EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6314 - Episode #1.6314 - full transcript

Chelsea spends time with Mia and Mackenzie in order to try and prove Karen wrong.

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Right, you, in there, sofa,

and I don't want to see you move
for the rest of the day, all right?

Yeah, I get it.

And have a think if there's anyone
you need to update.

Pretty sure Jean will
want to know how you are.

Oh, and...

..and...it's not completely
fixed, obviously,

but at least there's not glass
flying everywhere now.

Thank you.

Amazing, really, Jean went with you.

As if she ain't got enough going on.
What do you mean?

What with Stacey not being with her
and that?

Oi, Rube. I told you, tell me
what you want, I'll get it.

No, I need to go and see Jean.

Rube... Please, Martin.

Ooh, how did you us get in?

Bloke at work pulled a few strings.

Love pulling strings! What time?

Half six. That's early.
I've got a curfew.

You taking the kids? God no.

So you want me to look after them?

Would you mind?

Love going out, don't you?

Is that a problem?

If you're not a kid person,
that's fine,

but you could make
more of an effort.

"Not a kid person"?

Yeah, all right...
No, no, no. Go on, Karen.

I'm interested in what you have to
say. Well, you're with a bloke

who's got two kids. If it was me,

I'd be trying to spend more time
with them.

And not running away
to fancy restaurants?

We'll just get my mum, yeah? Yeah.

Sorry, Karen, I shouldn't
have asked. Don't be silly.

No, I'm happy to.

You're sure? Course.

Ah-ah-ah! What do you mean,

Well, it ain't exactly
working out here is it?

Did you know about this?

Well, how do you know things
aren't working out?

You've only just got back!

I'm supposed to be in charge
of my own life, not leaning on you.

You're not leaning on us.
You can stay as long as you like.

Exactly. Leaning on you.


Which one of you is going to tell me
what's going on?

She might have been seeing someone.

Zack. Zack's the...someone
she's seeing.

Why am I hearing about this now?
Well, I didn't think it was serious.

But apparently it was. Was?

Yeah, he ended it. What?! Yesterday.

She was on track, Mick!

She was getting there.

And now that...that...playboy
has derailed her.

Where do you thing you're going?
To break his stupid face.

You think that's a good idea?

I am pregnant and hormonal
and angrier than I have been

since the toaster incident.

Are you really going to
get in my way?

It's such a relief
to just know for sure.

I'm sure it is.

They think they got most of it.

I mean, it could grow back but...

..I'm staying positive.

Er, I got you this.

Just to say thank you
for coming with me.

I don't need a present.
It's only something small.

It's a face mask,
for doing a facial at home.

Isn't that lovely?

Yeah, I do them quite often,
and I love it.

So I just thought...

Well, we could all do with
a bit of relaxation, couldn't we?

Thank you.

I'd better get on.

Jean, are you sure
you should be working?

In my condition, you mean?

Well, yeah.

I need the hours.

Don't worry about the hours,
I'll pay you for the hours.

Why don't you just let me
pay for everything?

You know, private care, sick leave,
maybe - I dunno, whatever you need.

Don't be silly Ruby. No, I mean it.

It would be a waste of money.

All right, well,
just let me help you, at least.



You OK?

Yeah, the surgeon said it would
be tender for a few days.

Oh, did he mean it!

I think I better take you home.
No, no, please.

Martin will just fuss,
and get all worried.

Right, well, you can
come back to mine, then.

Babe, have you looked at this menu?


It is so fancy I can barely
understand what it is.



Daddy. Yes, sweetheart?

My dress doesn't do up.

I was going to wear it for my party,
but it's too small.

It still looks fine.

Don't worry, Chelsea will take you
shopping to get a new one.

Will she? Will I?

It's for her birthday party.

Today? Yeah.

Go on, go and get ready.

Show Karen she doesn't know
what she's talking about.


But I'm going to
need your credit card.

Do you have any idea?
Any idea what she's been through?

Oh. Is this is about Nancy?

Oh, do you want me to break your
nose? Because I will.

I promise you I will.
She will break your nose.

She has been through a divorce.

She was hit by a car. I know.

And that's when you decide to mess
her around.

Am I missing something?

He was seeing Nancy
but now he's dumped her. Why?

Don't matter why, it's a liberty.
I want to know the truth...

We're just very different people,
all right?

Is that the best you can do?

What? You treat her like that,
she's well rid of you. Agreed.

Thinks he can treat my daughter
like a piece of meat,

just use her and discard her.
Like a predator.

You're sacked from the Vic!


But you kept your nose.

You all right? Just popped back
for a quick wee. Yeah.

What are you doing?

Just selling a few bits.

Not that?

I got 45 quid for it, Whit.

Please don't say anything to Mum.

Tiff. This is not what it's meant
to be like.

I feel awful, like I'm failing.

Having to do this.

I'll lend you some money. No.

No. Thank you.

Um, I got us into this mess, so...

..I've got to be the one
to get us out.


Happy birthday!

Are you having a lovely day?

I wish. I'm stuck with
one of the little brats.


What? Why's Dad getting you
a present and not me?

I need a dress for my party.

Then you need to give me
something of yours. No way!

Go out, get drunk or something,
snog someone!

Give me you phone! No!

Give it to me. Get off!

She said she doesn't want
to give it to you.

We're just mucking about.

You want me to call your dad,
see what he thinks?

Go on.

You OK? I think so.

Who's looking after you?

I know it's tat. Like she'll care.

You want to hear something funny?

I once handcuffed my brother
to a toilet.


Lib, he did not say that!

Hang up. Excuse me?

You heard me.

I've got to go. Happy birthday.

You were supposed to be looking
after her, right? Yes.

Do your job.
She's already been through enough.

Haven't we all?

Mia, she makes another call,
you let me know, OK?

Don't look at me like that.

You can sit down for a bit.

Honestly, Jean. I'm fine.

Just till you feel better, then.

It should be me looking after you.

You can show me
how to do the face mask thing.

I've never done one before.

Go on, in you go.

What the hell?!

She had surgery yesterday.
She needs someone to look after her.

Why's it have to be you?


OK, Luce can't make it.

That's a setback,
but we can deal with it.

We've still got Daddy's
credit card, right?

All right, girls.

What are we after today? Nothing
from a dead old lady's house.

Hang on a second. Wait a second.

Look at that, eh. Lovely bracelet.
It'll look great on you, that will.

I don't want a bracelet. Oh,
don't be silly, come on, try it on.

I don't want a bracelet!

All right. Fair enough.
What are you shouting for?

I don't want it.
I just want a dress for my party.

Everything all right?

She's just lost it.
So high maintenance.


Hey. Hey.

What's wrong?

It's too small.

She wants a new one.

Don't you like this one?
I love this one.

Mummy got that for you,
didn't she?

It's too small?

Right, let's have a look.

I could probably let it out a bit.

Make it bigger. Really?

Well, do you want to wear it or not?

Right, then.


I've got my kit over there. Come on.


This necklace will go beautiful
with that dress.

I'm here if you change your mind.

It's tingly, isn't it?
Yeah, I think it's meant to be.

Let me have a look.

Er, yeah. Cleansing your skin,
unclogging your pores,

and drawing away any excess sebum.

Oh, I definitely need to get
rid of my excess sebum.


Have you really never done
this before? No, never. Oh.

Oh, tell a lie, Stacey and I did
a mud mask once when she was little.

Just for fun, you know.

Only we couldn't afford
the real thing,

so we used mud from the playground.

Right. It was fine,

until I smoothed a used
plaster on my face.

You know, even though I had a rash
for at least a month afterwards,

I still remember that as
being such a good day.

You're really lucky.

You both are.

I never really did anything
like that with my mum.

Why not?

She wasn't around much.

Oh, well, you're doing it now.

And not a used plaster in sight.

Not sure that'll fit you, Whit.



What's your missus playing at?

Eh? She's over at ours,
giving Jean a facial.

Bring back hanging.
Ha-ha. Funny, is it?

I don't know what you're
talking about, Kat.

She gets Stacey banged up
and now she's brown-nosing her mum.

She's after something.
I don't think she is.

Jean just needs a friend.
She's got no-one.

What? That's not true, she's got me.

And when was the last time you've
seen her since Phil come along?

You did actually tell me
to break up with her,

so, having a pop at me with Linda...
I know.

But if she knew that I knew, Zack...

It's better just to play along.
She called me a predator.

Yeah, it was a bit harsh,
but no harm done.

To you.

You did the right thing
breaking up with Nancy.

I really like her. I know you do.

I know what happened with us
was bad, I get that.

What's that mean,
we can't ever have a thing?

That's exactly what it means.

She's amazing, Sharon.

She's funny, she's tough.

She sees right through me.

I mean, right through me,
I can't hide anything from her.

It's brilliant.

Never met anyone like her.

You will.

Or maybe you won't,
but it doesn't matter.

You've got to let it go.


Is it all right?

Wow! It fits! Thank you so much.

No, I ain't going to charge her.
Where's your hustle?

She's an eight-year-old girl!
She can earn.

Mia, you look gorgeous. I know.

Who knew sewing could be
so useful? Come on.

Hey, Whit, did you see that?

I told Mia she looked gorgeous

and it made her happy. Right.

Yeah, but then when I tell Tiff
she's gorgeous,

she goes and gets fillers.

That's a bit different. Is it?

OK, it feels like you're about
to tell me it is.

Look, Tiff's self-esteem
ain't what you think it is.

But she's incredible.
Yeah, but she don't see that.

Whitney, I tell her every single
day. She don't believe you.

Trust me on this one, OK?

It's not as simple as just, I dunno,
telling her that she's beautiful.

You've got to make her believe it.

You've got to be on her side.
Every day.

No matter what, no matter how mad
you get at her, always on her side.

Always on her side.

I know it sounds shallow, but the
world always seems a better place

after a facial. I can't believe it
took me so long to have one.

I know! Well, we can do them
every other week now.

If you want. We don't have to.

I haven't said this before
and I should have.

I know that you did everything
you could to get the charges dropped

against Stacey,
and that means a lot.

And I can see that you wish
things were different.

We all wish things were different.

Oh, thank goodness. Something to
stop me from wittering on.

Stacey! Hello!

# Finally I like the view... #

Ah! Beautiful, love!

We did have a look at few new ones,
but none of them were quite right.

And I knew how much
she loved that one,

especially because her mum
bought it for her.

And when I took a closer look,
it didn't need that much work.

You fixed it? Oh, no, not me.
I can't sew to save my life.

But I knew Whitney was pretty good,

so she did us a favour,
didn't she, Mia? Yep. Genius.

Didn't she do a beautiful job?
Are you happy? So happy.

Why don't you go and get changed
so you don't spill anything on it?

We had a great time.

I can tell. Which is surprising,
don't you think?

For someone who's, erm,
not a kid person.

I get it.

I'm sorry. Oh, no, no, Karen,
I don't need you to be sorry.

But if you wanted to revisit
your opinion, I'd appreciate that.

Fine. You're a kid person.

A GREAT kid person.
The best I've ever seen.

Thank you.

Oh, it was cash only,
by the way, for the dress.

Er, 20 quid.

To let something out? You can't put
a price on a girl's happiness.

It's worth it.

I'll just help her accessorise it.

Shut it.

I didn't say anything.

She was in a fight.

Stacey was in a fight.
Is she all right?


She's lost all her visitor

I'm, I'm not allowed to
see her any more.

It was the only thing
keeping her going.

And me.

I might never get to see her again.

No, it won't be that long.
How do you know?

You don't know how long it'll be.

You don't know how long I'll live.

If I never get to see her again,
it'll be your fault.

You come round here
with your fancy face masks,

pretending to be nice,
but I know what you're really doing.

You're guilty.

You know you should never have
called the police on Stacey,

and you're trying to make yourself
feel better

because you put her in there.

Jean... Stop it!

You put her in there.

And you're standing in my house.

Get out.

Jean... Get out!

This is your fault.

Everything is your fault!