EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6304 - Episode #1.6304 - full transcript

Harry Redknapp surprises the residents of Albert Square by turning up in Walford.

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You still feeling rough?

Just tired. Got woken up by your nan
again, arguing with Nick Ferrari.

Ben, just text him.

What, after yesterday?

So, you'd had a few drinks.
Just apologise.

All right. Well, at least the Euros
later will be a laugh.

Cal, when are you going to get it
into your head

that I just am never
going to like football. Never?

Come on.

All right. Thanks for nothing.

Ritchie's busy.

I'm sure that when she's done she'll
be straight on Raymond's case.

Another day waiting is
another day without him.

Ben, say something.

Go on.


I'm sorry about yesterday.
I was drunk, I was out of order.

If you're after a solicitor,
I know this guy through Kheerat.

I could get the number,

he could maybe help you out today.
I don't need your help.

I'm going to try Gray.

At least you tried.

ROCKY: He will tell you about
the time I beat Peter Crouch...

Dana! ..in a keepie-uppie

You're mates with Peter Crouch AND
Harry Redknapp now, are ya?

I thought you were going to

give the name-dropping a rest.
You're busy. No. No, it's fine.

Table for two, please.

Two seconds.

This was a bad idea.

Wait. Dana, just, please.

We could, uh...

Uh, we can find our own table,
can't we?

Get hold o' that!

Oh, no, don't worry.
We'll do all the hard work.

I'm just testing it out for later.

I just wanted to let you know

there's a potential lead on Nancy's

Yeah, they found some
footage on the security cameras.

Can they see what happened?
They're still looking at it now.

But the team's doing everything
they can to find out who did it.

Cheers, Jack. Best keep it from
Nancy for now, you know?

Till we know more. Yeah, there's
going to be an update today.

I've got to go and deal with
a couple of nightmare tenants,

but I'll keep you posted, yeah?

All right. See you later, mate.
See ya.

You should've asked him
if he'd heard from Max.

He'd have told us if he'd heard.

Let's just enjoy the Euros.
We'll worry about that later.


Now...do you, uh...fancy
a little turn out?

Oh, I can't.

I've got to go and give Barry
a trim.

Gray says he can't help.
It's not his area.

What you doing? Just cleaning
Tommy's football boots.

He wants to wear them to
the Euros thing later.

He says they're lucky.

Denise is going to get her way,
isn't she?

She's going to stop me
from seeing my son.


Right, what's the plan?

You're not just giving up.
What am I supposed to do?

Keep looking until you find someone.

I can't go with any old solicitor.

What I've done up till now has not
been exactly 100% legit, has it?

What about Ben?
What about him?

He's offering you Kheerat's
solicitor... No.

You're going to risk a shot of
getting Raymond just to spite Ben?

Phone him.

Meet him in the Vic for a drink.

I'm going to put these
in the airing cupboard.

So, I said to the hospital,

I said, "No, I'm not covering
another shift."

Stop spying.

All right, you know me -
love a bit of romance.

How's he doing?

Well, I can't tell yet.

I-I'm so sorry.
You said.

In the 27 texts.

Look, your brother came to see me
and said you were a mess.

I only came here to see
if you were OK.

Uh... S-So you do care about me?

No. I just...

I wanted to...

Look, whatever.
You seem fine now.

I'm not. OK? I miss you.

Don't you miss me too?

I don't even know you.

You do know me.

I'm Bobby...that has our stupid
sense of humour,

that...that reads the same books
as you,

that wanted to do the 24-hour
Hayao Miyazaki marathon.

Can we just start again, as friends?

But you need to tell me
who you really are.

Yeah, yeah, OK.

Uh... I'm-I'm Bobby Beale.

I live at 45 Albert Square,
with my nan and my brother.

Um, I'm a Minecraft nerd.


My best friends are Imran
and Iqra,

though I don't see Imran as much
now, he goes to the mosque less.

And I was trying to tell
you the other day that

I'm Muslim.

I wanted to be honest
with you, about everything.

Yeah, I should go and check on them.

Ready to order?

Yes, please, I would like
the market burger.

Ooh, that is not a good sign.

Are you going to go after her?

Go on. Go!



What is it? What did I say?

I was just... I'm not the sort of
person that lies, you know.

I just didn't think anyone would
want me the way I am.

Bobby... No. Wait. Just... Please,
just hear me out.

Until I met you,
I could...barely even talk to girls.

I liked this girl once
and thought she liked me back.

But, um...

..well, she actually just liked
my brother.

So, that's why I thought
I had to be confident and cool,

because I thought there was no way
an awkward nerd like me

had any chance with someone
like you.

But then,
the best times that we had together,

where I laughed the most
or where we spent hours

talking about stupid stuff...

..in those moments,
I was just Bobby.

And I...I want you to get to know

I want you to see that everything
I said about how I feel about you,

it's all true.

I really, really like you, Dana.

I wasn't leaving.

My dad phoned.


What you just said was
really cheesy.

And you're right,
you are an awkward nerd.


..I'm into it.

Best get the drinks in, then.

All right, well, I'll get
the number off Kheerat, yeah?

Listen, I'll be at the Vic
later for the Euros,

so you can get me a pint in, eh?


Yeah, all right, I'll see you later.

Cheers for that, Marie.

All right, darling.


Hello, Pam.



Oh, exactly what I needed.

Mum is doing my head in.

Phil's asked me to help him
with his custody case.

Oh, seriously?
Don't worry, I said no.

Thank God.

I cannot deal with that on top
of Isaac literally going mad.

Look, no offence. Obviously,
I feel sorry for him

but I'm just much more suited

bubbles than troubles.


Living with all those people,
kids running wild...

You've got that beautiful house.

You don't have to share a bathroom
or sleep in a single bed.

I can help you out.

I was thinking we could go
and watch the Euros at the Vic.

Keep you distracted from
all that for a few more hours.

I'll have a white coffee, please,

Ah, no, scratch that.
I'm going to have a tea.

No, do you know what?
I'm going to do the coffee.

What's a bit of caffeine anyway? Eh?

Yeah, well, Amy's looking
forward to seeing her too.

Yeah. All right, bye.

All right, Max has had his month,
time's up.

What do you want me to do about it?

That was him,
on the phone just now, weren't it?

Where is he, Jack?
He's in Croatia, isn't he?

Did he say anything about Abi?

He's bringing her back.


Rainie's going to be over the moon.

When? Soon.

Soon? When's soon? A week, a month?
He didn't say.

And we're just supposed to
take his word for it, are we?

No chance. I'm not risking Abi's
safety any more.

I'm calling the police.

Stuart, look, I know this is not
the answer either of us wanted,

but Max made it very clear,
if the police

or anyone else come looking,
you're not going to see her again.

Abi's safe, he'd never hurt her.


I thought we were meeting
back at the Vic.

Look, I know a shirt
is a little bit much,

but...will you at least wear this?

Has something happened with your

Pam just called.

One of the blokes who murdered Paul,

he's, um...


..he's appealed his conviction.

He's been released.

CROWD: Three, two, one!


You all right, Bill?

You put any bets on?

Here, I heard Harry Redknapp's
making an appearance.

Really? Yeah.

Mate of Rocky's.
Isn't he, Rock?

Yeah, we met back
when I used to live in Poplar.

Yeah, course you did.

Prefer Pardew meself.

Got us to the cup final.
Well, that's all right.

You can tell him that to his face
when he gets here. Can't he, Rock?

Where's Bobby? He said
he was going to be coming along.

Well, you know, busy...

..with a young lady friend.

Oh, what, Dana?

Yeah. Things got a little tense
between them,

so I gave them a little nudge
in the right direction.

You ain't been matchmaking again,
have you?

All in a day's work.

He's playing it down, Kath.
You should have seen him in action.

Well, what can I say?
He's a good lad.

No doubt down to you.

Oh, thank you.

So, Harry's a no-show, then?

That's a good point.

He should be here by now.

You're making a right idiot
of yourself, you know that?

Well, everybody's laughing at you.

I mean, out of all the people
to pretend you know,

why Harry Redknapp?

What are you talking about?

I mean, don't get me wrong,
I'd love to have a pint with him.

I mean, the bloke's a legend,
isn't he? Son...

If he turns up in Albert Square,
the drinks are on me.


Rocky! Long time, no see!

Ha-ha! Harry!

Hang on.

Same again, Son.


How's Sandra?

She's great. How are you?

How did they think one book
needed to be three movies?

I actually think The Hobbit films
were the superior trilogy.

You're joking, right?


Sorry, am I boring you?

Oh. No, no, of course not.

I-I'm waiting on something.

Have you got it?
Nice to see you too.

Where did you get this?

You dropped it last time I saw you

and I know it was your mum's,
so I kept it safe.

Thank you.

I'll, uh...I'll leave you guys
to it.

MUSIC: Vindaloo
by Fat Les


VOICEMAIL: This is Ben.

Leave a message after the tone.

You've, uh... You've made your
point. Thanks for nothing.

Got downgraded, apparently,
from murder to manslaughter.

He beat him to death.
How is that...?

How is that not murder?

I keep remembering that night.

And now he's free to live his life,

and that is the thing
he took from Paul.

You see, I should've dealt with this
at the time, but everyone told me,

everyone told me just to let
the police

do their job, that we
will get justice.

But this...!

This isn't justice, is it?


It's not even been five years.

It's not even been five years
and now he's out

and he's got his whole
life ahead of him.

This is karma.

It's payback, isn't it? This is
payback for what I did to Jags.

No, no, Ben. Of course it ain't.

No. Where are you going?

I know someone who can help me
track down Simon.

I'm not letting you leave.

I can't do nothing! All right?
Not while he's out there.

OK? Now move, Callum! We both know
which one of us is stronger here.

Is that a threat?

I am not letting you
leave like this.

I know what you're capable of.

What are you going to do? Nick me?

If I have to.

Back to the madhouse for me!

Pun intended.

I swear I'm losing
SO MUCH beauty sleep.

Well, it doesn't look that way from
where I'm standing.

I'll walk you home.

You'll need me
to help carry your stuff.


Stay at mine for a while?

I'll pack something special to wear
to say thank you

to the best boyfriend ever.

He's just given her his keys.

I've told you. Leave him be.

It was going to happen someday.

He deserves a bit of happiness.

Him and the kids.



Ugh. Mother Nature messed up.

No-one should be this pregnant
in the middle of summer.

What's that for?

What's the matter with you?
Ain't you heard?

We've got royalty in our presence.
Who? Kate and Will?!

No, Harry. Oh, my God!
Prince Harry?!


You said royalty!

Well, he's my Princess Di, ain't he?

I mean, you've got your one,
I've got mine. And that's what...

Hello, guv'nor.
Can I have a pint, please?

Coming right up.
Lovely, thank you.

What a treat!

Mick Carter, landlord.

Hello, Mick. Nice to see ya.

You couldn't,
uh, just whack the old...

..the old moniker on there,
could ya?

No problem, Mick.
Yeah, of course, pleasure.

Lovely. I've been Hammers since
birth, me. Brilliant.

You're up there as one of

the greatest West Ham managers
of all time.

Well, that's nice of you, Mick.
Even though you managed Spurs.


Yeah, well...

Which really hurt. But,
you know, listen, you got us into

the Europa League, and that was one
of the greatest moments of my life.

Good days. Good days, they were,

Nice pub you've got here, innit?

Cheers. Nice boozer. Yeah.

Cor, and you've got a picture
of the guv'nor on the wall.

Bobby Moore. That is fantastic.
No-one in the world like him, mate.

Bobby Moore, what a man he was.

Here we go. He was the greatest.
Cheers, thank you.

That's on the house.
Oh, that's nice.

That's my lovely wife, Linda.

Linda, cheers.
I am a massive fan.

Oh, brilliant, Linda. Thank you.

Lovely. Cheers, Mick.

Harry, there's always
a pint in here, on us, for you.

That's nice of ya. Good.
Thank you very much. Cheers.

Come back. Sure.

I mean, you're welcome back here.
Oh, right. Yeah, yeah.

Whenever you want.
No problem. No problem.

Bring Sandra.
I will next time, she'll love it.

Yeah. Mind how you go.

Ta-ra. I will do.

What was that?

I don't know.

Thanks for that.
You're very welcome, mate.


You all right, mate? Got it?

Yeah, lovely, thanks, cheers.

I thought you was called Rocky
because you lost a fight once.

Look, I'm sure I told you
I was an extra in the film.

Yeah. He's told everyone else.

I'm going to shoot off
after this one.

Taking Sandra up west tonight.
We're staying at the Savoy.

Ooh, lovely.

'Ere, Rocky's just been telling me
how he got his nickname.

It was only Rocky III.

The only thing we could see
was the back of his head!

You said you spent eight hours
in hair and make-up.

I did. I had to have a spray tan,
full body wax - took ages.

Listen, Rocky, I'm pleased you're
in a good place, though, mate.

That's the main thing. Eh?
Shut up, shut up.

Listen, count yourself lucky that

a nice girl like Sonia
puts up with you.

Thanks, Harry. She's a good sort.

You've got your hidden charms
as well.

Sheree, tell Isaac
to get up here now.

Harry Redknapp's in the garden.

He's not been very well.

I'll tell him you were asking
after him.



MUSIC: The Seed
by Aurora



Come on!


Anything? Nothing.

I'll keep trying to find out
whatever I can. Thanks.

Jack. I've got a message
for that brother of yours.

We've called off the PI and we're
going to play by the rules.

But if he don't bring my Abi
here back safe,

then all bets are off!

Do you understand?

What's that about?

Max has been in touch.

Yeah, he knows he's got to
get his head together.

He can't keep Abi forever,
so...he'll be back.

He's probably just caught up
in something else.

No, no, he's making a point,
he's trying to show me up.

Good skills, son!


Make a habit of talking
to kids in the street, do ya?


That's Harry Redknapp,
the football manager.

Sorry, mate.
Um...I'm a big fan.

You, uh... You really think
he's got good skills, yeah?

With the right training,
he's got a real chance.

Hey, over here.
Come on, come on.

Reckon you can keep up?

You can glare at me all you want.
You ain't leaving.

Every time you go off in a state,

you're either getting caught up with
dodgy people,

in hospital or arrested.

So, what do I do?!


See, it's very easy for
you to say that, Cal. No.

All right?

You let me help you instead.


You want to confront this geezer,
yeah? Yeah.

So that's what we do.

We're going to find him, tell him
what you need to. Get it all out.

Everything that you need
him to hear,

and then we're going to walk away,

No baseball bats,
no blokes that you met in prison...

I don't even know where he is.

Well, I can access the case file.

I can find out where he lives.

I can at least get a phone number or

You'd lose your job.
You'd get charged.

Well, it's better than losing you.

Now, we do this my way.