we all get a very slim chance
of that, even at the best of times.


But the chance to be there
for our kids...

..that's even slimmer.

It's your choice, Patrick.

So what is going on with you
and the Vic, then?

I mean, you pretty much ran away
from it earlier.

It's complicated.

Ah. You and Nancy again?

Not Nance.

J... Janine?!

Oh, stop it, mate.
Keep your voice down.

Look, take my advice.

You're going to need a minder.

What, you offering?

Mate, you know, I've got enough
trouble in my own life.

There's always Sharon, I suppose.

Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't cross her,
but she's no minder.

I'm talking about you.

The kids. She likes you a hell of
a lot more than she likes me anyway.

I'm sure she'd love to help out.

What, you mean...my lot moving in?

Mate, she'd be made up, more little
ones running around the place.

And best of all,

we get a live-in baby-sitter,
meaning more boys' nights out.

There we go!

Don't forget you owe me now, OK?

No problem.
I really appreciate this.

It does mean you two
spending some time apart.

You OK with that?

If we mean anything,

and we do, that's not
going to matter.

I just want something to work out
for her, for a change.

For a change?

Figure of speech.

Has she had problems, then?

Who hasn't?

Well, if there's something
I should know...

No. No, forget it.
It's really not important.

All you need to know is Whitney
Dean will be the biggest asset you,

or any promotor, could ever have.

Simple as that.

Look at her.

She's way out of your
league already.

Look what I've found.

A bottle of puncheon.

Get us in the mood for home,
sweet home.

Right. Have you started to pack yet?
I haven't started...

I'll help you, come on.

..and I'm not going to start anyway.

I'm staying here with Isaac.

I've spent all these years not even
knowing he existed.

I just don't want to waste any more
time away from him now, all right?

Well, OK.

Maybe we can...

The three of us can go on
a little break,

not Trinidad, somewhere close to
home. No, no, no,

I still want you to go down
to Trinidad.

How you mean?

It's what you said about needing
space and time.

And you were right.


..we need it away from each other.

All this was your idea!

No, no, no.
I don't think it was, you know.

And if you're worried about
Isaac, he's better now.

Much better.

Only because you've been leaving
him alone.

How can you say that?!

Because it's the truth.

We need time apart,

time alone, to think about things.

Think about what?
What are you talking about?!

You want us to split up, is that
what you're saying?!

That's the point, I don't know.

I need to work out what's best
for all of us,

and I just can't do that
with you here, you know.

Someone's been talking to you.

Turning your head.

No prizes for guessing who!

Listen to me now, man,
this is MY decision.

Not yours, not anybody else's.


You go down to Trinidad and I'm
going to stay here, all right?