Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 2, Episode 11 - A Minor Miracle - full transcript

A small girl inadvertently leaves her school yard as she chases after a pet rabbit, and becomes lost in the sewers and storm drains of Chicago. The more Gary tries to find her, the more he becomes the number one suspect of the Police, as they think he had something to do with her disappearance. Chuck becomes involved with an inventor of a machine that can detect movement below ground, and he persuades the inventor to test his machine by finding the girl below the pavement. As heavy rains hit the city, the storm drains become full of water, and finding the girl before she drowns becomes a race against time.

(kids laughing, screaming)

Okay, you go back.

Oh, look.

Mr. Boggles is out of his cage.

Miss Bailey! Miss Bailey!

Mr. Boggles is out of his cage!

I'll be right there, Allie.

Good job.

Miss Bailey!
Miss Bailey!

Mr. Boggles is running away!

Not so far.

Come back here, Mr. Boggles.

Come back!

Paper said 9:00 a.m., right?

Around 9:00 a.m.


That's not very helpful.

Least they could do is
give you the exact time.

Yeah, well... Who's they?

They. You know, whoever delivers
the paper in the first place.

Well, they don't know the exact time...
Hang on!

(tires screeching,
car horns blaring)

Next time you do that,
tell me about it beforehand!

I said, "hang
on," didn't I?!

Besides, you're the one
that's in such a big hurry.

Oh, no.


Look, "Pedestrian killed
on Chestnut."


We're on Chestnut.


Speeding car.



(tires screeching)
Oh, mama!

(people talking,
car horns honking)

Are you okay?

I-I think so.

What are you doing?

I'm-I'm laying in the street.

What happened?

Well, you fainted.

Uh, uh...

You fainted, Walter.

How'd you know my name?

Well, becau... He's all right.

You take care of him.

Hey, why me?

'Cause I got to go.

You can't do that;
that's a hit and run.

(engine starts) Well, except
that we didn't hit him.

What are you doing?

I-I think my nose
is gonna bleed.

Excuse me.
Who are you?

I'm looking for
Allie Chapman.

Do you know where she is?

I'm sorry, but unless you're
a qualified guardian, I...

Look, this is an emergency.

She's gonna disappear,
if she hasn't already.

Now, where is she?

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.

Look, do-do you know
where Allie is, Allie...?


Well, hey, wait.



Sir, I insist you...



Oh, my God.


GARY: Allie!

Mr. Boggles, where are you?

Mr. Boggles, where are you?

Mr. Boggles, where are you?

(theme music playing)

CHUCK: What if you
knew, beyond a doubt,

what was going
to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There's no easy answer

for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

It's not your fault.

Okay, let's go
over this again.

You're who?

Teacher? Parent?

Look, I already told you this.

Just happened by.

That's right.


Well, no particular reason.

But you asked about
Allie Chapman.

Said you thought
she was missing.

And why is that?

Look, I guessed, all right?

Well... you guessed right.

Detective Barnes?

We've searched the area;
there's no sign of her anywhere.


Nothing yet, sir.

Okay, start a

Yes, sir.

I'm Mrs. Chapman.

Is there any...

Not yet, ma'am.


I'm so sorry.

I got to do this.

Um, I can reach you at
this address, right?


You wouldn't happen to know

where this little girl is,
would you?

No, sir.

Never hurts to ask, right?

(siren wailing in distance)

Uh, Ms. Chapman, um...

(clears throat)

need to ask you a couple
questions about your daughter.

Stop beating yourself up.

You did what you could.

I missed her.

You tried.

Yeah, I tried
and I missed her.

She's a five-year-old kid.

Well, she'll
turn up.

The paper just says
she's not found, that's all.

No where, no when,
no how, nothing.

Did you tell the
police what you know?

I don't know anything.

What could I tell them?

Why does this
do this to me?

Well, there's a reason.

What reason?

I have no idea.

Well, thank you very much.

You're welcome.

I would've got to her
if some nut

hadn't run out
in front of Chuck's car...

The nut.


I left Chuck
with the nut.

(door opens)
CHUCK: Hey, Gare.

Remember your
buddy Chuck?

Of course, you've
met Walter.

Nice running into you again.

Oh, no.


That would be a disaster.

Well, he looks okay.

All right.

Yeah, I'll get
his signature anyway.

Thanks, Mort.

Who was that?

That was my lawyer.

I need to get a release signed
for the accident.

What accident?

We didn't hit the guy.

Correct. But if some smart
lawyer gets ahold of his story,

we are in a lot of trouble.

Well, he doesn't seem like the
kind of guy that would sue you.

And how, may I ask,
would you know that?

Well, it's just
a feeling.

I mean, he seems sad.

I feel sorry for him.

Hey, Walt,

are you, uh, are you sure
you're not hurt?

I'm fine, thanks.

Thanks for asking.

Yeah, no problem.

So what do you got
in this briefcase

you've been
lugging around?

Oh, nothing.

Just my life's work.

You mind
if I, uh...

Well, go ahead.

(latches clicking)


What the heck is it?

It's called
a digital aurameter.

It filters out the big noises
and detects micro vibrations.

(turns on aurameter)

Micro what?

Little noises.

You know, tiny movements

that the ear couldn't
otherwise detect.

Oh, really?

Tiny movements, huh?


Micro vibrations.


Wait, what's so
odd about that?

Oh, nothing.

This thing's ridiculous.

It'll never work.

Go ahead, Chuck,
give it a try.

Yeah, sure.

(aurameter powers up)

(electronic pulsing)

(cat meows)

(cat meows)

(electronic pulsing)


(heartbeat stops)


Hey, cat.

Uh, excuse me for...

Well, I'll be darned.

This thing really works.

Of course it works.

Now that it's too late.

(cat meows)



(cat meows)



In weather news today,

batten down the hatches,

A severe line of thundershowers
is headed our way.

The storm line
has been approaching,

and it's bringing record amounts
of rain along its path

as it's headed into
the metropolitan area.

Who turned that on?


And now, a special bulletin

from the news watchers
news room.

A five-year-old child
is missing.



And so far, police are baffled
as to how she may have

disappeared from her schoolyard
earlier this morning.

She was last seen
wearing a pink snow suit,

and police need your help
to find little Allie Chapman.

I hope she's found
before the big storm.

It's supposed to be torrential.

In other news,
the price of milk is going down.

(turns off TV)

What am I supposed to do?

(growls softly)

There are no new changes
in this.


(sighs sharply)

Hey, you know what?

You're so smart, why don't you
clean the place up, huh?


Just a few hours ago,
I was standing at ground zero

of every inventor's dream.

There I was, in the boardroom

at Consolidated
Electric Enterprises.

14 years of blood
and sweat and dreams

and hard work
came down to this one moment.

And the machine
would not turn on.

A crummy two-dollar
on/off switch

ruined my life.

Since then,

I've just been
wandering around in a fog.

Uh, next thing I remember,

I was sitting in
the middle of the street,

and you were

standing over me.

Oh. Now that's
a bad day.


(water dripping)

Man, I think
Cheryl is so hot.

(chuckles) So, what are
you gonna do about it?

Man, what can I do?
I got no car.

(conversation approaches)



Oh, wait.

Hello? Help me.
What was that?

Somebody help me.

Somebody please help me.

Somebody please.

(train rumbling)

Did you hear that?


I don't know. I thought
I heard something.

It's nothing, man.

Come on.
We're gonna be late.

Come on. Let's go.



Anybody, please!
I'm down here!

Oh, well, there must be
someplace else

you can take it to.

Uh-uh. I have been
totally discredited.

In the micro-movement world,
I'm a walking joke.

Can it find


You know,
little animals

that burrow under
the ground.

Oh, that'd be easy, but that's
not what it's designed to do.


Well, I'm in the pest control
business. Grant's the name.

Just got back from the
police captain's house.

Big groundhog problem.

They're eating his grapevines
all over the place.

But I couldn't find
the little buggers.

A thing like that,
if it worked, hell,

it'd be worth
a small fortune.

But that's not its scientific
purpose. It's a geological...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is it patented?

Well, of course.


name's Charles Fishman.

(siren wails in distance)

All right, now that I'm here,
what the hell am I looking for?

(siren wails in distance)


Well, well, well, this is
gonna be interesting.

What are the odds?

How's that?

You and me. First we
meet this morning,

then we both
show up here.

Gotta be astronomical,
don't you think?

Look, if you're
interested in...

Oh, that I am.

I'm looking for Allie Chapman.

Thought she might be here?

I thought she could be.


Well, maybe I should ask you
the same thing.

I'm a cop. This is my case. I do
this for a living. Your turn.

I'm just a nice guy who cares.


you do this kinda like
for a hobby, huh?

You just run around looking
for lost little girls?

Listen, why don't you try
and help me to understand?

Contrary to popular belief, we
cops aren't as dumb as we look.

All right, listen, you want
to find Allie Chapman,

I think I might know
what happened to her.

There's a rabbit missing
over at the school,

a Mr., Mr. Boggles
or something.

Now, I was
just over there,

only the rabbit's
not there. He's gone.

Now, I think Allie might be
looking for this Mr. Boggles,

and when she went to look
for him, she got lost.

And followed him down a hole?

Like Alice
in Wonderland?

Allie and Mr.
Boggles, huh?

Hey, where's the Mad Hatter?

I'm sure I don't know.

You know, I have a theory about
this, too. You want to hear it?

Sure. Go ahead.

Little girls just
don't disappear.

I think
someone took her.

Maybe someone
that lives in there.

Now what do you think Mr.
Boggles would say about that?

Well, I don't know.
Rabbits, I don't talk to.

Are you done with me now?

You need a lift?

No, thank you. I'll walk.

Yeah, that's right. Mm-hmm.

I'm not so sure
about this.

Uh, Captain, no. Look,
I understand completely.

Those pesky little rodents
can drive you nuts.

Look, tell
the captain that...

Shh! What? Oh, no.

This machine was built
for that problem.

Mm-hmm. Oh, the name? It's...

Digital Aurameter.

Captain, we call it
"The Critter Transmitter."

What? What?!

Okay. So then we'll see you
tomorrow? Great. Bye-bye.

All right, we're in.

How could you do that?

Do what?

Look, this is not
some pest control gizmo.

It's a scientific invention
for seismic exploration.

For natural
resource recovery.

See, for geographical...

Uh-uh, uh-uh.
Walter, Walter, Walter,

look at it this way, okay?

Now, this morning,
your baby was living

on the trash pile, okay?

Well, yeah...

Now thanks to me,

you actually have a chance
to redeem your reputation.

What, by, by catching

Walter, do you have any idea
what you've built here?

Yes, a locating device.


It's a much better mousetrap.

Now, you'll stay at my
place tonight with this.


And listen to me.

It doesn't matter what you
originally built this for.

Well, the sonar...

Nobody cares.
Trust me, okay? Now...


Not even a single word
has changed in here.

Well, why should it be?
Because I talked

to the detective at the school
about Mr. Boggles.

Mr. Boggles?

Mr. Boggles is
the missing rabbit.

And he didn't believe you?

It's very odd
there are no changes.

Usually there's something,
it gives me an idea what to do,

but there's nothing.

Well, maybe you just have
to wait for tomorrow's paper.

Yeah... yeah.

I'll see ya.

Wait. Where
are you going?

I'm gonna take a jog.

Hey, you know,
it's very strange,

but all day I've been, uh...

I've been, uh...

Getting this feeling
like she's somewhere nearby?

How did you know that?

It's a normal response
when people are missing.

Oh. I guess that makes sense.


Marissa, what if something
happens to that little girl

before I get the paper tomorrow?

Guess we have to hope
it doesn't.


My mommy knows we're lost,

and she will have the police
come and find us.

I'll get it.

Hey, what's going on?

It's the Chapman place.

You know, the kid
who got snatched.



What makes them think that?

Sorry. Sources.

Oh, yeah? Well, you're wasting
your time. You ought to go home.

Says who?

Sorry. Sources.

You know,
my sources say

that the cops already
have a suspect in mind.

Oh, yeah?

Whoever it is, I would
hate to be that guy.

(thunder crashes)

(indistinct radio transmission)

Do you want a cookie?
It's your favorite; a elephant.




Maybe tomorrow.

WOMAN (over radio):
...metropolitan area.

And for anyone
who hasn't heard yet,

the weatherman says we're
going to get some heavy rain,

starting about midday.

There's a small craft advisory,
(cat meows)

so stay off the lakes...

"The body of Allie Chapman
was discovered yesterday

"in a drainage pipe
at Main Street wash.

"A city search has been
underway for the little girl

"who wandered off
the morning before.

"Apparently, the girl drowned

"when the pipes from the maze
of tunnels beneath the city

"filled with runoff
from yesterday's heavy rains.

"The discovery came
as a surprise to police,

"who were certain
Miss Chapman had been abducted.

Funeral services
will be held Friday."

That's it?

That's the thing that's
gonna find the groundhogs?

This, sir,
is absolutely guaranteed.


Uh, it detects micro-movements
in the mini-decibel level...


It can smell the fur.

It can?

Uh, yeah.

Good idea.


How much is
this gonna cost me?

For you,
absolutely free...

if you are willing to sign
the following endorsement.

You save my garden, and I'll
sign your Aunt Mary's diapers.

Okay, let's
give it a try.

Good. Come on.

Excuse me?

It can smell their fur?

Why get technical?
Simple is better.

And for the record,
I went to Ohio State.

Just leave the public
relations to me, okay?

And it's not a mousetrap!

Well, that's good, 'cause
we're not looking for mice,

we're looking
for groundhogs!

(thunder rumbling)





(low electronic humming)

Watch out for my grape arbor.

Those plants
are very delicate.

I didn't know you could
grow grapes out here.

Yeah, they're specially
imported from France.

They're dormant now; come
to life in the summertime.

Beautiful plants,

Damn groundhogs
have been eating 'em.

Taking care of that problem
for you right now, Captain.

Excuse me.

(whispers): Hey, what's
wrong with that thing?

Does it need
a new battery?

For your information, it has
a 50-year lithium battery.

Well, we don't
have 50 years,

so set the doohickey on
groundhog, and let's get going.

Well... frankly,
this is an exercise in futility.

This thing was not designed
to find groundhogs.

It found a cat,
it can find a rodent.

I-I-I don't even know
what a groundhog looks like.

Hey. We're almost there, sir.

You know what
I think?

I think you guys got
no idea what you're doing.

N-Now, hold on, with all due
respect, I really believe that...

I found something!

He found something.



Where are you? Allie?


Hello, Mr. Boggles.

Mr. Boggles.

All right.

Come on, buddy,
we're gonna go get some help.

Mr. Hobson.

Barnes, it's nice
to see you, for once.


One Mr. Boggles.

And here's one teddy bear.

That proves she's
down in there somewhere.

Yeah, nice
detective work.

Hey, look, these tunnels,
they run for miles down here.

She could be anywhere in there,
so I suggest you organize

a search party a little
bit bigger than this one, huh?

We could.

Then again, maybe
you could save us some time.


Tell us where she is, Hobson.

Oh, no.

Oh, no, now, listen...

Why don't you
take us to her, man?

You could spare us all
a little trouble here.

I'm telling you,
I don't know where she is!

She could be down here anywhere!

Put him in the car.
Look, Barnes...


don't do this.

Put him in
the car.

The kid's
down there somewhere.

I don't know where she...

Hey, my paper!

Barnes, you're making
a big mista...

(mechanical clanking, rumbling)

Those critters sure dig deep.

Are you sure
they're down there?

Might be.


Might be something else.

Like what, gophers?





Look out!

(dog barking in distance)

Oh, my...

my grapes!

Well, that ought to take
care of those groundhogs.

If you didn't put
the girl in there,

why did you go back
for her things?

Look, I didn't go back.

I've never even
been there before.

I found the bear down there,
and then I found...

The little bunny. Come on.

Look, you've got to believe me,

the kid, she went down there
by herself, all right?

Okay. So now it's Alice Through
the Looking Glass again.

Come on, man, don't try
to play me for a fool.

Listen, even if
you think it's me,

the least you can do is start the search.
Already did.

That girl is
nowhere near that wash.

Well, then I suggest
you start again,

'cause I'm telling you
she's down there somewhere.

Maybe. Or maybe
it's all just a red herring.

Maybe she's nowhere
near that wash.

Look, you gonna
charge me with something?

For the moment, I'm gonna
hold you for questioning.

All right, well, I got a right
to a phone call, right?

In weather news today, batten
down the hatches, Chicago.

A severe line of thundershowers
is headed our way.

I want you to know
I'm very sorry.

Skip it.

I really thought I had it.

Had it?

Walter, we blew up
his backyard.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That's not the fault
of the aurameter, okay?

Besides, as I think I
mentioned to you before...

It's not a mouse trap.
I know.


You know, I deserve this.

Must have been something
I've done, way back.

This is karma.

Look, I-I know
it's a setback,

but that's no reason

to lose faith
in the basic technology.

That is so typical.

I put my reputation on the line,

my good name,
and this is what I get!

taking it too personally.

Here, sign this.
What is it?

It's a release form
from yesterday's near accident.

Robin, you have a pen, please?
Yeah, sure.

You think I would sue you?

You think I'm a fake.

I thought you believed in me.

Just sign it.

(pen scribbling)

Thank you.

You know, may-maybe
if I rewired the machine, and...


Well, we could go back

to square one...

You're right.

Why waste your breath
on Walter Dalrymple?

(phone rings)

He's not worth it.

Hello? McGinty's.

It's Gary.

Hey, Gar. What's up?

You're where?

Listen, Chuck, I need your help,
and I need the paper.

Don't ask so many questions,
all right?

The State Street Wash.

You got that?

I'll tell... Look, I'll tell you
when you get here, all right?

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

ALLIE (calling in distance):


Mommy, help me.


(crying quietly)

WOMAN (on radio): The leading
edge of this storm is in,

and if you look
out your window,

you'll see a light drizzle
already falling.

It's expected to get
pretty heavy at times.

So get out your galoshes,
and be careful on those roads.

The things I do for this guy.

All right, look,
you let me out of here,

I'll help you find the girl.

Then you can throw me in jail.
How does that sound?

So you're gonna show
me where she is, huh?

Let's just get out there.

Out there where?

I don't know where exactly.
I told you I don't...

Look, stop playing
games with me.

I'm just trying to stop a girl
from drowning, that's all.

Sorry, I'm not biting.


This kid has something
you might want to hear.

I don't mean to be a
pain, or anything, but...

Well, the TV said to come here
if I knew something.

About what?

That little girl on the news.

Well, I meant to get
here yesterday, but...

Well, I had school, so...

What about the little girl?

Well, you're gonna
think I'm crazy.

But yesterday, I
heard this voice

calling from the sewer.

I thought I was spacing.

Where did you hear
the little girl?

Oh, on Ohio,
just before State.

You ignore this, you're gonna
regret it the rest of your life,

I promise you that.

You come with me.

WOMAN (on radio): Some
suburbs are now experiencing

significant downpours as the
storm moves across the city.

A traveler's advisory
is still in effect

for all of Cook County.

This newspaper's getting
my upholstery all dirty.

If you have to go out,
please drive carefully.

(brakes squealing)

Not again!

Walter, you've got
to stop doing this.

Any news, Captain?

Nothing good. They
say the water's rising

pretty fast down there.

Well, the rain's letting up.
It'll go down soon.

No way. That water's
coming from all over.

It's not even close
to cresting yet.

ALLIE (distant):
Mommy, help.

Mommy? Somebody?

The water's getting too high.

All right, two things.

One, you can't
keep doing this.

Two, you are a
menace to society.

Now I want you to hang that
thing up in your garage,

and forget about it.

I don't...
I don't have a garage.

Promise me.

Then I'm getting out.

No, no, no, no,
you're staying.

I'm leaving. No, you're staying.
I'm leaving!


WOMAN (on radio): Police and rescue
departments have instituted a search

for a five-year-old girl
who they believe is trapped

in the storm drain system
under the city.

That's Gary's girl.

Rescue teams are concentrating

in the area of Ohio
and State Streets.

Get out.

Get out now.

I'm staying.

Leaving. Staying. Leaving.


I'm staying!
I-I can find that girl.

With what? With that?

Walter, you couldn't find
snow in Antarctica.

If you don't take me,
I'm going to sue you

for hitting me with your car.

How are you going to sue me?

You signed a release.

It's worthless.

I signed it Thomas Alva Edison.

Let's go, buster.

How about here?

We've already
been down there.

What about this one?

Completely saturated.

My men are looking
down here right now.


Hold it, buddy.

Where do you
think you're going?

Oh, it's okay. We got
emergency equipment here.

This is a groundhog

A what?
A groundhog detector.

Hey, Gare!
Come on.

Hey, Gary!

Hey, we got here as fast
as we could.


Listen, I think
I can help.

What are you doing here?
And you...

Gee, what a small world.

Who are these guys?

A couple of conmen.

Actually, we're, uh,
we're friends of his.

Oh, thank you very much.

Don't mention it.

Get them out
of my sight.

But-But I've
come to help.

Let's go.

Hey, wait a minute.

Okay, that's it.

We covered all the tunnels
from Rush Street east.

Wait a second.

Look, we know she's down
here. You're not giving up.

Look, at this point, I think we
need to consider our options.

What do you mean,
consider your options?

You mean you're giving up?

It's getting
too dangerous down there.

I got my men to think of.

Now look what you did.

You got us sitting here.

Oh, what am I yelling
at you for?

It's not your fault.

It's not?

No. It's mine.

Let's face it, I'm a sucker
for hopeless causes.

Talk about buying
the Brooklyn Bridge.


What was I thinking?


What is that?

Maybe you hurt
its feelings.

"Hurt its feelings..."

Look, with all due respect,

would you just turn
that thing off, please?


What? What is it?

Be quiet.

Oh, the gas company's gonna have
a field day with this one.



Oh, this is ridiculous.


She's under here.

I found her.

Get somebody.
Get someone over here.

Oh, no, no.

I hereby relinquish all
rights and responsibility

for that-that-that thing.

Hey. Come back here!

Listen to me. You can't just
leave that kid down there.

Look, I'm going
to tell you one more time,

I am not going to risk my men's
lives on a one in a million.

All right, then you
give me the equipment

and I'll do down there.

You want to go down there?
You're crazy.

I found her!

I found her
with the aurameter.

She's... here.

Can't be.

That tunnel's
full of water.

I don't care.

She's alive,
I'm sure of it.

Oh, no.
Get him out of here.

And I mean
out of here now.


Let's hear him out,
just in case.

Listen, I may look
like a crackpot,

and I know things haven't
always gone right,

but this one time, I
need you to believe me.

She's down there.

Never mind how I know,
I just... I just do.

That's it, I'm calling this
now. It's too dangerous.

Everybody back
to the trucks.

I'm sorry.

Show me.

Come on, show me.

Hobson, where are you going?

GARY: I'm going to
find that little girl.

CHUCK: Oh, no. Here
comes the rain again.

Where is she?

She's under here.

Where does this go?

I don't know.
Down to the river, I guess.

You're not
going down there.

There's a five-year-old
kid down there.

Are you going to
help me, or not?


This is Barnes.

Get a rescue team down
to the State Street wash, now.

MAN (over radio):
Yes, sir.


Help me.


Over here.

Help me!

Somebody, please.

I don't believe this.

Why'd you let him
go down there?

I don't know.

You know, with that current,
there's no way

he's gonna be able
to get back out of there.

This'll take him to the
State Street wash, right?

Yeah, eventually.

Then let's go.

CHUCK: Come on, we can save
'em over at the other end.

Over here!

Help me!


I'm here.

Help me.

Help me!


Over here.

Over here.

(siren wailing and
indistinct radio transmission)

I hope you're right
about that thing.

I-I am right.

I'll stake my
life on it.

You don't have to stake
your life on it.

You already
staked Gary's.



What are you doing here?

I heard it on the news.

Is he all right?

I don't know.

Say a prayer.

Look! Look over there!

I got her. I got her.

(people exclaiming happily)

I want my Mommy.

All right!




I was so scared.

Sir, is it true that they
found the little girl

with the help of
a new device?

Well, umm...

Absolutely. Everything you
heard is absolutely true.

No, it's not.

I bet by tomorrow night,
you'll be selling thousands.

I-I-I don't know...

As Mr. Dalrymple's official
business associate,

I would like to tell you and mention that...
It's not for sale.

What do you mean, it's not for sale?
It's not for sale.

Yes, it is for sale.

It's going back
to the drawing board.

I've still got
some bugs to get out.

Maybe next year.

Uh, no. Mr. Dalrymple's
a little confused.

We've already started mass
production of this item.

And I'll be right back.

Apparently, this story
has had a happy ending.

Allie is safe.

How are you, sweetie?

Thank you.

She's a tough
little girl.


who was that man?

He's the one
that saved you, honey.

Yeah, I believe you.

Thanks for the help.