EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6296 - Episode #1.6296 - full transcript

Iqra confesses to Mila that she was the one who phoned the police on her Mother and not Kathy. What will Mila's reaction be to her girlfriend's confession?

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Aakhan jor chupai na jor.

Jor na mangan dayn na jor.



I'm sorry, she should be here.

Paath suno.

Oh'day la'ie mai mafi
chaun'dah haan.

Aakhan jor chupai na jor.

What you doing?

We need to head to the shop.

The Giani is here.

A business does not run on its own.



Thought you'd be at home.

I just felt like
getting some fresh air.

This wasn't your fault, Ben.

How's Fitzy?
He's getting there.

Did you give him back his ring?
He's already proposed.

Feels like he's finally
turned a corner.

What's that behind there?

Oh, nothing. Nothing.

Thought we said no secrets.


It's for your mum's event later.

She made me promise we'd both come.

Wearing that?
No, that was me.

Look, it was just a silly idea.

I just thought it might
take your mind off things.

I'm sorry, Cal. I can't...
I can't do that.

Orange or pink?

Orange it is.
That should get them talking.

It's like you haven't got
a care in the world.

Like yesterday never happened.

Police poking
and prodding around the house.

It really isn't that deep.

I always land on my feet.

I'm telling you,
the brief I've got lined up,

they'll probably end up offering me

You have money for a top solicitor?

Don't need it
when you look like this.

Doesn't hurt that he's
a full-course meal

and lives just across the Square.

Gray is a widower with two children.
He's not interested in you.


Hey, Gray. You really know
how to keep a girl waiting.

Yes, we should definitely
talk about the case.

Yep, this afternoon? Yeah.
Your place or mine?

Can't wait.


Stop it! Bye.

You were saying?

It's mad that you're an auntie.

I know. And Habs is a mum.
Despite everything, she's doing OK.

I feel for her.

All of this because of Jags' family.

I'll never look at them the same.

OK, microphone done.

Bottling up done.

Mila, can you do the cocktail board,

So, how was Leeds?

I didn't want to leave her.
Yeah, I bet.

How's the baby?


Tyrion Jaguar Ahmed.

Apparently Jags loved
Game Of Thrones.

Listen, if I can do anything for you
and Habiba, you let me know, yeah?

And hopefully tonight
might cheer you up a bit.

I know they've moved Pride, but I'd
already booked the drag act, so...

Oh, this bloomin' thing! Mila,
can you give me a hand, please?

Do you want me to do the board
or that? I've only got two hands.

I had to talk to the police, tell
them everything that happened to me.

My mum's going to plead guilty.

She could go to prison.

I'll do this upstairs.

Let me give you a hand.

No, it's all right, I can do it.

This doesn't sit right, you getting
the blame for calling the police.

Look, I meant what I said.
I know, but...

Listen, you two have got enough
on your plate right now

without all this coming out.

She doesn't need the truth.

She needs you.

We need to restock.

Peechay jah kay aapna
moo dhu Kai ah.

And when you return to the
shop floor, no more.



This doesn't go here!

Or this! Or this!
What's wrong with you?!

I'll fix it.

Please, Mum.

It is mistake after mistake
with you, isn't it?

You have no idea how sick I am
of cleaning up after you!

And where has it got me, eh,
this cleaning-up?


My son is dead.

I can't even bring his body home

because the prison
won't release him.

I'm so sorry.

Your brother is dead...

..because of you.

Get out.


I did it. I did it!

I've just done 20 minutes' running
straight through!

I'm getting there, I am.

Good for you!
At least you're making an effort.

Any news on Max and Abi?

Nothing yet, no.

What about the other thing?
The, er, other candidates?

Good, yeah, we're going to be
making a decision soon.

It's slim pickings,
but you're the best of a bad bunch.

I am really trying.

And I will hit my target weight,
and you will get your baby.

We'll see. Let's go.


You all right?


But next time, you should probably
ask Tiff to go with you.

What did they want?


It's Kathy's event tonight
at The Prince Albert.

We should go for a boogie, a drink.

You know I can't.
Liquid calories.

Dance them off.
It's still exercise.

You're fine just the way you are.

You ain't got to change for no-one,
especially not an ex.

You need to move on, Bern,
get back on the horse.

This drought, it can't last forever.

I'm just focusing on myself
and my goals for now.

Hmm. All right, well, I'm going home
to focus on the couch bit of the 5K.

Are you coming?

I'm just going to
finish my stretching.

There you go. On the house.

For a woman who plays hard to get...

Come on, just one more.

If you're after a rematch,
you want to get in sharpish.

Oh, what, another deckchair
in the Square?

My toothbrush is packed
if my daughter don't want me.

Someone had to
knock your heads together.

I want to apologise.

I was wrong. I should never have
accused you like that.

I am many things, Sonia,
some of them legal,

some of them not,
but a tea leaf I ain't.

I was out of order.
I'm really sorry.

Water under the bridge.

Will you have a drink with me?

I like the sound of that.

On you, though.
You're the one with the spondoolies!

All right, keep it down.

You'll be shouting it
through your trumpet next.

I mean, pretending to be able
to cook is one thing,

but you took it to the next level.

Telling her that Peter
was your nan's carer.

What were you playing at?!

She never wants to see me again.
She's blocked me on everything.

You have a lot going for you.

You don't need to pretend
to be a different person.

I wish I'd been honest
from the start, you know?

Yeah, maybe she wouldn't have
wanted to get to know me,

but at least
I wouldn't be feeling like this.

I guess a relationship built on lies
isn't really a relationship, is it?

You've not been charged yet,
so as long as they can't prove

the evidence they took is stolen,
you should be fine.

It's not, is it?

No, of course not.

You've got pretty good taste
for a bloke.

I like to think so.

Better than my Auntie Kim. She used
to lived here, once upon a time.

Yeah. She likes to remind me
at least twice a week.

Classy, nice features,
and a great build.

And the house.

She's beautiful.

You, erm...

You remind me of her a bit.

I think the two of you
would've got on.

What's your deal, Chelsea?
How did you end up here?

With parents like mine?

I turned out better
than anyone would've expected.

I don't need sympathy,
I need legal advice...

..from a brilliant, sharp
and not too shabby lawyer.

I reckon you'll do.

I don't suppose you fancy
a real drink, at The Vic?


Thought that was you.

I'm so sorry about your brother.

Why does everyone keep saying that?

That they're sorry, and it's like,
what are you sorry for?

You never did it.

It's not your fault he's dead.

Mate, look, times like these,
you shouldn't be on your own.

You should be with your family.

It should've been me in that cell,
not Jags.

What do you mean?

My family made him take a hit
for me,

and now he's dead.

I just... I need another, man,

Listen, listen,
just go easy with them, yeah?




I put your card behind the bar.

So, what are we celebrating?

Me bagging myself a sexy lawyer.

Oh, yeah? What time's he coming,


To new relationships.

Wind your neck in.

I don't need to see this.

We'll just say hello.

All right?


To new relationships, huh?

Yeah, Gray's just giving me
some legal advice.

You buy all your clients champagne,
do you?

No. No, I don't buy all my clients

But Chelsea isn't just a client.

Well, we're really happy for you.

We'll leave you to it.

Mitch. It's like our little girl
never existed.

Well, he had to move on
at some point.

I'm glad he's not moping about
like Bernie.

I ain't done much right in my life,
but I've made some cracking kids.

We've got to focus on the ones
that we HAVE got. They need us.

Ben, I just bumped into Vinny.

I don't want to talk about it.

Jags should never have been
in prison. It should have been him.

The Panesars set him up,
so this ain't all on you.

Look, I took what happened to
Fitzy as being all down to me,

but that weren't the whole picture,
and neither's this.

Now, I've got to try and move on...

..and so do you, one day at a time.

You're wearing yours and all.

Oh, no, you bought the last one.

No point in having the readies
if you can't treat your loved ones.

I still don't understand
why you keep it all so hush-hush.

When you've got a few bob,
the vultures start circling.

And you think I'm like that?

People act different
when you've got dosh.

I've been taken for more rides
than a seaside donkey.

Well, I'd never do that.

You ain't got to pretend around me.

Do you know how to hire a donkey?

There's a little screw
under the saddle.

I have been making a proper
pig's ear of this, ain't I?

Look, why don't we give this another
twirl? Wipe the slate clean, eh?

Excuse me, very attractive lady,
bellini for me and my daughter.


You have got the best seats
in the house for the drag act.

I know it's hard, being away from
family, but you'll see her soon.

Maybe we can go together.

I don't deserve you.

We're a team. You've had my back.

I don't think I could have
got through all this stuff

with my mum without you.

I can't do this.

Mila, I lied.

Well, I didn't lie,
I just didn't tell you the truth.

It wasn't Kathy
who called the police on your mum.

It was me.

Come and have a drink with me, man.

I can't, Vinny, I'm sorry.
I'm working.

Another day, though, yeah?

Hi, this is Dotty's phone.
I'm busy. Leave me a message.

Dotty! Man is getting lit!

Come to Ruby's, innit?


Something funny? Is something funny?

Is something funny?

I'm sorry?

I said, is something funny?

Yeah, you, as it goes.

Still funny, yeah?
Vinny! Vinny! Come on!

Vinny, I think we need to
cool it down a bit, yeah?

Look, back off. Come on, little man,
what you got for me?

Oi! You heard her.
Now back off.


Now, Vinny, put the bottle down,
yeah, and go home with Ash.

Vinny, home, now.


Have you taken something?


The least you can do after that
torture you put me through today.

I already told you,
I'm not drinking, so stop going on.

I'm just glad
I got you out the house.

I didn't want you
moping about by yourself all day.

Look, I know the last couple
of months have been difficult,

but I definitely think
someone is looking down on us.

Guys! What do you think?


And before you ask, I've googled
how much a vodka soda is.

106 calories. Less than a banana.

Thanks, Mum.

By the end of the night,
you'll be like, "Molly who?"

Come on, look, just a vodka soda,
it ain't going to hurt, is it?

Well, as it's already there.

Oi, oi! Come on!

Can I help?

I've just seen your Vinny
on the Square. He's in a bad way.

He's really out of it.
Ash was practically carrying him.

You need to get round there.

My family are none of your concern.

You really are a cold fish,
ain't you?

I've never been walked home
by a date before.

You've got to switch it up a bit.
Try something new.

I had a really good night tonight.

Second date?

Why wait?

Callum said he's just been drinking,
but he's definitely taken something.

It's just one thing after another.
I know.

Let's just try and get him
to hospital before Mum comes...


Is he OK?

The ambulance is on its way.

He said that you told him what
happened to Jags was all his fault.

Is that true?

No, no, no.


I'm not losing you too.

I'm not losing another son.

My boy. Jagvir.

I caused this, didn't I?

No. No, no, my boy.
My little boy, no.

This is all my fault.