EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6292 - Episode #1.6292 - full transcript

Terry tries to make it up to Sonia. Will he succeed ?

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You're jokin'! I've got a bloke
turning up to size up the back.

One cab operator's licence
on its way.

All them nights that Nan and Jean
had me reciting The Knowledge!

Can't wait to tell Jean

when she comes back from visiting
Stacey, she won't believe it.

I can't believe it!

No more scrubbing filthy khazis,

I've got a team that'll
do that for me.

Right, I'm going to call Karen

and let her know she's got
a new boss.

Karen?! She ain't part of the plan.

She knows how to run the
launderette better than we do,

and people love her round here!

The last owner that tried
to sack her -

the Karen fan club turned up, had
him up pinned up with pitchforks.

All right.

I'll lay her off and make you wear
the tabard instead.

What do you reckon?

Last time you had me
wear that thing,

the Old Bill turned up, didn't they?

That's our future in front of us.

Tommy, Bert, Ernie.

Raymond as well.

It's finally happening!



Do you want a hand?

No. No, it's all right.

I was going to sweep up
and clean anyway.

It's better to just pop 'em,
otherwise they hang around,

reminding you...

Look, he ain't worth all this.

I just wanted to make it nice,
that was all.

And do you know what really gets me?

I told myself - I'm his daughter,
he won't let me down.

What was I thinking, eh?!

I mean, I get it...

Like, you went so long without a
dad, that anyone could've turned up

and you would've let them
into your life.

Anything else you want to
rub my nose in?

No? Good.

Here he is - Mr Celeb.
Any more paps today?


Look how many likes it's got now.

So, when are you going to find out
if you've won?

Few weeks.

Best Street Food title.

If we win that,
with that level of exposure -

well, things could start
to get real soon.

Wow! You look good.

Have you done something
to your hair? It looks great, Tiff!


So, they've given us a proper
write-up, yeah? Double page spread?


I'm so excited!

Did they include our Insta handle,

You ain't in it, Tiff.
It's all about Keegan.


Looking good, Keeg.

We would've got loads more likes
if they'd put you in.

Yeah. Just think,
as soon as your brand blows up,

those rags are going to come
begging. Yeah?

All that is tomorrow's chip paper.

Social media lasts forever.

Right, I'd better go do a workout.

I'm now a full-time salad addict
since the last weigh in.

I haven't even had any chocolate.

Bernie, you can so tell.

What, you think? Yeah!


Hey, look, so what, it didn't pan
out exactly how we wanted it to?

But just think,
what did it really cost us, eh?

Nothing but our time.


You won't believe this.

Just seen Dad and Kat with
the keys to the launderette.

You know, he can keep me
out of his business, that's fine.

But I was looking at Kat thinking,

"You mug!" I mean, I'm so out of it,
ain't I?

Cal, are you on mute or something,

Yeah, work called.

What do you mean work called?
I just got you a croissant.

Sarge said they had
a busy one last night.

Some raid in Millwall.
I've got to go.

Tell that Sarge I want my husband
back by lunchtime.


That's a lot of money for not
getting your face in the paper.

Babe, if you're going to milk
Brand Butcher-Baker,

you've got to get better
at self-promotion.

It's come out more Baker
than Butcher-Baker.

Your elbow's in that one.

That's a baguette!
No, it's not even funny.

Seriously, this has cleared me out.

I've maxed out my overdraft
for nothing.

Look, babe,
you get what you pay for,

and you do look amazing now!
You look all glowy.

Here you are.

No. It's a waste
if you don't show it off.

We're beauty therapists,
we've got to look good.

But I'm not exactly minted, am I?

I'm not going to be
able to keep this up.

How do you think I afford mine?
By flogging a load of these.

Do they even work?
No, I don't use it.

I just sell it
and I get a decent commission.

I can sort you out if you want in.

Are you sure that Fitzy is going to
be up for seeing the both of us?

Yeah. Yeah, Ash said he's out of
surgery and he's allowed visitors.

Right. Well, I'll be there
if you need me.

Whit... Yeah?

Thank you for agreeing to come
with me.

I couldn't have done this
without you.

And Ben? Have you spoke to him yet?

One thing at a time, yeah?

It's on the list.

That won't change.

We'll still be cleaning
the call centre.

Could do the Minute Mart an' all,

the prices you're charging,
you could afford the VIP deep clean.

Bit sudden, this business expansion
of yours.

Don't knock it. We're opening
a cab firm at the back.

That'll boost your trade.

Oh, didn't know we needed a boost.
Good luck.

I'm sure you'll be
one of the lucky ones.

What's that supposed to mean?

Most businesses fail
within their first year.

But I wish you and Phil
every success.

A new business? Which bank did you
and Phil rob this time?

We've taken over the launderette.
We've got big plans.

And had you got big plans when you
told me I could do better than Phil?

What was it you called him?
An old codger?

How was I to know that me
and Phil would end up together?

It was a surprise.

It was sly, Kat. Even for you.

The gym won't be using
the launderette when it reopens.

Wouldn't be good for business.
It's legit.

Any pie Phil has his finger in
is not legit.

This is different.

Course it is, darling.

You keep telling yourself that.

Ooh! You all right, Rocky?

Ain't you a sight for sore eyes?
Ugh! Excuse me.

You know what, next time you
and me have a drink,

we should have a nice kebab
to line our stomachs. Listen...

..was I out of my tree yesterday?

Nah, it wasn't your fault that
my granddaughters got you wasted.

You know they spiked your drink
with triple vodkas

so you'd enjoy your time with me.

Well, why did they bother
doing that, eh?

I agreed to have a drink with you
in the first place.

That's got to count for something,
hasn't it?

Oh, I think you've got
some explaining to do.

Sonia! I...



Flowers - you don't like flowers?
You don't like me.

You're not the first.

Look, Sonia, please,
just let me explain...

Just stop trying to
slide into my life, all right?

Cos it ain't going to work.

You and me, we're done!

It's only the Gazette anyway.

It's not that.

So, what is it?

I spent money I don't have
on fillers.

Oh. We work so hard, me and Keeg,

put everything into that stall.

How are we supposed to be
this power couple

if I just keep making stupid
decisions and spending my overdraft

and letting him down?

I need to make that money back,
Bern, before he finds out.

I can see if there's some work
at the call centre?



What's that? One pill and you can
look like Kendall Jenner?

Ah, they're diet pills.

Chloe gave them to me to try
and sell 'em.

I was actually thinking of flogging
'em at Fat Blasters -

I mean, it's a ready-made market.

Do they work?

Dunno, haven't really tried them.

I can trial 'em for you!
I need to lose weight quickly.

Why quick? What's the rush?



..going to have a baby.

That's why I need the pills.


Wh-who's the dad?

I ain't pregnant yet.

I'm going to be Rainie and Stuart's

Callum, it's all right
if you're upset.

I didn't know what to say to him,

Seeing him tubed up,
all them machines.

I done that to him.

I put him there.
No, you saved him!

I can't get that image
out of my head.

I just keep playing it
over and over...

Callum, stop it!

Stop it,
you're going to hurt yourself.

I've seen you like this before.

Your PTSD.

I'm sorry, Callum, but I think you
need to speak to Ben now.

No, he don't get it.

Look, I...
I got through this once, all right?

I'll get through it again.
Right, look...

..speak to a professional,
get some help.

I'm fine.

I am fine.

As long as I've got you to talk to,
I'm fine.

Callum, you've always got me.

You let me know when you're ready
to go home, all right?

Just stay with me a little
bit longer, yeah?

Don't tell anyone, will you?
Not even Keeg.

Bernie, Rainie and Stuart,

they put a lot of pressure on me
to go through with it,

even when I had doubts,

so don't let them hassle you.

I need the money...

..for Mum and Mitch, Bailey.

We're struggling.

Mum don't even know if she's got
a job now Mr P's sold up.

She thinks I've got a bonus
coming at the call centre.


Look, remember, you're only 18.

So? So, you're going to have someone
else's baby inside your body.

It's not an office temp job.

Hold on.

You was going to do it and all.

You were in the same boat as me.

I know,
and I didn't go through with it.

Mum is relying on me to come
through with this money.

Just give me the pills.

You got to sell 'em before Keegan
finds out you spent your overdraft.

So, I lose the weight,
you pay off your face.


They're not cheap.

Well, when I get the surrogacy

I'll pay you back, yeah?

Please, Tiff.

Promise me you'll check
the instructions

before you take any.




I only agreed to let him wait.

I didn't know he'd take over
the place.

I think I've left
the chips in too long.

What are you doing?!

Er, well... Look, I'm sorry,
we run out of flutes.


Eh, what do you think of that?

That is from the
85th Academy Awards.


I'm just trying to make you feel
special, you know?

How is invading my home
making me feel special?

Give me a chance. Come on,
Son, please? I just...

I did. Look what happened.

I know I haven't been
the best dad...

No, 35 years of not being the
best dad - give the man a medal, eh?

Yeah, but I'm new to this.

I'll probably mess up again,
but I want to learn.

We could learn together.

Please, just one last pie together

and then I will disappear
from your life

in a cloud of burnt chip smoke.

You will never see
my ugly mug again.


Where are you?

I'm, er, just finishing work.

What's taking you so long?

He's been with that hussy!

We're backed up from the raid.

Liar! From what?

The raid. I-I had to process
the prisoners.

Yeah, well,
don't overdo it, will you?

Look, I've got to go,
the Sarge needs me.

Don't trust him!
He's been sleeping with the vicar!

I'll... I'll be home later.

From the racket you was both making
last night,

I thought things were going well

Callum was always such a good boy.

Honest as they come...

..till you came along.

Yeah, I know.

Just sort it out, Gray, will you?

It's what I pay you for.

Everything all right?

Yeah, just a bit of paperwork needs
sorting out.

What, about the launderette?
Can I have a look?

No, it's just boring legal stuff,
let Gray handle it.

I want to see everything to do
with the business,

it's my name on those licences.

I just want to make sure...

Make sure of what?

I'm not being made a mug of again.
I could end up in prison.

What you on about?

You say you want to take care of me,

And you want something that's legit
for Raymond and for the boys.

And I meant it. Do you?

That's not what Sharon said.

What's Sharon got to do with

She said our business ain't legit.

It don't matter what Sharon says.

I know you two have got
a lot of history,

and that's something that
we'll never have...

But we could have, couldn't we?

You're just going to have to
trust me, yeah?

The launderette is for our future.

Stop making a fuss about nothing.

I was crewing yachts
off the French Riviera

when I got the recipe for this pie
from a young lady friend.

You get about a bit, don't you?

She was a sous chef
on the main drag.

A very strong woman -
like what you are.

You don't know me.

I hardly know you.

No, you don't know me - yet.

I could spin a yarn, but really...

..I'm just a simple bloke who wants
the best out of life.

I've been to the
school of hard knocks,

done things I'm not proud of.

But I know a good soul
when I see one.

And I'm proud of you, Sonia.

I am so proud of you.

So if you can find it in your heart
to let me get to know you,

I promise I won't mess it up again.

Let me make up for the last
35 years, please?

I'm not...

I'm not crying, no, I just got
something in me eye...

Right, come on, let's have
a photo, shall we?

So I can show my daughter off
to all my mates, eh?

Say "how's your father?!"

Look at that!

Ah, very photogenic.

Not you, me.


Right, I'm going to roll up the
carpet, get out of your hair.

MUSIC: Red Right Hand
by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

# On a gathering storm

# Comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat

# With a red right hand... #

How was work?

Fine. Yeah, just shattered.

Hot shower will sort me out.

Want me to join you?

Er, another time, yeah?