EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6346 - Episode #1.6346 - full transcript

Mick and Linda decide to flee Walford until the whole Rainie saga blows over. They find sanctuary with Linda's Mother Elaine.

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Did you know about these?

Why didn't you tell me?!
I didn't want to worry you, babe.

Today was supposed to be
a positive day -

you know, get Annie registered,
get Rainie off our backs.

It will be! In a couple of hours,
I'll have all the paperwork

to say I'm Annie's dad,
the pressure will be off.

She's never going to
leave us alone, Mick.

I've sorted it out.

Rainie won't be coming for us again.

SCOFFS: How can you be so sure?

Mick, what have you done?


Breakfast, my treat?

Oh, darling, I've already eaten.

Oh, come on, I know my bear loves
a second breakfast.


Everything all right?

Is it the baby? The baby's fine.

Well, what, then?

Look, I need you to tell me
the truth.

Are you back on the drugs?




Why would you even think that?

A friend of ours had some concerns.

They've seen otherwise.

This is Mick, innit?

I'm going to kill him! Rainie, stop!

Charging in there like that
isn't going to help...

This is cos of the flyers. Flyers?
About the baby, about Annie!

Ohh... I had to do something to try
and get the message out to Max.

Rainie, what is going on with you?

You want Abi back, don't you?
I had to do something!


It was one teeny tiny mistake.
Everyone makes them.

Teeny tiny? You've cost me
a fortune in extra security!

And Ruby's going to be fuming
when she finds out.

Yeah, well, I think Ruby's
got bigger worries than that

at the moment.


You knew how much last night
meant to me, and you ruined it.



Ah! How was the gig?

You didn't fall off the stage,
did you? If only!

Come on, spit it out!
It can't have been that bad.

You'd better tell her.

I may have had a little fight
last night

and got Whitney disqualified
from the competition.

And almost lost me a client.

What? Why?

Ethan was there.

With his wife.


Oh. Thought that was too good
to be true.

Sorry, Son.

So...you had a fight with Ethan
for me?

I couldn't let him treat you
like that, could I, sweetheart?

Well, you shouldn't've done it.

But I hope you really hurt him.

What are you going to do about him?

Ethan who? Blocked and deleted.

Good. Men with cars like that,

they're often overcompensating
for something.

Oh, speaking from experience,
hey, Rocky?

Plenty more unmarried fish
in the sea.


Babe, come on,
where are you taking me?

Is it a spa day?


Oh, a go on the Segway thing?

Just enjoy the fact that we get
to spend a whole day alone together,

especially since you're spending
all your free time

with that mosque petition thing.


Right, Lex! Come on, breakfast!


Fox and Hair. How can I help you?

They hung up.

Lexi, come on!
You're going to be late for school!

Offering clients food now, yeah?

Don't. I needed somewhere quiet
to give her her breakfast.

You can't get in the kitchen
at number 31.

Very kind of Jean to let you all
stay there, though.

Come on,
I haven't got time for this!



See? This is what happens
when you share a room

with a sleep-talking Bert
and a snoring Scarlett.

Hello, you.

I heard about Ruby's arrest.

Dotty told me.

Did she?

You've lost the house and your job.

Yeah. She's left me
without a thing, Son.

Got me to sign some stuff.
And I'm entitled to nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Never was any good with money,
was I?

Even when we were together.

So just...learn from
my mistakes, Son.

Look after your money, keep it safe.

Don't be reliant on anyone else,
you know?

Otherwise you will end up like me -
three kids, no house and no job.

Sorry. Is what it is.

I'll see you later.

Got a new air-freshener? What? No!
No, no, just... Just...

What can I do you for?

Well, Bobby's taking me to
Westfield, treating me to lunch,

and I wondered
if you could drop us over there.

Oh, yeah?

All right, guys. You good?

Ooh, nice!

New aftershave, eh?
Someone's been taking my advice.

Yeah, Kathy's going to be putty
in your hands, my man.

I didn't know you were seeing
Nan today.

It's not a big deal. I just...

I...was going to teach her
tiddlywinks. Yeah.

I've still got plenty of time.

I think Kathy'll really like
the new aftershave, Dad.

He is such a wrong'un!

And he needs telling! I mean,
there he is walking round

like he's the Pearly King
of Walford,

and all the time,
he's doing stuff like that?

We can't let him get away with it.

Rainie, all this business with the
flyers, you can't have thought...

What else was I supposed to do?!

You can see why Bernie and that
might be concerned.

I know what people round here
think about me.

But you?

You are the one person
I thought always had my back.


For fighting!

I thought it was going well at
school. Well, in some ways it is.

I did win the fight.

If you think you're going to spend
the week lazing around the house,

you've got another think coming.

You're going to come into work
with Iqra every single day.

But I'm too young to work.

And besides, waitressing
is so boring.


It's not work. It's penance.

What, for all of us?

You're going to be with one
or the other of us at all times,

cos you obviously can't be
trusted to be alone.

I hate seeing Martin like that.

You're too sensible to get
caught out like he has.

Am I?

I didn't even realise the bloke
that I was seeing was married.

Just shows you how quickly
you can lose everything.

Not if you plan things properly -

prepare for the worst,
hope for the best.

Now, do you think it's greedy
to order two burgers?

Dad, are you still looking
for investors

for that warehouse development?


Well, it's just that
I've got some money.

Well, it's Dot's money.

I'm her power of attorney.

But I'd love to surprise her
and make her more.

Everything you touch turns to gold.

Look, I don't want you
to feel obligated.

Well, I don't.

I just want to make Dot proud.
And I know in my heart,

one day some of that money's going
to be mine.

That's not me being morbid,
I love her to bits, but...

..be nice to think in the future
I ain't going to end up like Mum,

scrimping and scraping all the time.

Well, I don't want to say no.

I just think we've got to
do this properly.

Mixing family and finance
can get complicated.

Yeah, we'll draw up a contract,
keep it business-like, separate.


I think you should leave.

Your housemate told me
you were here.

I don't want to cause trouble.

I just want to apologise.

I should have told you
about my situation.

You mean your wife?

We're separated.

Well, you didn't seem that separated
last night.

We're getting divorced.

Look, I know we've only just
started seeing each other,

but I like you, Sonia, and I really
want to see where this can go.

I'll tell you where you're going -

straight out that door
and away from here.


Look...I liked you too.

But I'm nobody's side salad.

And I'm not interested in anyone
that doesn't get that.

Nah. You weren't all that anyway.

Oi! Who dragged you up to talk
to a woman like that?

Leave it, Dad! He's not worth it.

Think I might join you
on the two burgers.

Oh! There's some lunch left
if you want some.

No, thanks.

Going to jump in the shower
then see how Lola's getting on.

Very chaotic at the moment.

Not really pulling her weight
at work.

Yeah, well,
that's not surprising, is it,

given that her house
just burned down?

I feel bad for the girl,
of course I do,

but it's not ideal for you, is it?

You're still recovering.

I'm OK.

Yes. You are.

I know I sound like a broken record,
but you're not out of the woods yet,

and having a girlfriend
who's struggling isn't helping.

You need to focus on
looking after number one.

I come in peace.

She gave me no choice, Stuart.

Me and Rainie have had a chat.

And she's going to
leave you alone...

..as long as you tell Mitch, Karen
and Bernie that you made a mistake.

Yeah, I can do that.

All right, good. Good.


I can't help but be disappointed
in you, though, Mick.

What you did to Rainie?
I mean, that was disgusting.

We've known each other a long time,
and I expected better of you.

Trust me when I say...if this
ends up jeopardising my family,

I'm going to fight harder and
dirtier than you could ever imagine,

and you'll wish your biggest problem
was Max Branning.

All right?




Stop right there!

All right, all right, all right.
Put your hands out front.

Well, that lunch was lovely.
Thank you.

I meant to ask you,
are you wearing Aramis?

Yes, I am.


I just found it in the back
of a drawer, so...

Just reminds me of my brother.
He always wore it.

Actually, I didn't find it
in the back of a drawer. I...

I bought it especially for today,

Well, cos I like you, Kathy.

And I don't want you to think
I'm being pushy or anything, but...

Do you think this, us, do you think
it's going anywhere, or...?

I love spending time with you,
Harvey. I really do. It's just...

You don't need to explain. Honestly,
I know I'm not a patch on...


Well, yeah.

No. Look!

He threatened you, Mick. Us!

You heard him - we leave them alone,
they leave us alone.

Do you really believe that?

I mean, we both know what
they're capable of.

I think we should get away
for a bit -

you know, go to my mum's.

Well, just until the dust settles.

I'm not running away from them.
They could be planning anything!

All right, do you really want to
spend the next few weeks

or even months looking over
our shoulders,

waiting for their next move?

Twice in one day? What have I done
to deserve this, then?


I know you've been trying to hide
what a hard time you've been having.


I didn't want to stress you out.

Babe, you're my number one.

You should be able to lean on me
the way I've been leaning on you,

which is why I think you and Lexi
should come and stay at mine.

What? I want to look after you -
both of you.

look, I can't promise it'll be
any quieter at ours,

but at least there won't be
a rota for the kitchen.

Well, no, of course there won't be,
cos you'll be doing all the cooking.



I don't want to feel like I'm being
forced out of my own gaff.

It's not going to be for ever, Mick.
Rainie's going to forget about it

once she gets her hands
on Bernie's baby.

That's months away!

We have it on our toes,
makes us look guilty, no?

All anybody needs to know is that
Elaine needs help.

And what about Tina? What if
she comes home, I'm not here?

Mick, you're in Watford,
not Timbuktu.

Who's going to run this gaff, then?

Cos Frankie and Nancy, they're
barely speaking to each other.

No, they've had a little bit
of a falling out.

We've gone through much worse.

I promise you, Mick,
I'll keep my eye on both of them.

And if Max Branning does come back -
and that's a big if -

you're not going to be here.

That's good enough reason
to go, innit?

Oh, hello! You're back early.

Yeah. Bobby got asked to go to
a meeting at his mosque

about that petition
they're organising. Oh, right.

If he's not putting you first now,

what's he going to be like
if it gets serious?

We ARE serious. Look...

I know you think
I'm a bit old-fashioned,

but I just don't get him
and this...Muslim stuff.

You could do better.

I like him, Dad, all right?

Really like him.
That's all you need to get.

You've been arrested
for criminal damage.

This wasn't what you think it was.
This is a mistake.

Have you got anything else on you
that could harm you or anybody else?

Apart from my razor-sharp wit?

No. No, I haven't.

Once you've been processed,
you will be searched,

so it's better to tell us now.

Apart from my keys.
I had my keys in my hand, I tripped.

That's all that happened.
It wasn't deliberate.

Name? Ah!

Funny story, actually - Rocky.

And don't bother with Mickey Mouse.
He's already in Cell 3.


Thomas Cotton.

Ollie's all strapped in.
Car's packed, ready to go.

Better get a move on, then.

I'm counting on yous two to run
this gaff together, as a team.

Please don't let me down.

You're going on like you're never
coming back!

You're only going to be
gone a few weeks.

I'm sure we can manage not to
destroy the place in that time.

Yeah, we won't let you down.

I'll be civil at work, nothing more.

Are you ready?


Mum, will you text me
when you get there?


Promise I won't sell the Vic
while you're gone.

Oh, what the hell
are you playing at?

And what are you wearing?

They took my clothes for forensics.

I don't know why, they ain't going
to find anything.

Look, I've been bailed.

It's all good. It won't go anywhere.

I had to work really hard last night

for the police not to be called
after your big Tyson move,

and then you go and do this?

You could've jeopardised
all our hard work.

Yeah, well, I ain't going to
just stand there

and let that pillock
disrespect Sonia, am I?

You've been playing the part
for so long,

you've actually started
to believe it, haven't you?

You are not Sonia's dad, remember?

She didn't deserve it. Oh,
drop the nice guy act, Uncle Tom.

Just cos we're family don't mean you
can talk to me like a piece of dirt!

Get over yourself. I'm serious.
I'm fed up with you...

I'd keep your mouth shut
if I were you,

cos you've got a lot more
riding on this than I have,

because if you can't get Sonia
to hand over Grandma Dot's money,

then where are you going to go?

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,
back to your bedsit with nothing.

We are really close now, OK?
So, no more stunts like this,

or I'll cut you out of
the whole thing.