EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6311 - Episode #1.6311 - full transcript

Frankie confesses to Mick the role she played in Nancy's accident.

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Do you want to go out later?
Get some fresh air. If you want?

No, I had another bad night.

We can get a coffee. My treat.

I just... I'm just still not
really sleeping properly.

Soon, maybe?

Yeah. Sure.

Right. Driving lesson later?
Get you ready for that test. Yeah?

I'll go and collect the cake,
you two decorate the restaurant.

All right.
He didn't even write it himself.

Have you opened that?
Sorry, I thought it was junk mail.

No, you was just hoping
there was money in it.

Nothing says love
like getting a computer

to write your 18-year-old son
a birthday card.

He's got some other cards from his
friends at the mosque. Anyway,

Bobby'll just be pleased that...

Hello, love. Did you sleep well?

Er, yeah. Yeah, fine.

Can you do a shift at the restaurant
this afternoon?

Oh. Uh...

Well, I was meant to be seeing Dana
but she just cancelled. Oh, mate.

"It's not you, it's me."

Five o'clock? All right, yeah?

Well, it's not like
I've got anything else on. So...

He was only your brother.

I'm sorry, OK?

Did you apologise to Ashneet? Vinny?

You're not the only one struggling,

Mum, when you said
they wouldn't let Dad out...


You need to grow up.

A stranger cared for me
more than my own son.

What was it, eh, that was more
important than this family?

It ain't going to come back
to bite ya.

What, because you used
a burner phone?

Phil. Thanks again. For yesterday.

I didn't do it for you.

Dad, it turns out it was Kheerat

who needed talking out
of beating him up.

I could lose my job.


Oh. I, uh...after my last shift,
left my jacket.

Course you did.

Your mum told me you were up here.

What and you ain't even
brought me no grapes?

You look all right to me.
"All right"? I'm flattered!

I'm just saying...it's good
to see you off your crutches.

It's really good to see that you've
remembered how to put clothes on.

Everyone's winning.

I'll, er, see you
after my next shift, yeah?

Now that I'm looking "all right".

I know what you're up to.

He's better than
the rest of your medicine.

What, so you did send him up?

Like he needed persuading.
I mean, the boy clearly fancies you.

Yeah, and anything else that moves.
Maybe this is different.

Very much doubt it.

Right, where do you fancy going? Do
you want to go down the river again?

Down Limehouse? Or we can go Epping?
Jump on the dual carriageway,

I want to see if Zack's taught you
any bad habits.

Dad... Come on, jump in.
What's the matter with you?

Do you know what? We ain't got to
go on the dual carriageway. OK?

We'll stay here...

..just do a bit of reverse parking.


I weren't humming!
You was humming.

Bit higher.
Can you concentrate?

Look, I'm just saying,
you've got a good voice.

She's got a good voice, ain't she,
Kath? Yes.

He's coming! He's coming!
He's coming! Quick, hide!

Where do I hide? Under the table.
How can I fit under the table?

Just stick a lampshade on your head,
hide in the corner. Shush!

ALL: Surprise!


I brought a present.

Happy Birthday.


It was just going to be one lesson.
Me and Zack.

Did he try it on with you?

All of you,
you're always talking quietly,

and no-one would tell me
what's going on.

You asked him
to take me out for a drive.

We were just going to go
to this pub.

So this is the night you got
the hump and you stormed off?
The night Nancy got hit?

I didn't storm off.

She was running.

She came out of nowhere.

I only looked away for a second
because I was looking at Zack.

I didn't know what to do. I mean,

I checked that she was still

You could've killed her.
I didn't know what I'd hit!

You could've killed your sister!

I just didn't think you'd
feel like, you know...

Well, what did we do before
lasagne, eh?

I suppose people
brought shepherd's pie.

Or whatever you like to cook.

You don't have to keep
doing this, Honey.

Well, it's not just for you,
it's...for the family as well.

Mostly. You know, all of them.

But, you know, if you did want
to have a little...

You know, a small mouthful.

At any point.

You know, when you're ready.

My mum never hugged us.

But what she would do is cook.

I can still hear her.


You could teach me.

Shall I, um, get us some plates?

Needs a bit more salt.

Aw, place looks great.
Couldn't have done it without Rocky.

Hey, come on, Kath,
it's time to strut you stuff.

No, you've got two left feet!
I'll dance with you.

And you've got two right, so between
us, we've got a couple of pairs!

Come on! No, just get me a top up,
will you?

I wish I was at your 18th.

You're making up for it now.

Don't go drinking all that at once.

I-I won't.

I'm joking! Hey, I was 18 once.

Here, crack one open.

I-I don't...

This is Bobby's nan.

You are never his nan.

Oh! He can come again.

This is Rocky.

Harvey. And this must be Grandpa?

Oh, no! You must be
the father of the bride!

Not the bride.

Take no notice of him.

Not yet.

So, are you training
for your next adventure?

That's why you're not drinking?
Dana's told me all about you,

everything you do for charity, the
old people's homes you help out in.

Old people's homes?
He... He's shy about it.

All your great fundraising.
The Three Peaks Challenge.

You wouldn't get me up one mountain
let alone three.


I, uh... Sorry. Uh, kitchen. Yeah.

He's a keeper, this one.

Have you called the police?



You said it yourself.
I could have killed her.

You were both at her bedside.

Why didn't you say anything
if it was an accident?

Because I already felt left out.
By all of you.

All this whispering away.
You knew I couldn't hear you.

That wasn't about you.

Why did you run?

He drunk more than he should've.

He said that we should run.


He only said it to protect me.

But I was so scared,

I didn't want to lose the only
family that I've got.

She's never going to talk to me,
is she?

She's your sister.

It won't take me long.

I will pack my bag.
And where you going to go?

I'm a liar. Just like my mum.

I do something bad,
and I cover it up.

No. You've told me.

And you didn't have to.

But that's because I only
couldn't face driving.

You lied to me and that was wrong.

But you've told me now.
That's all that matters.

You're my daughter as well.

And you're nothing like your mum.

We could go and get your brothers?
Get Raymond, have a kickabout.

I don't play with kids.


Look, this ain't just my problem.

Ben set up that meeting. If...

If this geezer reports it, then I...

Just... Just keep your heads down.

If this geezer starts mouthing off
then... Then we'll talk again.

Thank you.

Kick it back then!

I, uh, better get a couple
more miles in.

You heard the boy.

Come on, five minutes, yeah?

He can't stop talking about you.

Though it might just be an excuse
to chat up your nan.

All I wanted
was just a girl that gets me.

I honestly didn't know
he was coming.

You know, I've always been the kid
that people talk about.

Even when I met you, I thought
I had to hide...what I'd done.

My time inside.
I know how it looks...

But when I'm with you, it just
feels like I can be myself.

I just wanted him to see you
the way that I see you.

This... This amazing,
kind, sweet, caring guy.

He's going to find out
at some point.

And by then he'll know you...
Are you ashamed of me?


I had to do my rituals
when I came in here.

I haven't done that in months.

Lying to your dad... You didn't mind
lying to get me to sleep with you.


And I said to myself,
I'd never lie again.

He's never even let me
have a boyfriend before.

I just want him on our side.

Us to have a chance.

Well, all my own dad could manage
was sending a card

he ordered online so...

You know, I still can't believe you
did all this for me.

It's been fun,
planning with your nan.

Yeah! Bet you couldn't keep her
away. She loves you.

We all...

I really, really like you,
Bobby Beale.

What even is Three Peaks anyway?

Will you come with me
when I tell her?

Nancy doesn't need to know.

What's the point in telling her?
It was an accident.

You know, you feel bad about it.

But you always said no secrets.

You've only just found her.
She's had enough to deal with.

The divorce, the sterilisation.
I've got Linda up the duff...

Let's just, um... Let's keep it
between you and me, all right?

Thank you.

You know when I said that
I was feeling left out?

Because of all the whispering...

Sit down.

You should never,
ever feel left out.

I should've told you this
from the off.

Linda's baby.

It's Max's.

And you're OK with it?

Max doesn't know.

It's just you, me, Nancy and Linda.

That's why we had to keep it
double-double low.

Because when you told me
Linda was pregnant, I thought

that's what all the whispering was
about. But then it didn't stop.

I'm going to be its dad.

Just like I'm yours.

So...you and Zack, are you...?

We're just friends. Good.
Cos you can do better.

Are you not going to be angry
with him or...?

You're not going to say anything,
right? Please.

I don't want him
to worm his way into our family,

but his pretty little boat
is safe for now.

Come on.

Ah. Twice in one day.

Actually just checking
that my legs still work.

Just to be clear, right,

if you think that, like, coming
round there and being all nice to me

is going to get me into bed... Who
says I want to get you into bed?

You've just got out of it!

Why? Do you want me
to get you into bed?

Do I look like I want to
catch something?

Cos I'd be persuadable.

You blatantly think
cos I just got divorced...

Wait. Marriage has never stopped me.

You are so far from being my type.

Come on. It scratches an itch.

I don't even really know
why we're mates.

Probably cos you've been so rude
to everyone else. Oh, whoa.

Nance, you all right? I think it's
just a bit too much movement.

Sit down. Yeah, I don't need
your permission.

Just another girl that goes
weak at the knees for me.

I swear, one day, even your ego
is going to dump you.

It's so funny to think that
you lived here. I know.

He was a dentist.

Horrible little man, actually.

So if you find a job lot of floss
underneath your kitchen sink...


..help yourself.

Oh. Sorry, is this a staff meeting?

Listen I, uh...
I'd better get going.

Ashneet, get Honey some more chai.

No, really.
My kids will be hungry.

Thank you. Again.

Honey. I, erm...

I'm not used to kindness.

It's just lasagne.

I wouldn't have got through
yesterday without you.

Well, that's what friends are for.
See you.

Has anyone seen my mum?

Have you got something to say?

No, look, I think it's lovely.

Just you've always said that you
should keep staff at arm's length.

Well, it's never too late to change.

Lasagne. Needs a bit more salt.

So, uh, Dana tells me you're doing
another charity walk?

Uh, yeah. Next week.

Um, Black Forest. Uh, New Forest.

Dust my boots off.

Not that they're dusty.
Didn't I say he's brilliant?

Well, pop me down
for a pound a mile.

That's very kind of you but...
And if you do all 50... 50.

..guess I'll have to have
a whip round.


Hey, hey, we'll follow you.

You don't need lead vocals.
Whit, come on!

# Happy birthday to you... #

What did I say?

ALL: # ..Happy birthday to you

# Happy birthday dear Bobby

# Happy birthday to you! #


I'll, uh...

I'll have two sugars.

You know, you and me?
You're like that queen

who stood on the beach
and tried to stop the tide.

OK. Right, number one -
it was a king, it weren't a queen.

So you needed to try
harder in history.

Two - if you think
comparing me to an outdated,

archaic institution like the
monarchy is going to impress me,

then you'd do better off
trying it on with my mum.

And three?

Who said I'm trying
to stop the tide?