Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 1, Episode 21 - Faith - full transcript

Gary has to decide whether to help a young girl who needs a heart transplant or a troubled teen-aged boy who is due to be killed in a botched robbery.

What time is it?

Just a few minutes more.

Black Mercedes.

Well, that's what
the paper says.

(Chuck laughing)

To think I gave up a date
to sit here with you.

Maybe they're not
going to show up.

Don't worry about it,
they'll show up.

You sure about that?


What time is it now?

Well, gee, that would be
just about almost 2:00.

They better show up.

I don't want us to
be sitting out here

freezing our buns
off for nothing.

Chuck, don't worry about it.
They're going to show up.

If... if they show up.

All right, what
does that mean?

Well, maybe they already
fixed the flat tire.

Did you ever think of that?

You read that?
What does that say?

"Motorists killed
by hit-and-run driver.

Incident occurs while
changing tire."

Maybe the paper's wrong.

Did you ever
think of that?

And how do you figure the
paper's going to be wrong?

Maybe there's some atmospheric
disturbance in the force.

Maybe the Hale-Bopp
comet got in the way

of the information highway.

What's your point?

This stuff doesn't even surprise
you anymore, does it?

That's your point?


Gee, here they come.

You know, I'm genuinely

Excuse me.

You got lucky.


You've lost faith
in chance, my friend.

No, I just have more faith
in this, friend.

That's the car.

Did you see that?

Yeah, I saw it.

It didn't stop.

No flat tire.

That's impossible.

It says right here.

Yeah? Well, get in here
before we freeze to death.

Now, let's go.

This doesn't make sense.

Gary, look out!
(car horn honking)

(tires squealing)





Hey, he's hurt!

I need an ambulance!




Come on, wake up.

Come on, wake up.


Come on, wake up. Wake up.

(voice echoing):
Wake up...

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

(girl's voice echoing):


Who are you?

Wait. Wait.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.

he's awake.

I'll get
the doctor.

Welcome back to the world.

What time is it?

7:00 in the morning.

You've been out for hours.

How are you feeling?

What happened?

You had a close call.
You don't remember?


I remember we were waiting.

We were... The paper.

The paper.

The headline was wrong.

I need that paper.

And what paper is that?

Pardon me, please.

Doc, I can't stay here.

And why is that?

Because I've got things to do.

I'm fi...

I can see that.

Lie back, please.

Is he going to be okay?

That depends.

Was he okay before
this happened?

Well, not particularly.

Then no guarantees.

Got yourself whacked
on the head, huh?

Look, Doc, it's just
a careless mistake.

I just need a few aspirin
and that's it.


Nurse, get him down
for a CAT scan right away.

Doc, I gotta go.



Because we have your pants.

I'm not staying here.

I'm not staying here.

Looks like you're staying.
I don't like this.

Oh, it'll be good for you,
a little R and R.

Besides, I saw this gorgeous
nurse down the hall.

Not you. Don't worry.

Hey, what about
the you-know-what?

It's supposed to be
here by now.

Don't worry about it.
It's probably back at the hotel.

It'll be a few minutes.

Wait here.

Okay, Ms. Grumpy.

Look, do me a favor.

Go down to the hotel and
see if it's there, huh?

Why? You can't do anything.

Why don't you just let
it go for the day, okay?

Because I need to see it.


Promise me you'll get
some rest, though.

I promise.
All right.

Let's go, Chuck.

I'll try to find you
a pretty nurse.





Here I am.

Did you have to do that?


You didn't hurt yourself,
did you?

Oh! Not at all.

You always that clumsy?

Can I ask you a question?

What were you doing under there?


Hiding from who?

I can't tell you.

It's classified.


I've been here since birth,
living off scraps.

Okay, the truth?

I'm your guardian angel,

like John Travolta,
except I don't smoke.

Any questions?

Boy, I really did get hit
in the head, didn't I?

You know...
Okay, I'll bring him in.

You're supposed
to be lying down.

I fell off.

That's a first.

Lie down.

Okay, here we go.

As for you, little miss,

get your butt back to your room
before I call security.


Who was that?

None of your business.

So, how's it look?

Well, the good news
is you've got a brain.

The bad news is
it took a shot.

What were you doing
standing on a bridge

in the middle
of the night?


Good answer.

You're going to
be all right.

Then I can go?

I don't think so.

You were out
for five hours.

That's nothing to fool with.

Stick around for
the rest of the day.

Let's see what develops.

Look, Doc, I can't do that.

I've got things to do.

Don't worry,
the fish will wait.

In the meantime, relax, enjoy
the food, read a newspaper.


What do you mean,
it's not there?

Nope, not a sign of it...
or the cat either.

It's gotta be somewhere.
It's almost noon.

Yeah, well, it's not.

And by the way,
I talked to the cops.

You ta... About what?

About the guy
who almost killed you.

They said, unless you can
remember a license plate number,

there's absolutely nothing
that they can do.
(loud thud)

Look, I don't know what the
license plate number was.

Look, just keep an eye out
for the paper, would you?

Okay, I'm right on it.
I'm looking all over.

I'll call you back.

(cat meowing)

Well, there you are.

Where's the paper?


Do you mind?

Excuse me.

Have you seen a, uh...

a cat running around here?

This is a hospital, sir.

There are no cats.

I know it's...
(cat meowing)

Thank you.

(cat meowing)


Excuse me.

Where did you
find that paper?

Who wants to know?

You didn't find that in my room,
by chance, did you?

I am a sphinx.

Look, kid, it's one thing
to play Little Miss Commando

around here; it's another
thing to go into...

You look good
in that gown,

you know that? Weird, but good.

The paper.

Who says it's yours?

I say it's mine.
Can't be.

For one thing
your name's not on it.

And for another,
it's not even today's.

It's tomorrow's.

How can you possibly
own something

that hasn't even come out yet?

Listen, kid, I don't want
to argue with you.

I just want my paper...
Something wrong?

Oh, no, no.

Yeah, he called
me a thief.

No, I didn't
call her a thief.

We were just...

Fine. I'll cop to the rap.

Put me in prison.

I'll be in my room.

Who is that?

The question is:
Who are you?

Oh, uh, Gary Hobson.

Well, Mr. Hobson, do you make it
a point to argue with children?

No, no. I...

Then may I suggest you don't.

Excuse me.

Who are you?

I'm a surgeon.

And do you make it a point
to pass judgment

on people
who you don't even know?

I'm sorry.

I was just wondering
what the girl's name was.

Her name is Rachel.

And... and what is
she doing here?

She's waiting for something.

A new heart.

A ventricular septal defect--

a hole in the heart.

And there's no
way to fix it?

Not in the long run.

How's the head?

I don't know.
It's, it's fine.

Look, she's up
on her feet.

She's walking around.

She's a remarkable kid.

She's determined not
to let it get her down.

Most people think
of a hospital

as a place to be sick.

She sees it as a
place to get well.

She spends a lot of time
here for treatments,

and I've never once
heard her complain.

So that's all she can
do, then, is wait?

A compatible match is
never a guaranteed thing.

We try to make her
feel at home

until the right
one arrives.

And what if it doesn't?

Then it doesn't.

Anything else?

No. Yeah. Can
I get dressed?

And go?

Forget it.

Look, Doc, I...
May I see that?

Your paper? I just want
to check the scores.

It's, uh...
it's yesterday's.

I won't even ask.

All right, I got
this one. No problem.

No, no, no, no,
no. Bad idea.

Remember the last
time you tried

to fix something
in the paper?

Yeah, and I handled
it beautifully.



I don't have a choice.

All right.

This is a piece of cake.

Why don't I
believe that?

Look. I'll be back
in, uh, in an hour.

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

No. Marissa, you go with him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I need a baby-sitter?

Come on. Let's go.
All right.

Did you bring the

Honey, all we're asking is
that you slow down a little.

Mom, I can't just
lie here all day.

Uh, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

Oh. Who's this?

Elmer Fudd.

It's an alias.

He's from the Witness
Protection Program.

The crime he witnessed

was just too horrible to
even think about. Right?

Yeah. That's, that's right,

and I also happen to be
a patient down the hall.

I'm Gary Hobson. How do you do?

Oh, the one that
fell off the gurney?

The one that...
fell off the gurney.

It wasn't me.

The nurses blabbed.


Mr. Hobson, I have to go
speak to the doctors.

Will you see if you can

talk her into staying
where she is?

Uh, I'll do my best.


How embarrassing.
You got any?

(nervous laugh)

Uh, listen, uh, Rachel.


Oh, no.

They told you, didn't they?


About me.

Somebody spilled the beans.

I can see it

all over
your face.

There goes a perfectly good
romance down the tubes.

You married?


Okay, then.

Maybe there's
still hope.

Now, come on.
Take my arm.

What? Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Where you going?

To seek out adventure,
wherever it may be.

No, no, no, no,
no. Now, look.

I promised your
mom that you

were gonna stay
right here. I'm...

You said you'd
do your best.

Yeah, but...
What are you,
a man or a mouse?

No. Kid. Hey! Kid.

You got it?

Like it?


It's very nice.

There! The romance is back.

Don't you think I'm a
little bit old for you?

That depends.
What are you, 60?



I'm already promised--

to my next-door neighbor,

though he doesn't know it.

He's 21, and I'm 11.

So when I'm 20,
he'll only be 30.

When I get my new heart,
I'm gonna tell him.

I love this place.

It's high up,
closer to you-know-who.

You don't believe
in Him, do you?

What makes you say that?

Just a feeling.

You believe in things.

And what does that mean?

It's that newspaper.

You don't like it
out of your sight.

Well, no, this, uh...

That's okay.

It's just, for me,

it's more like... faith.

Knowing things will work out.

You oughta try it some time.


We're here.

Now what?

(ignition clicks off)

Now we wait for
'em to show up.

Then what?

Then I, uh...
I talk to 'em.

For the record, do you know
what you're gonna say?

Yeah, I know what
I'm gonna say.

I'm gonna say
whatever Gary says.

You got that written down

Yeah, I got it
right up my sleeve.

Oh, okay.
Wait a minute.

I think
this is them.

All right.

Here goes nothing.

There it is.
Go get it.

What if something
goes wrong?

You want the cash?


Then move your butt.

Hey! Gents.

Don't ask me
how I know this,

but, uh, I have some information

that you're gonna jack this van.

I also happen to
know that your plan
is gonna backfire,

so... don't do it. Okay?

What are you? A cop?

No, I'm just
a concerned citizen.

And who asked you?

Hey, don't cop
an attitude, all right?

I'm just trying to help.

Oh, you are, huh?
Hey! Don't.

Look, punk, you want to get
yourself killed?

Go ahead. Take the van.

See if I care.
It's no skin off my back.

As a matter of fact,
I dare ya. Steal it.

Drive it away.
Don't do it, man.

We came for a car.

Yeah, right. And we're
gonna take one.

Fine! Go ahead! Drive it away!

See if I care.

We'll take yours.

Oh, no.

Nice work, Mr. Diplomat.

My car.

They took his car?

He's at the police
station now.

Well, what did he
say to the guys?

Trust me. You don't
want to know.

This is my fault.

I shoulda been there.

I knew you'd say that.

The paper needs me.

Or you need it.

Gary, you're hurt.

You need to rest up.

I mean, you've been
at this for, what,

almost a year?

Maybe the paper sent you here

so you'd have to let
go for a while.

Yeah, well, I can't do that.
You mean you won't.

No, I don't mean I don't...
(pained cry)


What's this?

Oh, it's nothing.
I'm fine.

Good. Then you won't mind
spending the night.


Discussion's over.

So are visiting hours.

I'll see you out.

No, no, no.
Doc, listen, I...

I'll check on you later.

Pleasant dreams.




I think we found a match.

We'll operate
in the morning.

Here you go, a hundred.

Wait a minute. I
thought you said half.

I said half if you jacked
the car. You didn't.

If you want the pay,
you've got to play.

Hey, look, man, my mom
needs this money.

She's been working
too hard.

Don't break my heart.

I'll call you.

(cat meows)

I'd like to talk to
my doctor, please.

Planning on going somewhere?

Yes. Home. I have
things to do.

(cat whines)

Didn't I tell you
about that cat?

Don't worry.
He's going with me.

Well, you can't see
the doctor right now.

He's down observing
the transplant.


What transplant?

The little girl. Rachel.

They took her down
an hour ago.
She got...

(loud screeching)

Look. You're really going
to have to 86 that cat.

"Rachel Greenberg
rejected the transplant

and died last evening."

Where is she?

Rachel, the
little girl.

Where'd they
take her?

Where'd they take her?!

They're finishing
typing it now.

Let's get started.

Don't do it.

I beg your pardon?
I think there's

something wrong with that heart.
It's gonna kill her.

What are you talking about?

They screwed up in the lab,
something about the match,

and she's going to reject it.

Look, you can't be in here.

it's not your fault-- yet, but
it's gonna be if you don't...

Doctor, she's prepped.
Shall we start?


All right. Listen. Try this.

You're up for
a directorship

in a hospital in
Albany, New York. Yeah?

You've been keeping it a secret.

You're gonna find out today,
only you're not going to.

Not if you do
this. Listen.

Because someone screwed up
in a lab somewhere,

you're going to lose
your career, lady.

How did you know about Albany?

The same way I know about this.

Hold everything.

You'd better be
right about this.

Trust me, I am.

Well, you were right.

It didn't happen, Rachel.

It wasn't right.

Why? Why don't we fix it?


Take her back
to her room.

We'll talk
in a while.



I was gonna ask
the same question myself.

Dr. Chen to Admitting.
Dr. Chen to Admitting stat.

Nothing wrong
that I can see.

Of course there's not.
I'm fine.


Can I go?



On what?

On what you tell me about
what happened down in the O.R.

Oh, there's nothing to tell.

I find that
hard to believe.

Look, what does this have
to do with my health?

A guy shows up at the hospital
with a dent in his head.

He starts
predicting the future.

Unusual, but
it's happened before.

Hell, people mistake
their wives for a hat.

But, in this case, the guy
with the dent is actually right.

What is that, dumb luck?

I... I wouldn't know.

Therein lies my problem.

Look, you think I'm some sort
of a nut or something. I'm not.

I'm thinking...

I don't know what to think.

That paper you carry around...
what is that?

Some kind of fetish?

No. That would
be a Chicago Sun-Times.

Now, can I go now or not?

I have no medical reason
to keep you.



If you feel like you're
in trouble, call me. Okay?

What kind of trouble?

I'm a doctor.

Whatever you got.


Hey, I got ya...
got ya some flowers.

No, thanks.

Okay. I'll just, uh...

I'll just set them here
on the table.

You were the one who
told them, weren't you?

Yeah, I had to.


Because there was something
wrong with that heart

they were...
You don't know that!

Yes, I do.

Was it that?

Look, you see...

You had no right!
I don't care what it says.

I could have made it work!
I know I could!

You don't believe
that, do you?

Do you?


Go away.
I don't want to look at you.

Listen, Rachel.

You don't have
any faith!


Please go.

I don't understand.

You saved her life.

So why do you feel bad?

Because she's so
disappointed. That's why.

Well, better disappointed
than dead.

I'm not so sure
she believes that.

I'm not even
sure that's true.

Come on, Gary.

The newspaper said that
it wasn't the right heart.

Look, that's not the point.

The point is, because of me,
she missed her chance.

That's what the point is.

Because she didn't have one.


Gary, look.

The newspaper doesn't
make things happen.

No, I do.

I read headlines,
then I change things.

So what else could you do?

I don't know.

Hey, guys.

They found it.

Found what?

My car ...
or what's left of it.

The rest of it's probably
in Topeka, for all I know.

That's the last
good deed I do.

You know what
really irks me?

The fact that those kids
are getting high with my money.

Tommy, that you?

Yeah, it's me, Mom.

Where have
you been?


Tommy, I need
some more medicine.

You ran out?

I can make it
till morning.

No. No, it's okay. I got it.

(phone rings)



What? Tomorrow?


No, I'll be there.

Yeah, I'll be there. Okay.

God, can you hear me?

This is Rachel in Room 464.

I don't mean to bug you.

I know you've got
other things to do.

But... don't forget about me,

And I won't forget about you.

(cat meowing)

Oh... Oh!

Good morning.

Don't suppose you could
hand that up to me, could you?



Thank you.

What's up, G-man?
Good news.

The Cubs finally
won a game?
They did?

I don't know.
I'm asking you.

No, I... No. The little girl--
she got her heart.


Yeah, well, I mean,
she didn't yet,

but she's going to tonight.

Well, that's
great, Gary.

See? Everything
works out in the end.

You know what the thing is, too?

She said she was going
to get it all along.

Excuse me.

Holy cow!

Would you get out of...?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

That's one of the punks
that stole my car.

"Youth killed
in alleged robbery attempt.

"Gunshots rang out last night
just after 7:00

"at the corner
of Seventh and Main.

"The deceased was identified
as 16-year-old Tommy Grasier,

"a local Chicago youth.


"Police as yet
have no information

"on who fired the shots,

but the store owner
was known to be armed."


But, Chuck,
it hasn't happened yet.

All right, so I'll just
find him, I'll... I'll stop him.

What? No.

Gary, if they wouldn't
listen to me,

they're not going
to listen to you.

There's no
point for you

to put your
life on the line.

If you hadn't
read that thing...

Yeah, well, I did.

Don't say I
didn't warn you.

All right. I'll just look
him up in the phone book.

Let's see. Grasier. Grasier.

It's changed.

Well, I'm not going
to play God.

I'm not going to play God.

Reduce the dosage
to 15 milligrams.

Dr. Marks.

I thought
you were gone.

Yeah, I was.

I... I... Look, I need
some information.

Is that so?

You have a library card?
Use it.

Wait a second, Doc.

This is important.

It seems everything's
important to you.

It's about
Rachel's condition.

What about it?

Okay. Suppose you...
suppose you knew

you were going to
find a match tonight,

but it didn't happen.

Now, how many days
or weeks would
she have before...?

Is this your
idea of a joke?

The child doesn't have
days or weeks, Mr. Hobson.

She may not
even have tonight.


Just a minute.

You can't come in here.

I'm sorry.
You have to leave, sir.

You cannot come in here.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

Well, well, well.

Out one door and in another.

What happened?
You miss the food?


Rumor has it you've
been blocking traffic here

since 9:00 this morning.
Is that true?

Something like that.

She's in there, huh?

Well, Marks
is an excellent doctor.

Knows what she's doing.

She'll stabilize her
as long as she can.

How long?

Well, this is a hospital,

despite the fact
that it looks like a...


And in hospitals,
things happen.

You mean people die, Doc.

Something like that.

What if they don't have to?

Is that a question?


You know something,
don't you?

I mean, in that way
you know things.

I know that if I stay here
until 7:00,

that little girl's
gonna live.

And if you don't?

Then it will be someone else.

That's a hell of a burden.

Damned if you do and
damned if you don't.

You want some advice?

Do what you have to.

What if that doesn't work?

What if it does?

I need to know.


It's 7:00 in three hours.

I'm rooting for you.

WOMAN (over P.A.):
Dr. Fitzgerald, 861
Code Blue, stat.

WOMAN (over P.A.):
Dr. Fitzgerald,
Dr. Fitzgerald, 861.

(EKG beeping)

How is she?

She's on dige, dopamine,

and a triple-antibiotic-
coverage I.V.

But how is she?

Don't you have
patients of your own
to watch out for?

I think that's
what I'm doing.

(sirens wailing in distance)

Ready for this?

Yeah, I guess.

What does that mean?

Are we down or not?

Yeah, we're down.

Are you sure
nobody's gonna get hurt?

Of course, they aren't.

Hey. You walk into a
store, take a guy's money,

you think he's gonna be happy?

There's gotta be a better way
to get money.

Look, the only reason
I'm doing this for you

is 'cause you're my friend.

You don't want the cash, pass.

Hey, come on.

Have I ever steered
you wrong?

gonna work out.

Trust me.



What is it now?

This is wrong, Eddie.

Man, I thought
we were down.

This is crazy.

I've got responsibilities.

This is a hell of a time
to be telling me that.


Maybe it's better now
than later, huh?

Not again.

Look, Tommy, go home
before you get hurt.

Yeah, come on.

Hey, wait a minute.

How does he know
your name?

Is he a friend
of yours?


All right.
All right.

Get out of here now.


Look, I can't do that.

You're gonna be sorry you came.

Yeah, I know,
for the rest of my life. Listen,


Put the gun down, all right?

Hey, hey.
Put the gun down.

The hell I will.

Eddie, don't!


Hey, mister!
(car starts)

Mister, wake up!
Wake up!

Hey, mister!

You're gonna be okay.


Eddie, come on!
We gotta help this guy!




Come on, man. Wake up!

Wake up! You're not hit!

You're not hit!




♪ ♪

O.R. Three, stat.

E.T.A. two minutes.

Watch out for the line.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Let's go!


Excuse me.

Rib retractor.


Is she all right?

Excuse me.

They can't hear you.


I know.

You had to save that boy.

I understand.

There was nothing else
I could do.

Then why are you feeling bad?

Because it was...

If I let him go...

You couldn't.

That's all there is to it.

It was your last chance to live.

You don't know that.

Yes, I do. Did you see
the paper? It says...

I told you,

you believe too much in things.

It says what's going to happen.

Things will work out.

You need to believe that.

Put down the paper.

(EKG steady tone)

She's flatlining.

Cardiac massage now.

Ventilate with
100% O2.

0.4 milligrams epi.
I.V. push. Now, people.

Move it!

You have to have faith,
Gary Hobson.

Put down the paper.

I can't do that.

You can. You have to.


Let's try another pressing.

Second .5 of atropine.
I.V. push now.

Increase the dopamine
to four mikes.

Anything happening?

Still nothing.

(EKG steady tone)

(EKG beeping)

We've have a pulse.
Sats are climbing.

Pressure's 108 over 62.

Heart rate is climbing

It's about time.

I thought it was over.

I thought so, too.

Sats now are what?




you like these long naps.

What time is it?

I'd say almost 9:00.

What happened?

I was gonna ask you.

That kid...
the kid saved my life.

Is he...?

He's all right.
He brought you in.

Maybe now you can
get some rest.

Get this man a bed.


I need to see Rachel.

I'm sorry. You can't.

She's in surgery.

They found her a heart.


Some kid downtown flipped
his car off an overpass.

They said he was going over 90.

Which reminds me.

She left you a message
for when you came back.

She said, "Told you so."


Time's a great healer,
especially when you're young.

A month later...

Thank you.

Rachel was ready
for a new life.

She wasn't the only one.

Hold on.

Maybe it's chance that turns
people's lives around.

Maybe it's something more.

Maybe it's believing
what could be.

After all,
some things you know...

some things you never will...

tomorrow's newspaper or not.

(ship's horn blows)

Sometimes you have to leave it
in other hands.

Sometimes you just have
to go...

on faith.