EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6299 - Episode #1.6299 - full transcript

Linda receives a Birthday gift from Max. The postage on the package indicates his possible whereabouts. Linda is unsure if she should pass on this information to Jack or Rainie. What will she decide to do?

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A mum again at 44.

I mean, why does that
sound so much worse than 43?

Older is wiser, eh? Mm.

Ah, that's nice.

From Max.

What's it say?

Nothing, just "happy birthday",
that's all.

Funny. On the run with Abi,

and he's still got time to go
around shopping for scented candles.

Happy birthday!


Thank you!

I know how upset you were
when your cactus died.

Aw, he's sweet.

I think I'll call him Barry.

What? Barry the Bonsai?

Why not?

I've got the day off, so I'm
throwing you a birthday party.


Well, I suppose it'll be
nice to see a few people, yeah.

That's lovely, Frankie,

but do you really want to be making
a big deal, now, you know?

Course she does!
Everyone loves a party.

Yeah, but, you know,
birthdays after 40,

you only really celebrate
the big ones, don't you?

How come?

Look, it's a lovely idea,
but I'd feel silly.

Not this year.

Right, let's get
the rest of these open.

I just...

..it's just...

..I'm so sorry.
I should have told you guys sooner,

but he seemed like he was doing OK.

Can I see him?

Uh, oh, um...

Right now he's sleeping,
so it's best not to disturb him.


Maybe I could come back later?

We'll, um, see how he's getting on.


She means well, you know?

She doesn't understand
the damage she's caused.

The last time he got sick...

..it was unbearable.

Yeah, but, look, once
he sees a doctor,

and he start taking his pills again,

you know, and get back
to the old routine,

he'll bounce back.

It's not going to be that easy.

Isaac is really unwell.

I thought you'd understand that.

Of course I do!

I feel sorry for him.

But you said he locked
you in the office, Rube.

What if he does that again?

What if you've got the
kids with you next time?

I'm not calling the police.

Getting him locked up
doesn't help anybody.

What is it? I don't understand,

I have to have something
called a sigmoidoscopy.

Eh? Before the laparoscopy,
they need to make sure that

the bowel isn't affected
by endometriosis.

So y-you've got to have a
procedure before the procedure?

As if sticking a camera in
me wasn't invasive enough?

What, is it like an operation?

I don't know.

I'm sick of all these "oscopys"!

I don't even know whether I
want to go through with this!

How long have they
given you to decide?

A few days.

Typical Linda,
she can't have a drink,

so she spoils everybody else's fun.

Nah, I don't think that's why.

I think it's more of an age thing.

What are you talking about?
She's still young.

But if she said no, she said no.

She said no to a birthday party,

but she didn't say
no to a baby shower.

I hate baby showers.

American rubbish.

A group of women
sitting around brooding

over another woman's fat gut.

But then she'll get a party,

and no-one needs to
mention her birthday.

She will love it. I won't.

I don't feel like celebrating
anything at the moment.

But you will be there tonight?

Oh, come on, it's for Linda.

And you don't have to stay for long.

I'll think about it.

I'm just going for a run.
Do you fancy it?

Oh, Shirley wore me out.

Yeah, she ain't exactly a barrel
of laughs at the minute, is she?

I think with Tina missing,
she's finding it really tough.

Then she needs something
to take her mind off it.

A bit of joy in her life.

Good luck with that.

See you in a bit.

Something to eat, son?

I'm not hungry.

Well, your mother went
to all this trouble.

Yeah? And what did she do, crush
up pills and put it in there?

Of course not, you know that.

And if you're not hungry, it's OK.

Jean stopped by earlier.
Oh, and Lola too, you know.

Don't talk to me about her.

They're both worried about you.

No, she betrayed me.

They just want to make
sure you get better.

We all do. But I'm not sick!

And this is exactly why I
didn't want her to say nothing,

because now nobody's
going to believe me

when I tell them who murdered Paul.

I believe you.

Don't do that. No, no, no.

Listen to me,

you're my son and I trust you.

Stop it. Your mother's working
today, so it's just you and me.

Talk me through it, man.

Just tell me everything.

A baby shower for Linda?

Well, it's a bit last minute,
isn't it? It's a surprise.

I don't think I've got time to
get her a present or anything.

Oh, you don't need to, it's more
about getting everyone together.

You can bring your dad, if you like.

What, to a baby shower?

I don't really think
it's going to be his scene.

Well, who doesn't
love a baby shower?

Um, how about a middle aged man

who likes drinking beer
and talking about football, not...

TOGETHER: ..babies.

Well, the thing is,
it's Linda's birthday too,

so it's more of a birthday
party than a baby shower.

You should bring him.

Is Shirley going to be there?

Oh, yeah, I guess.

The more people, the better!

Got it.

So I'll see you at eight.

All right.

Kath, have you been
invited to this party?

What party? Hmm.

I think someone's trying to
set my dad up with Shirley.

Look, if you are interested in him,

maybe stop playing hard to get.

I poured myself a stiff drink
when I got home last night,

and I still couldn't sleep,
thinking about Isaac.

I don't know what I would
have done if you weren't there.

Did you find it unsettling?

Well, yeah. It's clear
he's not well, but,

when someone's accusing
you of being such a bad person...

It makes you think about all
the bad things you've done.

Look, I'm not covering
up his brother's murder.

But my conscience isn't clear.

Isn't it?

None of us are saints, are we?

And then it makes me think,
you know, maybe I...

..maybe I don't
deserve to be happy.

Oh, don't be ridiculous, Ruby!

Well, why? Why is that ridiculous?

Because I think that whatever
you've done in the past,

there is always a way back.

Makes me sound like
I'm one of those people

who writes to serial
killers in prison.


I'm not.

But you can and should be happy.

It all starts with Paul, yeah? Yeah.

We knew he was dealing
drugs for Andy Hunter.

Mm-hm. And Andy Hunter did
business with Johnny Allen.

But the question is, did they meet?

How together did they have to
be for you to be like, "Bam...

"..that's the proof."

Look, the cab receipt as well.

Is that more or less proof?

That's the question
I keep asking myself.

Sorry, son, I'm really sorry,
but I'm not quite keeping up.

I don't know how I can
make this any more clearer.

It's all about the connections.

Yeah? And the photo?

Forget the photo, forget the cab
receipt, forget everything.

Sorry, I'm just really
trying to understand.

Read these, read every page.

All the evidence we need to take
to the police is inside there.

These are Johnny Allen's
business diaries.

How did you get them?

I took them, didn't I?

From Ruby's house.

You stole them?

All right?

Let me guess, Lexi's been
kicked out of school for swearing,

Ben's kidnapped the
headmaster in revenge,

and hoop earrings are
finally off trend? Are you OK?

Isaac, he...


You know what, don't worry,
it's fine. All right, look,

relationships, they can be
tough at the best of times.

And you've got to
keep Jekyll and Hyde happy.

Do you know what? I knew you'd
be like this! You're unbelievable.

I was joking. What,
because he's got an illness,

that makes it all right for you
to make fun of him, does it?

All I'm saying is I told you this
was gonna be messy

and you still decided
to go out with him.

You don't choose who you fall for.

What, I should've just
walked away cos he's sick?

Oh, I get it, cos he's got
schizophrenia he doesn't deserve

You know what? We might as well lock
them all in a padded cell, eh,

If it keeps the rest of us safe.

You do realise that
people with schizophrenia

actually end up hurting themselves
more than others, right? Relax, OK.

I was just joking. Then what is it?
You think you're better than him?

Cos trust me, Peter, he's
shown more courage and bravery

confronting his condition
than you can ever imagine.

So to stand there and
take the mick out of him

just shows me what an arrogant
low-life you really are.

There are names, phone
numbers and dates in these

that prove this was covered up.

OK, but...

..we cannot take
them to the police.

I mean, you shouldn't
even have them.

They're only some old diaries.

It is still breaking
and entering, burglary.

But this is murder!

Isaac, you have committed
a crime as well, you know.

Gosh, man, you could go to
prison for this, you know?!

Don't you want justice for Paul?

I do, of course I do!

It breaks my heart that Paul's gone.

I tell you something,
if there is any truth out there,

of course I want to hear about it!

Not like this.

I just can't afford to lose you.

It's just not worth the sacrifice.

You think I've cracked up.

Don't you?

I can see it in your eyes.

It's just a lot to take in.

I don't know really
what that proves.

Knew it.


You say the right thing,
you say you want the truth...

..but when it comes down to it,
you're scared to confront it.

I needed you.

But you're just like Lola.

Are we going three courses
cos I'm double hungry?


Fill your boots.

I might even have my own dessert.

Hark at her, pushing the boat out!

Are you all right?
All right.

Any news on Abi and Max?

Just doing what we
can to stay positive.

Thanks for asking.

You'll find them.

I hope so.

I should, um, I'll go
and get my takeaway.

We going to talk about this

The present from Max?

Did you see the postmark?

I would've said something
earlier, but, I mean,

what does it really tell us?

Max was in Croatia when he sent it.

So what? It don't mean
he's still there.

See you later. See you later.

But if you were her... Yeah,
and you woke up every morning

missing your little girl.

Then you'd want to know.

Yeah, but if they find Max
and he comes back to the Square,

He's going to take one
look at me and know.

He's already done a
runner with one kid.

Let's just keep it
to ourselves then.

I don't feel good about it.
No, nor do I, just...

It's like you say, he
probably ain't even there any more.

You know? It probably
wouldn't even help her.


Right, I'm here,
and there's a gift.

Don't say I don't
do anything for you.

You said baby shower.

It's both.
You better change that sign.

I'm gonna look like a right muppet
bringing a box of babies nappies

to a birthday party!

Ah, is it just you?

I am Sonia's plus one.
Yeah, a slave to the rave.

She'll be here in a minute. Come on,
I've got your table ready.

Unusual gift.

Is Linda not toilet trained?

It's a baby shower.

Banner says birthday.

Be nice.

Why? Rocky's fun.

You had a laugh with him before.

You don't have to marry him.
Just have a drink with him.

Frankie, what are you on about?

Look, I know that things have
been really tough for you.

Of course you're going to
be worried about Tina.

But you need a night off, an hour.

So just get a drink and join him.

You might even enjoy yourself.

I know what you're thinking,
"But it's a baby shower."

You're joking?!

I shouldn't have gone
on at you this morning.

Look, I know calling the
police ain't the answer.

I don't know, maybe it's
just this...caveman thing.

I know it's stupid,

I just wanted to scoop
you up and keep you safe.

It's fine.

And thank you.

It did shake me up.

More than I was letting on.

And then when I saw this
letter from the hospital, I just...

..I got it in my head that
Isaac was right, you know,

I am a bad person.

I don't deserve to be happy.
I don't deserve to be a mum.

Don't say that.

You can't listen to any of that.

Yeah, but the operation,
going through it all again, I...

..it completely terrifies me.

But right now, the thought
of not being a mum

terrifies me even more.

I've got so much love to give.

I know you have.

So I think I need to do this.

I really want us to keep
trying for a baby.

If you do too. Of course I do.


Phone's off.

Look, she did specifically say that
she did not want a birthday party.

But that's because she's
embarrassed by her age.

Everyone loves a party.

Thanks for sorting this.

I thought she might try
and swerve it this year.

See? People just want to celebrate.

Of course.


..is that seat taken?

It's reserved actually...

..for you.

My daughter invites me to a birthday
party and she hasn't even shown up.

I tell you what, if you
call it a baby shower,

I'll buy you your next pint.

That sounds good, yeah.

Give me a packet of
pork scratchings as well

and I'll deliver the baby myself.

Dad ain't answering either.

You have to go and find her
and give her the heads up.

Too late.

Here she is.


Happy birthday, Linda.

It's a baby shower!

It's actually a bit of both.

What have you done?

Isaac? It's me.

He, um....he just
walked out of here.

It's OK, he's staying with a friend.

He does that sometimes
when he needs to calm down.

Oh, thank God for that.

Is this...? Yeah.

More evidence.

I, uh...

..I messed up bad, bad, bad, bad.

I'm so sorry.

What are you sorry for? Well...

You know...

..he talked for hours,

and I thought I was
getting through to him.

But now I'm...I'm his enemy too.

What are we supposed to do?

There's no quick fix.

But one thing I do know.

It won't be as bad as last time.

What do you mean?

Last time, I was on my own.

We'll get through this together.

Congratulations, guys, eh?

Five kids! Tell me about it.

She's like a baby bus. Oi!
Don't you go comparing me to a bus.

No, when I say bus,
I mean a classy bus

with tinted windows
and all that caper.

Well, you deserve
a bit of happiness.

Good luck to you.

It's your call, baby. Jack!

You got a minute? Yeah.

Baby showers, what's that all about?

That is American
rubbish, if you ask me.

That's exactly what I said!

It's a bit like that, what do
they call it, bridal showers?

Vow renewals. That's the
one, innit?

Oh, now, that is what
I call an outfit.

Come on, sit down here.

Or you could join me at the bar.

My round. Nice one.

I'll catch you later, yeah.

We know how hard
it's been for Rainie.

Yeah, she must be
missing that little girl.

Yeah, she is. But with this,

she's got half a chance
of getting her back.

We did the right thing.