EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6287 - 8 June 2021: Part 2 - full transcript

Jack returns from his visit to France to see Max however he comes back alone without Abi. Max has abducted his granddaughter.

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Not as fit as you used to be, then?

Just a bit achy.

Nothing a shower with my beautiful
girlfriend won't fix.

Yeah, I've got to get back to
the salon actually, so...

You all right?
Yeah, just buying my supplies.

Ruby, I'm so sorry.

I can take him off your hands
if he's too much trouble.

He's already had the salad
I was saving for lunch.

Look, I'm sorry if I overstepped
the mark with the rabbit...

You mean Mr Pickles.
I just thought it might help.

Your faces! They're all obsessed.

I wish I'd thought of it myself.

Lily even thanked me this morning.

Are you serious?

I owe you. I owe both of you.

Why don't you come
over for dinner tonight?

Make up for the rabbit
hogging the limelight. Yeah.

We'll be there.

I'll call you.

They didn't have a chance.
Nobody can resist Mr Pickles.

You're right. I'm sorry. I just
thought... I know. Listen,

I've got a meeting with Rafe,
my support nurse, at 11.

Why don't you come over?

If anyone can show you I've not
gone off the rails, it's him.

Yeah, I'll be there.



I woke up this morning
and you'd just gone. Yeah. Sorry.

I just... I couldn't sleep.

Well, either you're investigating
a dodgy bacon sandwich,

or you're not on shift today.

I'm in after lunch.

They don't need me
out there an' all, do they?

Stabbing, weren't it?

They must have
half the force out there, no?

What happened to not
talking about work?

Callum, what've you done?

I caught it in the door
at the Minute Mart. It's nothing.

It don't look like nothing.

Suki better watch out.

Where there's a blame,
there's a claim.

It's Kheerat.

Are you sure you're going to be
all right? I'm fine, Ben.

This ain't about what we talked
about, is it? Just take the call.


Here, I reckon your nan's not
feeling too well. You what?

She hasn't insulted me for 12 hours.

Reckon she might actually be trying!

Something's going on.

What have you done?


I might have told her
about the surrogacy.


It just sort of slipped out!

How?! "I'm going to the shops, Nan?
You want some milk?

"Bread? A new baby?"

Look, forget about my nan.

All we need to think about
is us and our family.

She's going to be sticking her
bloomin' nose in. She don't mean it.

She does! You should have heard her
with Abi.

"Blah, blah, blah. She's going to
starve on eggs and soldiers.

"Getting too big for that pram."

What's she going to be like
with a newborn?

Just think, this time next year,

we might be running
round after two of 'em.

Here they come!

Oy-oy! Keep up!

She's doing all right, you know.



Sorry. People are going to figure
it out sooner or later.

Specially if you go around dressing
like Bob the Builder. Nance...

She's right. It's only a matter of
time. We need to tell Max first.

It's the right thing to do.

We should get hold of Denise.
Find out when Jack's back.

Yeah, and then what's the plan
exactly? Is he going to, like,

have it every other weekend or

Haven't really thought that far
ahead. I know who you look like.

Geezer from Art Attack.

You look beautiful, L.

Don't worry.

We're going to sort this out,
all right?

We'll tell Max together.

Bailey going missing was really
hard, I'm not going to lie.

It was a rough few weeks,
but I'm back on form now.

Eating good.

Getting in my eight hours a night.
At least, I'm trying to.

I've even picked up
the running again.

I'm glad to hear it. And medication?

Like clockwork. Seriously.

I'm feeling better than I've ever

Well, I think
I've everything I need.

I'm really pleased you're
so on top of things, Isaac.

I'll show myself out.

See you next time?

I'll be here.

I thought you said you were going to

tell him you're off your meds?
You heard him. I'm fine.

Look, this has hung over me and my
mum's head for, like, my whole life.

And I've finally got it figured out.

For the first time, I know myself.

So, please, trust me, yeah?

Yeah. I'd better go. Do you want to
go to the caff or something?

Erm...I can't. Promised Patrick
I'd help him do a clear-out.

But I'll see you at Ruby's later,
yeah? Yeah.

See you in a bit, yeah?

See you! All right?

I just done 60 seconds
without stopping on Couch To 5K!

I am tired just looking at you,
baby. Unnatural, ain't it?

You'll only catch me running
if I'm being chased.

Hey, hey!

Right, I need a shower.

Yeah, I'm going back to the

Fry-up in the oven for you.

I can't have that, Mum.

But I gave you the last two

You should have saved it for dinner.
We can't afford waste, love.

Right, it's fine. Thanks, Mum.

I'll know for next time, eh?

Eh, there's grilled tomato on it!

Hi, Denise.

Any chance you could squeeze me in?


Yeah, you looking
for something new, or...?

Maybe. New styles, big changes.

Keep you young, don't they?

Ah. I know what this is.

Went through the same thing myself,
a few years back.



Actually, that explains
a few things, don't it?

Like, Max. Not that I can talk,
y'know - Phil!

Yeah. OK, Denise.

Lucky I landed on my feet with Jack.

I bet you're missing him? Jack?

He's home tomorrow.

They've had a great time in Paris.

Max has really settled down.

Let's see, um...

Go on, I can squeeze you in.

Never thought I'd see the day.

Max, settling down.

You and Jack both.

So, how wild are we thinking?

Curly perm, pink dye, full Mohawk?

Maybe just a wash
and blow-dry, after all.

All right? Yeah.

Not talking to me.

I've been calling your phone,
it's going straight to voicemail.

My phone got nicked. Nicked?

By the same bloke that attacked
that copper, that's what we heard.

Is that why there were police
everywhere? He's lucky

I weren't there.
What, you against a knife?

Who do you think you are,
the Terminator?

I'm going to get back.

Oi, Callum. Here we go. PC Plod.

Have you heard anything
what's going on outside?

You know I can't say anything, Kat.

Did one of your lot really get

There was a struggle, yeah.
So, you didn't get him, then?

No. No, we didn't get to him.

I hope he's all right,
that copper.

You waiting for a medal
or something? Give it a rest.

I'll see you later, yeah?


Those were the days, you know!


I used to blast this thing
over and over again, you know.

Windows wide open,

neighbours, then some of them
complain, but... Nah.

Kids nowadays - you don't
know about music that way, man.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say,
old man.

These are Paul's things.

Forgot Anthony had kept some boxes.

I thought we'd lost it
all in the fire, you know.

The man had some style, innit?

He used to wear
that thing every day.

Try it on, eh?

Fit like a glove.

Well...I wish you all
had known each other.

I think I would have liked him.

He was just like you, you know.


Hot-headed, sometimes.

Kind, when he wanted to be.

Loyal, when he needed to be.

Can I borrow this tonight?
I've got dinner at Ruby's.

I owe the world to her
father, you know.

Who? Johnny.

Johnny Allen.

He went after Paul's killers
when nobody else cared.

Were they mates?

No, no, no. Johnny didn't know
him - they never even met.

Paul, um...

..he sold drugs.

The police looked at him
and all they saw was...

..a dealer.

But that don't mean
he should have died.

My boy...deserved justice.

Oh, Johnny, he had his faults,
all right.


But he did good by Paul.


The jacket is all yours, son.

You want anything to eat?

No, I'm all right, thank you.

You've got a bit of, um...

Oh! Ketchup.

I just thought it was time we had
a bit of a catch-up.

How's the diet
and the exercise going?

It's hard. Really hard.

But I'm trying.

I really am.

My clothes feel looser already.

That's great. That's really great.

But? But...

..we are thinking that we might take
a little look at other options.

Other surrogates.
I can lose the weight.

I know you can.
I'm sure you can, Bernie.

It's just that me and Stuart,
we ain't getting any younger.

And we can't wait around forever.
You gave me a month.

And, OK, yeah, I might need a little
bit longer, but I can do it...

You can have
all the time in the world.

I just want to be honest
and up-front.

We are going to see
who else is out there.

And if we find someone else that's
more suitable in the meantime...

..we might go with them.

I'm not knocking it. But you've got
to admit -

it's a dangerous place to live.
He's got a point.

You've only been here five minutes!

No, I don't see it like that.

To me, the Square's always
been about family, no?

Where's Mr Pickles?
It's all right, I'll get him.

Come on, mate, come on.

Don't worry, he'll still be here
in the morning. Sorry.

It's not usually
how my dinner parties go.

It's exactly how my dinner
parties go.

Do you know what, I don't think I've
had a meal without Lexi

popping her head in since she was
born. Strictly seen

and not heard when I was a kid.
With your dad?

Yeah. I think Patrick's his biggest
fan. Really?

Yeah, he was telling me
what Johnny did for Paul.

You know, my brother. He went after
his killers when no-one else would.

Yeah, that sounds like him.
What was he like?

He was a good dad.

He always did his best by us.

You didn't get on with him? All
right, do you want to stop

interrogating her? No, it's fine.
I wouldn't say we didn't get on.

He was tough, but fair.

He would do anything
for his friends and family.

And he had the chat -
he got on with anyone.

Right. Come on, you lot,
starters are nearly ready.

If you ain't got a spirit level,
you shouldn't put up shelves.

I swear, half my job
is fixing bodged DIY.

You've barely touched that, love.
I told you she don't like Diet.

Says it tastes of cat pee.
It's what she wanted, babe.

It's fine. I like it. Yes, Yes.
Oi, oi!!

My supplier works
with a pizza place.

Got these lot going cheap
and gave me a little discount.

Them chicken dippers can wait
till tomorrow.

Got to get back for my shift at
Ruby's. Get them inside -

Bailey'll be made up.
Bagsy pepperoni.

Er, I'm sure that Bernie wants
pepperoni? It's all right, Mitch,

you can have it. No. It's yours.

How am I supposed to lose weight
if you keep shoving food in my face?

What you on about?
You don't need to lose weight!

I'm meeting a mate.
I'll see you later.

Hey, Mum, leave her, yeah?

Just constant chatter, all the time.

You'd think she's three going on 13.

Lexi is the same. I can't get a word
in edgeways with her now.

People don't like to talk about him.
Why not? Well, he wasn't perfect.

Our relationship wasn't perfect.
But I loved him.

He was the last of a generation.

He was a real East End gent.

He cared. He was selfless.

He was trying to clean
up his community.

I wish I could have met him.

I reckon it's time for a little
top-up. Er, shall we get the mains?


He weren't like that, you know?
Johnny. Not from what my pops said.

What do you mean? Well, let's just
say he wasn't

an old-school East End gent,
caring for his community.

Honestly, some of the
stories I've heard...

What did Billy say, exactly?

Apparently, he had someone
thrown off a motorway bridge.

So, from what I hear,
Johnny Allen is no saint.

I heard what happened.

The stabbing.

It's been like, what? Three years?

Three years and three weeks...

..since Shakil died.

It's like people round here
have got a short memory.

You OK?

Yeah, I'm OK.

And you?

Are you OK?

Can I just get another one of them,
please? Of course.


I thought I'd be the last person
you'd want to see.

I know when you ain't OK.

It was my partner, Whit.


He's the one who got stabbed.

It was all my fault.


He gave me this
to give to his girlfriend.

But I can't see her, Whit. I can't.

And Ben?

What does he think about it?

How can I tell him?

We agreed not to talk about work.

And, deep down, he's never
wanted me doing this job.

It's already cost him
too much with Phil.

If you've taught me anything,
it's that keeping secrets

from your husband
is no good for either of you.

I can't, all right?
Please, please, Whit.

I'll be here, until you're ready.


..if you ain't got honesty...

..what have you got?

They're just making coffee.

Good time to get the photo
album out? Yeah, sure.

Some of them are back in the
'80s. You don't want to see

what my dad used to wear back then.
A man who likes his car, yeah?

Cars with an "s".
Those were his other kids.

Wait... Yeah, he was a ladies' man.
No - that's Paul.

Patrick said they never met.

Small world. Are there any more?

Yeah, the rest are just holiday
photos. How could they

have known each other, then?
I don't think they did.

Is there a date on this?
What about at the back?

Look, I really wouldn't
read into this.

In those days, everyone went
to the Black Cat in Mile End.

Do you know what, I have got to get
one of these pod machines.

Shall we call it a night after this?
It's not even eight o'clock!

Nah, it's all right,
I've got to get back to Lexi anyway.

Shall we call it a night?

See you later.




Thought you'd be here.

You weren't due back till tomorrow!
Missed me too much, did you?

Where's Abi?
I don't know.

It's Max. He's taken her
and he's gone.