EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6322 - Episode #1.6322 - full transcript

Jean rejects Ruby's gifts of cash, food and so on. Stacey being home and not in prison is all Jean wants and is interested in.

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Do you think this is too
tight for court?

Knowing who the judge is,
I'd say definitely not.

I would've worn the other one, if
someone hadn't of held me hostage.

Karen said it was an accident.

Why would she lie?


Let's get this party started!

You got enough, there?

Well, if a nan can't spoil her
grandkid on their ninth birthday...

We should get going.

You ain't put any balloons up yet.

What, and spoil your fun?

Mia's friends are going to be
here from 11.

Well, don't worry,
I'll roll out the red carpet.

Don't let them near that!

We'll play the games
when we get back from court.

Just lucky I found the key in time.

Oh, I've reimbursed you - for
your troubles.

Thanks - I think I'll stick with
this one, now.

Don't be nervous.

With me in your corner,
you'll get away with murder.

Here, Whit, ain't this the bloke who
used to roadie for U2?

Got Bono's number?

What's with the face?

Same one I've always had.

You telling me you don't like it?

Oh, come on, Dad.

All right.

If you must know,

me and Kath have broke up.

Oh, no! You were lovely together.

What did you do?

Nothing like that! Just, you know,
got a bit clingy, that's all.

And like Mick Jagger,
this rolling stone gathers no moss.

Talking of legendary singers,
have you made up your mind yet?

Rocky, I've been thinking about it.

Thought about it. Not for me.


Someone's got it bad.

He can't take his eyes off you!

Yeah, well, he had his chance.

Listen, how's Kioni, by the way?

OK, I think.

The hearing's tomorrow.

I'm dreading it, if I'm honest.

Positive thoughts, yeah?

Right, you and me -
lunchtime, Walford East.

Do you think she just
stands on the stall for a laugh?

This is our big chance.

I'm telling you - make or break.
We'll be there.

Good luck with that.

Sonia said the machine's been
playing up.

Hungry? I'm thinking maybe a fry-up.

Maybe a Taylor Special?

You should be resting.

Keeg, I'm fine, honestly.

Later, do you want to go shopping?

Just spend a bit of time together,
just me and you?

And while we're there,
we can get a present for Dotty.

What for?

Well, she did save my life, Keeg!

It's the least I can do.

Tiff, do you think it's time

..we moved out?

What, have you won the lottery or

No, it's just - it feels like a step
backwards, you know?

After having our own place.

We'll get back there one day.

We've got so much time.

And plus, I like living here.

Whit and Son.

Even Dotty.

It's a laugh.

You're right.

Just a stupid idea.

Oh, look, if you need this today, I
can always take it to the
launderette. No, it's fine.

I'll do it.

What about breakfast?

Why aren't my friends here?

They'll be here soon, baby girl.

Nanna Karen's sorting it out now,

Then you can open them presents!

Go and have a look!

He never sent out the flamin'

For real? How could he forget that?

It's about time he got rid of that
manipulative little madam.

Just like Chan, ain't she?


That's it.

Who wants cake?

ALL: Yes!

Egg roll?

Pain au chocolat?

They don't sell them here.

Not my birthday for months!

It's for Bobby.

He gets his exam results today.

You're still seeing him, then?

What - you mean even after you flew
off the handle and humiliated me?

I was just trying to protect you.

That's what I do.

Ever since your mum left, I...

You're my little girl.

You knew yourself there was
something to hide,

and that's why you told me all them
lies about him to begin with.

"Charity walk."

How many times?
Bobby is sweet and kind and smart.

You'd see that,
if you just gave him a chance.

Where are you going?

I need to be with my boyfriend.

It's a big day for him.

He's a good person, Dad.

No-one's ever made me
feel the way he does.

I get that you care about me,
but I don't need protecting.

I'm not your little girl any more.

the way you handled the judge...

You were unbelievable.

Two glasses of our finest.

Can we make it a bottle, please?
This one's treating me.

Yeah? Why not make it two?

Just one.

To take away, thanks.

Oh, we don't have to head back
just yet, do we?

Mitch and Karen have got it covered.

It's my daughter's birthday party.

I don't want to miss it all.

Here's to you being a free
woman again.

All thanks to my hero.

Do you reckon Karen'll throw me
a party, as well?

Another launderette lock-in?

How exactly does that door

lock itself from the inside?

Well, at least the champagne will
take the edge off the kids running

wild at home, eh?

Thing is, I said I'd see Mum
and Kim - tell them how it went.

Oh. Oh, I'm sorry!

I'd love to see Mia open my
present - but I did promise Mum.

Here's me thinking you were
grateful for my help today.

I am.

Very grateful.

And maybe later,
I'll show you just how much.

I'll hold you to it.

If I knew you was getting
that much!

You should've made me go.

Rubes? You all right?

Yeah, yeah, I was just
thinking about tomorrow.

Are you sure you don't want me to
come with you?

No, it's fine.
It's just a follow-up appointment.

Yeah, I know, it's just -
well, they could say...

Yeah, that we
could start trying for a baby again.

I know.

This is all a bit fancy for lunch.

Yeah, that's not ours.

It's for Jean -
it's just a few things.

Are you sure, after, you know, last

Yeah, it's a peace offering.

I'm just trying to put some good
vibes out in the universe.

You're amazing, you know that?

I'm just trying to help.

And that's why I love you,
Ruby Allen.

Because you are always
thinking of others.

So what's the plan?

With Kathy!

Like I said - it is finito.

But why? Oh, come on,
it can't be that bad.

Just get her a bunch of flowers,
a box of chocolates

and she'll have you back in a

Sounds to me like she's more
trouble than she's worth.

Here she is. Hi, Whitney.

Hello, handsome.

Did I hear that right?
You're single again?

Fraid so, Jen.

Well, she obviously wouldn't know a
good thing if it bit her on the

Believe me, I tried that.


Am I here for a reason, then or...?

Patience, Whitney.

All is about to be revealed.

I'm running a singing competition.

Top prize is
a day in a recording studio.

And £10,000.

Ten - sorry, ten, ten grand?

Er... You never said that.

Well, surely you're not gonna say
no now?

Let's do it.

First things first.

It's only open to professionals.

Now, would you be able to get a paid
performance in time to qualify?

Course she will.

I'm her manager. Leave it to me.

We'll talk more later.

A VIP pass to a showcase I'm
putting on tonight.

We can catch up.


On top, on top, on top! To the side!



Where is everyone?

You... You forgot to send
the invites off, mate.

Don't beat yourself up about it,

Could happen to the best of us.

I've had a lot on my mind.

I'll say.

So, it looks like you had a result -

or are you just drowning your

No, no, got her off in record time.

Great - I'll crack out the bunting.

Where is she, then?

Getting a kids' game ready -
or lining shots up at the bar?

She wanted to come straight here,

but I said, "You can go
see your mum first."

Talk about being let off the hook.

I'm just saying -
now that the tag's off, we've got

more chance of spotting
an invisible man.

Wow, this is my kind of Happy Hour!

It's from your admirer.

Very nice!

Don't you have a hot lawyer
waiting for you at home?

Mm, Gray and I are just casual.

Does he know that?

I'm more champagne and truffles than
stale birthday cake.

He's got good taste.

Hey, it's none of my business.

Can get sticky when you
mess about, though, can't it?

Speaking from experience?

There's no law against having
a drink with someone, is there?

So, this is how we spend our lunch
breaks now, bruv?

What you in for?.

Picking up Kheerat's dry-cleaning.

So much for living the dream!

How's your missus?

You know Tiff -
nothing keeps her down.

You know anything about that?

Why? You interested?


So, come on, then,
what are you trying to sell?

Well, I've narrowed it down to chai
tea, Bombay mix or juicy mangos.

Listen, word of advice, yeah?

Whatever you do decide to sell,
just use your head.

Don't rush into something
you'll regret.

Well, if it works out, Dotty might
want some proper Vinmeister action.

Although, between the club and home,

you'd still probably get to see
more of her than I would!


Sorry, Kathy, I can't stop,
I'm late for work.

if you only judge Bobby by his past,

what kind of future's he gonna have?

A difficult one - and now
my daughter's mixed up in it all.

They're not kids any more, Harvey.

We can't tell them
who they can fall in love with.

I'm her dad - I can do what I like.

I'm just glad your fella told me
when he did.

Yeah, well, Rocky's not my fella

OK, we're not together any more.

I'm sorry to hear that.

His loss, obviously. Nan!


Come on, then - how'd you get on?

Well, I got an A in Business, a B
in English and Religious Studies.

Well done, darling!
I am so proud of you.


Yeah, erm... Congratulations.

Not too late for Pass The Parcel,
am I?

I wondered how long it'd
be before Karen called you.

Karen? No, I'm just here to wish
Mia a happy birthday.

Oh, sorry.

It's just that you said
I could pop in any time.

I'll go if you want.

It's not much of a party. I, erm...

..I forgot to invite her friends.


You're an idiot!

Well, don't be too hard on yourself.
I mean...

Look, at the end of the day,

she just wants to spend her
birthday with you.

Yeah. I'm glad you're here.

The kids would love to see you.

Come on, then -
let's give Mia a day to remember.

Jean! How you feeling?

I want this to stop now.

There's money in my account.

Lots of money in my account.

OK. And a banquet on my doorstep.

Hang on, just let me explain.

I'm not a charity case, Ruby -
and I won't be treated like one.

No, I just want to see you're
all right.

Well, you may be feeling
bad about putting Stacey in prison,

but I don't need your pity.

It's not pity.

I just want to help.

It's something I need to do.

But it's not your job to help me!

I already have a daughter,

who, thanks to you,
I probably won't get to see again.

Your hand-outs won't change that.

Jean, please.

The only thing I need

is the one thing that
I asked you for.

And that was the one thing
you can't give me.

So you can't make things better
with your money and your posh ham.

Do you understand?

Well, that's what I'm
thinking for this gig, huh?

Put this place on the map.

Rocky, I'd love to help you out,

just we ain't got the readies
wrapped round us at the moment.

We're trying to get back on
our trotters cos of Covid.

Well, look, how about a charity
event? Mm?

Whitney, she'd only need a token

Yeah, you know, it could be sweet,

raising a bit of dough for Ollie's
autism gaff.

That is a good idea!

You can have your girls
help out, an' all.

Well, Frankie's in Manchester. I
reckon I could roll Nance in, yeah.

I knew you'd be the man to ask!

Go on, I'll have a pint of lager.

Kathy's got her work cut out with
you, 'in't she!

Afraid not.

We are now past-tense.

Oh, that's a shame.

Because she's a diamond, that bird.

Plenty more, eh?

Well, you want to be careful.

You'll have me mother sniffing
round you again.

Well, she will have to take a

I had someone else eyeing me
up today.

You don't muck about, you, do ya?

When the tide of love rolls in,
you gotta ride that wave

while you can, Micky boy.


Today went quite well.

In the end.

So nice to see the kids having
fun with Whitney.

You and Mitch were great too.

She's brilliant with them, yeah,
and they love her to bits.

Yeah. They've always got on well.

That's cos she cares about 'em.

You know, she's actually interested
in what they're doing

and how they're feeling.

You know, I suppose I shouldn't take
it out on Chelsea too much, really.

Some people ain't got a maternal
bone in their body.

You don't know the first
thing about her.

Hold on a minute. No, you hold on.

My relationship is my business -
nobody else's.

Yeah, I know that. I'm just
saying... You lied to me.

I defended you to Chelsea,
but she was right all along.

What the hell were you thinking,
messing with her curfew?

Who gave you the right to decide who
I should and shouldn't see?

From now on, you keep your nose
out of my personal life,

or you can kiss goodbye to
seeing Mack and Mia.

You don't mean that.

Chelsea's good for me,
and my family.

And this -
this could be a fresh start.

For all of us.

CHELSEA: So many!

Well, that's all true...

If you've come to ask Ruby about
overtime, then I'm first in line.

It's all yours.

I quit.

I mean it, Dotty.

Us living together is bad enough.

Do you really think that's the best
thing to do right now?

I mean, you're struggling
for money as it is.

If you jack in one of your jobs,
then Tiff'll wonder why.

Look, just suck it up, act like it
never happened and move on.

What - like you did?

Yeah, well...

Maybe I was a bit harsh.

Look, I'm not gonna tell Tiff,
if that's what you're worried about.

It's not the end
of the world, Keegan.

People cheat all the time.

Are they...?

What about Gray?

There someone you need to get back

Maybe - unless I get a better offer.


Do you wanna call it a night, or...

I'd like to see where this
night takes me.