EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6294 - Episode #1.6294 - full transcript

Bobby's relationship with Dana goes to the next level so he decides to be truthful and reveal all the lies he made up about himself in order to impress her. He even mentions the role he played in Lucy's death. How will Dana react?

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What is it? Martin, quick!

They were still in the house,
I've just heard the door slam.

Stay where you are.

Well, I don't need to ask
where you were last night.

I can smell the cheap
perfume from here.

Clean up when you're done.


What is it?

Can't you just apologise to her?

Nothing to apologise for.

I meant every word.

I know, but we can't live like this.

So I have to say sorry
when I'm right

because she'll make our
lives hell if I don't?

Well, it's not like this is
the first time. She always wins.

Yeah, but I'm not rolling over.

You should've heard what
she said about Habiba.

Jags would want us
to stand up for her,

cos we sure as hell didn't
stand up for him.

You know, I wish I could
change what happened,

but I can't.

The only thing we can do
is keep our family tight.

You're the only one
she really listens to, K.

We need you to be the adult in the
room and back off, cos she won't.

She doesn't know how.


I was thinking you might fancy
a West End show for our second date.

Oh, and what makes you think
you're getting a second date?

Don't go pretending you
didn't have a good time.

All right, well, maybe you managed
to jump over a pretty low bar.


Hey, here she is!
Now, how do fancy going for a meal?

Tonight, going to take you
out somewhere special.

My treat.

Oh, get you.
Posh meals, West End shows.

What, your numbers come up or
something? I've got a bit put away.

Can't think of a better
way to spend it. What do you reckon?

I can't, I'm a bit busy.
Maybe another time.

Mate, it is like Line of Duty
back there, you know!

So I walk to my front door and I
nearly bumped into a policeman.

Oh, I should've got his number.

I've got a client who's got a
thing about uniforms.

They weren't going to my place,
were they?

Why would they want you?

Oh, I had my purse lifted yesterday
when your dad was doing his Hamlet.

Oh, no, no, no, they were at
Ruby's and Martin's, yeah.

Apparently somebody broke in. Oh.

That's your ex, right?
That's terrible. Yeah.

You see, I think that they
scoped out the Square,

then they sniffed out the richest
pickings, and then - boom -

in, out, not mucking about,
strip the place clean.

I'll see you later then, yeah? Yeah.

You left this by the bed.


Need to get it fixed. Keeps falling
off and it's kind of precious.

Belonged to my mum.

You don't talk about her much.

Not much to talk about.

She left when I was a kid.

I'd better go.

Oh, well, do you have any
plans for today?

Don't really have any.

Well, do you want to go for a
walk or get some food?

Don't you have work?

Well, that's the perks
of being your own boss.

You know, make your own schedule.

Yeah, OK, I'd love that.


I thought your nan was out. Yeah.

Good morning! Erm, Peter.

We've met already.

Of course, the carer.

That's right!
I'm all about the caring.

Yeah, we just need to
talk about Nan's condition.

Yeah, dementia's getting worse...


But, I mean, sometimes it's a bit
like she's got dementia, isn't it?

Yeah, the medication she takes,
it makes her all scatty, yeah.

I'll be outside, then.

See you.

Just when I thought you was going
to be the next 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Just came over to see
if we're still on for tonight.

Sleepover round ours.

Kids, not you!


Yeah, of course.

So what you going to do
with your night off, then?

Probably just crack
on with some work.

Oh, everyone deserves a bit
of fun now and again.

Mia was saying that she
thought you seemed a bit sad.

Maybe you need to get out there,
see people.

Not sure who I'd want to see.

How about Whitney?

The kids say they
don't see her no more,

and I know you was close.

To be honest, at one point,

I thought you were, you know,
friends with benefits.

She helped out with the kids,
that's it.

I've given her some time off.

Well, maybe you need to give
yourself some time off an' all.

You need to look after
yourself, Gray.

Don't give me that look.

Didn't say you'd be out
all night, Ben.

Sat up till two,
I was ready to talk.

Yeah, well, maybe I didn't
feel like listening.

You know, it's been going over
and over in my head all night,

just wondering
why you wouldn't just tell me.

I told you, Ben, I weren't
thinking straight

and we'd agreed not to talk about
the job... This ain't about the job.

It's about your mate, your partner,
the one that got stabbed.


Was you there?

Oh, Callum...
Callum, it could've been you!

Yeah, it should've been me.

It should've been me!

All of this is my fault,

and I wish I was the one
lying in that hospital bed...

..cos anything'd be
easier than this.

Getting a bit brazen, aren't ya,
hangin' around my place of work?

And am I right in thinking
that yesterday

wasn't just for my benefit?

You want us
to stop seeing each other.

I don't want to do anything,

but you and me, it's...it's
making my life complicated,

and I need to keep things simple.

Well, you don't
have to justify yourself.

It was meant to be a bit of fun.

And if it's stopped being fun...

It was never not fun.

Promise me,

no weird crossing over the
street to avoid me.

Because when I see you,
I'm going to smile.

You didn't put the knife
in that idiot's hand.

But I made the call
to chase him down.

I made the call
and Fitzy paid the price.

His face -

I thought he was going to
die right there on the pavement.

I wish you'd told me.

I could've been there for you.

What? You think I'd have just
said, "I told you so"?

You wouldn't have said it, no.

But it's like when you said you
forgave me for betraying you.

You said it, but that's
not how it feels... I meant it.


We've spoke so much,
Ben, about what happened,

but we've never spoken about
what it's done to us,

the trust that it's
damaged between us.

Keeping secrets ain't
going to fix it.

Watching you this past week,
knowing something was wrong,

but not knowing what, I mean,
it's driven me nuts.

Like, I... For some reason,
I honestly thought

you was thinking of getting back
with Whitney.

Yeah, I think we're past that.

Yeah, probably.

But I can't go through
this again, Cal.

We need to be honest
with each other,

because that is the only way
that this marriage'll work.

And it's the only thing
I've got left.

It has to work.

Booked a table overlooking
the river.

But if you're not in the mood,
we can do it another time.

There won't be another time.

Eh, what you on about?
I thought you changed your mind.

Well, I didn't want to give you
the chance to come up with some

cock and bull excuse.

How stupid do you think I am,

You rock up here out of nowhere,

you hone in on the only people with
a bit of cash - Kathy, Ruby...

Who's Ruby again?

Martin's wife.

They live in the
house you broke into.


Oh, please, spare me
the performance.

I didn't do nothing.

Well, how comes that you're
so flush all of a sudden?

I saw you scoping the place,

I heard you say to your mate
that you checked they'd be out.

I mean, you even told me
Ruby was minted.

What did you want, confirmation?

It was just a comment...

So what about those
photos on your phone, then?

You've been through my phone?

Do you blame me for trying
to understand who the hell you are

and why you're here?

I'm here because you're my daughter.

Did you really think
I would do anything to hurt you?

Stealing from my neighbours
hurts me. Cor.

Stealing from Kathy hurts me!


Yeah, first date,
her purse gets nicked.

I mean, it'd be funny if it
weren't so flamin' predictable.

When I came here, I was
worried about what you'd think.

But now I know -

burglar, two-bit bag snatcher.

Think I'd better go, don't you?

Yeah, I do, and don't
come back neither,

because as far as I'm
concerned, we are done,

for good this time.


What's up with him?

He is a liar and a thief.

He broke into 43,
he's nicked Kathy's purse,

and God knows what else he's up to.

Look, I don't know
anything about a break-in, right,

but I was just in the cafe
and Iqra brought Kathy's purse in.

MUSIC: Back in Black
by AD-DC

# Back in the back of a Cadillac

# Number one with a bullet

# I'm a power pack

# Yes, I'm in a bang
with a gang... #

Full of surprises, aren't you?

What music did you think I'd like?

Told me you were into metal,

but this is like something
my dad'd listen to.



So I'm like your dad now.

You are nothing like my dad,
believe me.

You'll find that out soon enough.

Well, he'll want to meet
you now that I've stayed over.

You told him? Course.

We've always been honest
with each other.

He says everybody finds out
everything in the end,

so it saves time.


Erm, well, you guys
seem really close.

What's he going to do
when you head off to uni?

Actually, I was thinking
I might defer.

Money's a bit tight after last year,
and he kind of needs me around.

And, I don't know...

..maybe there's another reason
to stay close to home now.

Well, well, well!

Looks like Cupid's arrow has
struck home after all.

This is Dana.

Hi, you all right?

I'm Kimberley Fox - MD, CEO
of Foxcatcher Dating Services,

and it looks like you are
a beneficiary of my services.

No, I didn't...I didn't
use her services.

Oh, yeah, I screened
you out, didn't I?

Yeah, but before that,

I definitely put you on the path
to find love, didn't I? Mm.

I'm just so happy for you both,
you know?

Yeah, see, just goes to show
there's someone for everyone.



Well, I won't disturb you.

It's fine. I have to go anyway.

OK, well, I'll call you later
for a full debrief. OK, Bobby?


And what did she mean when she said
you were "screened out"?

Oh, er, that's just nothing,
yeah, it's Kim.

Everyone knows her round here.

She's been in and out of
institutions her whole life, yeah.

Er, let's go.

What's for dinner?

Your second favourite -
fish, chips and peas.

BOTH: Yay!

Yeah, go on, go and get your bags.

I've been thinking about what
we talked about before.

What's this? Application form.

Kim's dating agency.

I thought you might want
to fill it in.

Look, I can see how
unhappy you are.

Look, I know you miss her -
God knows I do too -

but Chantelle,
she'd want you to be happy.

Your kids need you to be happy
and you deserve it.

Look, just have a read,

and if you want to bin 'em,
then no harm done.

I just want you to know that...

..when you're ready to meet someone
else, you've got our permission.

Thanks, Karen.

I'll just go and get the kids.

Ben! Ben!

I was hoping, erm,
I'd bump into you.

Yeah? So was I.

Yeah, well, I'd rather
you heard this from me.

I've been seeing Sharon in
secret for a couple of weeks.

I broke it off this morning.

I know should've had the guts
to tell you,

but I know what you think of her,

and you warned me to stay away,
so... I didn't.

I'm sorry.

I'm just hoping that this is
not going to damage

the trust between us
and all our business arrangements.

So why are you telling me this now?

Change of priorities.

I found out I'm an uncle.

Yeah, Habiba had a baby boy.

And Jags is going to need a lot
of help when he gets out,

so I got to keep the family
tight till then.

Well, that's good.

Um, tell him I said...tell him
I said congratulations.

I will.

I'm not going to forget what
you're doing to keep him safe.

So are we good?


I'm just hoping that
my mum will be as forgiving.

Wish me luck, hey?

Thanks for today, last night.

It's been perfect.

Best day ever.

You know, when you called
last night,

I thought maybe you were
going to finish it.

You'd been so weird.

Felt like you were pushing me away.

That's the last thing
I'd want to do.

I'd be with you all the time,
if I could.

I'm so glad you opened up,
let me see the real you.

I hope it's not too disappointing.

Course not.

You make me laugh, you're kind
and I feel safe with you.

I trust you.


What is it?

I don't know, erm, I just...

Well, I really like you,
you know, a lot.

And I can see us being
together, like properly together.

Me too.

And that's why I need to tell you.


I kind of dug myself
into a bit of a hole,

you know,
I was trying to impress you and...


No-one calls me Rob.

I'm Bobby.

Er...and the restaurant
isn't...it's not actually mine.

And the house too.

They both belong to my dad.

And I need to tell
you about my sister.

Her name was Lucy.


She's dead?

And it was my fault.

I killed her.

Dana, please, just...

Don't touch me,
don't come anywhere near me!

Dana, please.

Just let me explain!

Oh, now we are talking. Look at
that. Deep, rich, malty base.

What hops do they use?

You what? Uh, bunny hops.


Definitely got Fuggles in the nose.

"Fuggles in the nose"?

What are you, some sort
of brewery expert now, yeah?

No, but I ran
The Drowned Calf for five years.

You're joking.

Now that is a proper gaff, that is.

I could tell you some stories.

Yeah, I bet you could.

I'll leave yous to it.

Thought you'd come
for another swing?

No, I've come to hear your side.

Apparently Kathy's got
her purse back.

That don't change the fact you
thought I'd swiped it, yeah?

I don't need to steal nothing.

You want proof?

Here you are, check my bank balance.

Where do you get that
kind of money? Tip of the iceberg.

Back in the '80s,
bought three flats,

a couple of houses in Islington.

Got lucky.
Made over 10 million quid.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to influence
the way you saw me.

Them pictures on my phone,
they were research.

I thought it might be nice to go
and buy a house near my daughter.

But now, I know I'm wrong
and the feeling isn't mutual.

But I want to thank you for saving
me a bundle on stamp duty.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I got the wrong
end of the stick, all right?

But you turning up out of the blue,
it's shaken me up a bit.

I can see that.

But I thought you trusted
me a bit more by now.

I do want to trust you,
but it's hard.

Too much water under the bridge, eh?

You're my daughter, and I'll always
care about you, but...

..I now know that coming
here's been a big mistake,

so I'm going to go...

..and I'm going to
stay away from now on.

Here, Mick, thanks for
the drink, eh?

You mind how you go, son. Hm.

I wish you the best of luck
in your life, sweetheart.


I know you're angry with me.

And I'm sorry for the
way I talked to you, it was...

..it was disrespectful.

That thing with Sharon is over now.

Because there is nothing more
important in this world

than my family.

And I know you feel the same.

So can we just...just put
it behind us and move on?

Mum, we need to stick together,
for Jagvir, for Habiba -

whatever you think of her -

and their son.


Mum, what is it?

VOICE CRACKING: The prison chaplain
called me ten minutes ago.

Your brother was
attacked in his cell.

He's dead.

Jagvir is dead.