EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6310 - Episode #1.6310 - full transcript

Callum asks Phil for help with Ben.

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Didn't have to be today.
Cash flow's cash flow.

Yes, but it's
your brother's funeral.

Mate, any other day I'd help pay
your little friend Simon a visit.

Yeah, I know.
Out of jail 25 years early,

and some people don't even get to
walk out of there at all.

Yeah, well, midday today...

..he's going to know how it feels.

Ain't you got the message?

It's about Ben.

I've got enough on me plate -
the cab business,

Raymond living with that nutcase

One of the geezers that killed Paul,
he's out of prison.

He had his conviction reduced,
and I got his number,

but now Ben's tracked him down.

He was going to find him anyway,
all right?

I just thought, if me
and him did it together, then...

So you got him into this mess and
you want me to get you out of it?

Not me, Phil.

Him. He ain't listening.

He don't listen to me neither.

Yeah, but you're the only one
who can get through to him.

If you can't talk him out of it,
then go with him.

What, so we all get nicked?

Just stop him doing
something stupid, Phil.

You're the one who lit the fuse,
ain't you?

Maybe it'll show him that you care.


Show him you think his life's
not worth just throwing away.

The person we love most
is about to do something stupid,

and you're just going to
stand there?


What is it?
"For better, or for worse"?

He's your husband. You sort it out.

My mum was going to find out
at some point.

And when Bernie was ready...

She would have told her,
like you would've told me?

We are married, yeah?

We shouldn't have any secrets.

I should probably get off
to that photo shoot.

I don't want to mess that up
as well.

I can't believe
I thought you was the one pregnant.

Would you have wanted it?

You, me, and a little baby?

Your looks, my brains.

Anyway, we need to get you home
with that award first.

I'm just happy to
be in the final three.

Yeah, and that is all your family
will be talking about.

No, I don't think Bernie's going to
forgive me that quickly.

They would have made up by now.

You reckon?

Yes. Bernie will be sat there,
feet up,

asking everyone to run her baths,

and Karen will probably be sitting
there knitting booties or something.

It's all right,
I'll blow the smoke the other way.

I've got work.

You ain't even never had your ears
pierced without talking to me first.

I know what I'm doing, Mum.

This ain't about baking biscuits,
handing 'em out to the neighbours.

When you want to talk properly...

You're using your own eggs.
Half that kid is going to be you.

My dad had me and walked away.

Ain't even like they're
the other end of the country.

You're going to see that kid
growing up, every single day.

You didn't mind when I paid
your bills, though, did you?

That's why I'm doing this,
cos we ain't got no money.

Oh, right, so it's my fault now?

And they ain't got no baby.


They'll be good parents.

I just wanted to help,
give them that chance.

I just wanted to make you all happy.

And you do.

You always have.

Look, whatever happens,
I'm your mum.

Life goes on.

It's just so wrong.

When we're all ready.

Kheerat's right. This is so...

Dho mint Giani.

Mum, what time is dad getting here?

He's not.

They wouldn't let him out.

Not even for his own son's funeral?


No, I can't do this.


KAT: Bit more time in prison.

Ben'll love it.
He ain't been for a while.

You ain't funny.

Do I look like I'm laughing?

This is just your pride.

When Paul was...

When Paul was killed...

..I just didn't know what to do.

So Callum ain't the only one
to make bad choices.

Didn't even go to court.

Well, here you go.
This is your chance.

Go and see Ben in the dock.

At least you'll have
made your point.

My boy, you know, he...

He needed me.

Your boy, he needs you now.






Kheerat. Go get Kheerat.



Lola. Please, I just want to check
he's all right.

He doesn't want to see you.

He just needs some time and space.

I know that, but...
It's his right.

I can't let you.

Please. Just ask him for five

That's not how it works.

I won't even say anything.

If he changes his mind...

I really am sorry.


You seen my brother?
Which one?

What's happened?

He's just walked out, and now he's
not answering his phone,

and Mum's broken, and Vinny
can't get through to her...

It's OK.
It's not OK!

He probably just needed some space.

It's Mum. I've never seen her
like this before.

I don't know what to do.

You're the one who got the number.
Not for this, Ben!

So what did you think
was going to happen, eh?

I was going to exchange
knitting patterns?

It was supposed to be different!

It was me and you, in it together.

Yeah? Well, who broke that first?
Ben, no.

No! You're not sleeping as it is
because of Jags,

and Jags weren't your fault.
This is not about Jags!

So what do you think
this is going to do to you?

BREATHLESSLY: All we was doing
was holding hands.

Then kicking Simon's head in
is not going to change anything.

I loved him, and they...took him

I know.

I know that probably
ain't easy for you to hear.

Ben, I know how much you loved him.

Part of that is what made you
who you are today.

Being with me, it doesn't mean that
none of that ever happened.

Is that why you want to go it alone?
You think I've got a problem...

This ain't about you!

Everything that is about you
is about me too.

So if you're going, Ben,
I am coming with you.

It's not your fight!

No, it's mine.


I can't.
You have to.

When Dad went to prison,
it was my job to protect you.

To protect all of you.

And I've let him down.

I've let all of you down.

This isn't your fault.

Ash, I didn't stop Mum from
forcing Jags to take the rap

to protect the family.

And this family couldn't
protect him.


Mum needs you.

Kheerat, I need you. Just come home.

I'm sorry.

There's somewhere I have to be.

You are stronger than you think,

I'm a bad person.

You're hurting.

And you're angry.

That will stop. But today...

Today, you've got to put
those feelings away...

..because you need to do this.

I can't.

You need to do this
for your children, Suki.

For the ones that are here...

..and for the one who isn't. And...

..you need to do this for you.

You need to do this right.


What was you even thinking?

Look Ben, would you just
listen to him?

You found your way in,
now find your way out.

So you've got something to say
to that man?

Well, I've got something to say
to him and all.

He took someone away from you
that you cared for.


He took someone away from you
that you loved.

And whatever it is you need to do...

..someone that you love now
don't want you doing it on your own.

Now, you and Paul, you...

You loved that boy.

And I look at you now,

and I don't agree with
all the choices you make,

but I look at the man you've become,
Ben, and I'm proud.

Do you...?

Do you think that Paul would be?

Of course.

You've grown up, Ben.

You're a good dad.
You've got a business.

I just don't want to let him down.
You ain't.

You ain't.

And if I just...

If I just let this man walk away...

You need to do this, yeah?

You need to do this, then we do it.

The three of us.

But that ain't proving anything
to Paul,

and it won't impress me neither.

Because the life you're living now,

it's the life that that scum
never managed to stop you living.

Thank you.



It's over.

Simon Atmore?

Didn't even know
if the suit would still fit.

You ain't probation, are you?

One kid ran away cos we were skint,
the other got knocked up.

The only thing I've ever been
proud of is being a good mum.

I've made such a mess.

Kaz, you are a good mum.

And we've brought up...

You've brought up some pretty
special, loving, caring kids.

Which is why it's such a bad idea.
There's no point now asking if...

You wasn't there
when she had her miscarriage.

I know, but...
That girl was in a state.

Her little heart was broken.

Now she thinks she can just have one
and just give it away.

People who become surrogates,
it's a special kind of person.

I couldn't do it now,
and I've had six of me own.

Carrying it for nine months,
going through the whole birth,

and then having this tiny little
person in your arms -

it'll rip her apart.

And we'll be here.

If it rips her apart,
we'll put her back together again.

Excuse me. Lola!

Please tell him... He's still got
a long way to go, and...

..that mango has no place
in a burger,

and that posh mayo
is about as posh as I am,

and I've never been one for lettuce
that thinks it's a ra-ra skirt,

and it still freaks me out that
beetroot turns your pee pink.

Last time we went out,
he ordered ten burgers.

Even if half of them was filled
with gherkins, but let's face it,

I mean, they're just cucumbers
that haven't grown up, right?

This is his favourite.
I know he's got a long way to go,

but please, please
will you give it to him for me?

I wish all my patients
had someone like you.

You tell him I will bring a burger
every single day until he sees me.


The other cars are outside now.

And your brother?


I could try and go and...


I can't believe he actually came.

If that's him now with his chips...

Mm. That is good.

How does that guy walk out of prison
and my brother doesn't?

My dad can't even get released
for one day.

Kheerat...tell me you ain't.

You did what you could for Jags...

..and I pay my debts.

What have you done to him?

He got what he deserves.

You told him?
Not to do this!

This is exactly, Ben, exactly what
I didn't want to happen!

You said you wanted him to know
how it feels. Don't.

And what if he tells the police?
He doesn't know me from anyone.

They are going to find out
who made that phone call!

And who's the one who broke all
the rules to get his number

to get him there, eh?

If you don't go down for this,
then I will!