EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6290 - Episode #1.6290 - full transcript

Kathy agrees to a date with Terry after some persuasion from Sonia.

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You ain't going to believe
what's happened to me, Nance.

I've just helped deliver
a little sunbeam.

What? A baby? Yeah.

Oh, where's your mother?
She back yet or...?

She's still at the scan.
You were supposed to meet her there.

No, my phone died,
which means I couldn't tell her

I had a flat tyre on the haddock,
it was a nightmare. No...


Oh, look, you know what she's like,

the CIA could pay her to get
confessions out of people.

Cheers, Nance.


Is that her?

No, it's the bird's baby.

She's sent me a smudge of him.
Look. She's called him Michael.

Ugly kid, he looks
like a jacket potato.

What are you talking about?
He's a raving little sort.

You need to ring Mum,

she's going to think you didn't
go to the scan on purpose.


I just can't get my head around it.

And you had no idea?

Well, I was late,
but I just ignored it.

That's the thing with endometriosis,

I've stopped trusting my body
to do normal women's stuff.

When did they say it was
going to happen?

Could be today, tomorrow...

And they just sent you home?

Well, it's so early that it'll just
be like a heavy period, apparently.

But why can't they do something?

It's just not meant to be.

I'm going to call Dotty, tell her
to man the fort at the club.

No, don't. It's pointless.

But I want to be here for you.

Honestly, Martin, they've got
no idea when this could happen.

Besides, I was planning
a Married At First Sight marathon.

I don't really want the judgment.

What one says the old man,
do you think -

the Rolls-Royce or the Labrador
holding the heart?

Either. Can I get him some
chocolates too?

Yeah, I suppose he deserves it,
don't he, the old fella?

Well, we're having the Rolls-Royce,
so you can have the labradaor

if you want it, Son? I don't even
know if Terry likes dogs.

I think I'll leave it for now.
Thanks, though.


I'm so proud of Bernie.

Like, joining Fat Blasters
and going for runs and stuff.

Yeah, it's sick, innit?


Get in! Come on!

What? What?

You're looking
at a shortlisted entrant
for Walford's Best Street Food 2021.

You're joking!

And listen to this - they want
to take some pictures of me

to go in the Gazette
looking bare buff.

They didn't say that.

All right, they didn't say that,

but they do want to get
some pictures, though.

Yeah? Sick! Right.

Where're you going?

I'm going to go and choose my garms.

Now? Yeah.

If I get this right, my followers
are going to go through the roof.

This is my big chance, Tiff! Yeah.


Hi, Ruby Allen speaking.


Have you tried her dad?

No, I'm her step-mum, but...

OK, yeah, I'll come and get her.

I'll be 20 minutes.


L, if this is about what Nancy said,
I just want to explain...

Please, sit down.

You're a good man...

..a very good man,

which is why you've said
you'll bring up this baby,

even though it ain't yours.
And I meant it.


You think you do, but you don't.

If this is about the scan,
I tried everything to be there...

It's not just the scan.

This past month, you haven't laid
your hands on my bump once.

You haven't felt it kick.

You haven't asked me to.

I never needed to ask before.

Look, it's OK, I don't blame you.

What happened, what I did...

..it's right here, you know,

it's a constant reminder. Why would
you want to watch that grow?

Which is why I've decided
that the best thing is for me

to go to my mum's
until the baby's born.


And then...

..then I'll have it adopted.

All that plumbing really
worked up an appetite.

No wonder Mario and Luigi
were always on the pizza.

I was wondering what
you're up to this Sunday.

Church, obviously.

I used to be a choir boy
back in the day,

until the voice broke
and I took up bell ringing...

Go on, then,
what's happening Sunday?

Nothing, don't worry.

There you go.

Got one lady to agree
to have lunch with me.

Yeah, look, I'm sorry
for being a bit short earlier.

No explanation needed.

Sonia's filled me in
on the situation.

Has Jack heard any more
from Max or...?

Not that I know of.
I mean, I've been so busy here,

I ain't had time to find out.
Well, that won't do.

You should go.
I could fill in here.

Don't be silly. No, really.

When something like this happens,
you need to be with your family.

It's important. Have you ever
worked in a caff before?

Do me a favour.

I once did a stint
in a Michelin-star kitchen,

I think I can handle this.

I'll keep an eye on him.

Go on, go.

Oh, thanks very much.

That might have been a little
white fib about the Michelin-star

kitchen, by the way.
Don't tell her.

You know if I'd have found out
I was pregnant earlier,

I'd have had an abortion.
No, you wouldn't. I would.

You've been arguing with Nancy
for weeks about how natural it is

to want a baby, how she'll
never really understand

until she's pregnant, because that's
when you start to love it...

But I love you more, Mick.

You know, today,
being at the scan...

..it made me realise
I can't do this on my own.

And you won't be.

I told you I'll be there.

I promised you
and I meant every word.

What if it's ginger?

No, I'm being serious, Mick.

What if this baby comes out
with ginger hair

and you can't love it
because it reminds you of him?

I had a bit of a wobble with Nancy,
OK, it doesn't mean anything.

Yes, it does.

I've been asking you to talk
to me for weeks now,

but, instead, you spoke to her.

You're shutting me out
cos you still blame me. No...

Then why?

Why else would you talk to
our daughter about how you feel
instead of me?

What do you want me to say?
I want the truth.

How do you really feel about
bringing up this baby?


OK, all right.
I've had some thoughts...

What thoughts?

You know, like...

..will I be able to bond with it?

But they're just thoughts.

It's OK.

That doesn't mean I want you
to have this baby adopted.

Cos let me tell you something now,

I would never, ever forgive myself
for that.

I wouldn't blame you.
We'd get over it,

and then we could leave Max
in the past where he belongs.

See, now you're doing it, see,
you're avoiding the issues.

You and Max, you happened.
You have to accept it.

You might regret it.

You can't just elbow history.

But I want to.

I want to blot it all out.

L, you've got to stop
blaming yourself.

You made a mistake,
but this baby's not a punishment.

And think about Frankie.

Sometimes something beautiful
can come from something
we'd rather forget.

So I know I'm going to love this
baby because it's part of you.

And I don't know if you've noticed,

but I've always had
a bit of a thing for you.

Are you still feeling sick?

But you haven't actually been sick?

You look all right to me. So?

Are you really feeling ill?

Yes! I ain't skiving!

When we get back,
you need to be in your room,

cos I'm in the lounge.

Can I...

Can I borrow some money?

For what?

I need to get something.

You've started your period,
haven't you?

No! Oh, my God,
you're so embarrassing.

It's only natural, you don't
need to be embarrassed...

I haven't started my period,
all right? So what, then?

Lily, I'm not going to give you
money unless you tell me
what you need it for...


What are we going to do about Max?
And what if he comes back here?

He won't, not after
what he's done with Abi.

But we'll always be looking
over our shoulder, won't we,

wondering if he's going to turn up
and snatch the baby?

Don't worry, I'll protect us.

What if there was another way?

What do you mean?

The only people that know that Max
is the father are you, me,

Sharon and Nancy.

Yeah, we agreed, we weren't going
to lie about anything this big...

Yeah, but the situation's changed,

I saw Rainie's face this morning, I
don't ever want to be in her shoes.

You want me to say I'm the dad?

Why not?

We say I'm five months
instead of six.

No-one would ever know.

All done?

Yeah, we'll give it a comb through
later, but we should be.

Lil, what happened
at your taster day?

Nothing. Did someone make
fun of you for having nits?

Is that why you said
you were sick?

You can tell me.

I won't laugh, I promise.

And I won't tell anyone else.

Amy saw me scratching
and started laughing.

She said I was a disgusting baby
and that I'd have no friends

when I started in September.
She said that?

It's fine.

I told her to shut her mouth.

Where you going?

To take Princess Amy
down a peg or two.

Please don't, Ruby, you're just
going to make it worse.

Stay here.


The NHS not keeping you
busy enough, Son?

Don't ask, Jay.

Terry's roped us into all this,
and muggins here has been

lumbered doing all the hard work,
while he gives it all that.

Terry! Yeah?

Son, I'm telling them
about your big moment...

So she's there in the pub,

holding the Biro, bosh,
shoves the Biro,

plunges it right into his throat
and the whole pub goes quiet

and then...

..he breathes. I know, unbelievable.
Straight out of Grey's Anatomy.

Son, get over here.

They want your autograph.

Well, at least he's proud of you.

When you're done with your fans,
I'll have a cup of tea, please.

Son, merchandise, T-shirts
- they want it all.

Yeah, you're right to look worried.

Who do you think you are?

Amy Mitchell, last I checked.

Right, you think you're something
special, do you? Well, you're not.

You're a bully.

And bullies are not special.
They're weak, they're insecure,

and they don't
like themselves very much.

Is that really who you are?


She's being really mean, Dad.

And my arm's aching...

Well, that will teach you
for all the acrobatics.

Look, I'm sorry, but she was meant
to be showing Lily round her new

school and, instead, she's made
fun of her for having nits

and told her
she won't have any friends.

I never. That ain't the truth.

I said she needed to be careful
about the friends she was with.

Go inside, now.

You can't take her side, Dad!


Look, I'm sorry, I'll have a word.

She's been feeling embarrassed
herself, she had them last week.

So it's probably her
that gave them to Lily.

But, next time, I'd appreciate it
if you came to me

before you go all
full-on tiger mum, yeah? Yeah.

Oh, how's it going?

Well, it got a little bit hairy,
Kath, I won't lie.

But, thanks to my daughter,
we steered her through

cos we make a good team.

He kept the punters entertained,
I kept them fed.

I really am ever so grateful.

Not that I got anything new on Max,

but it was good to catch up
with Rainie at least.

Poor love.

Well, go on, you two can get off.

No, no, no, got some
washing up to finish.

Are you sure? Yeah, course.

He's all right, your dad, ain't he?

Why don't you have
that lunch with him?

Did he put you up to this?

No, actually, he didn't.

All right, then.

Why don't you give him my number?


You will never guess what.

Amy had nits herself last week,

so she probably gave them to you.

No way! Yeah.

But you can't say anything,
all right?

Don't worry, I gave her
a piece of my mind.

I've never seen you
like that before.

Well, I mean, I have, but only
when you've been angry with me.

I care about you, Lil,
so if anyone hurts you,

they've got me to answer to.
All right?


And you don't need to worry.

You'll make a great mum one day.

Shall we watch TV? Yeah.

I'll get us some popcorn, eh?

All right, Tiff, I need your
honest opinion here, yeah?

The blazer - does it go with
the jeans, or is it a bit too smart?

Keeg, it looks great. Cool.
I've had a brainwave.

Should I be worried?
I was at Fat Blasters earlier,

and I realised that there
is something missing from my life.

Like a path. A path?

Obviously, my course finishes
this summer

and, to be honest, I've been
feeling really anxious about it,

and then I realised - what if all
of this with the competition is

the universe's way of trying
to tell me something?

Well, not just me,
trying to tell us something.

You've completely lost me.

Why don't we go
into business together?

I mean, I'm not too sure
a side hustle of lip gloss

really goes with a food stall.

No. I mean, why don't we start
our own brand, as a couple?

You do food, I'll do beauty.

How? We'll set up
a couple's Instagram account.

You know, we'll post cute videos
and funny pictures,

and try and get our followers up
and then I'll start my business,

you win the competition
and we're set.

We could be like Molly Mae
and Tommy Fury.

Keeg, do you realise
how much money they make?

Yeah, look, I'm not knocking it,
all right,

and you've come up with
a great idea.

We're just a cut above,
do you know what I'm saying?

Obviously. Yeah.

But...you like the idea?

Look, why don't, tomorrow,
you come with me to the photoshoot

and we can get some pictures of us
together and start us off?

No, that's your thing...

There is no I in team, Tiff.

Right, the blazer -
does it work with the jeans or not?

God, it works! It does, huh?
It works so good.

Give me a pose, come on,
show me what you got. A pose? Yeah.



You all right, Lil?

Where's Rube?


She went to the loo.
She's been ages.


Come on, Rubes.

I've saved you some ice cream,
but it's probably melted.

Budge up, then.


She said you can take her for lunch.

You pimping out your old dad,
are you? Just don't mess it up.

Also, I wondered if
you could keep Sunday clear.

Lunch round mine? I'll do a roast.

Mm. Wouldn't miss it.
Hang on a minute!

Do you know what? I can't do
Sunday, I'm covering a shift.

You don't have to worry about that.

I will eat Sunday dinner any day
of the week. When else are you free?


Tomorrow it is.



Aw, Linda! You're pregnant?

Should hope so, either that or
I've been on the mince pies

since Christmas.

For real? I am going to be a sister?

Shut up. You're pregnant?

How far gone are you? Five months.
Five months!

I've been with you nearly every day,
and you didn't think to tell me?

Sorry, Mother, we've been
worried about the pregnancy,
do you know what I mean?

Well, I am a geriatric after all.

And this one's going to be
a daddy again.

I am so happy for you!

So am I, congratulations.
Champagne on me!

MICK: Lovely! Nance.

Are you sure?

Never been surer.

To Dad, Linda and the little baby.

To our family.

Our family.


Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.