Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 1, Episode 16 - Bat Masterson - full transcript

An ex-cop dresses as Bat Masterson and solves crime as the fame old west US Marshall. He seems to step in to solve wrong-doings at places where Gary shows up.

(cat meowing,
paper thuds against door)

If there's a golden rule
in the world today, it's this:

"Ignore thy neighbor."

Which, roughly translated,
means "Stay out of my space."

Face it.

It's every man for himself

with, of course,
the occasional exception.

Hey, hold the elevator.

Hold it, hold it.

Hold it.

Meet the last good Samaritan.

Everybody off.


Never mind how I know this,

but between this floor
and the next floor,

this elevator's going
to get stuck.

Now, you're a
company president

and you're a
claustrophobic actress

and, you, you're,

you're in a hurry
because you got to get

to the men's room.

You're going to miss a board
meeting, and because of that,

your company's going to be
sold out from underneath you,

and because of that, the
stock is going to crash,

wiping out thousands
of small investors.

And you,

you're gonna go
on stage tonight,

you're gonna forget
all your lines.

And you, you...

you're gonna make everything
very unpleasant for everyone.

So... get off.

Well, get off!

What a creep.

Thank you.

Hey, wait.


Hey, anybody out there?


(alarm ringing)

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

When are you
gonna learn?

Sometimes it's better to
just leave things alone

the way they are.

Gare, it's time
to face facts.

You have a
severe problem.

And what is that?

You care too much.

It's clouding your judgment.

Not to mention
it's driving me nuts.

This wouldn't by any chance

have anything to do
with money, would it?

Gare, look,
you got to face reality.


You can't fix everything.

Paper or not,
things go wrong every day

and somehow the world survives.

Well, that's easy
for you to say, isn't it?

Because I'm sane.

I have this theory about you
that you have a gene missing,

the one that makes you see
how things really are.

How's that?

It's a jungle out there.

It's a dog-eat-dog world.

Survival of the fittest.
(indistinct yelling)

People are animals;
think about it.


See what I mean.

Somebody, stop him
from taking my bike!

Let go, Jack!

Hey, what do you think
you're doing?
(horns honking)

You all right, buddy?

What do you think?

You're never going to learn,
are you?
(brakes screeching)

What the hell is that?

(Bonanza theme playing)

(horse neighing, man grunts)

I don't believe it.

You all right?

Ha, better than
he, I'll wager.

And you, how
about that jaw?

Oh, it's fine.
It looked like
quite a shot.

From down the street,
when I saw your...

noble efforts come to naught,

I borrowed the steed
and came in pursuit.

Oh, thanks.
Oh, don't mention
it, sir.

It's the very
least I could do

being a fellow lawman myself.

You a cop?

No, no, not at at moment, sir.

Though, though I have worn
a badge in my day.

Oh, Masterson's the name,
William Masterson.

Call me Bat.

And you?

Uh... Gary Hobson.


This is Chuck.


You say Bat Masterson?

Yes, sir.
As in the cowboy

from the old West,
the sheriff of Dodge City?

Oh, he's heard of me.

Probably thought I was dead,
no doubt, huh?

Well, now,

shall we return horse
and wheel to their owners?

Come along, girl,
well done.

That's a good girl.

He thinks he's
Bat Masterson.

To valor.

Whatever you say.

Wyatt Earp said that courage
is 90% conviction

and ten percent
plain foolishness.

But then Wyatt said
many things in his time,

as you probably know.

So you've read
a lot about Wyatt?

Read about him?

Hell, I knew him.

I was privileged to enjoy
his friendship.

And that was what?

Like, a 100 years ago or so?

More or less.

Gare, get the net.

What was that?


Look, Mr. Masterson...

Oh, no, Bat... Bat.




Forgive me for saying so,
but it seems to me

that you're not... well, you're
not old enough to...

To have ridden with Wyatt?


You're not the first one
to notice that.

I bet, Bat.

I appreciate your skepticism.

Truth be told,
most folks think I'm...

But they, of
course, wonder

about the derby,
the stick.

And when they ask you about
the... the derby and the stick,

what-what is it
that you, uh, tell them?

The truth-- life is
full of improbables.

And who's to say
what is or isn't?

You know, somehow I sense
that you,

in particular, would
understand that.

Am I correct?

Are you nuts?

Look, I don't want to like, um,
pop your balloon or anything,

but this whole thing's

just a bit bizarre.

Am I correct?

I... I... I...

Well, a trip to the gents,
then I'm heading homeward.

Gentlemen, I've enjoyed
our little chat.

I... I... I got this.

Well, thank you, sir.

Okay, Gare. Come on,
let's get out of here.

Wait, where are you going?

I'm gonna get as far away
from this coo-coo as possible.

No. Wait a minute now.
Why? Wait for what?
The guy's out of his mind.

His elevator doesn't go
all the way up to the top.

No, look, there's something
special about this guy.

Don't start, all right?
He's not your problem.

I'm going with him.

He's gonna go home.

I'm gonna...
I'll go with him.

I'll make sure he
gets there okay.

Okay, fine, you do that,

but please just take
my advice, huh?

Get out of Dodge, now.

Here we are-- home.

Just temporarily of course.

The Wilkes-- it's a
loony bin, right?

Keep the change.

You see what I have
to put up with?

How long have you
lived here?

Almost ten years.

Shall we go in?

Too long.

Dr. Pritchard to ward two,
room seven.

It's not palatial
as you can see,

but it has its amenities--
a dignified quiet.


Ah, Jonathan.

Been out again,
have you?

Why? Was I missed?

Have I had visitors?

Yeah. The Lone Ranger
and Tonto.

You sneak out
on me again,

and I am gonna
lock you up.

Do you understand me? Ow!

May I remind you,
my good man,

that my sojourn here

is entirely voluntary.

Yeah, that's great.
Just-just let go.

Jonathan, Mr. Murphy needs
help in the kitchen.

I'll see Sheriff Masterson
to his room.

Crazy coot.

Oh, Lily.

Welcome home, Bat.

We were worried
about you.

Miss Langtree, permit me
to it introduce Mr. Hobson,

a fellow dabbler
in the law.

Miss Langtree is the proprietor

of this establishment

and a dear friend as well.

Mr. Hobson.

Miss Langtree?

Feinstein will do.
Barbra Feinstein.

Sheriff, I wonder if I might
have a moment with Mr. Hobson.

It's a matter
of some importance.

Oh, well, feel free.

I'll wash off the dust

and later, we'll share a glass
of brandy to stem the cold.

Of course.
Excuse me.

He's quite a character.

In my office. Now.

What was it this time?

Beg your pardon?

Stolen car?

Barroom brawl?

He borrowed a
horse actually.

I mean, everything turned
out all right, really.

Who is he? I mean, other than...

Who he is is none of your
business, Mr. Hobson.

The question is: Who are you?

Look, I'm not a bad guy.

You're just a concerned citizen;
is that it?

You might say that.

Well, if that's the case,

you can fulfill your civic duty
by leaving.

Sideshow's over.

You don't have much faith
in human nature, do you?

I'm a doctor, Mr. Hobson.

I leave faith to the clergy.

Are we done?

So she threw you out.

Do you blame her?

That's right, take her side.

Well, she is a doctor.

Maybe she knows
what she's doing.

Maybe so, maybe not.

Why this sudden curiosity about
someone you've never met before?

I don't know.
It just doesn't add up.

I mean...
I know the guy's crazy,

but somehow he's...

he's not.

Well, that clears things up.

What do you suppose happens
to someone

to make them want to be
someone else?

I don't know.

Two of hearts.

Neither do I.

But I do know what it's like to
be told you're crazy every day.

And that qualifies you to help?

Maybe you're right.

Maybe it's none
of my business.

Probably not.

Four of diamonds.

Nothing I can do
about it anyway.

Not a thing.


Makes five in a row.


(distant horns honking)

He's back.

(cat meowing)
(paper thuds against door)

See ya.

(elevator bell dings)

Sir, good morning.

Oh, uh,
Mr. Hobson,

um, there's someone
to see you.


What are you doing here?

Well, I thought
if you were riding,

maybe we'd ride together.

How did you find me?

Not a difficult task.

In my day, I tracked men
for hundreds of miles

without losing
their trail.

Why did you find me?

Ah, direct and
to the point.

I admire that, son.

The fact is I need your
assistance for a matter

that requires our
immediate attention.

Our attention?

The first time I
laid eyes on Wyatt,

I knew it was wise to align
myself with such a man.

I have the same
instinct with you.

Look, that's all great,
but I'm not a lawman.

So said Wyatt
and yet he was.

Have you ever heard
of the Clanton gang?

Clanton gang?

You mean the O.K. Corral?

The same.


all of them.

One of them has returned.

Which one?

Ike, the black sheep,
my old nemesis.

He's come back to town.

We have to track him down.


Well, if you're game.

Look, Bat, I'd-I'd love
to help you out here,

but I've got business of my own
I've got to tend to.

Oh, what is it?

It's kind of a fight.
It's, uh...

Oh, my kind of action.
I'll come with you.

Oh, no, no, no.

Look, Bat,

Dr. Feinstein,

I mean, Miss, uh, Langtree...


Well, she, uh...

Look, I gotta do this alone.

You understand?

Of course.

Best of luck to you, son.

Well, good.

Well, good,
good, good.

And-and the best of luck
to you, Bat.

Thank you.

Oh, give me
a holler

if you get
into trouble.

I think I already have.


Hey, hey,
hey, hey!

Easy, easy, easy.


Hey, hey,
easy, easy.

I just fixed that table.



Can't someone
stop this?

What are you, nuts?
Somebody could get hurt.




Easy, easy, easy.
Keep out of it!

You don't want to do this.
Look, he's got a knife.

And he's got a knife, too,
only he's

gonna pull his out, and he's
gonna cut you up pretty bad.

And you're gonna go
to jail...
Get out!


Well, well, well,

just what I like.

A nice friendly game.

Who the hell are you?

I am a personal friend
of that man

on the floor.

What is this,

You're Wild Bill
Hickock, right?

I take that reference
to the unseemly Hickock

as a slur
on my character.

You have five seconds
to take it back.

Oh, you want
to have a go? Hey!




...this guy?

Gargle with salt
water, sir.

Breathe deeply,
my friend.


where were we?

The Clanton gang.

Did I ever tell you,
sir, about the time...

The Clanton gang?

That's what he says.

Mostly Ike-- the bad one.

You know what? You're
catching it, aren't you?

Catching what?

Whatever he's got.

Gare, one more piece of advice,

Take him home, drop him off,
and then get the hell out.

I can't do that.

Why not?

Because we're kind of...

we're ... riding together.

Oh, my God.

Look, he saved
my life.

What am I supposed
to tell him, huh?

How about "Hasta la vista"
or "Happy trails," huh?

Gentlemen, to friends in need.

Oh, sure. Why not?

Speaking of which,

those men in the pool hall...

you didn't know them?

Uh... no, not exactly.

Then would you mind telling me

how you knew
they'd be mixing it up?

If I told you,
you wouldn't believe me.


That's funny?

It's just so pleasant

to hear someone else
say it for a change.

Yeah. Gets you every time, huh?

In any event, it'll make
a fine story for my memoirs.

Miss Langtree will love it.

Are you sure that you want

to tell Miss Langtree
about this?

Of course.

I tell her everything.

Unless you'd prefer
to have that pleasure yourself.

A pool hall?

Well, I didn't
take him there.
He followed me.

Oh, and that's
how you spend your
mornings-- shooting pool?

No, I don't spend my
mornings shooting pool. I...

where is he now?

In his room, keeping
an eye out for Ike Clanton.

Come on.

You're encouraging
him, aren't you?


Mr. Hobson, let me
explain something

I hoped you
already knew.

He's not really
Bat Masterson,

and you're not
his sidekick,

and Ike Clanton's been
dead for a century.

Yeah, I know that.

So why does he
think he's alive?

You just don't
give up, do you?

I don't know why,
but he trusts me.

Now, you tell me,
maybe I can help.

And if I don't?

He's here voluntarily.

If you don't tell me,
I'll find out for myself.

His real name is Mike Killebrew,
and he was a cop.

He was one of Chicago's best,
decorated a dozen times.

He had all the instincts
of a man born for the job.

Then, one day,
he made a mistake.

He walked into an ambush
he should have seen coming.

Worse, he brought his partner.


(sirens wailing)

He recovered in time,
but his partner was killed.

He blamed himself.

He tried to come
back to the force,

but his mind couldn't
handle the grief.

He had no family,
so the department
sent him here.

Bat Masterson made
his first appearance

a short while after that.

Why Bat Masterson?

Sometimes, a person
who's lost self-esteem

embraces the identity of
someone he most admires.

Bat Masterson was
a boyhood idol of his,

so that's who he chose.

That's who he's been
for the past ten years--

safe, secure-- up
until two weeks ago.

What happened two weeks ago?

I don't know.
He won't tell me.

All I know is he's launched
into this Ike Clanton fantasy.

That's why he goes out
every day-- to look for him.

Maybe that's not so bad.

I mean, maybe, in his own way,
that's the way he deals with it.

You a psychiatrist, Mr. Hobson?

Look, you said
you wanted to help.

If that's true,
you can,

by leaving his
treatment to me.

Or are you willing

to be responsible
for what happens next?

If you don't mind,
I'd like to say good-bye.

I think it's better
I do that after you're gone.

What will you say?

I'll tell him you ride alone.

(cat meowing)

What are you looking at?

I just walked away
from a man drowning.






You're just in time!

I've got him now.
Ike Clanton!

I can finally
close on the past.


Next stop, Wilson.

He's gone!

Watch for the closing doors.

Open this door!
Open this door!

I demand in
the name of the law!

Stop! Stop!

The man is mine! Stop!


I lost him.

He slipped from my grasp.

Look. Not...
not yours. Ours.


But Miss Lily said that
you prefer to ride alone.

Well, Miss Lily was wrong.

Oh. Oh, all right, then.

We'll make a plan.

We'll follow him to hell!

Am I right?

Killebrew be damned!

Whoa! Wait a second.

Do you mean
Mike Killebrew?

You know the name?

Well, yeah.

Then you know what he did.

Well, I, I don't, I don't...

Officer Killebrew was weak.

There's no room for a man
like that in our profession.

Where he failed,

we will succeed.

Are you coming or not?

Oh, yeah. Okay.

Here we are.

(train chugging)

Drop it!
Are they kidding?

Who pens this nonsense?

You invited him here?

There wasn't a choice.

Does his keeper
know about this?

No, not yet.

This is absurd.

William Bonney
wasn't like this at all.

How's that, Sheriff?

Billy the Kid.

He was just a punk and a liar.

No one could
stand him.

I see.
Psst, Gare.

She's going to come
looking for him.

Look, I am not taking
him back there.

Not after what happened
out there today.

You should've seen him
talking about Mike Killebrew.

You mean, talking
about himself.

No, not... Well, yeah,
in his head, yes.

Look, we're not talking about
stray puppies here, okay?

We're talking about
a grown schizophrenic.

Believe me, you're going
in way over your head.

You know,
here's something

that never got out.

When Pat Garrett
caught up with Billy,

Jesse James sent Pat

a solid gold flyswatter
in gratitude.

It was a damn poetic
gesture if you ask me.

I rest my case.

I am not going to send him
back to that place to rot.

That's not your decision.
Well, then, fine.

We'll let it be
his, besides...

it's only for one night.

Yeah, and then what?

Well, and then...

tomorrow, we'll see
what happens.

All right.

Well, gentlemen,
it's time for bed.

It's time for bed.

Oh, if I may be allowed
a blanket or two,

I thought I'd go
out on your roof

and sleep under the stars.

In this weather?

You're going to need a lot
more than a blanket or two.

Remind me to tell you
of the winter of '86

in the Rockies.

No, thank you.

Good night.

Pleasant dreams.

You're gonna be lucky
if you live through this night.

(door closes)

Hey, did I tell you

he told me I reminded
him of Wyatt Earp?

He told me I reminded
him of Pocahontas.

(distant siren wailing)

♪ ♪

Hey, Bat, you asleep?

One eye open all the time.

Hey, listen, about Clanton...

You want to know
how I found him.

High time you got curious.

So now you believe me.

Well, I, uh...

Simple police work.

How's that?

Soon as I realized
that he'd returned,

it was just a matter of tracking
the prey, as it were.

Returned from where?

Every felon carries with him
a signature.

Two weeks ago Clanton left his,

and I read it.

Read it where?

All in good time, my friend.

I'll tell you tomorrow

after I report
to the proper authorities.

We'll pay a visit
to my old friend Officer Crumb.

Good night.

Good night.

ANNOUNCER (on radio):
And that's sports.

Turning to the news, there was
(cat meows)

a disturbance last night
(paper thuds against door)

at a famous Chicago hot spot.

At 11:00, police were summoned
to The Warehouse

in West Hastings to quell
a disturbance there.

(radio clicks off)



Where is he?

Dr. Feinstein.

Where is he?


How did you get my address?

Mr. Hobson, I have just
about had it with you.

Now, is he here or not?

Come in.

I meant to call you last night.

No, you didn't.

Something happened you
should know about.

He saw Ike Clanton.


He mentioned Mike Killebrew.

Where is he now?

He's on the roof.

There's something
you should know.

Something, well, I think
something maybe happened,

because he started
talking about...

Where on the roof?

He's gone.

Nice work, Dr. Hobson.

Thanks to you, he is about
to reenter the world

that drove him to this
in the first place.

I don't suppose
you have any idea

where he might have gone?


Can I help you?

I believe I know
my way around, sir.

Thank you.

I'll get him.

What do you think you're doing?

Oh, I'm here to speak
to Detective Crumb, Sergeant.

And you would be?

An old friend, sir.

Sorry, he's busy.

he'll want to see me.


Miss Langtree.


I had to tell her, Bat.

Ah, I understand.

You know, Lily,
if I didn't know better,

I'd almost say that
you were sweet on me.

Bat, you shouldn't be here.

I want you to come home now.

Your concern is touching,

but I'm in no danger here.

This is a house
of the law.


Oh, good morning, Detective.

Mike Killebrew?

Masterson, sir.

Bat Masterson.

What is this?
Some kind of a prank

or something?

My friends and I have come
to confer with you.

Uh, sure.

Hold my calls.

This way.


That who I think it is?


So this is a surprise.

It's been a few
years since, uh...

So, uh, how you been
getting along?

Well, if it's all right
with you, sir,

time being of the essence,

we'll dispense with pleasantries
and get right to the point.

Sure, go ahead.

Sir, it's my understanding

that a detective
in your department

was ambushed
in his home recently.

That's a terrible thing.

Allow me to extend

my sympathies.

So you read about that, huh?

I believe I know
who's responsible.


A devil.

A devil that I've pursued
for many years

from one territory
to the next.

None other than Ike Clanton.

What, the singer?
Ike and Tina?

No, he means O.K. Corral, the...
I'm quite sure

that a lawman like the detective

knows well of the man,
despite his jests.

Oh, oh, yeah, yeah.

I know him quite well.

You know, as a matter of fact,
you might be right.

I'll run a check on this

Clanton guy...

With all due respect,

I don't take kindly
to the bum's rush.

At least let me finish.

All right, go ahead.
Thank you.

Now some years back,

another detective
in your department

was gunned down by Clanton.

I know this to be true,
though in those days,

he went by another name:
Rico Salazar.


I see you remember.

Yeah, I remember.

Bat, who told you about this?

Mike Killebrew.

You talked to him?

No, he contacted me indirectly
some weeks later.

Killebrew read
about this latest murder,

and he believes
that there's a link

between this murder

and the murder
of his own partner.

Why didn't you tell me?

Well, frankly, I assumed
that you'd greet the news

with undue skepticism.

Given Killebrew's
medical status,

he's not altogether there,
you know.

the fact remains

that Salazar is on the loose.

Mike, come on!

This was years ago.

No one's even seen Salazar.

It's Bat.

He's gone.

He left the country
years ago.

Can't anybody help him
understand that?
He's not gone.

He's here.

I'm telling you,
he's here, Zeke.

You look and you'll
find him.

I'll bet my badge on it.

Excuse me, sir.

What is it?

Well, it's just, uh,
we were wondering...

this nutcase the son of a bitch

who let his partner die?

Get out.

I'm just asking.

I said get out!

Look, Mike, I'm sorry.

No, no. No, no, that's,

that's all right.

We've taken up enough
of your time.

It's been a long day.

Miss Langtree, gentlemen,
till we meet again.

Yes, Detective.

Yes, they were
out of line.

I'm sure you will.

How is he?

I don't know.

This is my fault.

He depends on me.

I never should have let him
out of my sight.

I'm not so sure.


Maybe it was a good thing
for him to go down there.

Did you even see what happened?

You said it yourself.

He depends on you.

Maybe what he needs is to depend
on himself for a change.

What do you know?

You haven't been taking care
of him for the past ten years.

You didn't see him
when he first arrived.

No, that's true.

I just see him now.

(knocking on door)

If no one objects, I believe
I'm heading out for a walk--

a little night air

to clear the head.



From now on, Sheriff,
you will be staying in at night.


You have no right
to make such a request.

I do

if I choose to, and
for now, I choose.

Wait a minute.

Jonathan, for the time being,
Sheriff Masterson's

out-of-house privileges
are suspended.

Well, well.

Well, this is not
acceptable, Lily.

Right this way,
my friend.



don't do this.

It won't work.

I am simply
my patient.

No, you're not
protecting anyone.

What you're doing
is holding him back.

From a fantasy.

Ike Clanton, Rico Salazar--

it's pure pulp-fiction nonsense.

Yeah, but what if it's not
pulp fiction?

Rico Salazar.
What if he's right?

And what if he's wrong?

It is just not worth
the risk to find out.

Good night, Mr. Hobson.

Oh, no, I'm not leaving.

Trust me, you are.

The question is:
Do I have to call the police?

(grunting and thudding)

(male groaning)


Get some help.
Hurry up.

Oh, my God.
Was it Bat?

He-He caught me
with that cane.

I never saw it coming.

He-He... He said
he was gonna call out Clanton.

Oh, God, he's out there
on his own.

And he's got a gun.

What gun?


(crowd chatter, bell dinging)

(elevator bell dings)

Up early or out
late, Mr. Hobson?

Boswell, did I have
any messages?

Not that I know of.

How about any visitors?

The-The guy
with the derby hat?


All right.
Thank you.


I've been calling since dawn.

I thought he might have...

He didn't come back here.

I searched the hospitals.

I searched
the homeless shelters.

He didn't come home?

I don't think
he will.


Oh, I'm tired.



I'm the doctor.

I fix people.

That's my job.

all right here?

I didn't see it.

I didn't see
what you did.

He didn't need

He needed an ally.


Will you find
him for me?

Hey, look,
I've tried. I...

(cat mewing)


Will you excuse me a moment?


What's going on?

I think I know
where to look.

You again?

I need to talk
to Crumb.

Where's Mr. Buffalo Bill,
out riding the range?



Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wh-What is this?

He found
Oh, come on, now.

I told you,
Look, you were wrong.

Salazar's back
in the country.

He's dealing drugs from
a warehouse downtown,

and I'll lay
odds he's the one

who ambushed your
man last month.

Have you got any proof of this,
aside from what Killebrew says?

Look, you know Mike Killebrew,
not now, then.

He's one of
the best, right?

Mike Killebrew makes
a connection,

that ought to be enough
for you, Crumb.

Yeah, but after what happened...

That doesn't matter.

He's not doing this for himself.

He's doing it for a partner
who died ten years ago.

He's trying to
find his way back.

Help him, Crumb.



This is good.

Welcome back
to America, yes.

All right.

We want men front and back
and up on the roof, too.

If Salazar's in there,
we're gonna have trouble.

You got it.
You two stay here.

Wait. My patient's
in there, too.

He has a gun.

If you break in there with all
your men, there's no telling

what he might do.

All right, you're
calling the shots.

What's next?

GARY (whispering):


What's that?


Get against the wall!


You came to the wrong place,
my friend.


Okay, you know who I am,
but who are you?

An old acquaintance.

Drop your weaponry, gentlemen,

and kick it over here,
if you please.

Whatever you say.

Mr. Hobson,
move away.

Do you remember me, sir?

I don't think so.
Should I?

Think back a bit,
ten years or so.

Sad. Alas, it would be
more fitting if it did.

(gun chamber cocking)

Mike, don't
do this.

It's not worth it.

I'm sorry, my friend, but
accounts must be squared.

All right. Then, listen,
what about Mike Killebrew?

He's the one that's gonna
take the blame for this.

Perhaps he deserves it.

He killed his partner.

No, that's not true.
It wasn't his fault.

Look, no one could have
seen it coming.

Is that so?

I was a cop for 20 years.

I knew how it worked.

But I got cocky, arrogant...

I should have
seen it coming.

Because of me,
my best friend,

Dave Morelli left a widow
and three small kids.

I couldn't even kill myself.

Believe that?

I lost my nerve.

Listen to me.

Mike Killebrew can have his life
back, the one that was stolen.

But you pull that trigger,

and Salazar's not
gonna be the thief.

It's gonna be you.

And that would be a shame.

That would be a shame

because I think a good man's
suffered long enough.

Mike, let it go.

The bill's been paid.

(footsteps approaching)

Well, cuff these guys!

All right, let's go.

Right there, sir.

Hands behind your back.

Now move.

Other hand up, sir.

Okay. let's see
your hands.

Hold it. Hold it.
Hands up.

Come on.

How's he doing?

He's remembering more
of his old life.

He's putting it back together
like a puzzle.

Writing it down.

He tells me
maybe he'll publish a book.

Hmm. Good.

Like the man said,
life is full of improbables.

Who's to say what is and isn't?

A man gets lost,
then finds himself again.


Crazier things have happened.

...how are you?

You're just in time, son.

The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
just road into town.




Watch yourself out there.

Chicago's a lot tougher
than Dodge City.

Yeah, it's, uh...

Oh. Bat wanted you
to have this.

And this.

Tell him I said thank you.

I'm not going to see him.


Now, go on, get out of here.

You've got a town to protect.

♪ And when the West
was very young ♪

♪ There lived a man
named Masterson ♪

♪ He wore a cane and derby hat ♪

♪ They called him Bat,
Bat Masterson. ♪

(cat meows)