EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6283 - Episode #1.6283 - full transcript

Mo sets off on her cruise and leaves behind a shock for Jean in the garage. Meanwhile, Bert and Ernie ask Phil to their school's 'Bring Your Dad' day.

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Hiding something?

Nah, I was just finishing off a bit
of packing.

In the garage?
I was looking for my old sunglasses,

but they weren't there.
Do you need a hand?

Nah, it's done. Good.

So we can spend a special last
day together, then,

starting off with a full plate
at the caff,

where you can tell me your secret
now that you know mine.

We could go for a drink
over the Vic.


Yeah, they get regular visits,
from what I see.

Excuse me!

You all right?

Mo's off on a world cruise today.

I'm just going through

the "Don't know what you've got till
it's gone" sort of feeling.

She'll be back before you know it.

I might not even be here
when she gets back.

All the men aboard will be like rats
on a sinking ship

when Nan gets there.

I could do with an all-expenses-paid
getaway and all.

She's only off
cos you gave her the go-ahead.

Mo had it right - willing to give
up everything for family.

She deserves it,

after taking care of everything
with us lot for so long.

Well, you got me now, ain't ya?

Yeah? What, the boys and all?

They're doing a Bring Your Dad Day
at the holiday club tomorrow.

I don't know how I'm going to tell
'em that Alfie ain't showing.

Fitz, let's sit in.

Second thoughts - let's just get
them to go, yeah?

Talking to myself, am I?

Oi! Will you let it go?

He's still a little grass. Phil...

I've got work to do.

I've just seen a police
car driving off.

They haven't found Kioni, have they?
No. Has Mila heard from her?

No. She's been out all night
looking for her.

She's still really angry.

Kathy, you don't have to keep
covering for me.

It doesn't feel right lying to her.

Iqra, let her be angry with me, OK?

She needs you.


It's Mila.

Kioni's been found. Ohh...

Fancy a cuppa?
I'll do it! You sit down.

You should be resting, remember?

Doctor's orders.

I'm going to tell Nancy about
the baby.

Right, yeah.

If that's what you want.

Morning, Nance.

Right, I've got a lot of clients
today, so see you later.

See you later.

Talking of work, I'm going to go
and set up downstairs.

Anything you need? You all right?
Yeah, I'll help you.

Don't worry about it.
You just plot up and, er,

give me a shout
if you need anything.


I don't know what I've got in there.

I've got one more.

Lovely. Shall we go, then?

I can't.

Fat Elvis is sending me
a cab on his dime.

I'm not passing that up.

You're leaving now? Yeah.

But you're not supposed to be
leaving for hours.

I'm not ready.

Oh, no more mysteries.

Or glow sticks.

Or house raves.

Unless I do it on my own, I suppose.


It's the police! Is anybody home?

WHISPERS: Don't you answer that!

It's the police, I have to.

Jean Slater, don't you dare.

You tell me right now what you've
been doing!

About that secret...

I'll see you next week.

See if I can get you looking even
better than you already do.

Have a nice week.

You're going to end up in hospital
like your mum

if you carry on like that.

How is she?

She's fine.

Just not quite as fit as she
thought, evidently.

She looks pretty fit to me.

Peter, please. I'm being serious.

Your mum doesn't look like the sort
of person

who's going to collapse after
two minutes on a bike.

I think there might be more to it
than that.

When you said you had a secret,
I didn't know that...

I can't even say it.

You've turned me into a criminal.

You've done that all on your own.

No! No, I just stole a few
bars of chocolate,

but you...

I don't want to be party to this.

You wanted a special last day.
Well, here's one you won't forget.

You know I don't do those
sorts of things.

You think you've got it tough?

I'm trying to dodge the old bill
so I can make it to my cruise.

No, no. You can't go now.
What if the police come back?

It won't be for that.

I was discreet.

You don't know
the meaning of discreet!

You getting them in, are you?

Sure about that?
You, mate, can't hold your drink.

And after last time, Ruby's so

she's got me on the graveyard shift.

I know how to get around my missus,
mate, don't you worry.

Hey! It's the big day for you,
ain't it, Mo?

When are you off on your travels,
then? Soon as I can.

What's the first stop?

Taxi, Portsmouth, boat, Barbados.

Anything else you need to know?

It's going to be a bit quiet
at your house, ain't it, Jean?

You going to be all right?
Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

You sure? Yes, thank you, Martin.

Right. Well, enjoy your trip.

See? You've just said yourself.

It'll all be fine. Oh, shut up!

First the drinking, now you're
chatting up older women.

Ruby'll be spitting fire.

She's the ex-mother-in-law, mate.

Come on through.

Mila, this is Kioni's social worker.

You have no idea how worried I was.

Where did you go?
Where did you find her?

I wasn't found! I wasn't lost.

I heard you and Mum.

I heard what you wanted to do to me,
and I didn't want it to happen.

I was putting a stop to it!


Mum's not a bad person.

She doesn't want to hurt you

It didn't sound like it.

Mum had changed her mind. OK?

She wasn't going to go through
with it.

I wouldn't have let it happen.

Thanks for bringing her back.

OK? All this has escalated way
more than necessary.

What your mum was planning is
a serious matter.

I've got it from here, though.

Kioni'll be fine.

I'm here to help.

We can talk some more.

Why? I mean, you know I wouldn't
have let it happen, right?

Why don't you just hear what
he has to say? Stay out of it!

You've done enough.

I know this must be hard for you,
but we can't ignore the possibility

of what could have happened to Kioni
whilst under your mother's care.

Just until we get a better
understanding of things,

Kioni will be placed with an
emergency foster family

for the time being.
She can stay with me.

I'll look after her.

We do want Kioni to be with her
family, but at the moment...

I'm sorry.


You can't take my sister.



Don't look like you're working.



Look, we've got something here.

We should be able to talk
to each other.

There's nothing to talk about.
You just stormed out of the caff.

I ain't budging until you tell me

what's going on in that
head of yours.

I've got a grass living
right under my nose.

This ain't about Callum.

I'm not thick.

It's Ben, isn't it?
You're missing him.

I've already got one son gone.

I got another one
I hardly get to see.

You can talk to me
about these things.

Ben was all I had left.

I was his family, and he chose

Look, you're both just too stubborn
to make the first move.

That don't mean you've got to
lose him.


Mate, that is one sorry arm.

Try again.

There we go.

Your mother-in-law.

She seem OK to you?

It's not always easy to
tell with Jean.

She's probably just down, ain't she,
what with Mo going and that.

Go on.


Come on, move over.

It was the way she was knocking them
back earlier.

I just think maybe it's a bit
more than that.

Maybe you're right.

What with Mo going, Stace inside,

Kat always over with Phil
from what I hear,

maybe she's just been a bit lonely.

Well, maybe you could pop in every
now and then,

watch a bit of Strictly with her.

Why are you so bothered?

Jean brought me to the Square and...

..I kind of like it here.

Yeah? I feel like I owe her one.

It's just, I'm married to Ruby now,
ain't I, mate? It's a bit difficult.

It's not really my place any more.





Great news.

OK, speak soon.

Thank you, Auntie.

Look, can I speak to...?

OK. I guess that's a no.

Mum's been released on bail.

That's good news, right? It is
and it isn't.

It doesn't undo this whole mess.

Look, I had a secret,

and now somehow my sister's in care
and my mum might go to prison.

I don't even know what's more

the fact that everyone knows
what happened to me,

or that I let it rip
my family apart.

You've got nothing to be
embarrassed about.

None of this is your fault.

The only thing you're responsible
for is sparing Kioni that ordeal.

Thank you.

For everything.

Look, Mila, I need... Really,
this is a lot

and you've been... the best.

It's fine.

It's going to be fine.

Listen, you can get custody of
Kioni. I'll help you.


We'll figure it out.

You don't have to lose your family.
I promise.


You back early to bless us
with your sunny presence?

Do you need a hand?


Do you want to
try and do another session?

I don't think so, Nance.

I'm only just out of hospital.

Hmm. Except you're going around

telling anyone who'll listen
that you're fine.

Yeah, well, I do feel fine.

It don't mean I should go off
and be stupid about it.

Or maybe you're not OK
and you want to stop lying about it?

What? Because I'm
not as strong as the Hulk?

Look, Mum, I know you're not
telling me something.

So you may as well just come
out with it.



I'm pregnant.


Why didn't you just say?

How many of us even are there now?

What's that, lucky number six?
Aw! I bet Dad's well chuffed.

It's not Dad's, is it?

I'm not proud of this.

Me and your dad, we...

..we weren't in the best place.

But we won't let anything tear
this family apart.

I think you're...

..dealing with this better
than anyone ever really could.

I'm sorry I haven't made it
any easier on you.

I'm proud of you, Mum.

Me banging on about getting
sterilised must have been hard.

It's OK.

What, and Dad's cool?

You two really are couple goals,
ain't you?

Everybody all right?

She knows.

I told her.

Yeah, yeah, right.

As good a day as any.

Well, a couple of days earlier

would have saved me giving Mum

so much grief.

I'm glad she had you, though.

None of that soppy stuff.

Save that for my funeral.

All right,
but don't cark it on some island.

Cost a bucket to get you home.

It won't be a Mo Harris goodbye
without a bit of trouble.

What's going on with you two?

Just going to miss her, that's all.

She's green-eyed
about my adventures.

But, Jean, I've left you
one of your own!

Off you go, then.

Don't do anything I wouldn't.

And you better call!

I will.

I do love you, you know.

Stop blubbering. I'll be back.

Give us a honk!


Adios, amigos!


Oi, oi, saveloy!


Whoo! Bye!

See you soon!

Love you!

We have just given Fat Elvis
our most precious jewel.

It's just a loan.

You know what she's like -
Nan will be fine.

We couldn't get rid of her
if we tried.

She gone, then?

With the wind.

What you said earlier, about not
being here when Mo gets back.

What do you mean by that?

Well, you never know what
life has in store.

I could be on a cruise
of my own by then.

Yeah, sounds good to me.

But in the meantime, if you ever
need anything, just give us a call.

I'm only next door.


..there is a little something you
could help me with.

Boys, keep it down, will you!

It's Bert! It's not me.

Shut up. It's all right.
They're only having a bit of fun.

Is Tommy back from football yet?

Yeah, I made him go upstairs
and have a shower. You're good.

I've been thinking about what you

Don't. No, not about Ben.

About Raymond.

You're barely getting to see him.

He's only across the Square
if you want to be his dad.

It ain't that simple, is it?
Denise ain't that bad.

Have you tried talking to her?
She doesn't want to hear it,

unless it's on her terms. I only get
to see him once in a blue moon.

You can't just give up.

What am I fighting for?
That boy hardly knows who I am.

Well, you've got to make sure
he does.

You've got to find a way to put
yourself in his life another way.


I don't know.

What have you got to offer
that they ain't?

I suppose I could set up
an account in his name,

and that would always be there for
him if ever he needs it.

I'll tell you this - that boy will
love and appreciate you for that.

Just because he's got Jack

doesn't mean there's
no room for you in his life.

Arthur had Kush and Martin,
and he loved it.

No boy is in harm's way because of
too many dads, believe me.

And we don't even have one.

I told them that Alfie couldn't make
Bring Your Dad Day.

Can you take us? Ernie!


Yeah, I can do that.

Look, Jean, I like you,
but maybe not this much...




Mo's left me with an adventure
I don't really want.

I mean,
her heart was in the right place,

but her right is normally her left.



I need you to help me
get rid of this, Zack.

I don't want to be a drug lord.