EastEnders (1985–…): Season 0, Episode 0 - Episode dated 31 December 2021 - full transcript

Phil goes on the run with Raymond in tow.

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It's so hot in there. Yeah.

Thank you so much,
for everything, for this year.

It's been really amazing.

Well, it's not over yet.

Where, Aaron? Where is this bomb?
I ain't got a choice.

Just answer me.
If I don't set it off, Dad...

We need to call the police. No, Dad,

do you want to know what they do to
people...? Just tell me where it is!

Fine, I'll call the police.

I'll tell them myself...
Dad, you can't! Don't you dare!

If you call the police, Dad,
they'll come for me!

They'll come for all of us!

Right, Ben's brought the car round.
You ready?


We can't go tonight, Nance,
it's New Year's Eve.

Maybe tomorrow.

What do you mean tomorrow,
and maybe?

If she's off her nut, we'll get no
sense out of her anyway.


There's a pub full of people
waiting for Mum downstairs...


Someone's started early...

Oh, Nance, what's wrong?

My mum, my mum's in trouble.

I've got to go and see her.

What? It's New Year's Eve,
you'll never get a taxi.

OK, I'll get the tube... No, no.

I'll take you. Zack, I'm really not
in the mood for you hitting on me.

Oi! I'm serious.
Your dad can't take you, yeah?

No, he can't do anything right now,
he can't even think straight...

Right, so, let me, yeah?

Yeah? OK. All right.

And you haven't told Phil?

What if Raymond's wrong, yeah?

Phil'll get his tanks out
and go storming over there...

So, you expect him to just sit here
and wait for the police to turn up?

I don't know, do I?

Don't know what?

You know, that make-up hides
a lot of things, but... Phil...


I think Denise has grassed.

Raymond said that Jack is going to
get you...

And you're telling me this now?!

I didn't want you doing
anything stupid!

Maybe Raymond's got it wrong.
You in on this n'all, are ya?

Just listen to her! If they think
they're going to stitch me up

like a turkey, they've got another
think coming! Phil! Phil!


Have we really got this
all night, Mick?

Everyone loves a showtune,
Bill, don't they?

Linda ain't even back yet, is she?

And people say you ain't smart.
Linda ain't the only dame in town.

Don't let her start her
Elaine Paige, please.

Showbiz is in my blood,
babe, you know that!

Yeah, that and a couple of pints
of voddy, eh?

Seriously, Mick...
It's New Year's Eve, Bill.

What if she's missed the last train?
She ain't coming, all right?

She ain't coming.

Mick... Mick!

It's fine. I've got this.

It's fine.

MUSIC: 'I'm In The Mood For Dancing'
- The Nolans

Not exactly
the New Year's Eve I'd imagined.

This is all VERY Grandma Elaine.



You going to do Dancing Queen with
me? Say you'll do Dancing Queen?

You're supposed to be at the Vic.

I sent a message to your dad...

You know, Dad wants to see you.

It's you! Ha!

Honest, I can't keep up
with you two.

Are you going to do Dancing Queen
with me?

Say you'll do...

# Dancing Queen...

# Young and sweet, only 17...

Can you just babysit for her five
minutes, please?

I need to find my grandma.

So, what are we talking?
Midnight? Big old gesture?

They will come for us, Dad.

Send out a big message?

It ain't going to change nothing!

I don't even know who
you are any more!

The apple don't fall far, does it?

A bomb? A BOMB? Are you mad?

That's the difference,
innit? You just talk about it.

What we looking at,
a building? A public space?

You want to talk about people who
moan and don't change anything?

People are going to die!

It's all I ever had,
growing up, Dad.

Was you going on about how people
like you were getting left behind.

Innocent people. Someone's kid!
Someone's sister!

How no-one cares about
hard-working white people.
That ain't never what I said!

What did you ever do to change it,
Dad? Eh?

Little vote for Thatcher?
Wave your flag for Brexit?

Get your bunting out for
the Queen's Jubilee!

That don't make me a racist!

And it don't make what you're
doing right!

You're better than this!

If you think setting off a bomb...

Now, that is the difference between
me and you, Dad!

You think, I do something!
Killing people! Innocent people!

That is exactly what they do!

9/11. 7/7.


Dad, they go around butchering
innocent people,

so that we all have
to live under Sharia law!

Yeah, and if you do what they do,
when's it ever going to end?

Dad, this country is ours.

And we are sick!

Sick of sharing it.

Get out of the way. Move!

Aaron. Come here!


Dad! Get off me.

What are you doing? GET IN THERE!


Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!


You're not going nowhere!


Must be his time of the month.

Look, all this stuff with Nan...

New year, new start.
There you go, eh?

Too much dad dancing?

Or have you been playing with
the boys in the toilets?

They can't keep their hands off me,
can they?

I'll have a beer, please,
Stace, thanks for asking.

You heard anything about that
job yet?

Well, actually, the thing is...

Sorry, it's been declined.

My chip's been playing up
all week.

Use this.

Oh, and a beer
for my wife's ex-husband.

Oi, oi! Get your macs on.
Umbrellas out.

Let me get those.

Does your mum know that you're
hanging out with petty crooks?

Oh, I won't make you wear it!
Come on, new year!

You just wanted to see me in
a wet T-shirt, didn't you?


The job?

Nah. Not a peep.

Finally remembered where I live,
has she?

This ain't the time, Linda.
Ain't she heard of the train?

How long have you been like
this, eh?

He abandoned me.


Me and little Annie.

Come on! He never abandoned ya!

Well, I was here on my own
with a baby.

How about I get some water for you?

And being on my own...


I might have started having a little
drink with my dinner.

Everyone likes a little drink
with their dinner.

Do you like a little drink
with your dinner?

He took my Ollie away from me.

Everyone just left me here.

Nancy's here now! We're both here!

You really love her,
don't you?

You going to marry her?

We're not quite there yet.

Well, if you do...

..don't make promises
you can't keep.



She ain't even here.

I just spoke to her on the phone.

She's taken the baby to a mate's
house. Left the alcoholic in a pub.

Sorry I failed at the baby-sitting
for you.

Do you know what she said to me?

She ain't a child
and it's New Year's Eve.

I was like, I know she ain't a
child, she's an addict!

Sometimes, until they get
a wake-up call...

Look, you ain't going to get through
to her tonight.

How about we get back
for New Year's, eh?

No, do you know what?

Karaoke ain't even started yet.

I saw you earlier. Defending Sonia.

I didn't have time to pop in a phone
box, put the full Lycra suit on.

Well, you never stop caring about
the people you once loved, do you?

Your mum and dad would be
very proud.

Mr Lister, yeah, it's Martin.

Look, about the job...

..I can't take it.

And I know it's not really my place,

but there is I think another
candidate that would be perfect.

I think everyone deserves
a Happy New Year.



Dad! Dad!

Just tell me where it is!
I'll make an anonymous call!

Let me out first and I'll tell you!
Where is it?

Aaron, where is it?

The way to handle Billy...
I don't want your advice.

I don't think this is about
me visiting...

You wasn't just visiting, though,
was you?

But go ahead. Shoot the messenger.

Cos you have no idea what we've
been through.

You've met her twice, Janine.
But I've met addicts.

They promise you the world and...
She's stopped once,

she'll stop again. Yes, yes,
probably. For a while.

And she will say that she's doing it
for you.

And she's doing it
for your children.

Except they're not all your
children, are they?

She lied to you when she WASN'T
drinking, Mick.

She had an affair
with Max Branning.

She asked you to raise his baby!
Stop talking about my wife.

So, you defend her, if that's what
makes you feel better,

and make out like I am
the bad person here.

But she could have said no!

To him. To the drink.

To all of it! And she didn't!

I understand that you weren't in a
good place when she slept with him.

I know.

But if that was the other way
around, would you have done that?

Got into somebody else's bed, while
the woman you loved fell apart?


Oh, look at his tiny fingers!

Yeah. Oh, I just wish Chelsea would
let herself get some sleep!

She's like her mother. Stubborn!


Now where is my civil
partner with my takeaway?


Ain't too late, am I?
What is it, Auld Lang Syne?

I'm going to call the police. Oh!

Like you ain't done that already!

This ain't the way! Listen, I am
Raymond's dad, yeah?

I don't know what you think
you've heard...

Don't lie to me, all right?
Just don't lie.

This ain't helping, Phil!

There are children upstairs,
you know. I know that.

And one of them's mine!

What you going to tell him, when he
asks where his dad is?

Well, you should've thought about
that before you killed my husband!

I ain't killed anyone, all right?
Who have you been talking to?

Is that what you want? You want
Raymond growing up without a dad?
Right, that's enough.

No, it was enough when I paid
for her business.

It was enough when I got the kid
back who she gave away!

That's enough! Get out!

Now you...

..and you are going to fix this.
Both of you.


You're going to tell them that
you've got it wrong.

It's a bit late for that.

Get out of my house.

Any day now.

They're coming for you.

You know he's been sleeping rough
since Christmas.

Ever since Martin's little stint.

You know what, Sonia, you really
need to work on your bedside manner.

It's New Year's Eve.
We're a bit busy.

He does loves you, you know?

I know what he did was wrong.
Pretending to be my dad?

So him and Dotty could steal
Dot's money?

He's got a good heart.
Not according to his tests.

All the more reason for you
to forgive him.

Right, I'm done here.

Keep an eye on him.

That's what they pay me for.
Not enough, but...

If not for you, then for me.

He's not my only patient.

All those months of resentment.

Do you think I'm thick?

Think I'm stupid?

Cos you got in this bed,

and you took off all your clobber.

Don't worry, I'm not about
to give you an encore.

You're not the only one
who isn't stupid.

Any geezer would leave a football
pitch between him and you.

I've never been anything other than
honest with you, Mick.

Do I find you attractive?

I don't think I
need to humiliate myself any more.

You've given me your answer
and I respect that.

Because I respect you.

More than you know.

The question is,
do you respect yourself?

This isn't about me.

This is about a marriage that was
heading south of the Equator

way before I turned up.

She chose booze over you, Mick.

And then she chose Max.

And then she chose Annie.
You're not even in her top three.

I love her so much.

I know. And that's why it hurts.

The question isn't whether you love
her or not.

It's whether you press snooze on
your life again

and keep falling further down
her list...


..whether you leave all
of this behind you...

..and go into the new year
with your head held high.

And a chance to find out who
the real Mick Carter is again.

Linda! Linda!


Er, hello, everyone.
Sorry to break-up the party...

Karaoke! Dancing Queen!

I guess sometimes, subtle don't
really cut it, does it?

That's my daughter.
Isn't she beautiful?

I'm calling your mum! Ugh!


Oh, look,
that's a photo of my family.

Me, that's my brother Lee on
the left.

And then my little brother, Johnny,
with the dog.

He used to be the youngest,
then he got relegated.

That's my mum, obviously.

And my dad.

And, erm...

..I love them very, very much.

Obviously they drive me insane,
they're my family, but...

That's lovely, darling, but...
I just wanted to ask you...

Oi, Cheekbones!
Just let her speak!

I just wanted to ask you, Mum...

Why it is that you seem
to love drinking,

more than you love the
people in that photo?

Why do you love
the bottle more than us?

Because the people in that photo

are really, really hard to love.

You see their faces, eh?
Loving it, weren't they?

I bet they've been waiting...
So, what you going to do?

I mean we can stand here all night
moaning about them,

having a good whinge, or...
They've turned him in!

And the police are coming
to arrest you for murder.

Which he didn't do! Well, thank you,
Judge Rinder,

but you're not actually trying him!

At least she's on my side,
isn't she? And what am I?

So, I'll ask you again.
What you going to do?

I'll ring Ritchie.
She's in Tenerife.

You're just going to sit here till
they come for you?

Because they have waited for this.

And you're not going to get a
slapped wrist and out on bail.

It was only a couple of months ago

you tried to get him
sent down yourself!

Which is why I know this
time it's serious.

So, you either drag Ritchie from
that sunbed

and pray she's got some new tricks
up her sleeve...

..or you go down for
a murder you didn't commit.


..You go upstairs,

you pack a bag...

..and you run.

You can shove your marriage.

Cos I am done with you. Done.

I want a divorce.

Come on, Dad! Please.

You going to tell me?

Do you really think
I need to go anywhere?

Tell you where it is?

You can dress this up anyway you
like... I'm going to let you watch.

..but you're a racist, Aaron.
And that makes me sick!

You're exactly like me.
I'm nothing like you.

You're just too scared to admit it.
I look at you and I'm ashamed!

Well, you didn't mind when they were
looking out for us though, did you?

If I'd known... You knew! You knew.

You chose to look the other way.
You're twisting it.

They looked out for us, Dad,
because to them,

people like us matter!

When I couldn't get a job,

because all those poxy training
schemes were for black kids?

And they were trying to level
the playing field

by pushing kids like me away?
You've done well enough!

Yes, cos my mates pulled strings,

They opened doors to me,

they paved the way!
Because they cared for me.

Anyone could set that bomb off!
Why do you think they asked you?

You are brainwashed, Dad!

Why don't you go
and pop your little mask back on

and do exactly as
the Government tells you?

Would you just stop and listen?
That's what they've done, Dad.

They locked us down!

And then they make us feel grateful
to be back out again,

so we don't notice all
the boats landing

and all them millions of immigrants
flooding into this country!

Why are you so stupid, Dad?

Dad, why can't you see it?

Why is your sister such a beautiful
soul and you so full of hate?

Where is she then, eh?

Where is your beautiful little Dana?

She ain't here.

She ain't spending New Year's
with her pathetic old man, is she?

She's out! Celebrating life!

In a gay bar,
with her Muslim boyfriend.

MUSIC: 'Children' -
Robert Miles

You have to stop this!
We've still got a few minutes.

We'll move, all of us.
We'll change our names.

Just go in there and grab her!
Carry her out if you have to!

One minute to go, everybody!
Come on. Grab a drink!


Drag her out by her hair.

Just tell her you don't want her
near Bobby! Just go!

No. What?

If you're do this,
you're taking your sister's life.

I haven't got a drink!

30 seconds!


Mila! Over here!

Whatever it is you're meant
to do, it stops! Now!



Yeah, I'm ready.

See you on the other side.

Ten, nine, eight, seven...

If you do this,
your sister is dead!

If I don't, Dad, we all are!

You're my beautiful boy,
my first-born!

And I love you, please!

..five, four...

Please don't do this!

..three, two...

I'm sorry, Dad.



You didn't do it.

You didn't do it.




They won't let me in! Why?

Won't tell me anything. I mean,
my own bar!

Yeah, and I just heard
the Tube's closed.

There's police everywhere.


An explosive device in
the Argee Bhajee.

Like a bomb?

Got a tip off early hours
this morning.

They've just done
a controlled explosion just now.

Who'd want to blow up
the Argee Bhajee?

Do you think it was a protest?
About the mosque?

If that had gone off last night...
All of us in the Albert.

Do they know,
when it was meant to...?

Any word from your lot?
Not a whisper.

Go home and sit tight.

I'll be straight back
after my shift.


Someone's tried to
blow up the Argee Bhajee.

It's all over everywhere.

You haven't slept all night.

I'll make some tea
and we'll talk about it.

Sharon's right.

I got no choice.

I mean...

..if they take me in...

I better start packing you a bag.


You'll be back before the end of the
week. Once all this settles down.

There's some of Raymond's stuff
in that bottom drawer an' all.

You ain't serious?

I really hoped you'd never have
to see her like that.

I tried, Nance.

We both did.
Not your fault.

You know, when Janine told me
the state she was in...


What do you mean,
when Janine told you?

Did you have a nice lie-in?
You can start...

Oh, are we dancing?

That's enough! You want to have a
word with your daughter...

Spying on my mum?
Calm down, the pair of you.

You really think you'd get away
with that?

Somebody's got to see how
she's doing!

There is something seriously wrong
with you.

You've made your point, Nance!
She's a psycho!

Your dad has had a hard enough day
as it is. Yes! Because of you!

I think you'll find I am not
the one divorcing him

from the bottom of a bottle!

What did you do,
did you pour it for her?

How's your own marriage going?

Are you just going to stand there
while she talks to me like that?

Trust me, all right!

Your mother doesn't need anybody
else to pour the drink for her!

You let her stay one more night
under this roof,

I don't know who you are,
but you ain't my dad.

This don't mean you can tell people
we've slept together.

Do you think I'd still be here in
the morning if we did?

You collapsed on the Square.

Do you remember Martin going
for you like Godzilla?

I was in that film.

Well, if they'd seen your
performance with him,

you wouldn't've got the part.

Did you get my watch?

I thought I'd get a few quid for it.

Does she know I'm here? Yeah.

She's been looking after you
till she finished her shift.

But she never said goodbye.

Why don't you press charges on
Martin? You might get a few quid.

Yeah, I'm sure Sonia would
love that.

Better than sleeping on
the streets.

He was only looking out for her.

I'd sooner shake his hand than get
him into trouble.

You do know she's not really your
daughter, don't you?

She's the best daughter
I never had.

I'm assuming your New Year was as
awful as mine.

Well, I thought I'd go to work.
Get away from my problems.


My problems followed me there in
an ambulance.

You know, when he left at Christmas,
I thought that was it.

I thought, a bit of space.
Maybe see things differently.

I wish problems were that simple.

I didn't even get a week!


I've had enough for one day, Janine.
I know, I know.

You need your space, and,

I don't want to make things harder
for Nancy.

Her parents splitting up...

You and Linda?

I know what it's like.
Feeling everyone on top of you...

So, I'm going to move out.
ASAP. For the sake of the family.

Where you going to go?

I'll find somewhere.
Good luck with that.

Will you be all right for the rest
of lunch? Yeah.

Thank you.

You can't just take Raymond!
I'm the one who got him back!

This ain't finders keepers!
I helped Kim after Vincent...

That don't give you the right...
Helped Denise sort her business out.

I got your message.
Yeah, well, get mine now.

You can't take a kid on the run.

I didn't want to leave that boy
behind in the first place.

Will you just listen to her?

And I definitely ain't going to
leave him behind now...

Cos you don't listen to me!
It'll be hard enough on your own.

Did anybody ask you? They will come
looking! Jack will come looking!

Yeah, and I will be
out of the country.

You'll be spotted within hours!
He ain't exactly a mini me!

Look, I know you love him!

No-one's saying you don't love him!

But, please, Phil!

It's bad enough I'm going to be left
here on my own with the boys.

I don't need you getting extra time
for abducting a kid!

All right, fine.

Fine, I won't take him, then.

Oh, heavy night?

I... Yeah, it was a full house, Mum.

Have you seen all
the police by the Argee Bhajee?

Yeah. Vinny told me.
I mean...

I know. The Argee Bhajee.

They're saying that was supposed
to go off last night.

Vinny, we were next to it.

Imagine if it had,
all those people...

Yeah, but it didn't. Right?

There's no point dwelling on it.

I mean, a bomb?

Yeah, they think it was meant
to go off last night,

but the detonator never triggered.

What do you think he'll do?

Phil. What do you think he'll do
to us?

He ain't going to have a chance
to do nothing.

We are talking about
the Mitchells here.

Ben hardly speaks to him.
Grant's on a permanent sun bed.

So, unless Louise
is going to come back

and smother you in baby cream...
But he knows people.

He knows bad people.

It was either that or lose
your sister.

Look, if he tries anything,

we'll get you protection.
And Kim?


What if he goes after Kim?

Phil'll be in custody by the end of
the day.

There's going to be nothing he can
do to anyone.


Right, kids! Come on!

Where's Raymond?
He was just playing football.

But I told you to look after him.

Raymond! He was just here...
I gave you a job, Amy!

Maybe he's just wandered off...

Not going to do anything
to anyone, that right?


This is what he does!

This is Phil.






Do you want a job in there?
We need some porters.

You know it's down to you
why he's in there?

Getting Martin on to him?

It's been a really long
night, Shirley.

He's not going to press charges.

Out of loyalty to you.

You want to talk
about pressing charges?

He doesn't get
to play the victim.

Just talk to him.
Read my lips. I do not care.

He loves you, Sonia.

He's the one who broke my heart.
Not the other way round.

For someone that doesn't care,

you're getting very worked up
over him.

He still wants a daughter.

Do you still want a dad?

It doesn't work like that.

Just give him another chance.



What happened?

You tell me. I sent the text,
I pressed the button!

Don't lie.

It ain't my fault it didn't trigger!
You gave me a dud!

Press the wrong button, did you?
Dial the bomb squad instead?

Come here and say that. You know
they were there, though, don't you?

Course I do! It was on the news!

You can't move for people talking
about it. I defended you.

You know that? They was worried
that you weren't up to it.

I was up to it. Yeah, well.

I don't see no big hole where that
mosque's going to be.

Look, if someone builds
a bomb that don't work...

Yeah, you can trust Aaron,
I said. He's a ledge. He's tight!

Look, you ain't the only one
that's angry.

I've got to live
with that in my family's back yard!

Angry enough to message us,
tell us you messed up?

No trail you said, didn't you?

You want a load of messages between
me and you last night?

You press the button, no big bang,

and two hours later
the bizzies turn up?

I don't know how they got there,
all right?

This your phone?

I just told you,
I didn't call them, Neil.

Why would I call them?


This is you mouthing off, this is.

Yeah, you!

Going round giving it the big I am
to anyone that'll listen.

You saying I called
the filth on myself?

I'm saying it could've been anyone.
Anyone that overheard you.

Now I did my bit.
And it didn't work.

And all you had to do was keep your
gob shut.

It's over the road.


Mr Mitchell?


Mr Mitchell. All right, mate? Yeah.

I knew you were lying.
Sharon, just move, all right?

Kat might've bought that, but I
didn't... You've got ten seconds.

Think how much it hurts me not
knowing where Alyssa is.

You've only known her ten minutes!
Don't you dare!

I've lost years
with this boy already.

He's already lost one mum.

You take him away from his
new one...

Sharon, they're coming to get me.
..and he will never forgive you.

They're at my house now!
It's no life for a kid on the run.

Sharon, just move, all right?

All his life,
looking over his shoulder.

Jumping at shadows.

Is that what you want to teach him
being a Mitchell is?

You ain't got the right to talk
about being a Mitchell any more,

Look at his little face,
Phil. Look at him.

If you want to be a dad to him,
then you show him what that means.

You do this for Raymond.

You stand up and you fight every way
you can, so you can stay.

Mr Mitchell!


Mr Mitchell!

Feeling better?

No point dwelling on it.

Always so sensitive.

One more?

Here, Ash, have you seen
all the police cars outside ours?

I was just having a moment
with my daughter.

Have you heard about
the Argee Bhajee?

Oh, man! If that had gone off...

Right, then! One more?

I had fun. Last night.

You can be quite
a laugh when you let yourself.

When I let myself?


We should go for a drink sometime.

You were with her?
Yeah, she does have a name.

After what she did to our family?

Mum, someone tried to blow up
a gay bar last night.

I thought it was a mosque?

I just want to be
with my people right now.

Your people.

You've only ever
been semidetached!

Well, moments like this really make
me realise who my real family are.

Oh, come off it, Ashneet!

You change your sexuality more often
than I change my sheets.

For the drink.

Here you are. Thank you, pal.

You know, when I was at school,

I was the only kid whose parents
were still together.

Other kids were proper jealous.


You said that they've split
before, yeah?

Yeah, that was different.

I mean, maybe cos I weren't
here, I don't know.

I can't even imagine a mum
and dad in the same house.

I honestly thought they were solid.

Getting a divorce is what people
like me do.

They didn't go through
with it last time, did they?

It was bad enough when he had
Whitney sniffing around him.

Janine's just a whole other level.

You don't need to worry
about Janine.

I mean that, Pop.

I wouldn't be surprised
if she poured that wine

down Mum's throat herself.

Your mother doesn't need anyone
helping her. You was there.

You saw her.

Anyway, Janine's leaving so...

What? Have you actually told her she
has to go?

No, no, it was her decision.
Course it was!

She said she's doing it for
the sake of the family.

She's doing it for you.

What? Are you grateful?

Pop, can you not see that this woman

is actively trying to tear apart
your marriage?

Just leave it, Nance.

What is going on with you?


I heard about your
little rent problem.

I have been working all night.

And what with Tiff moving out

and that rancid-faced Goth child
that works in the club,

now she's gone,

and Daddy Dearest turned out not
to be Daddy Dearest,

I was sorry to hear about that by
the way...

I really ain't in the
mood, Janine...

And with the pennies
the NHS drop in your bowl,

I mean, you can't pay your rent
with rainbows

and banging pan lids, can you?

So, here I am.

Is this a wind-up?

Oh, come on!

As you can imagine, I've got people
begging me to move in,

but I thought, no, I can't see poor
Sonia struggling.

Listen, I really don't need any
more drama.

We have known each other for years
Sonia, since we were children!

When you slept with my boyfriend.

Well, it's a good job you haven't
got one now.

And you wouldn't see me homeless,
would you?

Well, you said you got people
begging, so?

I've got nowhere else to go.

And I'm just starting
to get somewhere with Scarlett.

And I really need
to be near her.


You can have the biggest bedroom?

All that work.

All them months finding
the right thing.

We'll get another chance.
With anti-terror on it?

You and me are going to be lying
so low.

I'm telling you,

when I find out who messed up
that detonator...

Things go wrong, Neil...
When I get who made that call!

Oh, the traffic out there...


Happy New Year!

Is it?

Yeah, Aaron never said you were
coming over.

He just turned up a minute ago.

You stopping for a cuppa?

I might have some beers in the
fridge. You're fine, Mr Monroe.

I've got lager. You good with lager?

I've got work to do.

You could've warned me!
He had my phone.

You think he bought it?
Still got your kneecaps, so...

Dad, if he finds out it was us that
made the call,

who knows what he'll do.

I told you, I dunno where he is,
all right?

The Arches.

Dee... Dee!



He's not taking him. Get away from
him! It's OK.

Get away from him!
He don't deserve this!

Phil! You promised me!
Ain't a murder charge enough?

He's not murdered anyone, Jack.
You swore that you wouldn't.

You knew?

You do this,
and she won't bring him to prison.

You won't ever get
to see your son again!

Phil. Raymond! Phil!

Phil, don't!


Raymond! Phil! PHIL! RAYMOND!





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