EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6345 - Episode #1.6345 - full transcript

Mick lies to Mitch, Karen and Bernadette that Rainie is back on drugs.

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Here you are, babe.

Oh, thanks.

Did you manage to get her to sleep?



Usually the sound of your voice is
enough to send anyone to sleep.

Oh, Nance!

You're crankier than Shirley's been
since giving up smoking!

Now, I know it's hard having a new
baby in the house,

but she'll sleep better in time.

Do you want me to give it a try
later? To give you a bit of a break?

Didn't realise you were
a baby whisperer.

Nance, that's enough.

OK, go downstairs, open the pub,
play nicely.

Do you think Annie can sense
that we're stressed?

I mean, babies pick up on stuff
like that.

Don't worry about what Rainie said.
No-one believes her.

Yeah, well, I'll feel better once
we've got her registered tomorrow.

Cos then the law says what we
already know.

That you're her dad.

Oh, close that window, will you?

This one's getting
a little bit chilly.

So, erm...

..how...how are you?

I was just checking on how the kids
were doing after...

Well, you know.

..them hearing their step-mother
being dragged away in a police car?

Their nan being involved
in a drug deal

and Lily nearly being
suspended from school?

They've never been better, Jean.

I wasn't some drugs kingpin,
you know, Martin!

I was just the, you know,
the donkey.

Yeah, you and me both.

How could I have been
so stupid, Jean? Eh?

Well, you mustn't be too hard
on yourself.

You know, when I found out
that I didn't have cancer,

I felt like I'd been given...

..another chance at life.

You've been given another chance,
just one without Ruby.

So, it's time to move on, Martin.

Thanks for last night.
I had a great time.

Maybe we could do something again
later in the week.

Yeah, I'll have to see if I'm free,

but maybe dinner at yours
would be nice.

I'd love to see your place... Shh!

You talk so much about it.
Why are you always here?

I've come to see Whitney.

I'm trying to listen.


I'll text you, OK?
Yeah, OK, see ya.

I still can't believe how fit he is.

And you should see his car!

Made use of those condoms, then?

All I'm saying is, I'm glad
I was wearing ear plugs.

We had a really good time.

So, you reckon it's got legs, then?
You and him.

Yeah. Yeah, I think it might.

Here she is! Eh?

Check out the poster
for the winner's gig.

What's wrong then? Sonia shrink your
dress in the wash or something?

I don't think I can do it.

I... No, no, no, we've worked too
hard for this, Whit,

this is a big opportunity,
big prize pot.

Look, you can't let me down now.
Please, please!

I'm sorry, Rocky.

Dad, why don't you go
and make us some drinks?

Kettle's just boiled.

I thought you were really
excited about this competition.

You two don't stop talking about it.

Yeah, I was.

I just haven't really slept, so...

..head's all over the place.

Normal to have nerves, innit?

It ain't just nerves.

Me and Gray.

We nearly kissed.

He'd had a really tough day, right?
And I was there for him and...

It was just a moment...

..but I just can't stop thinking
about it,

I keep feeling guilty, like...

..like I've cheated on Kush.

I know you miss Kush.

But you are allowed to
move on, you know.

And he'd be so made up seeing you do
something like this,

you know he would.

He'd be in that front row,
he'd be cheering you on.

That's why I think you should do it.

Do it for Kush.

I can do that. Hm?
I can do it.

Are you sure?

Thank you.

I take it you're not driving today?

Nope, I'm on switchboard this

so a couple of quick ones
won't hurt, you know, mate?

Although we haven't properly
wet the baby's head,

so I could be persuaded to turn
a couple into a few for a good

mate and his beautiful new
baby daughter. Eh? Eh?

Well, you must've forgot what
it's like having a newborn in the

gaff, because the strongest drink
I want at the moment is Horlicks.

You're letting me down, brother.

I mean, with mine, yeah, every step
of the way I used as an

excuse to celebrate.

First smile, first burp,
first time they sat up. Mm. Yeah.

That's probably the biggest load
of pony I've ever heard in my life.


Cheers! Cheers.

Everything else all right, though,

I mean, apart from losing out on
your beauty sleep. Yeah, yeah.

Rainie not bothering you any more?

You've heard about that, have you?

I think everyone
within the M25 has, mate.

What was that all about, though,
Mick? Why would she say something

like that? I don't know,
I don't know.

Your guess is as good as mine.

You think she's all right?
You know, upstairs?

Well, I'll be straight with you -
I feel a bit sorry for her.

She's under a lot of stress.

Everyone round here,
they know she's a loose cannon.

A loose cannon my Bernie's
carrying a baby for.


Just tell me, Mum. How long?

Another 30 or 40 years, God willing.


Um... It appears I don't have
cancer after all, Stace.

What? I don't understand.
Martin said...

After I found the lump, I thought,
well, I can't

go through treatment again.
The sickness, you know. Not again.

So I thought,

if I'm going to die,
I'll do it on my terms.

So I left it to fate.

And it appears that fate has
given me a second chance.


Wait here, kids.

Oi! What are you doing?!
That's my stuff!

It's not your stuff. It's Ruby's.

And she wants it removed
and put in storage.

Well, she can't do that!
I'm afraid she can.

She's put the house up for sale.
Paperwork's inside.

Oh, and she's going to
file for a divorce, so...

What the hell has any of this
got to do with you?

Ruby's left me in charge.

Of everything.

So, yeah, won't be
needing you at the club this week.

Or ever, actually.

You don't fit in with
the relaunch I'm planning.

You know, Ruby must be really
desperate to leave you in charge.

I'm her husband. I've got rights.
Take it up with her, then.

Yeah, and I will.

I will fight this, and once this is
all done and sorted,

you're the one who's going to be
looking for a new job.

Right, come on, boys,
got a whole other load to go yet.

Is it just that table?

Anyway, enough about me.

What about you?
I want to know everything.

It's been awful not being able to
visit, you know.

How've you been managing?

Are you still friends with that
woman...Eve, is it?

Mm. Don't worry about me.

Anyway, so,
how did it end up with the police?

Well, I've been charged.

Just have to wait and see.

I don't mind. I did do it.

Ruby has pleaded guilty.

She's done that to get
a shorter sentence.

She knows how the system works, Mum.

I was hoping it was her
sense of karma that made her do it.

As long as she stays
out of our lives, I do not care.

I feel a bit sorry for Martin,

And I don't.

We tried to warn him.

He's made his posh bed
with his Egyptian sheets,

so he can lay in it.

He did love her, you know, Stacey.

And you know how easy it is to be
blinded by love. Mm.

Well, I've been going mad in here,
not being able to see you,

and to think you've gone through
all that on your own.

You thought you were going to die
and then you found out you're not.


..I wasn't completely on my own.

Daniel was with me.

In here. And here.

And when things got...

..really quite frightening,

I just thought, well, I might get to
see him again.

Oh, Mum... I know.

I still might, though. One day.

I've got
so much to be grateful for, Stace.

I have got my health.
I have got you.

I have got Sean.

Do you know, I think I might be
the luckiest person I know.

Well, I hope that luck lasts,

cos when Ruby gets out she'll be
gunning for you.

Oh, she can do what she likes.

When you've stared death in the
face, twice...

Nothing scares me any more.


Oh, God!


Who's seen this?

They're everywhere.

I tried to take down as many
as I could, but...

She's not going to
let this go, is she?

Do not let your mother see this.

I'm going to deal with it.

One, two. One, two.

Bit more on the left channel,
Richard, that's better.

Wow, it looks great in here.

Rocky, I'm sorry about my little

We've all been there, ain't we?

Should've seen me
the day I met Fern Britton.

Has anyone actually ever thrown
up from nerves before?

Don't worry,
I'll leave a bucket on standby.

Look, I know you ain't had
the best of times with it lately,

but this...

..this is your chance to
finally come out the other

side of it all doing something good,
something positive.

Thank you for believing in me.

You know, you and Sonia were right -
I'm just going to...

I'm just going to get up there
and I'm going to do it for Kush.

Give me a smile? Eh?

That's my girl!

Quality bit of paper, that, innit?

I was lucky I could get them
printed so quickly.

I know you've got
a lot on at the moment,

but you've got this wrong.

I understand it's killing you,
not knowing where Abi is.

I understand you're going to do
everything in your power to

get her back. Yeah, I would do
anything to get

my whole family together.

And all I need is for Max to see
one message, one post,

and it will happen.

You keep on attacking my family,

not knowing where Abi is will be
the least of your problems.

You make me sick.

You and Linda, pretending like
you've got this perfect little

family, and what you're doing,
bringing up some other bloke's kid

as if it's your own, it's pathetic.

Annie is not Max's.

So it won't be a problem him
coming back, then?

What are you so scared of, Mick?

Him getting his hooks
back into Linda?

Leave us alone, Rainie.
Or what?

You're playing with our lives.
You come at us again,

you'll leave me no choice.


Max WILL hear about the baby.

He WILL come back,

and there's nothing you can
do about it.

# Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away

# You shoot me down,
but I won't fall

# I am titanium

# You shoot me down,
but I won't fall

# I am titanium

# I am titanium

# I am titanium. #


Come on, let's hear it one more time
for the incredible Whitney Dean!


OK, now we've got another fantastic
local talent, it's Tyler Richards!


That was amazing.

Oh, thank you.

We never got a chance to meet before
but I recognised your name.

I'm Omari.
I used to play football with Kush.

I'm so sorry about what
happened to him. We were all gutted.

He was a good bloke.


He was the best.

Well, um, I thought you were

No way you won't make it
through to the final.

I don't suppose you've got
a manager.

I've got a few people that
I represent

and I think you'd be a great
addition to my client list.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm her manager.

Terry Cant.

Nice to meet you.

You've got a real talent here.

Yeah, and I know.

Good luck.

# A million love songs later... #

He knew Kush.

What are the chances of him being
here tonight of all nights, eh?

Hang on.

Is that, um...?


You see, the game is never
won on the mat.


It's in the mind.

It's all about tactics,

strategy and manual dexterity.

Check this.

Boo-yah! What the...?!

How do you keep doing that?

I told you, mate - it's all about up
here, you know what I mean?

You seem distracted.

You seen Kathy lately?
How's it going with you two?

Good. Yeah, good.

Yeah, she's quite busy,
but, you know...

You sure she's not just giving you
the cold shoulder? No.

No? No, course not.

We're having a really good
time together, you know.

Proper laughs, really good chats.
Good chats, eh?

Yeah, good chats.
Good chats...

You know what would really impress
a woman like Kathy?

You becoming the alpha male.

A proper sportsman. Yeah?

Ah, Michael.

I was just giving Harvey here some
advice on matters of the heart.

That's going to have to wait.

I need to talk to you, Mitch.


Look at him.

He's got some front, eh? Bringing
another woman to Sonia's doorstep.

Eh? I'm sure he's wearing
a wedding ring.

If only he'd keep his flipping
hands still.

I'm going to smash his face in.

No, no, not here, Whit, not now.

This is what we've both
been waiting for.

You're in the final. You're doing
this for Kush, yeah?

Don't let him ruin it.

I've got a photo. We'll show it to
Sonia, she'll deal with it.

OK, we're going to welcome
back to the stage

the first of our finalists -
it's Whitney Dean!



# Lay a whisper
On my pillow

# Leave the winter
On the ground

# I wake up lonely
There's air of silence

# In the bedroom
And all around

# Touch me now
I close my eyes

# And dream away

# It must have been love
But it's over now... #

Looks like tonight's going
well for both of us, eh?

Don't mind me, only my job
riding on this.

# It must have been love
But it's over now

# From the moment we touched
Till the time had run out... #


Rocky! Security!

You just leave her alone.
Just crawl back under your rock!

That is what I don't understand,

because we are still married,
so surely I've got rights.


No, because I didn't sign anything
like that. Definitely didn't sign

anything like that.

Yes, yeah, we had a joint account
and she's cleared it.

So what am I supposed to do?!

Because I've got three kids upstairs
wanting to know where

all their stuff's gone!

Yeah. Brilliant.
Yeah, thanks for your help!

Jen, look, I'm so sorry, all right?

Rocky's not normally like this,
and you know that.

You're an idiot, Rocky!
How do you think this looks?

Jen, please, sweetheart...

You're disqualified.

And you, I'd suggest you
look at improving your security

arrangements or we won't be having
the gig here next week!

Thanks a lot!

You have literally ruined
both of our futures in one night.


You're the one who told ME
to leave it. I'm sorry, Whit.

I don't know what come over me.

It was just his smug face,
it just got under my skin.

Let me make it up to you.
No, I don't think you can.

Please. I'll do anything.

Rocky, look, you've been amazing,
all right? You really have,

but you knew how much tonight meant
to me and you ruined it for me,

didn't you?

And I need a manager who's going to
make my life easier, not harder.

So maybe I should call
that Omari guy.

Are you firing me?!

What do you think?

This better be important.

That Gregg Wallace programme's on,

and you know how much
I love that egghead.

Mitch, what is it?

Tell them what you told me.

It's Rainie.
Has something happened?

I found her off her nut.
She's using again.

If I was you, I wouldn't let her
anywhere near that

baby you're carrying.