EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6288 - Episode #1.6288 - full transcript

(10/06/21) - Rainie is distraught when she finds out Max has run off with Abi.

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This is Max Branning.
Leave a message.


Max, it's me.

Look, I haven't involved
the police yet,

but if you keep her
for longer than a month,

all right, you'll be
committing a crime

and I will have no choice.

Do the right thing
for once in your life!

Just bring Abi home, will you?

I mean, he's done
some dark things in his time.

What about Rainie and Stuart?
What are we going to tell them?

Stuart - mess! I want this place
spotless for Abi coming home.

Poor little mite,
passed around like a parcel

that nobody wants to sign for.

The agency's called -
they've found us another candidate.

I'm going to meet her
at Walford East this afternoon.

I hope she's better than that sack
of spuds from round the corner.

Nan! Oi! Don't you talk
about her like that.

Let's see if I can't persuade
this surrogate to pick us, eh?

I'm going to have to sell myself,
though, won't I?

Well, you've got plenty of
experience in that department!

Don't worry, Stuart.

I heard you talking
about your fertility appointment,

and I've put a little bit of
inspiration on that table for you.

You can't be buying me
stuff off the top shelf!

Why not? I turned down
a couple of pages for you.

I know you don't like
a bigger woman.

Ugh! I have to go!

You're welcome!

I can come with you, if you like.

Give this baby machine
the once-over.

No, I wouldn't
put you through it, Vi!

Let me do the heavy lifting.

You just keep your feet up.

Hey, baby.

Jack's due back today.

Hardly slept last night.

You heard what the hospital said.

You've got to take it easy,
all right?

Me and Nancy are going
for a bit of munch tonight.

I'll bring you back something nice,

Here - 14 across, six letters.

"Hanging down."


See? I knew you were
that intellectual type.

You've got that look about you.

Someone's happy. Who is she, then?

Sorry, who are you?

Beautiful women...

..make the world go round.

This one's peng. I could not pull
that off with my hips, though.

I'd look like such a troll!

As if! You know her lips ain't real?

And? They're amazing!

Fancy something to eat?

We could scrape enough coppers
together to get a bacon sarnie.

No, thanks. Just have
a bacon sandwich, love. For me!

Mum, I said no!
I need to lose weight.

What's brought all this on?

Tell me the truth.

Have you got an eating disorder?

What? No!

Look, she's just on a diet,
that's all.

I found a set of scales under
your bed. And I know splitting up

with that Molly
gave your confidence a kicking.

Here, if you want to lose weight,
we can do it together.

We can do Fat Blasters - me and you.

Yeah, and me!

You want me to get weighed in front
of a room full of strangers?

They ain't going to be strangers
for long!

Not once they tell you
their life stories

and how many biscuits they've shoved
in their gob since last week.

And we'll be there with you.

You'd really go with me?

For you, darlin'? Anything.

What you looking for?

Ruby showed me
something strange last night.

She had a photo
of her dad and Paul.

Both of them
in some club in Mile End.

Listen now, man.

I told you, Johnny and Paul
didn't know each other.

Hey, you better lay off the rum
next time, you hear?


Nan, I need the afternoon off.

You should be giving her a break,
not the other way round.

My Sonia tells me you run half
the businesses here in Walford.

Yeah, lucky me.

I can cover for you tomorrow and
the day after as well, if you like.

I could do with putting my feet up
today, not a week next Tuesday!

That's the younger generation
for you.

No idea how to treat a lady.

I promise I'll give you a break,
just not this afternoon - please!

Iqra phoned.
She needs help round Walford East.

I've got this place and the chippy.

I don't know whether
I'm coming or going!

Have a heart, son. She doesn't know
whether she's coming or going.

Is he always like this?
Pretty much, yeah.

Go home. Put your feet up.
He'll handle everything.

Excuse me, I can speak for myself
you know! I'm going home.

But... You deserve it.

Yeah, put yourself first for once!

And now you've got a bit of free
time, how about I buy you a drink?





Ben thinks I'm at work.

We shouldn't be in here, Whit,
if he sees us...

Would it be so terrible if he did?

How's Fitzy?

He's not good.
Still sounds like it's touch-and-go.

Part of me thinks I should give this
to Vicky like he wanted. But...

..if I do that, then I feel
like I'm giving up on him.

Keep it.

Fitzy's going to give it to her
himself, I know he will.

What am I going to do
if he dies, Whit?

I'm here.

And remember, Callum -

you don't have to do anything
you don't want to do.

Imagine you're pregnant
with mine and Stuart's baby.

All right?

It's raining, your car's broken
down, your phone's out of battery.

What do you do? Um...

Walk home? Heavily pregnant,

with my precious baby
inside your belly? I don't think so!

Honest answer?

I'd ring my other half and nag

until he got his lazy backside
over to pick me up.

So this is the incubator, then.

What the hell are you doing here?

You don't mind if I ask you
a few questions, do you?

How can we be sure
you won't steal the baby?

Have you got kids? Do you like them?

Do you eat right?
You look a bit skinny to me,

like you couldn't pick a steak
and kidney pie out of a line-up.

She's a bit quiet, ain't she?

You'd be better off going with
Plan B, if you know what I mean.

MARTIN: Yeah, come in, bud.
I'll grab 'em for you.

Most of the kids I work with

have no clue what this city
was like back in the day.

So I thought I maybe I could borrow

some of your photo albums
and show my class?

I know they're only photos,

but they're sort of all
I've got left of my dad, so...

..I don't really hand them out.

He's only taking them
across the road, babe. Yeah.

I will treat them
like they're my own. I promise.

Yeah, right naughty ice cream.
That'll sort your mother out.

You know what she's like
when she gets stressed out.

Pop, I think it's going to take
more than an ice cream

to get her head straight.
She's having a baby with...

I mean, he ain't exactly
father of the year, is he?

Remind me how many kids he's buried?

Sorry. I'm just saying, like,

are you sure you actually
want him in the picture?

I just think a geezer deserves
to know if he's got a kid out there.

You can't compare this to
what happened with Frankie, Dad.

It's completely different.

It doesn't really matter what
I think about it, though, does it?

What are you talking about?
Of course it matters.

Look, if you're having second
thoughts about any of this,

you have to talk to Mum about it.
Like, properly.

First rule of life, Nance.

Never upset a pregnant woman.

For Mick? Ta, mate. Thank you.

Hiya. Hi, is Robert around?


Hang on. You don't mean...?

Hi! Did you not get my text?
Yeah, I can't make this afternoon.

I know.
Thought I'd pop by - say hello.

Don't worry about cancelling.

I know it comes with the territory
when you own a place like this.


Um... You can have your date here.

That'd be amazing! I wouldn't
want to interrupt, though?

Oh, no - I can handle things.
Not a problem.

But we're fully booked,
though, aren't we? So...

I'm sure I can squeeze you in, boss.

And don't let him palm you off
with a boring old burger.

Robert here has got
some real skill in the kitchen.

He can knock you up
something off-menu.

What do you fancy? Curry?

Extra spicy, of course.

Sounds awesome! Great.



Your vicious nan, she followed me
all the way to the meeting,

stuck her beak in,
asking stupid questions...

She's excited.
She wants to be involved.

So what if this one
now won't have our baby?

What if the agency
won't send us anyone else?

Then we'll just have to look
into more local options again then,

won't we?

So what happened at the clinic?

Sweetheart, don't you tell me
that something went wrong.

I couldn't stop thinking about
that magazine Nan gave me.

All I could think about
was her...

..watching. Ugh!

So that's it.

She's ruined everything, ain't she?
No surrogate! No swimmers!

It ain't that bad. They booked me
for another appointment next week.

That ain't the point!
I can't handle this no more.

She's making everything difficult.

And you are clearly
never going to get rid of her.

So you know what?

It's time for me
to take matters into my own hands.


Five spice and tarragon in the
same dish? Yeah, it's for a curry.

The trick is you put the spices in
first and then you make the sauce.

Ah, got it.
What would you add next, then?

Er, probably some of this.

And then...?

Er, a bit of that.

Yeah? Yeah.

You've never made a curry before
in your life, have you?

Cereal's probably
more my speciality.

Yeah, it's funny. My whole life's
about to implode, but ha-ha!

Let me guess, making dinner
for a girl? One you like?

You're Bobby, right?
I've seen you on the market.

I'm Zack. Sharon's brother.

Sort of makes us family, mate.

You should know,
we're a pretty messed-up family.

Here, I'll show you what you need.

There's no point.
It's not going to work.

I should just tell her...
you know, the truth.

Oh, stop it. I can't bear it.
Come on.

Point me to your kitchen
and watch the magic happen.

That's the last thing I need,
another set of eyes peering at me.

I got her in the charity shop.

I want to show Abi
how much I've missed her.

People who buy their kids
too much tat

are always making up
for something.

You knew how much it meant to me
to find another surrogate.

That's why you ruined it.

What are you talking about?
I was trying to help!

I was actually getting somewhere
till you rocked up.

All I did was
ask her a few questions.

I mean, someone needed to make sure
that she was up to the job.

It's been nice having you here.

Now it's time for you to go.

Stuart will go mad
when he hears about this.

He'll be sad to see you leave.

But I'm the love of his life,

and you're the broken old biscuit
at the bottom of the barrel

that no-one wants.
Oh, don't give me that look!

You had it coming
with your interfering ways,

your nasty comments!

So why don't you do everyone
a favour and go home?

I can't.

I don't have a home.


Shall I knock up a dessert?

Or a quick dinner
and then back to her place?


Come on, don't be shy.

We're family, remember?

Well, I guess, if she wanted to...

All you've got to do
is make her feel like

she's the only person in the world
you want to be with, all right?

That shouldn't be hard. Be yourself.

And if you believe that,
you'll believe anything.

Not too early, am I?

No, you're right on time.

This is Zack.
He's one of the chefs here.

Head chef.

Took a back seat
on this one, though.

wanted it to be all his own work.

You look beautiful, by the way.

WHISPERS: You'll be just fine, mate.

This is Paul all right.

Why did Johnny lie to you
about not knowing Paul?

And why didn't Paul say something?

I mean, do you think Ruby knows?

This was a long time ago.

Yeah, but there's a story here.
Don't you want to know the truth?

Paul is gone.

You need to let this go.

For both our sakes.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

I should never
have let Jonno move in.

Then why did you? Stuart won't even
let him have a cuppa,

let alone bed and board. I thought
it would be different this time.

And it were, for five minutes.

Then we had this massive barney
about the wedding.

Next thing, he's slinging me
out on the street.

I mean, I really thought
that someone would rumble me.

Stuart'll sort it.

Him and Callum,
they'll see to Jonno,

you'll get your place back
everyone's a winner.

No, you can't tell them.

Why not? That's your house!
And this is mine, so...

Yeah, but if the boys
find out what Jonno did,

they'll never
want to see their dad again.

I won't have them torn apart
for good, not on my watch.

I mean family's all that matters
at the end of the day, isn't it?

Speaking of which...

Welcome home gift for Abi.

I can't say I've missed
the little pest,

but my heart goes out to her

if you're the best option
she has in this world.


I just want to be able to give her
a little brother or sister.

A proper family. You know?

So we'll...
we'll keep all this between us?


If you'll admit to being
an interfering old battle-axe

who needs to learn
to keep her gob shut?


But I'll promise not to involve
myself in the surrogacy again.

Even though it is a disaster
waiting to happen.

So, er, Jay and I were talking,

and he said why don't we go
round to his on Saturday night?

A few cans, watch the footie
or something. Yeah.

Long day?

A bit, yeah.

But you don't want to
talk about that, do you?

Look, why don't we just chill
at home tonight? Sit on the sofa.


I'll just go to the gents
and then we'll go, yeah?

All right.


Looks like your date's going well.
Yeah, no thanks to you.

Oh, come on!
That's the least you deserve

for bigging yourself up like that.

Does she honestly believe someone
your age could own a restaurant?

Yeah, well, I never said
I owned all of it, only half.

Yeah, all right, I know.

Look, Bobs, you're sweet, you're
kind and she's lucky to have you.

Stop playing games.

Hi. So, dessert...

Your place?

Um... Sorry, that was so cheesy.

I just...
I like you and I'd like to...

I mean, if you wanted to.


We do some really good desserts
here, you know?

Ch-chocolates or ice cream.
Yeah, whatever you want.

There's a menu just here!

Yeah, I'll...

Um, yeah.

My round!

Oh, get some crisps for Abi.

They'll be here any minute!

She's being very...nice
all of a sudden.

What went on between you two?

Nothing much.

We just sat like two grown-ups
and talked our differences through.

Fine. Don't tell me, then.

You're here!

Where's Abi?

Jack, where's Abi?

Max has run off with her.

I'm so sorry.

Tell me I didn't just hear that.

I want my little girl back, Stuart.


I want my little girl back!