EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6307 - Episode #1.6307 - full transcript

Gray's boss Laura warns Chelsea to steer clear of him. Will she listen ?

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How's Isaac doing?

We're still waiting to
hear from the hospital.

Your lot are still with him!

Look, I can drive you there,
if you want to go in?

I'm not ready.

I can wait.

Tell me why -
why did they Taser him?!

And he was no danger at all
to anybody! I know, all right?

The officers, they panicked.

The officer in question,
he's had a good talking to.

He was vulnerable
and they attacked him!

I mean, if Isaac had looked
like you,

this story would have had
a completely different ending!

60 years in this blasted country

and nothing, nothing at all
has changed, man!

If you want to help,
you put in a good word

and bring my son back today.

Look, I'll do my best.


Well, your best better be good
enough, you hear me?

No, wait! Wait!

I'm coming with you.

All this for a few poxy
stolen goods?

It's just while you're on bail.

Anyway, it didn't help that you
didn't read the file I asked you to.

Er, that judge had it in for me.
Look at it!

It doesn't even match!

What is the dress code for later?


Birthday drinks?
If I was turning 40,

I'd want to drown my sorrows too.

I thought you said you
didn't want to go?

Well, that was before
I got this beauty attached.

I can't go far with this on,
so Ruby's will have to do.

No, you'll be bored to tears -
just a bunch of suits talking shop.

I can't stay out late anyway,
cos of my curfew.

Honestly, I'd love
you to come, but...

With the right outfit,
nobody will be looking at my ankle.

I'm just going to show my face.
I'll be back before you know it.

Another day at the office.

Or not.

I don't understand - Suki's normally
up at dawn's crack.

It's Jags' funeral coming up, innit?
Maybe she took the day off.

No, she would have said.

Hi, sorry, there's been
a family bereavement

and I don't have my keys,

so would it be possible
to rearrange?

Yeah, sure. Thanks.

Well, seeing as how
you've got the day off,

shall we get breakfast in the caff?
My treat.

I really need to sort this out.
Rain check?

All right. I just hope Suki knows
how lucky she is to have you,

that's all I'm saying.

Actually, Jay, if you want to make
yourself useful,

you could ask Billy
to sign Janet's contract

for the new modelling job next week.

Forms are on the kitchen table.

Consider it done, darling.

Behave yourself. It was you.
Shut up. You came in last night,

I know, I saw you.
Gray! Want to join us?

I'm in a bit of a rush.
I was wondering if the two of you

could have Mack and Mia
this afternoon?

Busy day at the office?

A colleague's birthday.

Taking Chelsea, are you?

No. Actually, I'm going on my own.

That's surprising. You two have
been joined at the hip lately, eh?

We're just worried that it might be
a bit confusing for the kids,

you know, with Chelsea
around so much.

Well, it was you who persuaded me
to move on, wasn't it?

Guilty as charged.

I'll pick them up from school.

Thanks, Karen. They love a bit of
quality time with their nan.

Don't start.
We've already been through this.

You know, every time I look
at them beautiful kids,

I see my baby girl looking
right back at me.

Gray sees them every day. How could
he just forget her like that, hm?

Gray's a good man.

He deserves to move on.

Just had an earful from
the delivery company.

If I'd known Mum wasn't
going to open the shop,

I'd have just done it myself.

It sounds like you've got
a lot on your plate.

How is your mum?

She's, er, still in bed.

I tell you what, why don't I take
care of the shop

and you look after Suki?

You sure you can
manage on your own?

Yeah. I mean, I can always give you
a call if I get into any trouble.

I just need the keys and then
I'll get out of your hair.

Of course. They're just on
the side there.


it's a little well done,
don't you think?

Mum can just scrape off
the burnt bits.

It's a joke!
All right, keep your voice down.

Denise didn't even have the decency
to tell me herself.

I had to find out about it
from Jean.

And Lola, she kept it to herself
and all,

that my granddaughter's spending
time with him.

Why don't we talk about this
at home?

He was waving a broken bottle about!

Isaac didn't hurt anyone.

Why are you taking his side?

It's not about taking sides.

So you think it's safe for my son

to be living under the same
roof as that nutter?

I don't think Denise would do
anything to put Raymond in danger.

Yeah, well, Ritchie's going through
Raymond's custody paperwork today.

Rum and coke. Double.

Cos there's no way I am letting
my son live with that maniac.

Not on my watch.

You know what?

Forget it.


Are the cuffs really necessary?

Until he's been assessed.
It's for his own safety.

It's not long -
the psychiatrist's on her way.

Look, can you give us a minute?


Well, it's good to see you, son.

Hey, man, your mother's
looking forward

to having you home, you know.

She's planning a big cook-up,
all your favourites.

Have...they caught her?

Caught who?


You don't have to worry
about that, man.

I take that as...a no, then.

SOBBING: Why...am I in cuffs
and she's free?

Listen, just try and relax, Isaac.

A-A-All we want to do
is just to get you better.

Don't you understand...Dad?

When I go...

..all of this ends.

I'll be better off...

..with Paul.



What's she doing here?

She's worried about Isaac,
we all are.

I practically forced my way in here.
Please don't blame Denise.

I don't.

Right, well, I'll...

I'll just...
I'll leave you to it, then.

I've been calling.

And I've been busy.

I just want to know
if Isaac's all right.

He's fine.

Are you going to the hospital today?

I don't answer to you.

No, I know.

It's just Denise mentioned
that Patrick was there and...

Has he been sectioned?

None of your business!

If it weren't for you, Isaac
wouldn't be where he is right now.

Now, that's not fair.

That's life.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a son to look after.

Hey, are you all right?
Mind if I join you? Sure.

Funny thing, I got an email
this morning.

A reminder to rebook that little
B&B we stayed at

a year ago with Chantelle.

Must have been tough.

Do you ever think about her?

All the time.

Just feels like
you've forgotten her,

the way you're moving on
with Chelsea so soon.

I could never forget about her.

If Chantelle's taught me one thing,
Gray, it's that...

life is short.

You've got to grab every moment.

You know what they say -
when life gives you ankle tags...

Are you taking me to this
stupid party or what?

Like you said - carpe diem.

Well, go on, then.
Take it before I change my mind.

Business looks good.

Yeah, it is good.

You, er, been for a run?


No, you just look like you've
been doing some exercise.

No, no. I joined that new gym.

Lost track of time, so I had to
skip the shower, you know.

Anyway, I take it you ain't here
to buy something. No.

Honey wanted this signed,
it's Janet's new modelling contract.

You all right there?

Could they have made the writing
any smaller?

Fancy a drink later? No.

I'm busy.

Laura. Gray.

No Whitney?

He's had an upgrade.

Love the outfit. So do I.

It's very nice to meet you.


Enjoy the free bar.

Who was that? My boss.

Is she always that friendly?

That was Laura on her
best behaviour. Ouch.

She's always had it in for me.

I should have been made
partner years ago.

Is the free bar courtesy
of her credit card?

Yeah, why?

You should have been made
partner years ago.

Why don't we drink the bar dry
to make-up for loss of earnings?

Oh, Marie, when you're finished,

you couldn't give me some change,
could you? Yeah, sure. Thanks.

Hey. All right?
You got your keys then?

Yeah. How's Suki?

She's not doing too well, you know.

She was still in bed
when I got there.

She'll be all right.

You know, she just needs time,
but she'll bounce back. Mm.

Vinny's been trying to get
her to eat, bless him,

but he's got two left
feet in the kitchen.

Why don't you pass on some
of your culinary wisdom?

Sounds like he needs it. Yes!

You are a genius.

I can cook for her.

Ooh! Is that what I think it is?

Yep, that's signed and sealed
and ready for the next Kate Moss.

Was Billy civil? Er...

Yeah. I mean, every time I think
we're OK, we go back to square one.

Like, I asked him if he wanted to
come for a drink after work,

he might as well have told me
he was washing his hair.

When people push you away,
it's usually less about you

and more about them.

Keep going. You'll get that pint.

Thanks, Marie.



Argh! Go on!



I'm a good lawyer!

Which is why you're with the firm.

Just let me prove myself, Laura!

Come on. Give me some of the knotty,
complicated stuff.

There's no grand conspiracy to keep
you away from juicy cases, Gray.

Yes, but if you just let me fly...

Look, Gray, it's a birthday party.

You don't strike me as someone

who got invited to many of those
as a child.

Are you making up for lost time?
Sorry to interrupt.

He's all yours.

Worst news ever.

Free bar is over. Let's go home.

This party is dry
and my heels are killing me!

No. We're staying.

But what about my curfew?

I promise I won't let you
turn into a pumpkin.

Sheree, what are you doing here?

He's my son. Wait, wait, wait.

He's being assessed.

It's all right, I've got
everything under control.

You don't have to do this, you know.
I do.

I'm surprised Lola hasn't
come to see him.

She hasn't so much
as picked up the phone.

Why don't you call her? Let her know
how he's doing then, huh?

You must be Isaac's mum and dad.

I know this must be a difficult
time for you both.

Isaac has now been
assessed by the team

and it's been decided
that he should be sectioned. No!

I'm sorry this news
isn't what you'd hoped for.

Not again!

He won't be able to take it!

Please don't see
this as punishment,

we're doing this to protect him.
Protect him?!

We've discussed Isaac's
options with him...


I doubt he knows what day
of the week it is!

Your son will be well
looked after here.

As his nearest relative,
I can apply for a discharge.

It's very unlikely that Isaac
would be approved for discharge

given his current state.
We wouldn't advise it.

Maybe we should listen
to the doctors?

I'm his mother.
I know what's best for my son.


No more.

I thought you were the fun one!

Yes - which is why you should listen
when I say that's enough.

Let's go! The night is still young!
No, you've got work tomorrow.

Come on, one more dance?
No. Come on.

Come on, we're going home.

Oi, oi!


I'm fine!

I'm fine.

Home time.

Oh, Gray.

You can't handle your drink,

let alone complex cases.


You have a pen? I-I need to sign
the discharge letter.

Erm...say this letter works...

Then we bring our boy home
where he belongs.

What then?

They release him in this state...

..what then, huh?

Anyone would think you didn't
want him to come home!

I do, I do, of course!

Not like this.

Not like yesterday.

You've changed your tune.
Has Jack said something?

No, no, this is nothing at all
to do with Jack. Right?

What kind of a mother lets her
son get sectioned? No, no, no...

Stop right there!

Now, listen to me, you have been
a good mother.

Blood, sweat and tears for that boy.
But I promised him...

You were there when I wasn't.

Me, you, the people in there
with the clipboards -

what is the one thing we all want?

For Isaac to be safe.

And right now, this is the only
place where that can happen,

you understand me?

You didn't see him the first time.

It nearly destroyed him.


Y-you weren't there earlier.

The way he was talking.

It was probably the drugs.

He said...

..he wanted to be with Paul.

If we take him home like this...

..and he hurt himself...

..I'm not going to be able
to forgive myself.

Could you?

I'm like a one-woman cloak room.

Thank you for dropping it off.

I assume Gray's in the land of nod?

No thanks to your free bar.

I'm not the enemy, you know?


You should be looking
closer to home.

Whatever issues you have with...

You're not the first and you
certainly won't be the last.

Meaning? Projects.

I think you should leave.

He's a white saviour, my darling.

Looking for poor little girls

he can break down and remodel
in his own image.

I'm my own person. Hm.

I think Chantelle
thought that too.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I'm sick of him
getting away with it.

If you know what's good for you,
you'll run...

..as soon and as far as you can.