EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6312 - Episode #1.6312 - full transcript

Zack and Nancy agree to continue their relationship in secret after Mick warns him off his daughter.

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Yeah, thanks.

Good to keep in shape.

Boy like you, you don't want to
let yourself go.

Lynette from next door -
lovely woman, nothing to look at -

but her grand-daughter,
now, she is a stunner.

Hm! Legs for weeks.

I think you mean days.

You'd be right up her street.


And what with your Bernie
having my grandson's baby...

No, it's not like that.

I'm just saying,
we're practically family now,

and I don't mind doing
the introduction.

Yeah. Thanks, but I'm...
not really on the market.

Well, I just thought you might fancy
something a bit more...


No offence. You're lovely.

If you like that sort of thing.

Ignore her.

Anyway, you all set for tonight?

Yeah, no, I can't wait.

I just have no idea what to wear.

You'd better decide.

It's about be a big
night for the Butcher-Baker brand.

You were right, you know -
if we win...

..who knows what deals
we could get off the back of this?

Oh! I didn't even hear you get up.

You was out of the game, baby.

You need to rest.

You got to be careful with these
geriatric pregnancies,

you know what I mean?
Oi! They don't call it that no more.

How did Frankie get on with her
lesson yesterday?

Yeah, we weren't
really in the mood for driving,

so we just went for a drink.

I told her about the baby.

What?! Mick! I asked you not to!

I know, I know - she just feels like
she's out of the loop,

she thinks we're talking in corners.

Whatever I tell Nancy,
I should tell Frankie -

I want to treat them the same.
But the more people that know,

the bigger the chance of it getting
back to Max... I promise you,

it won't come from her.

Or me mother. What?
I ain't told her.

I just... I just think we should.
No, Mick. Mick, I can't.

Oh, it's going to stress me out...

Calm down. Calm down. All right.

I just think the longer
we leave it... Oh...

All right, I'll think about it.

Nance is looking better.

Yeah. Well, she's
getting some attention.

Oh, yeah?

Zack's got his eye on her.

Well, he wants to
take his eye off her.

Oh! He's a nice enough bloke!

You should see them together,
you know,

they've got a proper little spark.

He's exactly what she needs.

I haven't made
the most of a day off in ages,

so I thought, if we got
down to the Natural History Museum

for about half eleven,

it'll give us time after to
go down to Camden, sit by the lock,

have a little drink and then
we can walk down the river...


Well, it's just that I'm seeing
Kath this afternoon.

You saw her yesterday.

Yeah, well, you know what it's like
when it's all new.

We could still do the museum,
though. Eh?

I love looking at old things -
I see one in the mirror every day.

It's just one of those things

that I've always wanted to do
with my dad.

Though maybe I'm a bit old
for it now.

No, no, no - no, we are going.
Why don't we head off now?

Well, actually I booked
brunch at Walford East,

to make a full day of it -

but we haven't got to go
if you don't want to...

What you talking about?

I love a bit of brunch -
avocado me up!

And what about Kathy?

I don't know if she likes 'em.

I will tell her that I'm having
a proper London day out

with my daughter.
You sure you don't mind?

Of course I don't mind.

I'm lucky I'm being given
the chance.

If we don't end the day driving past
Buck House with Her Majesty

the Queen waving at us,
then my name isn't Rocky.

I'll get my comfy shoes on, then.

Oh, I just don't know
the vibe, Whit.

Is it dressy? Is it smart cazh?

And I am so skint, as well.

Just give it to me
when you've got it, all right?

Really? Yeah.

Oh, thanks, Whit!

It's gonna be all over
social media tonight -

and if all goes well, me and Keeg
could get a lot of free PR.

Well, then, you make sure you tag
my stall in your posts, all right?

Of course.

Oh, 'ere y'are. Eh?

Oh, yeah, that's the one!

I'm joking! Look.

No way I could pull that off.

Shut up, Tiff,
you'd look good a bin bag.

'Ere y'are.



Feeling better, baby?

Yeah, much better today, actually.

Really looking forward to getting
back in the gym.

That's good. Yeah.

They've eased me
in with a late shift.

I'll tell you what
I'm really happy about -

I might actually stand a chance
in that weight-lifting competition,

cos Zack has offered to
be my training partner.

Yeah, you want to do it proper
though, don't you?

Erm...Peter - think he's qualified.

What, has he got
you on commission or something?

No, I'm just saying, with Zack,
he's trying to hold down two jobs,

he won't have time
for the training -

you want someone reliable.

Dad, I do not think Peter
has ever been in the same sentence

as "reliable".

Anyway, look, Zack might not have

but his body is a pretty
decent advert.

Yeah, but he's professional,
he's got clients,

he ain't just some big lump
who wants to have a selfie,

you know what I mean?

All right, Pop! Don't worry,
I know what I'm doing.

Right, see yous in a bit. Bye!

Ah! Not an avocado in sight,

but at least we can tick
"brunch" off the list. Mm-hm.

And I'd like to get this, please.

I know I'm a nurse, but I can afford
to treat you every now and again.

No, no, no, that's very kind of you,

but I shall get this.

You can get the chips later,
at the casino.

Was Kathy OK about you
cancelling on her?

Yeah, course. She's a good sort,
she understood.

Nice how you're
getting along, isn't it? Hm.


You know, the Queen has someone
to break her shoes in for her.

You taken up rambling?

No, I'm doing a charity walk.

Oh! Good man, good man. Yeah.

I once sat in a bath of beans
for charity.

Yeah, I won't recommend it -
walk, much better idea.

Good on you, top fella!

It's my fault.

I sort of told my dad that Bobby
does all this charity stuff...

And now young Bobby's
trying to impress him?

Yeah, I've gone through
a box of plasters already.

Well, putting yourself out
for someone you love,

that is the real deal. Yeah.

You two are lucky,
finding that one special person...

..that's gold dust, that is.

Yeah. Gold dust...and sore feet.

Hey, all right? Linda send
you down to sort your dad bod out?


That's funny.

About as funny as you sniffing
round my daughter.

So, what was you thinking...

when you put my Frankie behind the
wheel so you could have a drink?

You was the one who pushed me

to take Frankie out for a lesson
in the first place.

Yeah, I don't remember telling
you to get off your nut, though.

Mate, I'd had a drink,
I weren't drunk.

I never meant to put her
in danger, I swear.

So, you're sitting
there like nothing's wrong

and you could've killed
both my daughters!

I was trying to help Frankie,

and I like Nance, mate.

I made a mistake.


Oh! You all right, Mick?

Can I help you with anything?

No, no, I'm just having a chat
with my chef, here,

about an upcoming order.

Oh - and there's me thinking you
were after some PT sessions.

No, Peter, you see,
when you run a boozer

you don't need a meathead,
you just got to be game,

it comes with the territory.

You got to learn how to deal
with people - and I love it.


Well, if you ever do want to
tighten up that six pack,

I'll do you a great deal.


I'm sorry, mate, I really am.

I don't need sorry.

I'm going to keep this very,
very simple for you.

Whatever it is you think you've got
going on with Nancy

is going to stop
and it's going to stop right now -

because if it doesn't, and I see you
sniffing round my daughter again,

I will serve you up.

Tommy's already working harder
because of his dyslexia,

now the school's telling me
he's failing in maths and English.

I'm not having it.

No more distractions.

He's just excited, that's all.

He's been concentrating
on his ball skills -

keepy-uppies, stuff like that.
He's getting really good.

Well, he's going to spend the
holidays getting ready for his

Exams? At his age, they don't
really mean much, do they?

Not compared to
a chance at Epsley Town.

His dad was the one that was good
at selling pipe dreams.

I thought you had more sense.

What, so that's it, you're just
going to tell him it's all over

before he's even got going?

I know what's best for him.

Not you or your mate
Harry Redknapp, all right?

You worry about your own son.

Well, nothing to worry about,

cos Raymond will be home with me
soon, where he belongs.

Right, next stop,
Natural History Museum.

With any luck, we'll see
the Rolling Stones.

You know, I was thinking...

we could always do this another day.

I shouldn't have made you
cancel on Kathy.

I told you, she's fine.

No, I know she's fine,

it's just that, you know,
you two are all new

and it's exciting,
and you should enjoy it.

I was the one who got you together
and now I'm being all jealous.

You're joking, ain't ya?
You're my daughter.

My gold dust. Now that I've found
you, you will always come first.

Thanks, Dad.


Where's that list?

If we don't get a move on,

we're going to fall behind on item
one, never mind item...


Come on.

Get 'em up, move 'em out!

Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left, right...

Come on, get them knees up,
Corporal Fowler!

Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left, right...


"And the award goes to
Keegan Butcher-Baker!"

"Thank you so much, thank you."

Or, or, "And the award goes to...
someone else."

"Well done."

What do you reckon?

It's really good.

Yeah? Yeah!

You see them all at the Oscars
and that, being all fake nice,

but you can see them, when they
lose, they're burning up inside!


You know the ones. Yeah!

Where you going?

Oh, I've got a facial.

What, now?
But we haven't got long until...

I know. Photos, Instagram,
all of that -

I need a facial.

No facial is going to make you look
more beautiful

than what you already are.

I'm going to be late.
I'll see you there.

Ain't got much of your quippy
lad banter today have you?

You run out already?

Just don't want to
get your hopes up.

Cos usually one kiss from me

and a woman's booking a venue
and ordering a dress.


I think you'll find the only aisle
I'm going to be walking down

any time soon is the one in the
supermarket. So...

What did you want to talk about?

I'm just checking you're all right,
first day back and that.


You texted me saying,
"We need to talk."

Sounds a bit heavy for that.

Yeah, I was just thinking
that maybe we should...

..take it easy.


I don't remember saying we should
"take it" anywhere.

I just think it might get

with your dad being my boss...

My dad?

Are you scared of my dad?!

Don't be silly.

Wait, did he say something to you?

He likes me, reckoned I was making
employee of the week, or something.

I just don't want him
getting angsty

about me mixing business
with pleasure.

Yeah, fair enough.

All right, I'd better get on.


I'll tell your boss you said hi.


Look, I'm not saying
I don't want this to happen, yeah?

What are you saying, then?
Because now I'm confused.

I like you, Nance.

I'm just wondering if we could do
this, and keep it a secret.



Yeah, I like them.


No, Kim, no, I don't need
a new diamante bikini.

I'm taking Raymond on the pedalos
down Vicky Park,

not some yacht in Monaco.

Oh, stop it, about
sparkle in the bedroom!

That's the last
thing on Jack's mind.

Hm? Well, he's still in a mood after
them students trashed his flat.

No, me and Raymond, we're going to
leave him to it and...

We're going to have a some nice
mum and son time...

Thank you to all
of tonight's sponsors.


Nice suit.

Your wife not coming?

She's just running a bit late.

It's been a tough job
for the judges,

but tonight we are excited to reveal
Walford's Best Street food!


I know I shouldn't be biased, but...

..good luck.

I'd eat your sandwiches any day.

And the winner is...

..Keegan Butcher-Baker
for Butcher-Baker Sandwich Maker!

# Congratulations... #

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Thank you!

I've had a lot of ups
and downs with this business.

But I never thought I'd still be
doing it, never mind winning awards.


So, thank you -

and thank you to
everyone at The Gazette...

..and to my family, and...

..well, anyone that's ever bought
a sandwich from me! Thank you!


..but the person that I want to
thank the most is my wife, Tiffany.

She believed in me
when no-one else did.

I know it's only a small business,
but I will work every hour

if it means I can build a future
for us.

And when we got married, we put
our names together -

Butcher-Baker -

and we did that because
we're a team.


ALL: Aww!


So, thank you, guys.
Thank you! Thank you!

Oh, I'm so, so proud of you!

What's happened to your face?


I-I must've had
a reaction to the facial.

It looks like you've been punched!

It's fine, it doesn't even hurt.

Keegan, we need you for photos.

You need to see a doctor.
No, no. Keegan, honestly, I'm fine.


Look, I can't be in any photos
like this.

I'm just going to go home.

Well, I'm coming with you.

No, no, no, please stay!

Enjoy your night.

Go on, it's fine.

Tell me you're not serious.
I thought you were just bluffing

when you said you were
going for custody.

Why do you always have to ruin

I am making his life better.

Oh, please! This is about your ego.
It always is.

Have you got any idea of the impact
it's going to have on this boy?

Who asked you?!
Raymond has only just got settled.

It took him long enough - and now
you really want to risk everything

and send him back to that family?
Cos that could happen.

We've only got him because of some
unwritten agreement with Ellie.

And? It ain't exactly
the letter of the law, but it works.

You take this to the courts,

this could all come
crashing down around us.

Ritchie will find a way.

And you really think the courts
are going to give you a chance -

a dodgy crook?

I ain't going to let you put me
off fighting for my son.

See, I knew this was going to

I should have never let you
back in his life.

You take this to court,
we could both lose him.

Well, I ain't going to let that

You can forget about seeing
Raymond again.

Wow, Tiff! Tiff!

Oh, my God, what's happened
to your face?!

Tiff, has someone hit you?

No, no, no. No, it's nothing
like that.


I had fillers...

..and I must've had a reaction
or something.

Tiffany, what are you doing
having fillers?

I was getting my hair
and my lashes done...

Well, then, get your hair

don't let someone stick
a needle in your face!

Whit, everyone does it!


I-I just thought if I had the right
look, I'd get more followers...

I'm not just doing it to be vain.

Tiff, tell me,
has Keegan said something?

No, no, no.

He's amazing.

If we want to be a proper brand,
I have to have the right look.

And, yeah, maybe, it makes me
feel good, as well.

Yeah, but, Tiff,
you don't need them.

You don't, you're beautiful!

Look, I'm not telling you
what to do, I'm not, I just...

If you want them done, then, yeah,
fine, but go somewhere proper.

They were... They were so pricey.

It'll be fine, it will go down.

No, wait. How did you afford fillers
when you told me you were skint?

You've put them
on a credit card, ain't ya?

Don't say anything to Keegan.
Look... Please.

I know this is really hard,
OK? But you've lied to him,

you've kept that from him -
that's when problems start.

Tiff, you need to go back
and tell him.

The longer you leave it,
the worse you're going to feel.

Here you go, winkle, cop for that.

Oh, here she is!
Good first day back?

Yeah, it was really good.

I've just been thinking
through my training plan.

You was right about Zack, you know.

I mentioned it to him,

and he was just like,
"I don't want to do it no more."

Just like that. Idiot.

So he's blown you out
before you've even got started.

I told you this geezer
was a wrong 'un.

Yeah, but you said he was keen!

He's probably just
worried about pushing you too hard,

you need to reassure him...
L, she's not into the geezer, so...

Exactly - and even if I was,

with him working here,
I'd never get away from him.

I came on strong earlier,
I'm sorry about that.

You're the most switched on one
out of all of us.

No, you was only looking
out for me.

I just want to reassure you that
when I do start my training,

I will be in good hands, I promise.

I know, I know.

Love you. I love you too.


I've been trying to text you.

I'm really sorry.

I messed up and I've ruined
your big night!

No, no, no - no, you haven't.

You OK?

They took bare long doing
the pictures,

so I wanted to come and find you.

I wanted everything to be
perfect, Keeg.

And I meant what I said,
I'm so proud of you.

And I meant what I said -
we're a team.

Now we're going to go to
whatever salon did that

and we're going to show them
what's happened.

What are they putting in them
facials, anyway?

It weren't... It weren't a facial.


..I got fillers.

You had fillers?

Yeah. I just wanted to look my best.

Tiff, you don't need that stuff.

I know, but when I got them
done before...

Are you telling me
this is not the first time?

Keeg, we're a brand now.

You know? Like, I've got to be the
same standard as everyone else.

So you have to
look like every next girl?

No, no - I'm saying that it's
an investment.

Keeg, I'm doing this for us.

For us?! Yeah.

How much that cost you?

It's fine, I'll pay 'em off.

How much?

800 today...

..and 400 the first time.

You spent over a grand?!

Tiff, I've been standing on a stage
telling people we're a team,

while you're running up debts to
impress your mates with selfies!

No, no, it's not like that...

Tiff, you know what?
You did ruin my night.

But I'm not going to let you
ruin our future.

Keeg. Keeg, please...