EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6319 - Episode #1.6319 - full transcript

Tiffany and Keegan's marriage problems continue which leads him to drunkenly find comfort in the arms of Dotty. Will they come to regret this moment of passion?

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How's Bernie?

She's home.

Oh, I was so worried,
I couldn't sleep.

Have you just got back?
No, a few hours ago.

I've been at my mum's.

But her and the baby are OK?

No thanks to you.

Tiff, I'm going to ask you
this one time, yeah?

Did you give Bernie diet pills?

She asked for them
before she was pregnant,

but then she kept taking them, cos
she didn't want another miscarriage!

You gave her drugs that could

have killed her? They're diet
pills! They're not dangerous!

The doctors think they're
amphetamines, Tiff!

She was having heart palpitations
cos of the pills that YOU gave her!

And if you think I'm mad, yeah, wait
till you see my mum! I'm so sorry...

Tiffany, what is going on with you?

And where the hell
were you yesterday?

I was trying to call you
when they took her in.

I was...working.
Were you?

Or were you getting more of that
rubbish put in your face?

I needed them, Keeg.

But something's really wrong.
It hurts so much...

Bernie was in hospital, yeah,
and you were having that done?

Tiff, I've already lost
one sister, yeah?

I can't lose another.
Keeg, I'm sorry...

You know what? I don't want
to hear it, Tiff!



Hang on a minute - I took Tommy out
of football training

because you said he wasn't pulling
his weight at school.

Kat, please help me
with this washer - it's jammed shut.

There's been an error with Mr
Baptiste's markings? Is this a joke?

Yeah, yeah, I am getting angry.
I know it's the school holidays,

but you said to ring you.
There'd better not be any fuss

when I take him out of school for
training next term. I've got to go.

Sorry, Whit, Karen is off
with Bernie today

and I'm covering everything.
It's this washer...

Hello, Kat's Cabs.

Here she is, voice of an angel.

Not now, Rocky, all right?
I've got a million things to do

and I've got a load for the stall
stuck in this machine.

Well, stand back.
Rocky to the rescue.

What are you doing later?

I need your advice on something.

It's about Sonia.

What's the matter with Sonia?
I'm going to the gym with her later.

No, she's fine. It's a,
you know, surprise.



Five minutes.
That's all I got.

I'll see you at the Vic at one.

It's shocking, really.
What is?

This letter from that salon chain
offering to buy this place.

Imagine writing to small salons
because it's been a struggle,

using a pandemic to your advantage.
I mean, who does that?

Makes you wonder what the
world's coming to.

Mind you, my odds at the bingos
have certainly improved.

They took half the seats away,

cos of this social
distancing nonsense.

Jackpot's five grand tonight.



How's your young man?
Still locked up?

He's not in prison.
He's in a mental health unit.

I remember, years ago,

when Lynette from next door's
husband went doo-lally.

Paraded down the street
in nothing but a Union Jack

and a feather duster.

Well, let's hope he got the help
he needed, eh? Help?!

Lynette locked him in their coal
shed for a fortnight -

sorted him right out.

Mind you, he had a wobble when they
put up the bunting for the Jubilee.

These days they'd say
it was triggering.

D'ya know what is triggering...?

Lola. A word?

She is doing my head in.
Just ignore her!

I can't and I've got Ben
texting me nonstop

about Lexi's dentist appointment.

I've already got to pick her up
from a party, get her back,

and see Isaac,
and she's got swimming tonight!

I don't know why you keep
going to the hospital!

He won't see you!

Cos I want him to know
that I'm there for him.

I know my son.

If he's says he won't see anyone,

maybe you should just give him
some space.

You've haven't got any clients in
right now, have you? Not till 12.

Great, you can cover for me.
Vi - Sheree.

Sheree - Vi. Bye!


Oi! Hold up!
I haven't finished that! Tough!

I'm having a deep clean.
This place is a pigsty!

She says she's going to do
a deep clean.

We should make ourselves scarce.
No, you won't. Come here.

Sit down. And you.

Me? Yes. You.

So, I've had a lovely little
chat with Kim.

She told me that Ben told her

you two spent the night
in a police cell.

Yeah, look, it really weren't that
big a deal, Pop.

It was really nothing. Nothing?

It's just I don't want L
stressing out...

I don't want the bun coming out
before the oven dings.

Do you understand what
I'm saying to ya?




It's Barry!

She's killed him!

Where is she? Who?

Shirley! I'm going to kill her
when I get my hands on her!

She thinks I ain't seen her
dumping her dregs on Barry.

It took me ages to find him...

I know. And I loved him! But look at
his foliage, it's all withered.

Your mother killed him!

WHISPERING: Is she for real?
She's nesting. I'll deal with her.

Youse are going to find Shirley
and you're going to sort that out.


I'm not asking you to bring it
back to life, just replace it,

which is the least you can do
after being banged up.

Dad, it's just a tree.
It's not just a tree, though, is it?

She's having a hard time.
I need to be here for her.

So, you two, Ronnie and Reggie,

you're going to bowl around
East London,

you're going to find another
Barry. Do you understand me? Lovely.

Don't have a go at me.
You're the one that's...

Lola, you're taking her swimming
today - end of.


Trouble in paradise?

Peter, have you seen much
of Lola recently?

No. Why?

Well, it's just, you know,
you two were mates.

Do you not care that she's
running herself ragged

'round that hospital every day?
Isaac won't even let her see him!

Why are you so bothered how
she spends her time?

Listen, if she wants to,
you know, chase after some fella

who's dumped her five minutes
after they met...

..be my guest, that's on
her, but if it affects my Lexi...

You're a dad, you get it.

Yeah, no, totally.
I get it.

Well, I was thinking maybe...

Maybe you could talk to her...
Me? Yeah.

Talk sense...
Not a chance.

Look, if there's one thing Lola
knows, it's her own mind!

Well, I seem to remember you being
very persuasive in the past!

Look, Peter, she respects you.

She respects you more than
she respects me,

especially when I'm
wading in with my size tens.

Yeah, maybe you're right.
She probably will listen to me.

Yeah. On it.


Have you seen Ruby?
I was just wondering about shifts.

Not here.

What's up with you?

You had no right telling
Keegan about us.

I just told him the truth.

That we slept together
and I wanted it to be more.

What's wrong with that?

You said you don't know where
you stand with us.

I don't.

But we're just mates and I told you

I just...

I wish you'd said that before we...

Before we what, Vinny?


Oh, look,
it didn't mean anything, OK?

You were grieving, end of.

It meant something to me.


But I don't want to lose
a friend, Dot.

So, let's just... Let's just leave
it at that, yeah?

That it'd be a voiceover!
Don't, don't!

Sorry to interrupt.

Did you want to talk to me
about Sonia?

This is Jen.

you are the complete package.

You've got the look,
you got the voice. You got it all.

I don't believe this!
I said no!

Jen is the best in the business.

I'll pay you for that later on.
Rocky, you had no right to do this!

Darling, I have
experience in making stars.

Some people call me the East End's
answer to the Hit Factory.

I gave the Pink Pilots
their first gig.

They were huge!

In Japan.

All right.

Kath! Jen, this is Kath,
a good friend of mine.

I'll get myself a drink, shall I?

No, no, no!
It's my shout.

I'm really sorry,
but it's just not for me.

Oh, no, let me get you a drink,
as well.

A free drink?

You can't get fairer than that?
Have a seat, go on.

Oh, looks like I've got competition!

Jen? Just a good friend, that's all.

Oh, what? A good friend? Like me?

I'm only messing!

Look, I will introduce you

Kathy Beale, you are a queen
and deserve to be treated as such.



Peter, can you hurry up? I haven't
got time for this, please.

Peter! Lo...

Two minutes. Sit.

Peter, I haven't got time...
Just have a seat!

Do you really want to spend
the rest of your life like this?

What, waiting for my order?

In and out of mental hospitals,

chasing a guy that's
just dumped you.

You're not exactly an
expert on mental health, are you?

No, but I can see you're
stressing out.

You're stressing me out.
Why don't you think of Lexi? Huh?

Surely all this must be
unsettling for her!

Do you think of your son?

Oh, oh, no you can't,

cos you actually left him halfway
across the world, didn't you?

I just don't want to see
you get hurt.

Besides, Isaac won't see you
any more, will he?

That's none of your business.

I just...

Don't look back on your life
and realise

you wasted a lot of time
on him. Yeah?


Yeah? Yeah.


Now, Peter!

I can't believe you got that.

It's nothing like a bonsai.

Who do you think I am, Mr Miyagi?

If Linda doesn't like it, I'll
gladly tell her where to stick it!

I think we should keep looking.
The whole thing's a joke!

It's just a tree!


Right, wait.

Right, Frankie says we should try
that posh florist place

on the high street.
You having a laugh?

They charge 50 quid
for a bunch of weeds

and call it a "natural bouquet."
Do you have any better ideas?

Yeah, where I'm going
to stick this!

You coming or what?

He just gets carried away!
He don't mean any harm.

He thinks he's Simon Cowell, Son.

Yeah, well, as long as he don't
start wearing trousers like him,

we'll be all right, won't we?

Hey, Eye of the Tiger!

What are you doing here?
Same as you.

Working out. And to apologise
to you, Whitney.

Look, I should have asked your
permission before I contacted Jen.

I didn't. I'm sorry.

But she really knows her stuff! Huh?

Why don't you meet us properly,
you know, to discuss it?

Look, no pressure. I promise.
Scout's honour.

It might be fun.

It's not the right time.

It might be just what you need.

All I'm asking is that you agree to
give it a bit of thought.

If it means you leaving me
alone for five minutes,

then, yes, I will think about it.
That a girl.

That's not a yes.

But it is progress.

See? It ain't heavy!

It's awkward!

Rainie's going to be made up
with it.

I can't believe you're making me
miss my bingo night.

Can't you tell them
that it's not convenient?

And not a convenient time?

Well, it weren't that convenient
for the geezer who croaked it, Nan.

Come on, I wouldn't ask
if I wasn't desperate,

but I've got to work!

One minute you can't
wait to see the back of me

for a bit of how's-your-father, the
next you're begging me to stay in!

Rainie is in a right state,

and the last thing I need is her
going 'round the Taylors

while I'm out. Karen's asked us to
give her a bit of space.

Well, I can hardly abandon Rainie in
her hour of need, even if you are.

I'd better go home before my arms
fall off!

What's in it, anyway?

It's a slanket.
A what?

Yeah, a blanket, with arm holes,

for sitting on the sofa,
watching the TV.

So, she lounges around like
Cleopatra in her slanket,

and I wait on her hand and foot?

No, it's a double.

You can both get in it.

Was just about to give up on you!

Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late.

The bus was late and
I've only got 15 minutes.

I've got to pick up my little girl.

But I brought him this.

Does he want to see me?

I'm sorry.

No. It's fine.

Do you think it makes a difference?

Isaac knowing that I'm
coming to see him every day?

It's impossible to say.

But I think it's OK for you to
consider what's best for you

as well as what's best for Isaac.

You're right. I need to be here
for whenever he's ready.

Thank you.

I'll see you tomorrow.


WHISPERING: She's coming.


You got all these for me?

It was a team effort.

I chose one, so did Shirl,
so did Frankie.

So, if you kill another one,
you've got a couple of spares.

They're perfect.

And I know exactly where to put 'em.

Out of reach.
Nance, bring that one up, will ya?

You owe me a lot, Mick. What for?

Cos those bonsais are not
exactly cheap!

You're joking!
Oi, Goldilocks.

Tell your brother to keep
his distance.

Well, it's not really our business,
is it, Shirley?

I tell you what,
if he so much as looks at her,

I'll rearrange his face.

Nancy. She's over that Zack now,
isn't she?

Yeah, she's well over him.


I've come to get my wages.

Have you now?

How's Bernie?

I don't want to talk about it.

I just want to get drunk.

OK, so it's fine for you to
blow your money on a night out,

but not for Tiff to spend hers
on treatments?

Did you know?

Did you know that Tiff's been giving
Bernie these diet pills?

Why would I? You got her
into hostessing...

I think you'll find that Tiff
does what she wants.

If you weren't so controlling...
I'm not.

..she wouldn't have to lie
about it.

Just get my wages, yeah?

Y'know what?

I'm so sick of people

thinking they can judge me.

All I know is that before
you came along,

me and Tiff were doing just fine.

You really think that, do you?

And you'd know about relationships?




Hey, Dotty... Hm.
Give me a joke, yeah?

How was your date? Hm?

Did you try and find another guy
to mess around

and dump when you get bored?
Yeah, yeah.

It was fun.

Like me and Vinny

was just a bit of fun.

Oh, I don't think that's how
he saw it.

Trust me.

He had a good time.

It's just sex.

It doesn't have to mean anything.

I should be... Yeah.

Yeah, you'd better
get home for another row with Tiff.


..you could stay...

..have a drink with me?


"Hi, this is Keegan's phone.
Leave a message."

It's me.

I'm really sorry.

For everything.

You know I never meant
to hurt Bernie.

I messed up.

But please...

Come home.

Come home, Keeg. I just want
to talk.

I'm not feeling great.

I'm going to have to lie down.

I love you, Keeg.