EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6295 - Episode #1.6295 - full transcript

Ben is worried that the Panesar's will find out he called off Jag's prison protection resulting in him being murdered. Can he keep it a secret?

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I'm DS Morgan
from Walford Police Station.

I have a warrant to search
this property for stolen goods.

Start upstairs.

What? No!

You can't just force your way in
like that.

Is this you? No.

What have you done? Nothing!

So who is it, then? Pearl been
swiping Barbies and hiding them
under her mattress?

It's nothing to do with me.

Why's there a police officer
rummaging through your mum's
underwear drawer?

He's brave.
Good job she's at Jack's.

Stolen goods.

I assume you've got a warrant?

Promise me, for your mother's sake,

you're not involved in this.

Why do you always think the worst
of me?

I'm going to the caff.

We need you to stay here.
I've got to go to work!

That's fine. It's just Ms Fox
we don't want going anywhere.

Rob's a flowers guy, is he? Nice.

I was going to give them to Iqra
but she's not in.

Bobby, are you playing the field?

Her sister's boyfriend was just
murdered. I know.

Ash told me.

I'm heading there now.

Hey, could I take those to Ash?

Do you have no shame?

Bobby, I'm joking,
what's wrong with you?

You know women don't actually go
for this whole emo thing any more.

Turns out they don't go for the
whole being lied to thing either.

Mate, you told her?

Yeah, and now she wants nothing
to do with me, obviously.

What are you going to do?
I dunno, I'll just end up at home
playing Minecraft or something.

So you're not going to fight
for her? Why?

Because she might be the only
woman on this planet that finds you
sexually attractive.

Yeah, well, she thought I was
someone else. So what?

What are you going to do?
Just go back to being sad,
single Bobby Beale,

tapping on your little building
block game, having tea with your
gran until you're 30?

Yeah, well, you've just described
yourself, actually, so...

Except women still want to sleep
with me. One of the great mysteries
of this universe.

Bobby, tell her it was all
my fault, right?

Just say you've got this idiot
big brother who gives you really
bad relationship advice

and for some reason everyone wants
to sleep with him. I don't think
lying again is going to help.

Oh, God, you're such a melt.

Meet her, all right,
tell her her hair looks nice.

Blame it all on me.

She'll come round, trust me.

All right, fine, I'll text her.

Let me know how it goes. Yeah.

And, um...

..have a shower.

Can't we get a locksmith?

I've done it now.

Yeah, but a locksmith knows
what they're doing.

Have you guys been burgled as well?

Don't even ask.

I was coming to bring you this back.

The kids loved looking at it.

Oh, that's not your burglar,
by the way.

That's 100% Chelsea drama.

Unless you're missing five pairs of
Jimmy Choos and a Gucci clutch bag.

No, they just took my door keys.

I've changed the lock now, babe,
so we're OK. Are we?

They got in before, what's to
stop them getting in again?

Nah, these scumbags never strike
twice in the same place,

they're cowards.

They'll be long gone, trust me.

All right?

Have you spoken to him?


How is he?

He's good. He's going to see if
he can get an appointment for
some counselling

and in the meantime we thought
we could watch some people
shoot each other.


I'm sorry about the other day,
for kicking off, yeah?

It wasn't fair.

I'm just glad Callum's all right.



Look, seeing as you're in the mood
for being nice to people...

..I think you should go and check
on your new mate Kheerat.


Don't you know?

Can I have a double shot, please?

I saw your sister being
carted off this morning.

Oh, she's not my sister.

Hi. Honey!

You must have seen
the girl from number 20

carted off by police this morning?


She's got to be the one that did
the robbery on the little
rich girl's house,

don't you think?

Burglary one morning,
arrested the next.

The police aren't stupid.

I'm sure Chelsea wouldn't want us
to be discussing her...

Don't get me wrong,
I feel sorry for her.

No job, no husband,

pushing 40 on a one-way track
to spinsterhood.

Of course she's been breaking
into neighbours' houses in
the middle of the night

and nicking their valuables.

Nothing valuable was taken
from Ruby's.

What would you know about it?

That Chelsea isn't some
lowlife house robber.

And she's 35.

That's why the police
dragged her out,

all trench coat and no knickers
this morning?

Sorry, who did you say you are?

Some jumped-up Neighbourhood Watch?

You know nothing,
so keep your trap shut.





What time do you want
the gyani tomorrow?

All this like we haven't got
blood on our hands.


I'll call you back.

Have you spoken to Ben?


How could this have happened?

Mum? Mum, where are you going?



Chelsea, have they charged you?

Have you seen my mum?

Kim said she's on the war path.

Oh, this is so unfair.


What the hell do you think
you're doing, you little brat?



You need to teach your kid some aim.

Oh, don't worry,
I'll buy you a new cagoule.

It's limited edition.
Closing down sale?

You can pay for the dry cleaning,
I'll bring round the bill
this afternoon.

Wearing clothes
or the full Lady Godiva?

Whatever! This ain't over.

I'm sure it isn't.

Don't worry,
we'll get the ball later. OK.

Apparently my son's life wasn't
worth anything to you.

Suki, I've been on the phone
to my guys all morning,
they ain't picking up.

I knew we couldn't trust you.
This is prison, it's no guarantee.

We paid you to keep him safe!

It's not his fault, Mum.

Jags isn't dead because of Ben.

He's dead because of us.


Oh, can you help me?

Have we got any bio washing powder?

Stolen goods?

Are you joking?

I didn't know they were stolen!
They were presents from Caleb.

So you didn't think, when
your drug trafficker boyfriend

was showering you with gifts,
where they might've come from?

Honestly, Chelsea, I-I do
sometimes wonder, is there
a brain in there?

Can you stop being horrible to me?
I've literally just been arrested.

If the police get enough evidence,
you could go to prison for this.

Well, what am I meant to do?

Get yourself a lawyer.

And good ones don't come cheap.

Maybe you could sell a handbag
to pay for it.

Look, go and see Gray at number 1,

he might do you a favour.

Thanks for coming.

I've got a friend waiting outside,

she didn't want me coming on my own.

I'd...I'd never hurt you.

You've been lying to me for weeks.

I'm sorry.

I just knew there was no way
that you would like the real me.
You didn't think I'd find out?

Bobby, if you search
your sister's name online,

there are pages of stories
about a child murderer.

I lost my virginity to you!

I'm so sorry.

I was just a kid, you know,
it was a horrible accident.

You killed your sister!

I hate myself for it every day!

I'm not asking
for forgiveness, Dana.

I just wanted to be normal, you
know, someone that you might like.


..you're perfect.

I never in a million years thought
that I'd meet someone like you.

You're beautiful and clever
and interesting.

I just...

And then, you know,
you liked me back.

Rob. I liked Rob.

I knew you wouldn't want anything
to do with me, the moment
you found out.

Could you blame me?

You know...

..the person that
you read about online,

I'm not him any more...
Then who are you?

Because yesterday I thought you were
the sweetest, kindest guy
I'd ever met.

I'm still all of those things!
Just please, give me another chance.

I will show you who I really am...

..and how much I adore you.

Just, please, give me
another chance,

I won't waste your time, Dana,
I promise.

Tell me something that's true.

OK, yeah.


When I... When I was in prison...

..I found religion.


..it's one of the most important
parts of who I am.

What does your religion
say about lying to a woman

to get her into bed?

Stay away from me, Bobby.

I absolutely love kids.

Look, honestly! I used to want
to be Maria Von Trapp,

which is why I want to apologise,
it was completely out of character.

Time of the month.

Little Mick's ball back. Mack.

And for you.

I shouldn't have been so rude.

See you around.

Oh, unless you fancy lunch?

All three of you.

It's just this doesn't feel like
much of an apology.

Have you ever been for lunch
with two children under ten?

We'll get milkshakes,
colouring books,

we'll play hide and seek
on the way home.

I can't think of anything
I'd rather do with my afternoon.

Walford East in an hour?

I'd say get dressed up, but...

..you already look pretty good.

Hello, stranger!

I didn't call you back! I'm sorry.

It's just this Chelsea stuff...
It's all right.

I'm going to get lunch, I'm doing
some healthy chicken thing,
if you fancy it.

I can't.

Come on, there's no burgers!

Mum's in a bit of a state

and I'm going to head home and see
if I can calm things down a bit.

What are you doing? Some crafting?

Wrapping presents.

Patrick's birthday Saturday.

I'll call you, yeah? Yeah.

Where have you been?

I had to wait ages to see someone,

but I'm on a waiting list
for counselling.

Those for me?

Yeah, but...

..if I knew you were having
a party for one...

Look, shall we go out
and get some lunch?

I thought we were staying in?

It would be nice to eat out.

No, no, no, you're all right,

Right, what have I done?


So, what have you done? Nothing!

Sons Of Anarchy ain't going
to watch itself.


Is this bad...or Ben Mitchell bad?


I called off Jags Panesar's

..and now he's dead.

Kids, come on!

All right, sunshines,
off anywhere nice?

Walford East, if we ever get there.

With these two?

Yeah, why?

I'm sure they'll have a great time
catapulting chicken nuggets
at the waiters!

Well, have fun!

Think of me scraping dog hairs out
of the back of the tumble dryers.

Actually, um, could you take them?

I'm meeting someone from work.

And you're right, they'll be bored.
I've got to work.

Take them with you, they'll love it.

I'll buy you lunch.

Fish, chips, battered sausage,
whatever you want.

Mushy peas?

All right, come on then, kids,

let's learn the ancient art
of nailing a service wash
in less than an hour.

BOTH: Yay!

Come on.

How are you still single?

Widowed single parent doesn't make
a great Tinder profile.


Come on then,
I want to know more about you.

Oh, there's nothing to know.

Tell me more about your work.

I love a man who's passionate
about their job.

Work chat's boring. But you're not.

Trust me,
I've been on enough boring dates.

That's what this is, then?

So, on a day-to-day level,

what sort of cases do you deal with?

I had this murder case
a couple of years ago,

the CPS were... Do you do cases
involving stolen goods?


Would you say you're good at
getting people off those charges?

Well, you must be, amount of people
you've had sent down,

what's a few stolen shoes?

I've got a good track record.

Do you ever...work for free?

This isn't a date, is it?

OK, no, not exactly.

But you are getting a boozy lunch
with a hot woman...

..and in return
I just need some legal advice.


..are very impressive.

So will you help me?

Please don't say no.

I don't get the impression that men
ever say no to you.

I tell you what,
let me off that cleaning bill

and you've got yourself a deal.

This is such a mess.

Do they know? The Panesars?

I'm still breathing, ain't I?

Why did you cancel his protection?

Because I'm an idiot, Callum.
Because I didn't think anything
was going to happen.

And what have you told them?

Just that protection
isn't a guarantee.

But... Which is true.

Callum, he could still be alive
if it wasn't for me.


No, if someone in there
wanted to kill him,
then they would've found a way.

If the Panesars find out,

if Kheerat finds out,

they will kill me.


I'm not joking, Cal.

Then we'll make sure
they never find out.