EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6289 - Episode #1.6289 - full transcript

Mick misses Linda's baby scan due to a series of unfortunate events.

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Any news on little Abi?

Jack still ain't heard from him.
We're going to the station now.

Good luck. Ain't nothing worse than
not knowing where your kid is.

Max Branning is scum.

That trick isn't going to fool
people for much longer, Mum.

You sound like your dad.

Oh, um, you still OK for later?

The scan?

To double-check everything's
all right after I fainted.

Uh, yeah, course I am. Sorry.

What time is it?

10.30. I've got to meet that
geezer from the brewery.

He wants to sell me
some poncey lager.

You don't have to come.
No, no. I'm coming.

I'll just have to meet you there,
that's all it is.

Do you mind, Nance? I need to get
my knackers out.

So, you write your worry on a piece
of paper and you post it in the box.

Isaac told me about it.

It's meant to improve a child's
mental health.

At least this one doesn't
involve rabbit poo.

Right, shall we give it a go?

Don't worry.
No-one's going to see it.

It's just between you and the box.

I don't know what to write. You
can write anything. Anything at all.

It can be one word, if you want.
There you go, Lil, one word.

Shouldn't be too much to ask,
should it?

You're all right. You can
just write "hair".


What if I don't have any worries?

Why would I be
worried about my hair?

Well, you've got your taster day
at Walford High today.

Maybe you could write about that?
Why would I be worried about that?

Lil, just give it a go, eh?

No, it's all right. If she don't
want to, she doesn't have to.

It was just an idea.
All right? Don't worry.

Great. Now fold it up and put it
in the box.

Well, don't look.

All right!

Am I done now?

Or are we going to do some
kind of chanting therapy next?

Cheers, Lil. Yeah.

Sorry about that.

You did get her to do one, though,
so well done. Yeah.

What was that before?

You and Dad.

You gave him a look.

I looked at Dad?

Don't play dumb, Nancy.

You and him - a look.
A "tell her" look.

So tell me - what?

Talk to Dad.

So it was a look. I knew it.

Please Mum, I don't want to
get involved.

He's having second thoughts! No!

Then what?

Oh, Nancy, please!
I can't bear this.

OK. He's just feeling
a bit...worried.


Raising a kid with Max Branning,

that is a complicated situation.

So he is feeling
complicated about it.

So when did he say all this, then?

Only I've been trying to get him
to open up for weeks now,

and I get diddly squat,
but with you,

he can't stop pouring his heart out,

about his complicated feelings.
So, what else did he say?

Please, Mum... Does he wish I'd
got rid of it, is that it?

What? No! Don't be stupid. How do I
know if I'm being stupid or not?

He won't talk to me!
Maybe that IS what he's thinking!

Maybe if you didn't always
go off on one,

he might feel like he could open
up a little bit more?

I am six months pregnant with
another man's baby,

and my husband won't talk to me.

I'm sorry
if I'm feeling a bit emotional!

OK. Just...remember this is Dad
we're talking about.

OK? He's probably going to see
the baby on the scan today

and he's going to go all gooey
over it.

But in the meantime,

maybe you could try
and just chill out a little bit.




You forgot this.


You're going to smash today.

And if anyone's off with you,

you don't even give them
the time of day, all right?

Unbelievable. What?

You read my worry, didn't you?
No, I didn't. I just...

Look, I'm sorry.
I just want to help.

I know what it's like being a small
fish in a big pond...

I knew you were going to do
something like this.

This whole step-mum act,
it don't suit you, mate.

Everything all right?

Kids! Nothing I can't handle.

You don't handle children like you
handle business, Ruby.

I mean, the other day,
the house rules thing -

it was a bit like being barked at
by a chief executive!

Not that I've met many chief...
Well, anyway, it doesn't matter.

The point is that,
Lily won't show you,

but she's really missing her mum.

So you could try to be
a little bit more... What?



Yeah, good advice.



Oh, leave off!

OK, all right.


You're joking me!


Stuart. It's Kathy.

Any news on Abi?

OK, well, keep me posted, yeah?

How is it possible you get younger
and more radiant every day?

I've only met you twice.

I'm going to have to wear
sunglasses around you.

Oh, Rocky... How anyone calls you
that with a straight face,

I'll never know.

There's quite an interesting
story about my name.

Let me buy you lunch,
I'll tell you all about it.

I was about to say that I'm not in
the mood for this tripe today.

Tripe? No, no, no. Upmarket,

befitting a classy
woman, like what you are...

I've got a leak!
Don't worry about that, Son.

I'll nip in there and get some
incontinence things if you like.

In the kitchen! My pipe's burst.

What are you doing here, anyway?

Making a nuisance of himself.

Trouble with your pipes?
Is it a bird, is it a plane?

No, it's Super-Dad,
Rocky to the rescue!

Do you know anything about plumbing?
As a matter of a fact, I do.

Oh, don't tell me! You once
unblocked Paul McCartney's bog.

No, no, Ronnie Wood's.

Another time for that date, eh?

Honestly, he does mean well, Kath.

Here, mate! Mate!

Thank you. Thank you so much.

You're literally my guardian angel.

Where are you going, mate?
I'm going the maternity hospital.

I'll be checking in there in
a couple of weeks, all being well.

Oh, how lovely. Congratulations.

You're cutting it fine, ain't you?
Money's tight.

Got to work till I drop, me. Yeah.

So when are you due?



My wife, she's, er,
about six months gone.

Is it your first?
No, no. It's my sixth, I suppose.

Don't sound so sure.

Postman been busy, has he?

What about you?
Sorry, I didn't get your name.

Oh, it's Jeanette.

Yeah, it's my first.

Well, I'm Mick. Here, girl,

couldn't put your foot down for me,
could you?

What, and get a fine in my last
week of work?

Sorry, but you should've left
the house earlier.

Good advice, Jeanette. Thank you.

What are guardian angels for, eh,

Mick, it's me again.

I'm heading to the waiting area,
so meet me there.

Look, I, um...

..had a chat with Nance, and she
told me that you were worried.

I wish you'd spoken to me about it.

This is never going to work
if you shut me out.

Excuse me! I've got to go.

You are coming, aren't you?

There she is! On the home straight!

Go, Bernie, Go, Bernie!

I swear I seen you on a run earlier.

Still on for Fat Blasters later?

Course I am.
I'm your wing girl, always.

Don't talk about wings.

What's brought on this health kick?

I just thought it was time,
you know.

Nice. I rate that.

Fat Blasters, though?

What do they do,
zap the fat out of you?

I wish.


Watch what you're doing.

What? I do not need fat blasted out
of my butt, thank you very much.

I never said you did.

Hey! Can I get one of those Korean
chicken wraps. please?

Yeah, man.

Have you seen this street food
competition in the Gazette?

You should apply. Already have.

Good lad. I never knew this.

That's amazing.

Well, I don't want to get
ahead of myself, innit?

But if I can get, like, a runner-up
at least,

then I should get a nice write-up
and boost up my Insta.

Boosted Insta, boosted brand.

Yeah, and you get to sit back
and enjoy the rewards.

No, no, I'm no trophy wife,
thank you very much.

I make my own money, mister.

Cheers, pal. See you later.

Excuse me.
My friend has been in there ages.

Do you think everything's OK?

Ah! There she is.

What is it?

I'm pregnant.

Oh, that's wonderful news, Ruby.

My pregnancy hormone isn't right.

I'm going to miscarry.

Sorry, sorry. No, no, listen.
When you got to go, you got to go.

Oh, God.

I've just been!

How is that even possible?

How embarrassing. No, no,
I don't think you've wet yourself.

I think your waters have broke
and you're in labour.

No. No, Dave's not back
from Newcastle until next week.

I can't be having the baby now.
Well, you are. So jump in.

Good job we're going in the same
direction! Give us the keys.

There is no way you're driving my
cab... Ohh! Give us the keys.

Jump in the back. In you go.
Go on, go on, go on.


Hello! Don't be shy!

It's fab to see some new faces.

You want to come up and introduce
yourselves to the rest of the group?

Do you want to come?

Um, well, I'm Bernadette,

but you can call me Bernie,

and I've never done
anything like this before.

First things first,
let's pop you on the scales

and get your results down.

Well, I haven't weighed myself all

week and I've been really good,

Two...two pounds.

I've only lost two poxy pounds!

Maybe you should've gone
to the toilet first. I did, Tiff!

And I've stuck to all my meal plans,

even though Mum was torturing me
with fried food.

And I've done two runs today!

Oh, well, you tried, love.
Maybe it ain't worth the effort.

People like us ain't meant
to be skinny.

Sorry, but there's only one
rule in my class.

No Negative Nancys.

Here, catch! Ohh!
That is a pound of sand.

You've lost two.

Not bad, eh? Now, Bernie,

you have made a very
important step today.

This is just the start
of your weight-loss journey,

and it might be a long road
and there probably will be

a few twists and turns,

but this group is here to support
you every step of the way

until you get the body you want,
the body that you deserve.


Nice speech.

Not as a nice as a sausage roll.

If you're not going to take this
seriously, can you just go?

Do you reckon I could do
one of these courses?

You don't need to lose weight.

No, I mean, like,
a different course.

Are there any classes on life?

Look, I really appreciate
the moral support, I do,

but I reckon I should just do
this on my own.

All right, come on, Tiff,
let's get out of here.

That was creepy.

Do you reckon it might be a cult?

It's just through there in the
kitchen. We've turned the water off.

Thank you.

I tried my best.

It's OK.
I didn't expect you to rescue me.

I'm a grown adult.

Yeah, but I want to.
I want to be a good dad to you.

Listen, we've spoken about this.

We agreed to take things slowly.

I think it's best, you know, in
future, when you come round,

you let me know.

Guess my charm ain't working on any
of the Walford ladies.

Do you mean Kathy? I wouldn't worry,
she's just having an off day.

Her great-grand-daughter has been
abducted by Uncle Max.

He's her grandad. Pfft.
It's messy.

Well, she's out of my league anyway.

I'd have thought you'd have tried
it on with Claudia Schiffer,

given half a chance. That's how
I come across, is it?

All right.

I get the message.

From now on, it's appointments only.

Terry, wait.
Why don't I clear this up,

yeah, and we go over the caff
and have a bit of lunch?

My treat.

I heard what happened with Abi.
What have the police said?

It's only kidnap after 28 days,

cos I gave consent to Jack
to take her.

I trusted Max.

Oh... I'm so sorry.

I'm such an idiot!

Listen, I just wanted to let you
know that I'm taking

this diet really seriously.

I've just come
back from Fat Blasters.

And how much have you lost?

Well, it's only the first class,
so... You've lost nothing?

Are you even taking this seriously?
Because I want a baby, Bernie,

and if you can't help me, I'm
going to find somebody that can!

I haven't said that I've lost
nothing, have I? How much?

Almost a stone, actually.

So, yeah, it's going really well.

That is great.

That is.

Thank you, Bernie.

I do want this to work.

For both of us.


Hey. So I've run you a bath.


Do you want another cup of tea?

No, I'm fine, thank you.

So, I can make you
a casserole, or something,

so you don't have to
worry about dinner.

No, no. Martin will be home soon.

We'll just get a takeaway,
I guess. Right.

And you're on top of the washing?
Because I can do that.

I'm not fussing. I'm just going
into Mum mode again.

I'm sorry. Don't be silly.

It's nice.

You're a natural.

Maybe my body's realised I'm not
maternal enough.

Maybe it's found me out.

Don't be silly, Ruby.

You didn't see how badly
I messed up with Lily earlier.

Oh! Life is strange, Ruby.

Things change.

Just hang on in there.


A worry box?


Yeah, it's a stupid idea.

You put your worries in the box.

I did it for Arthur and Lily.

Arthur just wrote about poo,
and Lily...

Well, I'm never going to
win her over, am I?

Have you done one?

No, not yet.

I'll leave you to it, then.


All right, you're here now.
You're doing so well.

I think another one's coming.
I think I'm dying!

No, no, you're not dying.
You're just having a baby.

No, honestly, I think I'm dying!

OK, you sit down, sit down,
sit down.

Right, now, they're just

I know it feels like you're insides
are being ripped out.

We're going to try and treat them
like waves,

try and ride them into shore.


That's it, suck in that oxygen.

You're doing so well.

Well done.

That's it. Now you're going to have
a little rest,

let that oxytocin flow.

That's it, OK.


Here, come and whack yourself
in here.

Come here. I got you. I got you.

I didn't mean that postman
comment, honestly.

I hope Dave's half as good as you.

Excuse me, babe, her waters broke
about 40 minutes ago.

She's doing really well.

She's getting contractions
every two minutes.

So, listen, Jeanette,
I've got to go,

so I'll leave you with this lovely
midwife, all right? No, no.

Honestly, don't leave me, Mick.

You're my guardian angel.

And you owe me 20 quid.


Come on, you.