EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6305 - Episode #1.6305 - full transcript

A desperate Sheree tries in vain to make Isaac take his medication.

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You only just coming home?

At least something is.
Tough night, eh?

You know, I was seven
when we won the World Cup.

I just hope I'm about long
enough to see us win something else.

I thought with Harry turning up
round here on Friday,

you know, I thought that was a sign,
like it was fate.

We should have brought on
another attacker

and killed them off
when we were at 1-0.

Had to put on Love Island
in the end. I mean, it got too much!

It was too emotional.

And I'm glad that I did,

because to see Saka crying live
on TV would have broken my heart.

It's going to be a long time
till I have spaghetti bolognese

or chicken arrabbiata,
let me tell you.

But don't worry, boys. I mean,
the World Cup's next year, innit?

It will come home, Bob.

Sooner or later.


Kim said you're up for ages.

You need something to eat.


Take them off.


That's better, isn't it?

You just need to sleep

and you need to get back
on your medication.

You know that, don't you?

Don't be scared.

I'm here.

No-one is coming for you.

Anything you're hearing...

..if you can't see it,
it isn't real, is it?

It's not spirits, Isaac.

It's not the Devil.

It's just your mind playing tricks.


..for me?

Take it.

VOICE IN HEAD: Lying bitch.
Take it. Take it.




Oh, you'll cope.

Course you will.

Oh, I ordered you some of them
big bag things online,

you know, to pop over your bandage,
so you can still have a nice shower.

Wow, excellent.

Well, you won't be wanting baths
at the minute anyway, will you?

Not with... Increased chance
that I could have a seizure

in the bath and drown? No!

I mean, the doctor didn't even
said that, did he?

I just think, until things
have settled down a bit,

you know, you go in the bathroom,
you don't lock the door.

Oh, right.

What, you going to come toilet
with me an' all?

I'll you what,
I'll leave you to get settled.

I was meant to meet Sharon
20 minutes ago anyway, so...

It's not your mum's fault.

Yeah, I'm aware of that, thank you.


Your post...

..looks very important.

I think that is probably
an entry form

to my first ever
weight lifting competition,

which was supposed to happen
next month.

You can always step in for Peter's
spin class, if you need motivating?

Tenner says he's a no show again.

Right, girls or cash?
Something's eating you.

Erm, Ruby's cut my shifts.

I'm just a bit strapped is all.

Coffee. I need a large coffee
and a lie down.

That bad, is it?

I swear to you, Nancy has been home
less than half an hour

and she is literally
already killing me.

I mean, I feel sorry for her,
of course I do -

but she is stressing herself out

and that is exactly what's going to
give her more seizures.

I can help...

..if you want.

Pop round, whatever.

Oh, thanks. Brilliant.

I have never snored in my life.

Oh, yeah?
So how come I was up half the night?

Two coffees.

You think hard enough, I reckon
you can answer that for yourself.


Sorry - is Isaac all right?


Well, I've been trying Sheree
since seven

and she ain't texting back.

I've got no idea.

Why don't you go round there,
knock on the door and ask Lola?

I've got a duck down duvet
that needs straightening.


I must admit, Ash, I am getting
pretty fed up of it.

I mean, no disrespect to your
significant other, obviously,

but this is the third class
Peter has missed.

I was only saying to Sharon,

there is going to come a time in the
not too distant

that we are going to
be talking more than just a refund.

Thought this was the one place
I was guaranteed to find him.

All my time is taken up with funeral
arrangements right now,

and...Mum, she's not...easy to deal

But I guess there's nothing Peter
can do anyway, is there?

If it was me,
I'd probably steer clear, too.

Would you?

Look, Ash,
it's none of my business,

but, in my experience,
a man who can't be there for you

during the tough times is not one
you want there at any time.

I read that online.


How many times is that?!

About seven.

Can't you at least text her back?

You know, if don't want to date Ash,

you should have the guts
to tell her.

And of course you're the expert
now, ain't ya, "Rob"?

Yeah, well,
at least I don't fake I like a girl.

No. You just fake being you,
little brother.

Will you stop it?!

What have I told about you
two about bickering?

It's like living with
a pair of five-year-olds!

Me and Ash are sweet. Thank you.

All her time is taken up sorting
out Jags' funeral.

And her...her mum is a nightmare.

And there's nothing
I can actually do, anyway, is there?

You know what? I've just run
out of sad faces to pull.

Shoot me.

What can you do?

That poor girl.

I told you.

He's a tool.

It's complete fantasy, Phil.

It's one hour after school.

That Harry Redknapp has really
turned your head, ain't he?

Where has running up
and down a field ever got anyone?

You are joking, right?

Look, even if Tommy does the trial
and Epsley Town take him,

I've just had parents evening.

He's still behind with his spelling.

Him and Bert are on the same
reading book.

He's got enough on,
managing his dyslexia.

You don't try for it, it's
guaranteed it ain't going to happen.

This could be Tommy's chance,

that's all I'm saying.

He's obviously getting worse.

We all heard him, Pops -
music blasting, talking to himself.

You know I wound up with both kids
sleeping in my bed last night?

And, what, Chelsea just
moves in with Gray?

Isaac ain't really easy, you know?

A lot of people would find this
sort of thing scary.

Yeah, I know.

Look, I don't care what Sheree
thinks of me,

she can't do this on her own.

I hear you.

I offered to help, but she just...

She ain't even answering
the door now.

I think we need to call the nurse.

I think so, too.

And say what?

"Please come section my son?"

Because that is all they can do,
you know?

Listen to me. If Isaac don't
want to take his pills,

then he don't have to take them.

If he don't want to see
a psychiatrist, that is his choice.

The only person who stands
a chance of getting through to him

right now is his mother.

Sheree says she can handle it, OK?

So we let her.

All right?

Do you remember the last time?

Because you didn't think you were
ill then either, did you?

Th-they locked me up!

No. No-one is coming near you now,
I promise.

Sit down.


We made a pact, though, didn't we?

Do you remember?

You said, no matter what,
you would take your medication.

She wouldn't do that.

That's... That's disgusting.


Can you...?

Are the voices talking to you now?

Don't listen to them, Isaac.

He's not listening!
He can't hear you! You're not real!

Baby, you take that tablet...

..and I swear, they'll go away.

I swear.

Darling, please.



Oh... Oh, thank you.
Thank you, Lord.

Oh, thank you, Lord.

Everything, everything, now,
is going to look so much better now.

Yeah... You sleep.

You eat.

I'm going to make you some
hot chocolate.

And all this rubbish about Ruby...

Martin would never
let the children

be with anybody dangerous, now,
would he?

I'm going to get your bed ready,

The children...

So, strip poker's a definite no,
then? Cos I'm an expert.

Come on, it'd take your mind off.

You're such a tart.

All right.

No jigsaw, no learning Mandarin,
Game of Thrones all done.

Only one thing for it, Nance.

Come on. The entry form.
Let's get back into training, yeah?


What exactly are you
planning on doing, Zack?

Walking me round the block?

Have a look.

I am...

I'm a 27-year-old divorcee
with uncontrolled seizures

living with my parents.

It don't look like I'm doing
any weight lifting, does it?

Thank you, but please just leave it.

All right, cool.

I know! Parents evening
is such a nightmare.

I couldn't get away. Tell me.

So, I said to Ms Colshaw,

"I can't take credit

"if Pearl is reading four years
ahead of her age."

I mean, she's pretty much
taught herself.

Then Ms Colshaw said to me, "Well,
you know, it is quite rare, Ms Fox,

"that a girl is linguiscally...or
linguis...linguine gifted,

"is also a natural at numbers."

Ms Colshaw said that?

As good as. But she's six.

That's what I said.

She's still a little girl.

She's only in year one.

Whatever je ne sais quoi
she might have...

Je what?!

Oh, Pearl's learning French on
a Friday, yeah, something to do.

So, I said to her, "Mrs Colshaw,

"respecting your opinion
as an experienced headmistress,

"I'm sure that Greta wotsit must
have played with a couple of dolls

"before she decided to save
the planet, do me a favour."

Merci beaucoup, Marie,
keep the change.

"At this age," I said, "please
let my talented, gifted child

"just be a kid," you know?

I mean, playing is the most
important thing right now, innit?

Yeah. Exactly! I'll see you later,
yeah? Yeah, see you later. Marie!

All right, all right! Shh, shh, shh.

I told you,

both of you, if you have a grass

you shake it off before you
come inside.

Yes, well, it is in my jumper -

and Arthur put it down his pants.

Well, Arthur better get it
out his pants,

or you'll be stood on the doorstep
all lunchtime.

Come on, Hope.



Look what I've got.

Are you all right, Mr Baptiste?



You need to leave.

You buy sweets.

Go for a picnic in the park.

When the clock says it's time
to go back to school,

you go back to school.
I'll meet you at school.

All right.

You don't come back here.

You... You wait.

You understand? Yeah.

I forgot the other one!
Lily, Lily...


She still in there with Ruby?


Come on.


I know. I know you want me to go.

But you have to eat - even if you're
wallowing, not walking.

I am not wallowing.

And moaning takes carbs,
a bit of protein.

You know what they say is
the very best medicine?

Why are you hid round the door?

They say laughter
is the best medicine.

Naked butler at your service.

Oh! Ooh...


My eyes!


It's probably over the top.

No, no, I think they're lovely.

I've had too long to look.

Still got the investigation
to come yet.

Prison took so long
to release Jags' body,

it'll be nearly a month
by the time we get to the funeral.

Yeah, Peter said you've
been caught up.

Yeah, well, that's what he's saying.

Kathy, am I...am I being an idiot?

I knew it.

Peter's ignoring me, isn't he?

Me again.

Yes, I get that,

but how long does it to take
to access a system?

Paul's murderer is out.

You promised me that you were going
to get me that number, Callum.

What the hell are you doing?

What's happening? Are you trying to
break into my house again?

Come home. Where are the kids?

You stay away. You keep away!

Oi, oi, oi! Martin, I don't know
where the kids are.

They were just here
but they've gone!


Hope is in the house.

Do you know where my kids are?

I thought we were trying
to avoid her?

You ain't the only one who
feels like hell, Frankie.

You've seen the state of her -
we did that.

I know that.

Thank you so much.

Whatever you did,
it certainly cheered Nancy up.

And you used up all my beansprouts.

Yeah! Zack...

Um, Sharon said you need
some extra work?

Well, we've got some shifts going in
the kitchen, if you're interested.

Yeah, sounds good to me.


You're a liar, Peter! What?
A weak, pathetic, selfish liar!

I am not some girl you get to just
sleep around with.

What have I done?

Nothing! Literally nothing!

And I don't need your nan
telling me how it is, either.

I've not even
cremated my brother yet!

What happened? Did my tears
get in the way of the telly?

Ash, I was giving you space!
You've had a lot on.

Space?! I didn't need space!
I needed you!

Ash, I... No.

Save your lazy excuses.

You've blown it.

Lily, you need to call me back
when you get this.

You can't talk for him, Sheree.

They are her responsibility.

He has no idea
where your children are.

No? He hasn't said that,
though, has he? OK. Calm it down.

We'll take him home
and find out the truth, all right?

Isaac, look at me. You're all right.

You're OK. Look, I'm sorry, Patrick.

I need to know where my kids are.
I'm going to call the police.



It's OK. Enough! Isaac...

Hey! Enough, enough! Isaac... Isaac!





Son, son, I'm here now.



I ain't going anywhere.

Just take your time, son. Enough!


Nothing at all is going to hurt you.