Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 2, Episode 22 - Second Sight - full transcript

Marissa has a vision while sitting beside the lake, and consults with a Dr. about the possibility of her sight returning. Chuck goes to his bookie to pay off a gambling debt, and discovers that his bookie has been murdered. When Chuck is kidnapped by the killer and held captive on a tugboat, Gary and Crumb use Marissa's vision to find the tugboat, but are captured as well. They are left stranded on an empty boat in the middle of the lake with a bomb aboard.

(distant shouting)


Good boy.


What's the matter, Spike?



I could see.
I could see.

Spike, for a moment,
I could see!

(theme music playing)

CHUCK: What if you
knew, beyond a doubt,

what was going
to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There's no easy answer

for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.


What, are you nuts?!

An eight-to-one payback,

By who?

By this guy I met.

He imports computer chips
from China.

You met where?

At the Technology Expo
at McCormick Place.

China, Gare.

Unexplored territory.

But that's not the point.

The point is,
it's a chance for me

to start from
the ground floor.

Well, not with
our profits.

Fine. If it's a no,
it's a no.

It's a no.

Just thought you might have
more faith in your partner.

Look, I-I've told you
this a thousand times.

I-I've already got
an investment,

and that's
McGinty's, period.

Is that all you aspire to?

Running a gin joint
for your whole life?

Correction, I run the joint,
you run around saving the world.

And you help me.

Exactly. I'm living
in your shadow.

Oh, come on.

No! Gare, this is a chance
for me to make my mark.

Well, what do you say?

What do I say?

We're here.


Let's see, the armored car

comes around that corner,
it goes too fast,

hits another car,
holds up traffic for hours.

Armored car
as in money armored car?

Uh, yeah.

It's old bills.

They take them
out of circulation.

They're burning bills?

Let me see that.

Come on, Gary.

No look, no help.

For Pete's sake.

Thank you.

CHUCK: "Yesterday, at Hartnett
and Third, the armored car

"toppled on its side,
spilling approximately

four million big ones."

Hey, Chuck.

That-that girl that
I-I started seeing last year

when I started getting
the paper,

that's her.

Oh, the one
you could never find?


I'd see her everywhere, and
then she'd-she'd just disappear.

She'd ju...

She had something to do
with the paper, Chuck.

I know it.

Go get her, man!

I can't; I got this.

See, that's what
I'm talking about.

I can handle it.
Let me do it.

I'm sick and tired of
being the second banana.

You never give me a shot.

And it's a perfect



(car horns blaring,
tires screeching in distance)


(people shouting in distance)

Can you believe it?!

(people shouting excitedly)

(car horns blaring)


Look, it wasn't my fault.

I stepped in the street,
I waved my arms,

and the truck swerved
to avoid hitting me.

It was meant to be.
It was fate.

All right.

Nobody got hurt.

They could have.
Yeah, but they didn't.

Hey, you guys
hear what happened

over on Hartnett
a little while ago?

Yes. Yes. Hey, can I have
a cup of coffee, please?

GARY: Look, the-the point of
the matter is, you blew it.

CHUCK: You're forgetting
something, pal.

I went out of my way
to do you a favor, okay?

I'm the one
that could've gotten hurt.

Lots of luck getting
that money back.

It's a feeding frenzy out there.

People are snatching up cash
like monkeys grabbing peanuts.

You didn't.


I'm insulted.

You t...

Hey, Hobson.

Marissa needs you
in the office.

She says it's important.

What's... what is it?

I don't know.
Ask her.

I saw something.

All right, Marissa, slow down.

I can't.

I saw something,

Well, if-if you saw something,
that's-that's incredible.

I know it is, but it happened!

I'm sure of it!

All right, well, Marissa...

All right, well,
tell me what happened.

Okay. I was out for a walk,

and then there was light
and shapes.

Gary, I'm telling you, for a
moment, I was actually seeing.

Marissa, is, is that possible?

I don't know.

But it happened.

It happened for a few seconds,
and then it was... it was dark.

And... gosh, my hands
are still shaking.

Gary, what do I do?

THOMAS: Well, this is all
quite something, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

Did you find something?

Now, of course,
this is only a preliminary...

(clears throat)

But you found
something, right?

There's nothing, Marissa.

Your condition's unchanged.

Your physical indications

are what they've always been.

There's no sign of any...

That can't be.

I saw something.


vision is-is
a very complex thing.

It-it's not a switch
that turns on and off.

You know, we, we see

in our dreams,
in our imaginations.

But I wasn't dreaming!

I saw something.

It was,

it was bright.

It was a letter.

A letter.

Can I have a pen
and paper, please?

I remember

in elementary school

we had to learn the alphabet
by their shapes.

And I'm not quite sure
what letter it is, but...

There is no such letter.

Well, what are you
talking about?

It's, uh...

It's not a letter.


has there been anything unusual
in your life?

Something, uh,
especially stressful?

You don't believe me!

Well, now, I-I didn't say that.

You don't have to!

But I know what happened,
and I saw something.

Marissa, wait, now.

I can't wait. I
have things to do.

Well, listen, he's just
telling you what he knows.

That's not
what I heard!

What I heard
was condescending,

as if I were a child with
some imaginary friend.

It's a professional opinion,
that's all.

Opinions I don't
need, Gary.

I need someone who's
going to believe me.

Do you believe me?

Well, do you?

Well, I want to.

I-I do. I...

Well, that's
a start.

Well, wait a second.
I'll walk you home.

All right.



It's me, Fishman.


Why don't you turn on
some lights around here?

What, are you trying
to save money?




I'm looking for, uh,
Victor Buena Vista.

Hey, thanks a lot, pal.


(TV playing softly)


Victor, I got
the money.

Ten G's.

Don't ask me how I got it.

Even if I told you,
you'd never believe me.



Must be some game, huh?

What, did you
put money on it?

Huh? Vic...




(knocking at door)

(knocking continues)

You're early.

It's not the cat!

It's me! Open up!


How you doing?

Oh, man,
I'm in trouble.

What's her name?

Very funny. I spend the night
out in the street,

and you give me

I saw a guy get murdered
last night.


Not only that...

...the guy who did it saw me.

(paper thuds against door)

Don't get it!

It might be him!

(cat meows)


Oh, the cat.

(cat meows)

So, uh, what happened?

Well, remember that guy
I told you about?

I went to go see him

Yeah, the...

You took that money?

You let an armored car crash
on purpose?

No! I tried to stop it,

I swear!

All right, the truth is...

truth is that sometimes

I let my subconscious get
a little overactive, okay?

It just happened.
It, it was like fate.

I needed $10,000

and $10,000 just happened
to appear in my hands.

They were gonna incinerate
the bills anyway.


Are we gonna sit here
and argue

about some petty
larceny crime, or...

are we gonna deal with the fact
that my life is in danger?


It was... horrible.

All right, all right,
you-you say that

this-this guy, whoever he
is, you say he saw you?

Yeah, nose-to-nose,

I'm toast.

It's here.

It is?

What does it say?
Read it to me.

"The body of a local businessman

"was pulled from the water

"near the docks
late yesterday afternoon.

"The deceased was identified
as Victor Buena Vista,

"an import-export trader known
to have syndicate ties.

Police are calling the death
a mob-style execution."

The mob?

Boy, you, you sure know how to,
how to pick a business partner.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

He wasn't killed at the docks.
He was killed in his office.

I saw him.

Unless they...

came back
and moved the body.

Which means
they could be watching me.

Oh, my God.

Wait. Now, just take it easy,
would ya?

Oh, my God.


I'm... I'm...

I'm not toast. I'm bacon.

The mob, huh?

What kind of business
was this guy in?

Computer chips
from China.

No, it's legit.

I even saw
the merchandise.

I bought a laptop
from the guy.

You know, these guys always got
legitimate covers.

And they're always looking
for patsies, too.

So, how come, how come
this wasn't on the news?


Never mind.
I don't want to know.

Okay, so now what?

You go downtown.

Uh-uh. No way. Uh-uh.

Wait. Look, you gotta go

You witness a crime,
it's the law.

It's my life, okay?

I know what happens when
these guys get your number.

I am staying
right here.

All right.

Where are you going?

GARY: I'm going
down to the library

to get some research
for Marissa.

Oh, so you're leaving
me now, huh?

Well, yeah.
She needs me.

I'm gonna...

I need you!

Hey, I'll take him down, Hobson.

Thank you very much.

And listen, would you listen
to the man, please?

I'll be back in an hour.


I'm doomed.

I had such a promising future.

Wait a minute.

There's always
witness protection.


You're better off buying
yourself a fake mustache.

You think I blend in?

Yeah, if it was

You're making me nuts here!
At the rate we're going,

we're not even gonna get
to my car

until sometime
tomorrow afternoon.

I can't do this.
I can't tell on 'em.

I'll be a marked man.

From what you said, you're
already a marked man.

At least this way, the cops'll
be able to identify the body.

Oh... Why is this
happening to me?

It's your karma.

Bad things got a way
of catching up with you.

You reap what you sow.

You believe that?

In your case,

(horn honks)

Hey, what are you doing?!

But I mean,

you can change
your karma, right?

I mean, by doing
a good deed,

you can make
a difference?

I forgot the rulebook.

Wait here.

(horn honks)
MAN: Watch out, lady!

Don't worry, lady.

Hold it! Hold it!

(horn honks, tires screech)

MAN: Hey, buddy!
(horn blares)

After you.


Wait a minute. Slow down!

(tires screech)
MAN: What are you doing?!

Slow down. Relax.
(horn honks)

You're very kind.

Don't mention it.
Just doing my bit.

You got that?!

What's your name?

Chuck Fishman.




You're certifiable,
you know that?

Hide me!


That guy, look at him.

He's a hit man.

Fishman, are you coming down
to the police station or not?


(door shuts)

All right.

This is, it's all
I could find.

So now what-what
do we look for?

Case histories.

Any record of people blind
from birth regaining sight.

Listen, have you ever heard
of this happening before?

Yeah, in the Bible.

I didn't bring that.

Hmm. Look, if it happened
at all, I want to know.

I mean, if there's any way that
I can convince my doctor

that it's possible, then maybe
he'll believe my story.

Maybe there are more
tests we can do.


Well, it's just I...

Look, I don't want you to get
your hopes up about something...


I can pretty much guess what my
doctor said to you,

and I can tell you right now
that he's wrong about me.

Sure, it would be
nice to see.

I used to dream about it all the
time when I was a little girl,

but I like my life.

And I saw something.

And I want to know why.

Why me?

Why me?!

Would you get a hold
of yourself?

Sure, that's easy
for you to say.

You're not the one
who's being hunted down.

You know, you can't go on
like this.

You're gonna have to get help.
You realize that?

Help? That's a joke.

The cops can't help me.
No one can.

(knocking at door)

Don't open that!

(groans, grunts)





Chuck's being a little bit
paranoid right now.


Better safe than, uh, whatever.

Oh. And how are you doing,

Oh, I'm terrified.
And how are you, Marissa?

Well, I checked
the Internet.

There was no help there.

Um, seems that there are
no other recorded cases

of vision recurrence
like mine.

And I guess
I just wished it all.

Are, are,
are you sure?

I mean, you, you were
sure that you, uh...

I'm not too sure about anything
right now.

Yeah, well, that makes
two of us.

How could I be so stupid?!

That's what I was wondering.


No, he's right.

I put my money
on the wrong horse,

and it wasn't even my money!

Well, what do you mean,
it wasn't your money?

He's talking about the armored
car accident.

You took money from that?

It was only ten G's.

That's robbery, Chuck!

I lost it at the murder scene.

Does that make up for any of it?


I didn't think so.


Crumb says you reap
what you sow.

If that's the case, I'd hate
to be me at harvest time.

It's a little late for remorse,
don't you think?

I really did it this time.

Here, take this.

What's this?

It's a St. Jude's medal.

My grandmother gave it to me.

St. Jude?

Patron saint of hopeless cases.

Give it a try.
You never know.

Hopeless cases.


That'll fit.

Hey, where you going?

I'm gonna take a drive.

It's harder to catch
a moving target.

Keep that couch warm for me,

Hey. Hey!

(cat meowing and growling)

(cat meows)

(paper thuds against door)




His name's

Chuck Fishman,
and he's been kidnapped?

Look, I told you this already.
His car door was wide open.

He hasn't been seen
since last night.

Any ransom note?

No, it's not that kind
of kidnapping.

What kind of kidnapping is it?

It's the kind of kidnapping
where you're, you're found

floating in the river
after three days.

That kind of kidnapping.

What have you done
to my office?

It's not your office anymore.

And it's called "taste."

GARY: If you could file

a missing persons report...
Not till tomorrow.

Don't touch that!

Well, tomorrow's gonna be

a little too late!
What makes you

so sure
your friend's in trouble?

Maybe he's just hanging out

Wouldn't be
the first time.

I know how
you guys are.

He witnessed a murder
Tuesday night

of Victor Buena Vista.

I see.

That's "I see" as in,
"I see a way to clear up

a front-page case and get myself
a promotion."

Your friend witnessed
Victor Buena Vista's murder?

Well, no, not exactly. He...

Well, he saw the body,
and it was after the murder.

At the docks?

No, at Buena Vista Imports.

I see.
CRUMB: That's...

"I see" as in,
"This conversation

is wasting my time."

Forensics has been all over
Buena Vista Imports.

Clean as a whistle.

Sorry, Crumb,
but I'm seeing nothing here

to tie your missing bar boy
into the case.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thanks for nothing.

Come on, let's go.

They're not gonna
look for him, are they?

What can they
do anyway?

Check out every Dumpster
in the city of Chicago?

(sighs) Look, let's face it,
if the mob's got him,

it's gonna be hard
to find him anyway.

At least in
one piece.

Maybe he lost his nerve, and
he took off for the hills.

Oh, without telling us?

Well, why don't you just look
in that crystal ball of yours

or whatever it
is that you do?

Oh, thanks a lot.

All right, look,
I'm gonna go back

and rattle a
few more cages.

I might be a has-been, but
I still know a trick or two.


Hey, I like the little
guy, too, you know?

Well, "like" is a
little strong a word.

Just-just try to find him,
would you, please?

I'll try to find him.




Thought you forgot
all about me.

Listen, I need to see
the man in charge.

I'm willing to make a deal.


I won't say another word

about anything that I saw...
or-or didn't see, actually,

'cause I didn't
see anything, but...

Listen, if you let me go,

I'll forget all about
this kidnapping business.

Another five minutes,
and the offer is withdrawn!

Come on, man!

Come on, just give me a clue.

I'll take it from there.

'Scuse me.

I'm not gonna do that again.


(billiard balls clacking)

Marissa, I found it.

Found what?

The drawing that you
made down-downtown

at Franklin and
Randolph... I found it.

I mean, it's just
a sketch of what you drew...

Gary, please don't do this.

I know you want to help,
but, uh, this isn't the way.

No, no, I found it.
I've got it.

Gary, look, I don't know
what you're doing,

but I know how it feels.

So let's just forget it.

What are you talking about?

Well, in the first place,

I wasn't at Randolph
and Franklin that morning.

I was down by the lake.

I went there again today.

I sat on the same bench,

and I asked someone
to tell me what he could see.

There was nothing but water!

(blues music playing)

What did you find?

I looked through the file
on Buena Vista.

The guy's got a record
as long as Aunt Tillie's nose.

He dealt with every family
in the city.

So I talked to my people,
and we figure

it's got to be the Rosarios.

Oh, good.
Then we go see them.

Are you kidding?

Rosarios are big business now.

They'll never cop to a murder.

They've even got
their own trademark.

You know that thing
with the back-to-back R's?

If we're gonna find Fishman,
we have to find him on our own.

What kind of business
did you say they were in?

Well, shipping, mostly.

But, uh, they...

Marissa, you
were wrong.

Oh, Gary, don't do this.

Listen to me.

I need you to tell me
everything that you saw.

I already did.

No, I want you to tell me
everything exactly.


I was out.

I was facing out,
toward the water.

And suddenly
everything was different.

Um... I could hardly bear it,

it was so, uh,

guess you would say bright.

And then everything changed,

and it got very dark.

Very dark.

And I don't know what it was,
but it was that shape.

(ship horn blows in distance)

And it was, it was moving,
like, um, floating.

And that's it.
That's everything.

Do we have to do this?

Was there anything else?


Except for a sound.

A whistle, a horn.

A ship's horn?

That could
have been it.

Could have been what?

She saw a boat.

A tugboat.

A tugboat makes that sound.


The docks.

That's where they found
Buena Vista, the docks.

That's where he is, isn't he?

I knew there was a reason.

Oh, not this mumbo-jumbo again.

Now you think
Fishman's on a boat?

I'll call the police.
No, no, don't do that.

They-they won't help.
We're gonna do it.

On some heebie-jeebie hunch?

It's not a hunch, Crumb.
It's something

more than that. It...

I don't want to know.

you keep things
running here.

We'll call you
if we need help.

Come on, Crumb, let's go.

Ask me, we already need help.

Okay, we found it.

Now what?

Now we get Chuck.

Well, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

This-this is not
like snatching

some little old biddy
out of traffic.

These people
are serious.

What we got to do is, we
got to hang around here

till some of
those guys leave.

Believe me, if
Fishman's still alive,

this will give us
our best shot.

GARY: Come on, Crumb,
we can't wait much longer.

We shouldn't have to;
there's only one guy left.

Well, then let's go.

You remember the plan?

Yeah, I remember the p...

Hey, this is
gonna work, huh?


Well, that's
very reassuring.

Come on, let's go.

Excuse me.

The, uh, Captain here?

Captain's not here.

We're with the Port
Authority Commission.

Harbor safety.

We got a report
that your boat here,

it's not up to code.

What code?

2706... faulty wiring.

Could be a fire hazard.

That's bull.

Hey, you got
a problem with that,

why don't you call
the Rosarios?

Interrupt their dinner.
They love that sort of thing.

Look-look, all
we need to do is

we need to get into
the wheelhouse.

It'll only take a second,
then we're out of your hair.

All right, come on board.

Told you it'd work.

All right, this
doesn't look too bad.

This shouldn't take
long to check out.

Hey, where's the other guy?

Don't worry about him.

Just let me do my job.

You can't be too careful
with these old tugs.

I tell you, I still don't like
this wiring up here, though.

When was the last time

this was checked out?
It looks corroded.

It's just a hobby.

(blues music plays)

(phone ringing)


(man speaks indistinctly
over phone)

Oh, uh, no, that-that's right.

This is McGinty's.

We're open till 1:00.


(whispers): Chuck!

Where have you been?

How you doing?

I-I'll be fine once you
get this thing off of me.

Don't bother.

Probably just have to put them
right back on again.

How come he
didn't get cuffs?

Oh, I guess they weren't
expecting a crowd.

When does the
backup arrive?

What backup?

What back... You
didn't call backup?

What kind of
cop are you?

A retired cop.

Cut it out, will you?

Well, who knows
we're here?

You didn't
tell anyone?

Yes, I did.



Come on, Gary, call.

Please call.




CHUCK: No one's
gonna find us here.

Shut up, Fishman.

Well, at least this thing
ain't going anywhere.

(engine rumbling)

You had to say that,
didn't you?!

You just had to say it!

Think you could
knock that off?

I can't help it. This
thing is killing me.


Now I'm gonna
need skin grafts!

Where we're going,
you're not gonna need anything.

Listen, will you two quit it
so we can get out of here?

I'm game. How?


I don't know.


Gary, are you here?

911 emergency.

Hello, police?

I'd like to report a...

(cat meows)

911, emergency.


I'll call back.



What are you doing here?

(cat whines)

Oh, God.



Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me, I need someone
to help me, please.

Could someone help me, please?

There may not be much time!



(engine humming)

This is all
my fault.

You can say that again.

If I ever get out of
here, I'm gonna change.

I swear,
I'll be good.

People will go, "There
goes Chuck Fishman,

friend of orphans and
little old ladies."

Would somebody
just shoot me now?


there's something
I never told you before.

You remember
when you,

you found your Walkman last year
all smashed and mangled, and

you didn't know
what happened?

That was me.

Well, that's-that's all right.

And that hundred dollar bill
you left on your dresser

and when you came back,
you couldn't find it?

You took that?


I'm a heel.

And yet, you remain my friend.

Oh, that's-that's all right.

That's okay.

I guess what I'm
trying to say is, Gare,

I love you, man.

I really love you.

I love you, too.


No, don't start on me, now.

You're really
a very special person.

Hobson, you better figure
a way to get us out of here.

'Cause I'm going to
strangle this guy.

I'm trying, believe me.
CHUCK: The two of you

are two of the most special
people in the world.

If we could just find something
to pick this lock.

I am so lucky.

Who am I kidding? This is hopeless.
I feel so grateful

to have known both of you.

Bu... Hopeless?


Hopeless cases.

Hope... less.

Would this come in handy?

I don't believe it.

This just might work.

What is that?

It's, uh... Marissa's
St. Jude medal.


(thudding and squeaking)

What does that mean?

We're out of gas.


You hear anything?
(hull creaking)

This is just a guess.
I don't think it's a good sign.

Well, there's nobody here.

You mean, we've just been
drifting all this time?

Yeah, looks that way.

Well, start this baby up,
and let's get home!

(engine sputters)

Hey, like I said,
no juice.

Well, maybe the,
uh, the radio.


Lord, I know we haven't been
speaking for the past few days,

and maybe we should have,
but I need another miracle.

I know it sounds selfish,
but I told Gary

that I believe there's a reason
for all of this.

And I still believe
that there is.

So, here I am.

You let me see once, Father.

And I thank You for that.

Please let me see again.

(paper rustling)


Please let me see.


How awful.

Excuse me?


I was just reading this
story in your paper

about a sunken tugboat.


Can you read it to me, please?


Are you okay?

I am now.

CHUCK: Tell me that
isn't what I think it is.

I think there's something you
guys should know right now.

I can't swim.

Four minutes and 25 seconds

and counting.

Listen, Crumb-Crumb,
you got to...

You got to disarm this.

What do you mean, how?

You-you go to the movies,
don't you?

You-you snip the wires.
The red one.

That's what they did
in Air Force One.

Fishman, you see any wires
on this thing?

This is digilatized!
This is state of the art.

You mess with this, we blow.

All right, well,
there-there's got to be

a-a life raft, or, uh,
something like that.

We've been all over this scow.
There's no life raft,

there's no nothing.

What about this?

CRUMB: What? Three of us
on one life preserver?

You kidding me?
This thing could hold a tank.

All right, so we swim.

Have a nice day.

All of us.

Well, you don't understand, Hobson.
I... Come on, Crumb.

No... We'll hold you up.

Go on, the both of you's, get
out of here. Start swimming.

There's something you don't
understand: If you don't go,

I don't go; if I don't go, he
doesn't go; it's one for all,

and all for one. If I go,
will you shut up right now?


I'll go.

It is a far, far better thing
I've done today than ever

I have
done before.

Can we just go?!

Yeah, all right, all right.


(boat horn blows)
MAN: Prepare to be boarded.


Prepare to be boarded.



I don't believe it.

It's Marissa.


NEWSCASTER: Here's that dramatic
photo taken earlier today

by a crewman on the rescue

moments after saving three men
from a death trap

set by organized crime.

Police say today's series
of events have led to arrests

all in connection with the
murder of Victor Buena Vista.

They're also pursuing
other leads

linking today's events to the mob.

(broadcast stops)

You know how it ends.
Good guy wins.

Yeah. I just wanted to hear my
name mentioned one more time.

Charles Fishman?


I represent the law firm
of Guilder & Smith.

Earlier this week, you helped
an old woman across the street.


Well, that woman is
a client of ours.

That bag lady?

Only on Tuesdays
and Thursdays.

The rest of the time she's
Mrs. Camilla Danforth.

Wait. Camilla Danforth, the,
uh, department store heiress?

The same.

She's a bag lady?

Mrs. Danforth likes to
walk the city unobserved

in search of the
needy and deserving.

She asked me to
give you this.

It's not ticking.

If you'll just sign here.

Good day.

Take care.

What is it?

I don't know, but I'm sure
it's something good.

Well, just open it, Fishman.

It's a Bible.



What is that?

It's a... It's a check.

Well, for how much?



Well, what's that...
What's the card say?

"Dear Mr. Fishman,

"I'm sure you'll use this
for a worthy cause.

"The world needs
more good people like you.

Camilla Danforth."

She got the wrong guy there!


No, she didn't.
She's right.

I said I'm going to change,
and I am.


I need to think.

Is he serious?

You never can tell
with him.


(horn honking)

(honking horn)

Well, this is it.

This is it.

So, you're really going to do it, huh?

I'm supposed to put that money
to good use,

and that's what I intend to do.

In L.A.?

L.A.'s the place.

Fishman Productions.

Wholesome family entertainment.

You're joking.

No. I even got
my first idea.

It's going to be about a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

You've got to be kidding.

No. And he has this friend,
this, uh, sidekick,

this second banana who, uh, is
an incredible pain in the butt.

What do you think?

What do I think?

It'll never float.

It's Hollywood, baby.

Good-bye, Marissa.

Who am I going
to argue with, Chuck?

There's always the cat.


And, uh, don't forget this.

It came in, uh,
incredibly handy.

Appreciate the loan.

You're welcome.

Oh, you'll be fine. We'll...
we'll-we'll see each other.

I mean, you know, we'll talk.
We-we've got the phone.

Yeah. You got my cell phone number?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,

I got your number. You get
in trouble, you give me a call.

If you need me, I got your back,
you know that?

Yeah, yeah.

Listen, uh...

about that, uh,
second banana thing,

you know, you-you were
never second banana.

I appreciate it.


I'll miss you, buddy.


I'm leaving now.

Bye, Chuck.

I'm going.

Bye, McGinty's.

I'll-I'll call you
when I get there, okay?

I may stop in
Vegas first.



So he's really
gone, huh?


I have a feeling, though, he's
never going to be too far away.

Hey, how are you, uh,
you know, about, uh...

My sight?

Well, it's
still the same.

You know, I don't know,
Gary, maybe, um...

maybe I did just
imagine that tugboat,

or-or maybe I really did have
a vision, like in the Bible.



Nothing. It's just that, uh...
you had a vision, and...

he got his sight.


Buy you a
cup of coffee?

Sure. Why not?