EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6291 - Episode #1.6291 - full transcript

Sonia is extremely upset with Terry when he misses the special Father's Day meal she has prepared for him especially as this is the first time ever in her life she has been able to celebrate it.

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Ain't Sonia supposed to buy
that for you?

Ooh, those for me?

Sonia. We're having lunch.

I will call you, though -
I'm just building up the courage.

Well, I'm glad you're having
lunch with Sonia.

She deserves a bit of spoiling -
and you be good to her, yeah?

Hey! My business account
got its first follower!

and now all I've got to do is
set our one up.

Check you out. What do you reckon?


Nah, I don't think that one works.

No! But get thinking, though,
cos we do need to get it sorted out

so they can include
it in the photos.

Mm-hm. We need as many followers
as we can get.

Mm-hm. What is that?

What's what? Oh, I've got a spot!

Where? There.

Er... I can't really see anything.


I mean, if you say so.

So, you can see it, then.
It's massive innit? Babe, it's fine.

It's not fine.
We've got our big photoshoot later.

SCOFFS: It's for
the Walford Gazette.

It's hardly the front page
cover of Vogue, is it?

I thought yesterday you
said that this was a good idea.

Yeah, it is, but...
Well, then, it is important.

I have to look good, Keeg, otherwise
no-one's going to take me seriously.

Why did you let me
have all that grease last night?!

Look, I need to talk to Chloe.
I've got to get this sorted out.


You all right? Yeah. Um...

Listen, you heard about what
happened to that geezer I work with?

Yeah, I did. I'm sorry. Yeah.

Apparently he's got his op today.
It's quite high risk.

Don't suppose you know
anything about that, would ya?

Even if I did, we're only allowed
to speak to the family.

Look, Ash, I...I don't want to put
you in a difficult position.

Well, then, don't.

Look, I'm sorry.

Any ideas what
we could do for Father's Day?

I feel like I should make an effort,
seeing as I'm actually here.

What are you asking me for?
He's not my dad.

This family don't involve me
in anything any more.

They didn't even tell me
I was going to be a nan again...

You wasn't the only one
who didn't know.

You know what? I'm not being funny,

but I've got food in that
fridge out there

that's been here longer
than you've been around.

Nah, don't you think
it's weird, though?

That she's kept it a secret
all this time.

She reckons five months!

How about we focus less
on Mum and Dad's sex life

and more on yours, Shirl?

When's the last time you got lucky?

Hold up, don't tell me it was

What?! That's like...five years?

So? Who was Buster?

He's kind of like Phil Mitchell,
except cuddly...

..and he's your grandad.


Yeah, I'll tell you about him later.

For now, maybe we need to hang
up them leather boots of yours

and get you some nice comfy

You know I don't know
if you two have noticed,

but there's not much talent
swimming around here -

and I've got standards.

What about him? The old bloke.

What, Sonia's dad?

He's cute.
Well, then, you're welcome to him.

Hm, I'll just see if we can order
you a nice cosy blanket

to go with them slippers.

You know what?

You two are a right pain.

All right?

Yes, thanks.

Shirley Carter. Rocky.

Are you having a laugh?

Quite direct, aren't you?
Fancy a drink?

Still on the go, but...
I wasn't offering.

Mine's a vodka and tonic...


Are you going somewhere?

Yeah, to the club.
Have you seen my key?

You're going to work?

Yeah, I've got to sort through
the month end.

What's that?

I just thought with everything
that's happened,

it might be worth us doing some
research, you know?

See what else we can... IVF?

It's not getting pregnant
that's the problem.

It's staying that way.

I know, but...

..there are...there are
other options.

I mean, this website's got
a whole list -

I thought we could make
an appointment with the specialist

and go and see what's what.

I don't want us to give up.

Give up?
Is that what you think I'm doing?


It's just there is some hope,
is what I mean.

But that's the point.

I can't handle it any more, Martin.

I thought that you wanted
to have a family.

Yeah, I do, but...

..but I'm lucky,
because I've got one.

You know, I had a mini breakthrough
with Lily yesterday

and despite how awful
everything else was, it...

..it made me feel
a little bit better.

So I want to focus on that.

On what I've got.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I am.

According to Tiff,
the living room's off limits...


11.99. Fancy.

Want me to test it?!

No, I like you to get out of my
hair, please.

Ah. Father's Day.
Ain't that on Sunday?

We're doing it today.
Could you just put that...?

Don't you think this is all a
bit...too much too soon?

Oh - says the person who said
I should get to know him.

Yeah, but going all
out for Father's Day -

ain't like he's put
the years in, is it?

It's just a meal.

And is my room safe,
or will he be moving in, an' all?

Listen, I didn't
like Father's Day either.

All right? It feels like
the world's in on something

and you're the odd one out.

It can't be easy.

I just don't want to see you
get disappointed.

I won't be.

I've got a second chance,
and I'm taking it.

Well, good luck with that.

Thank you - I won't need it.

Yeah, when I called Chloe,
she said, "Ella's your woman" -

apparently you're the best.

Babe, you were lucky
I had a cancellation -

I'm usually booked out for years.

Oh! Well, look,
I - yeah, I appreciate it.

As I said, I've got this spot here
and I've got this photoshoot later

and basically I'm just in need
of a major glow up.

You've come to the right woman.

We'll do a deep cleanse
and a brightening peel.

Have you looking like a total sort.


Is that your routine?
Cos your skin is incredible.

This is a tad more intensive.

But I didn't think your budget
stretched to injectables?

Injectables? Like fillers and botox?

I blend my products.

Little tweak here and there -
polished but natural is my vibe.

I mean, you like you've got
a filter on your face.

Gotta look good! I mean, I'm
basically like a one woman brand.

Yeah, that...makes sense.

Have you got any of them on you,
like, fillers and stuff?

You might want to think about it
a bit more before your first time.

Yeah, but would there be any time
for it to work

before the photoshoot,
or would it look a bit weird?

No-one would be able to tell
you'd had a thing done -

but, on my life,
you'd look 25% better.

I'm sold.

100%, babe?
Cos this stuff gets spendy.

Look, you're right. I've got to
launch my brand looking my best -

and, plus, it's an investment,

A girl after my own heart.

So, did you really
arm wrestle a gorilla?

I swear on my mother's life.

But your mum's dead, right?

Passed ten years back.

How'd you know that?

Do you fancy another drink?

No, I shouldn't.

I've got a lunch with
Sonia in half an hour.

I've got a lot of ground to make up.
I cannot afford to be late.

How long does it take
you to drink a drink?

Final offer, Rambo.

All right - but just another short,
though, OK?

Two vodka and tonics.

Thought you might.

And I didn't order the smug smiles,
so wipe them off your face.

You were laughing.

You never laugh
at other people's jokes.

I was not laughing
because he wasn't funny.

You like him.

Well, look,
he's got to go at one o'clock.

I mean, I'm a fast worker,
but I can't cop off in half an hour.

Where's he going? Lunch with Sonia.

Tell him they're on the house.

Those weren't singles.

Oh, yeah, they were triples.

I did the same with the last round.

Anyone would think we were sisters.

Half an hour, she reckons?

A lot can happen in that time.

Oh! Finally get to meet
the organ grinder.

Suki Panesar. Proprietor.

Violet Highway.

Stuart and Callum's Nan.

I know who you are.

Bit different to the corner shops
I grew up with.

Thank you. I'm pleased with it.

Did I say it was a compliment?

Er, where do I find the loo roll?

Or is it all organic carrots
and scented candles in here now?

Oh, thank you.

Must be awful for your Stuart
and his Rainie,

knowing their little girl's
out there,

kidnapped by her deranged grandad,
no idea where he's taken her.

Any news? I see.

It's like that, is it?

Sat behind your little counter,
revelling in people's misery?

That's nice. I was just showing
a bit of community concern.

Well, if you must know,
Miss Proprietor,

no, there ain't no news,
and they're worried sick.

We all are.

What you've got to remember is we
all wipe our behinds just the same.

Some of us wash, actually.

Bitter old woman.

What you don't realise is that's
going to be you in 20 years' time.

That's Callum's nan, isn't it?

All I did was ask about Abi,
and I get treated to an acid bath.

If I were them,
I'd give up all hope. Mum!

The longer she's away, the less
likely she is to come back -

and if that family are sat around
waiting for some good news,

well, there's none coming any time
soon, I'm afraid.

Oh, my days!

You are a miracle worker.

It's like looking at my face,
but better.

Didn't I say?

Is card OK?


Is that the right price?

Babe... I did say
it was going to cost more.

Those were top quality products -

and I'm the best.

Yeah, no, I know, I just...

Babe, listen. End of the day,
you're putting yourself out there,

launching your business,
and you wanted to look your best.

Yeah. Yeah.

Do you reckon I could pay half now
and half in a couple of days?

I just... I need to move some
money around, that's all.

A couple of days will be OK.

Oh, thank you!

Like you say, I am my own brand.



I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.


If anything, it's been
a bit of a wake up, Jean.

It's made me realise I need to
concentrate on what I do have,

not what I don't.

You know, that's it now.

No more trying to get pregnant.

No more getting my hopes up
for nothing.

I'm done.

You're bound to feel a bit raw
straight after it's happened.

No, it's not a kneejerk thing.

I've spoken to Martin,

and I've said we need to move on.

I've had months of being
prodded and poked

and being made to feel like my body
is a complete failure, and...

..I can't go through it again.

I understand how you're feeling.

It's just...


I look at you and I don't
see a woman who's given up.

I see a woman who's grieving.

And I feel that you've got a little
bit more fight left in you yet.

Here we go...

Oh, no, no, no,
I've got to get a move on.

What? I thought your lunch was at 1?

It is, what time is it now?

Chill your boots.
You've got ages yet.


I'm not known for turning down
the generosity of the house -

so, what are we toasting to?

How about...borrowed time?

Borrowed time.

She's calling us old.

We're not old.
We're just marinating...

That's it,
lift your head a little bit.

Baguette that way a bit. Thank you.

Yeah. Perfect.

What a gorgeous couple.

Was that all right?

I felt like a did a bit of a weird
face in that last one?

Yeah, I've got enough coverage,
so don't worry.

Well, we're nearly there.

It would be great to get one more
quote to go with the pics.

So, Keegan - if you could
describe your food in three words,

what would they be?

Er... Flavour, fresh and...

..feel the vibes. Yeah, all right,
I'll give you that one! Yeah?!

Oh, also could you make
sure our Insta handle

Cheers. Only cos we're going for
this couples' Insta brand, you know?

Yeah. Well, I think that's

Oh, before you go - Tiff, do you
want to do the three word thing?...

Yeah. Um, my brand is...

..beautiful, it's glam and it's...


I said fresh...

Yeah! Um... Um...



Yeah! Right, well, it was good
to meet you both.

Good luck with the competition.
Thank you. Cheers, yeah?

Thank you so much. Thank you.
Thanks. Bye.

Oh! Whoo! That couldn't have gone
any better.

D'you reckon?
Yeah, 100%. You heard him.

I didn't have time to say anything
earlier, but you look...


Babe, you look unreal.

Have you done something
to your hair?

Yeah. Yeah, um, I moved the parting.

I should have the hump, really -

no-one's going to be looking at me
with you in the pictures.


Looking all nice and that. Stop!

THEY SING ALONG: # Come on, Eileen
Come on, toora loo rye ay

# Come on, toora loo rye ay

# Now you have grown
Now you have shown

# Oh, Eileen

# Come on! #

What have we done?

We've created a monster.

How bad is it?

Really bad.

This will be funny.

# Toora loo rye ay... #


Put some Sonny and Cher on!


You know, I think we've had
enough duets, Shirl.

# But I would walk 500 miles... #

# And I would walk 500 more

# Just to be the man
who walked a thousand miles

# To fall down at your door... #


And to think I was willing to
give you the benefit of the doubt.

Happy Father's Day, Terry.




I, erm... I managed to speak
to the doctor

that did Fitzy's surgery earlier.

He's pulled through, and he's


Ash, you've got...

You've got no idea what that means
to hear that, honestly.

Yeah, well, you and your family

have had a lot to deal with
recently, so...

But this stays between us. OK?

Yeah, yeah, of course. Of course.

Thank you. OK.

Everything OK?

Whit, he's going to pull through -

Fitzy, he's gonna be OK.

Callum, that's amazing news!

So you're going to tell Ben now,


Look, I...
I need to see Fitzy first.

All right? But then I will
speak to Ben. I promise.

Sonia... So, what happened?

Thought it would be more fun
getting wasted in the Vic?!


I have no idea what's happened.

All right, I just went in for one,

and Shirley was chatting to me
and that,

but I am keeping an eye
on the clock,

because I know today is important.


I'm sorry.

I don't know how it happened.

We used to make Father's Day
cards at school

and I used to write mine out
"To Alan,"

and all my friends used
to think it was funny -

"Why do you call your dad Alan?"

I never called him Dad,
cos he wasn't.

He was great, he was steady,

but he wasn't mine.

I mean, it ain't a sob story -

loads of people grow up
without a dad. Course they do.

But then you turn up out of the blue

and I get a little glimpse of what
it might be like

to have a dad who's
there just for me.

But I was wrong.

No, Son, I am.

No, you ain't.

You're there for Kathy,
you're there for Shirley.

You're here for the sound
of your own flaming voice.

I'll tell you something else.

I don't need a dodgy plumber,
I don't need a skirt chaser,

a name dropper -
and I certainly don't need a drunk.

So just get out and don't come back.

Sonia, please...
Just get out!