Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 1, Episode 20 - Phantom at the Opera - full transcript

Gary saves an museum art restorer from being killed by a burglar, and then must decide whether to allow matters to take their course and let her reunite with her long-lost love.

We enter this world alone.

We leave it
pretty much the same way.

And in between,
a dance we call life.

The problem is
it takes two to tango.

So we look for signs,

something to help us find
our perfect partners--

a smile, a wave.

But we have to be careful,

'cause while some signs
can be misinterpreted...

...others can be missed

(horn blaring)

And if you think
it's any easier

for a guy who gets
tomorrow's newspaper today,

think again.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

(tapping on glass)


Hey! Hey!

Look, I'm sorry
to bother you,

but it's important that
I talk to someone.

We're closed.
No, I can tell
you're closed,

but, listen, I need
to talk to somebody.

Tuesday through Sunday,
10:00 to 5:00.

Yeah, that's great.

Listen, I need to talk
to Emma Shaw, though.

Tomorrow, 10:00 to 5:00,
or by appointment.

Good night now.
Hey, no.

Now, wai-wait a sec,
I need...

Hey, listen, 10:00
to 5:00 is too late.

I need to talk to someone.

Hey, come on, pal!

(phone line ringing)

Come on.

(opera music blaring,
phone ringing)

Come on.

(tapping on glass)

I thought I told you
we're closed.

Yeah, I know you're closed.

Look, I understand
you can't let me in,

but, listen, I need you
to do something for me.

There's a window in the back
of the museum that's open.

A window?

That's right,
a window.

You need to close
that window.

And I need you to
do something else.

I need you to
find Emma Shaw.

And would you tell
her to go home.

I got a better idea.

You go home.

Now get out of here!

Hey, pa... hey, pa...

Hey, come on, pal.

Hey, come... hey, come on!

(glass breaking
in distance)

(guard grunts)

You want to know something?

When you're finished here,

you are definitely going
to be the prettiest painting

in the whole museum.

I mean that.


People are gonna line up
just to take a look at you.

Emma Shaw?

Oh, I'm sorry, uh,
you just, uh, startled me.

Are you Emma Shaw?

The music's
too loud, right?

I am so sorry.

It's just that I'm new here
and I didn't know

that anyone else
was around

and I just got
a little carried away,

but there is something

that's so amazing
about Turandot full volume.

Uh, look,
you got to get out of here.

Okay, well, I'll just...
uh, why?

Someone's going to
break into the museum,

and they're gonna try
to steal that painting.

If you don't get out of
here, you're gonna get
hurt-- that's why

Now, please, let's go.
What's your name?

Uh, G-Gary Hobson.

Okay, Gary Hobson,
don't lie to me.

I'm not lying to you.

You didn't come here
to steal the painting?


Okay, well, we'll get...
we'll get out of here, then.


The painting.



(Emma grunting)

Are you all right?


Thank you.

(cat meowing)

Hey, what you doing?

What are you doing?

Don't do that.

(machine beeps)

EMMA (on machine):
Hi, Gary.

This is Emma Shaw
from last night.

I'm just calling
'cause things got sort of hectic

after the police came, last
night, and then you disappeared

and I never really got to thank
you for everything you did.

And, uh, would you like
to have dinner sometime?

I know; I'm sorry;
you probably think I'm weird

tracking you down
and everything,

but you did save my life

and I figure that's got
to be worth a nice dinner.

Or, uh, lunch,
if that would be better.

Or a snack.

A s-snack is definitely
the least I can do.

Uh, okay, I'm rambling again.

Sorry, you're the fourth
G. Hobson in the phone book

I've left this message with.

You'd think I'd be better
at it by now.

Anyway, if you're the right one,
then you know where to find me,

and if you're not,

I'm sorry,
just ignore everything I said.

Except the thank you part.



(machine beeps)

Lake Shore Drive.

Tha-That's a nice location.

Looks like, uh, you're moving?

Yeah... out of my car.

Uh, I-I drove here
from San Francisco

two weeks ago,
as soon as I got the job.

They put me right
to work

and I haven't been able
to find anything else.

Well, it looks like you found
plenty of possibilities.


The problem is that, uh,

everything that looks good
gets snapped up

before I get a chance
to check it out.

I take it you got my message.

Oh, I would be
G. Hobson number four.


I'm sorry.

It was so stupid.

Wasn't it?


I don't know, I guess
I shouldn't have called you.

I just--
what you must think of me.

It wasn't stupid at all.

You were
so nice to me

for, for no reason at all,

and I-I just don't know
anyone else here.

I just mean that you're
under no obligation.

I mean, you're busy.

You, you have work

and friends
and other attachments.

Well, as, as,
as luck would have it, I, uh...

I don't have any attachments

and, uh,

I would very much like
to have dinner with you.


Tonight's good.


Eight o'clock?


Eight o'clock.

Penny stock sells for
ten dollars a share,

client makes a bundle,

and I get two courtside seats
at the Bulls game tonight.

Life's good, huh?

It definitely has its moments.

So, Gare,
what time should I pick you up?

Want milk?

I-I don't think
I can make it.

I'm, uh, I'm going
to have plans.


What kind of plans
could possibly be more important

than two courtside seats
to the Bulls game,

especially with me,
your best bud?

You know, I got,
uh, social plans.


Where'd you meet her?

Well, I helped her
out of a jam over at the museum.

It's about time.

About time for what?

Gare, ever since
that divorce,

any time you've ever shown
any interest in a woman,

that paper has
gotten in the way.

Now, save yourself
the heartache.

Come to the game.

Ah... sorry, I
can't do that.

Besides, I already
know who wins.

Why don't you
take Marissa?

Thanks, Jimmy.


I have a date, too.

Come on, Spike.

(Gary whistling, cat meows)

Don't wait up.

(cat yowls)


Now, you dropped that paper
on the floor.

There's anything in there,
you take care of it.

Me, I'm busy.

(cat meows)



Don't look so smug.



Eve, I really think you ought
to come down from there.

Damn fool.

He promised I would die first.

How long were you married?

63 years.

I wore this on my honeymoon.

What do you think?

I think you ought to come down.

I had more of a compliment
in mind.

Well, I'm sorry.

It looks beautiful.

Thank you.

Eve, can I ask you a question?

Only if I can answer it
from right here.

Yes, ma'am.

Why are you doing this?

I spent my entire life
with one man.

And now he's gone.

I've forgotten
how to be a alone.

Good evening.

for Shaw?
Yes, ma'am.

Right this way.

Here you go.

Enjoy your dinner.

Thank you.

It was fate

that brought my husband
and I together.

I'm just as sure of
it as the two of us
are sitting here.

(tires screeching,
horn honking)
You see,

I never really intended
to go to that silly


It wasn't until my cousin--

that was her name--
well, she wanted me

to come along with her,
poor thing.

She was so shy.

She wanted someone
with her to talk to

in case no

asked her to dance.

Oh, very nice.
Thank you.

Enjoy your dinner.
Thank you.

Oh, thank you.

Well, there we were sitting

there, drinking our
umpteenth cup of punch.

Excuse me, can I interrupt you
for just one second?

Well, I-I'm just getting to the
point where I met my husband.

Yes, I'm sure you were.

But I-I was just wondering--

and don't take this
the wrong way, please--

but did you always talk
like this...

I mean, this much,
when you're husband was alive?


Oh, dear, I guess I do like the
sound of my own voice, don't I?

Oh, I swear, Jake--

that was my husband--

he didn't listen to half
of the things I said.

Well, why?

Well, you and Jake,

you're gonna spend
eternity together,


That's why I'm doing this.


But maybe Jake would like
to spend some time by himself,

before you join him.


It's a yes,

Hi, Gary.

It's me, Emma.

I'm at the restaurant and, uh,

I was just hoping
that you were okay.

I mean, uh, I'm sure you are.

Probably just told you
the wrong restaurant.

Sounds like something I'd do.

Anyway, if you get the message,

I'm at Coranza's
and it's after 9:00,

and, uh...



(elevator bell dings)


I know I'm doing the
right thing for Jake,

but I just don't know
where to begin.

Well, I-I think you
already have, Eve.

You're alive and...

you should, you should
meet people

and, uh, go places.

And, uh, well,

you should collect
new stories.

And I think the next
time you see Jake,

he'll, well, he'll
want to hear them.


There we go.

Thank you very much.






Oh, good morning.

Apparently I'm not
the only person

who needs to find
a place to live.

What are you
doing here?

I was waiting for you

and I didn't know what time
you came in, so I was, uh...

You're a little early.

I know.

Listen, about last...

Listen, uh,

I was dressed and I
hurried out the door,

but then I got
a phone call.

It was a friend
of mine, he said

that he needed
some help.

That it was
an emergency.

And, uh, well, I told him
I didn't want to go.

I mean, really I didn't,
'cause we had the plans

and everything,
but then when, uh,

well, I-I tried to call
the restaurant

and it was too late.

And then I-I tried to go
over to the restaurant,

and I did go...

what I'm trying to say is
I-I'm sorry.

(bells tolling)

Well, this friend
of yours with
the emergency,

was it an emergency
like I had here,
the other night?

No... Well, uh, yeah,
I mean, kind of.

But a little

And he's okay?

Yeah. He's...

I mean, I-I think so.

I think everything's
all right, yeah.

Well, then,

you don't have anything
to be sorry for.

(car horn honking)
So, uh, so,
so you're,

you're not mad then?




I mean, I was.

But, you know,
then, uh,

I was disappointed

because I-I really did want
to have dinner with you.

Well, listen, we can
still do that.

I think
we should wait.

I've got to find an apartment
and settle in and...

and you got to stop
feeling guilty.

I mean, I-I don't want us
to go out just

because you feel
like you should.

That's-that's okay.


Take care.


So, yeah..

Are you having fun?


I can hardly wait
to cook for you.

You know, I could
really carry this...

I got it.

Yeah, hello.

Can I speak to Emma Shaw,

Oh, well, uh,
may I leave a message?


Would you tell her
that Gary called and...

Hobson. Gary Hobson.


Listen, tell her
that I-I found an apartment

she might want to check out.

That's right.

And-and-and tell her
that I'm not doing this

because I have to
or I feel guilty.


Tell her I'm doing it
because I want to.


All right, now, the address is
on Lake Shore Drive.

That's right.

1835 Lake Shore Drive.

(elevator bell dings)



I think you do that
on purpose.

What, uh, what are
you writing?

Um, a note.

For you.

Can I read it?


Why not?

Because I'm having a hard time

trying to make it say
what I want it to say.

What-what's it supposed to say?


Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I love the apartment;
it's great.

Oh... (laughs)

Good. Good.

Would you like to come in
for some coffee?

Oh, uh... no.

It's really late and, uh,

I really just came
to tell you

how sweet it was
for you to...

and thank you.

So, okay.




I was just thinking.

Uh, now that I have a place

and I'll finally be settled
again, uh,

maybe we can try
having that dinner.

That would be good.






You-you pick the restaurant
this time.


See you then.

It's 6:30.

And here's the news
for Friday morning.

The mayor announced last night
that he...

(cat meows)
(paper thuds against door)


You are not
canceling your date.

Well, I suppose you
have a better idea.

A battle plan,
that's all you need.

What I need is some
sort of a life,

because it's obvious
the paper doesn't want me

to enjoy the
one I have.

So you think the paper's
making a conscious effort

to come between
you and Emma?

I don't know what to think.

Gare, look, you made
a date with Emma,

you're gonna keep it, okay?

Now, why don't you just tell me
what conflicts you have,

and maybe I can help you out.

You know the paper doesn't
like it when we try to...

Oh, what, is the paper
a person?

I'm trying to help Gary
get organized here, all right?


Now, Gary, tell me
about these conflicts.

What do you got?

Come on.

(clears throat)

All right,
approximately 8:25,

alley on the 1600
block of Michigan.

Sixteen hundred.

A Dumpster fire spreads
to a neighboring building.

Seven are

Okay. Got it.


Okay-- 8:45, car stalls
on train tracks.

Uh, Sixth Street

Train derails, and
three people are killed.

Okay, railroad tracks.

Got it. What's next?

Um, let's see.

A female jogger

after Doberman got away from
its owner and attacks her.


Happens between 9:00
and 9:30 at the, uh,

corner of 23rd and Argyle.

Okay. That's all?

You mean three's
not enough?

All right, look,

as long as you take Emma

somewhere inside
of the Hobson triangle,

preferably in this area
right here,

and then, with
a little help from me,

everybody gets
what they want.

I want to take her
somewhere nice.

Fine, you'll take her
somewhere nice

as long as it's in
this area.

(Middle Eastern music playing)

(door bells jangle)

So, uh, how'd you
find this place?

This place? Oh, it's a...

Well, a friend's

Thanks, friend.

Um, you know,

you're very popular
now at the museum.

Oh, how's that?
It turns out

that the thief you stopped
has a whole warehouse

full of stolen art.

Yeah, and as soon
as they track down

the rightful owners,
it can all be returned to them.


You've done a really
great thing, Gary Hobson.

Oh, thank you.

But, you know, I...

I still feel like
I don't really know you.

I-I think it's 'cause
I do all the talking.

Okay. Okay, so now,
you're gonna talk.

Where do you work?

Where do I work?

Oh? Well, I, uh, um...

I've got a, uh, uh...

(car horn honks)

I've got a...

You know what?
I've got to...

I got to go. I...

I'm sorry, I got to...

I got to go. Uh...

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


I don't think
she likes Dino's.

What's not to like?

You got your waffles,
and you got your falafels.

Come on,
I'm on a schedule.

(tires squealing)

(Middle Eastern
music playing)

I'm sorry
I took so long.

I see they
brought our, uh...


How is it?

It's... It's fried.

(clears throat)

What... What is a,
uh... a falafel?

If I'm not mistaken,
I-I think

it's, uh,
ground chickpeas,

uh, fried.


Well, at least it's, uh...

at least it's fried.

(both laugh quietly)

So, uh, how did you
get interested in art?

Well, it's-it's
kind of this, uh...

Well, it's-it's kind of
a silly story, actually.

Uh, we lived
in a tiny apartment,

and my parents had this painting
hanging in their bedroom.

I don't know
where it came from,

but it was of this group
of schoolgirls

in front of a beautiful garden.


I used to stare
at that thing for hours.

I would imagine that
I was one of the schoolgirls,

and the other ones
were my friends.

I think that restoring art

is my way of still trying

to crawl into the paintings

and make myself part
of their world.

At least that's
what Marco always said.

Who's Marco?

Old friend.

(car horn beeps)

Uh... I hate to do this,
but I got to make a phone call.

And I promised a friend
I'd call him back, and, uh,

I'll be back in just one minute.


Uh, what-whatever.

Ready, Batman?

(tires squealing)

(train whistle blows,
bell clangs)

Lady, where are you going?

To call for a tow.

You can't
do that.

I can't?
No, there's no time.

Lady, get back in the car,
put it in neutral and steer!

(train whistle blows,
bell clangs)



(Middle Eastern music plays)


Are you okay?
Oh, yeah.

I just... I've got a, uh...
an old sports injury.

Uh, your-your food's
getting cold.

Oh. Uh...

(quiet groan)


Take that back
in the kitchen

and warm it up
for me, would you?

(door bells jangling)

All right, how about
a dessert menu?

Okay, I'll take it.


(car horn honks)

Uh, I got to...
I have to, uh...

Are-Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

It's just, I, uh...

I have a very nervous stomach.

You see, I, uh...

And I just, uh...

Excuse me.

She must think I'm a jerk.

I'm losing her.

Fear not-- we'll be
back in a flash.

Last stop.
Dog eats jogger.

(engine revving,
tires squealing)

All right.
Sorry about that.

What happened?

Uh, I got it caught
in a towel rack...

How's your pie?

It's old.

Gary, I...

I'm-I'm sorry, but could you...

could you please
take me home now?

Is something wrong?

This is the second date
I've been on with you

where I wound up eating alone.

Now, I-I wanted
to spend time with you,

but since that seems impossible,

and you're obviously hiding
something from me, yeah, I-I...

yeah, I think
we should call it a night.

I'm really sorry.

I-I know it's been
a lousy date,

but if you could
just take a minute,

just one minute to-to look
at something with me.

I, uh... Please.

It's beautiful.

It's part of an
urban art project.

Gives people
that, you know,

might not step into
a museum a chance to

see something

Um, you said your, uh...
your work was a way

of crawling inside your
paintings, and that,

that's what made me think
of this, so, I, uh...

Uh... Can we...?



Oh, my God.

It's like we're a
part of the painting.


Listen, tonight, I-I...

It-It wasn't what
I expected it to be.

I-I didn't, uh...

What am I gonna do
with you, Gary Hobson?


Well, what?


What happened?

I'm not gonna tell you.

Come on. Buddies tell each other
about their conquests.

It's part of the great
male bonding tradition.

There was no conquest;
it was a date,

and you were there
for most of it.

(cat meows,
paper thuds against door)

Well, what happened
after Dino's?


I walked her home.


Well, did she at least
kiss you good night?

Come on, at least
let me live vicariously.

Well, I like her,
and I think she likes me.

Yeah, tell me something
I don't know.

I haven't seen you this happy

since the Bears won
the Super Bowl.

Paper cooperating?

Nothing I
can't handle.

That's the Gare
I know and love.

When do I get
to meet her?

When do you get
to meet her?

Uh, well, you don't.

Thanks a...


What are you...?
I-I need to...

Uh, Chuck,

this is Emma.
Emma, Chuck.


Call me Charlie.

I've heard a lot about you.

It's funny. I haven't heard
anything about you.

Oh. Cute.

You have good taste.

Oh, well, I'm gonna...

I got to go to work;
I was just on my way out.

Nice to meet you.
Really nice to...



This is a nice surprise.

What, uh...?

Something's wrong.


This doesn't make sense.

Why would you want
to stop something

before it even
gets started?

I'm sorry, Gary.

Oh, look, what
about last night

when you kissed me
last night.

What was that?

That meant nothing
or that was, uh...

No. No, it meant...

You're special, Gary.

You're really special.

I don't think you even
know how special you are.

And I'm not ready
for that, okay?

I'm not ready for someone

that I could fall
in love with.

Do you mind my asking
why you're not ready?



I'm-I'm sorry.

I thought you said that Marco
was just a friend.

Yeah, he was just a friend

I was hopelessly in love with.

He was killed

It's been a long time,

but you remind me
so much of him.

The things you say,

the way you make me feel
when you look at me.

And I tried, Gary,

but I'm sorry, I just...

I can't do it.

But I hope you

I don't.

I mean, I don't understand.

But I do know I don't
want to stop seeing you.

And I think
it's as simple as this.

Look, I don't care if it hurts.

I don't care because I think

you're worth it
and I think that you,

Emma Shaw, are worth
the risk to me.

And so the question is,

am I worth it to you?

MAN (on TV):
Where'd you learn to dunk,
finishing school?

WOMAN (on TV):
Oh, now don't you start
telling me I shouldn't dunk.

Of course, you shouldn't.
You don't know how to do it.

Dunking's an art.
Don't let it soak so long.

Dip and drop
in your mouth.

Let it hang there too long,
it gets soft and fall off.

It's all a matter
of timing.

I ought to write
a book about it.

Thanks, Professor.

I think she's great.

I don't know what
she sees in you.

I don't know, but I'm
not gonna question it.

You're a lucky guy.

I think I'm ready.

Don't push it.

You've only known
her a few weeks.

I'm not going to put
it off any longer.

You sure?

What if she says no?

To your proposal.

I'm not talking
about a proposal.

I'm talking about telling her
about the paper?

Now, why would you want
to do a crazy thing like that?

Because I have to.

Because I can't keep dodging

simple questions
like where do I work

or why am I living in a hotel.

'Cause she deserves
better than that.

Well, there goes that

What do you mean
"there goes that relationship"?

This is the most honest,
decent girl I've ever met.

She's been completely
truthful with me

and I'm not going to be
any less with her.

Yeah, but the paper's different.

I'm going to tell her.


Tomorrow night at the opera.

The opera?

Isn't that a little pricey?

I didn't know that
was in your budget.

We're sitting
in the cheap seats

up on the second balcony.

Oh, the balcony.

That's where she wants.

Forget the paper,
you should marry her.



"It took seven years to reach

"the happy ending
of this fairy tale...

"but last night
at the Civic Opera House,

"Miss Shaw was reunited
with a long lost love,

"the man she had given up
for dead seven years ago.

"But Marco Sanchez is
very much alive

"and had tried unsuccessfully

"to locate Miss Shaw
for some time.

"The reunion
was totally by chance.

"Mr. Sanchez was in town
on family business

"authenticating stolen art

"that had only recently
been discovered

as the result
of a foiled art heist."

You don't have to do this,
you know that, Gary.

We have a date.

Are you ready for it
to be your last?


Then don't go.

It's not that easy.

It can be.

Usually you get
the newspaper,

you read the headlines
and you do what?

I change it.

So change this one.

Take her somewhere
where they won't meet.

Maybe that's what
the paper wants.

I've thought about this.

I don't know
what the paper wants.

I don't think it wants
you to be unhappy.

Look, I stopped the guy
from stealing the painting.

The guy-- the paper,
it never says anything

about any other
stolen art or some guy

from El Salvador
coming back to reclaim it.

What am I supposed to do?
You saved her life.

The paper brought
you together.

Maybe the paper wants
to bring them together.

It's been seven years.

They've both moved on.

If she loves you
and you love her,

isn't that worth
fighting for?

(indistinct conversation)

Isn't this place beautiful?

It's like being
in some other world.

It's like being swept up

into a fairy tale
or something.

The way people act
and dress.

I-I think that the opera brings
out the best in everyone.


And this opera, Turandot,

the sets were designed
by David Hockney.

He uses the stage
as a canvas.


Let's not go
to the opera tonight.

There's too many
people here.

And I'd rather be alone
with you and I've got an idea.


Let's go on a cruise.

A-A cruise?

A dinner cruise
on the river,

the moonlight.

Just you and me.

That sounds great, Gary.

Yeah. Sure.

Whatever you want.

So, we'll see, uh,
Mr. Puccini's opera later,

'cause he's gonna be here
for another week.

Oh, okay, so we'll
go another night.


Look, it's okay
if we don't see Turandot.

It's not the end
of the world.

I've seen it before.

You've seen it?

But, I mean, I wanted to share
the experience with you.

But it's fine,
if you don't like opera.

No. No. I-I like opera.

It's, uh, I like opera,
it's just that I didn't,

I didn't know you
had seen it before.

Well, yeah.

It was not this

It was seven years ago,
in Paris, with Marco.

But it was an entirely different
set of circumstances.

I was treating.

He'd never been
to the opera, either.

I couldn't afford
the tickets,

so I bought them the day
of the show, half price.

The seats were so high,
we almost had nosebleeds.

But it didn't matter.

There's something
about the experience

that just transcends

It's like...

glimpsing Heaven.

And Marco just...

loved it so.

Can I ask you something?

Is the reason that you wanted
to sit in the balcony

because you sat in the balcony
with Marco?



I-I wanted you
to feel that;

to experience that with me.

I wanted you to buy the tickets
in the balcony

so that we could

be a little closer
to Heaven.

Thank you.

You ready?



Where are
we going?

You deserve to be a little
bit closer to Heaven.

Come on.

We better hurry up.

It already started.

You know what?

I got to make
a phone call.

You're full of surprises,
Gary Hobson.

Hey, uh...

(performer singing
aria in distance)

You know what?


You look very beautiful




(aria crescendos)

Some dances you sit out.

Others, you change partners.

The important thing is
you never stop dancing.

(aria continues)

(aria fades)