Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 1, Episode 15 - The Wall: Part 2 - full transcript

Gary continues to try and stop the assassination of the president while eluding the FBI who is convinced Gary is the suspected assassin. His friends try to protect Gary from exposure.

In the end,
it didn't matter who was right

and who was wrong.

Things happen as they happen.

You can't change the past.

The trouble was,
only one man knew the truth...

and he was gone.

Unless he wasn't.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪


No sleeping on the train.

You want a bed,
find a shelter.

That's my paper.

Hey, get out of here,
I just bought that.

(man talking indistinctly
over speaker)

I'm sorry, I...

You nut.


Next stop...

They find
that guy yet?

No, but they'll get him.

It's only a matter of time.

every unit in town's

after him.


(cat meows)


Red Line...
He was on the train?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Call it in.

Check in the back.

Oh, no.

(reporters clamoring)
No comment, no comment,

no comment.

Oh, come on.

Make a hole here, will you?

What, are they giving out
free beer?

can you give us any news

about last night's murder
of Harry Hawks?

Can we then assume

the assailant is still
at large in the city?

Assume what you will.

You're gonna assume anyhow.

You do have an accomplice
under arrest, is that true?

Come on,
come on, get back.

In my line of work,
nothing is true.

Is there any connection
between this murder

and the president's visit
to Chicago?


And my fat

Aunt Rosey
is the real queen of England.


Don't make me laugh.

Damn bloodhounds.

Just part of what makes
this country great.


Don't you ever sleep?

Not today.

Any news on Hobson?


He's sitting right
in this chair.

Dollars to donuts
the guy skipped town.

No, he's around,
I can feel it.

Yeah? So can they.

You know, I still can't
believe that he killed Hawks.

Neither can he.

He's in total denial.

That's what makes him
so dangerous.

Oh, come on.

You don't still think he's going
for the president?

We got half the force looking
for him.

He's a man with a mission.

Now he's got nothing to lose.

So why not

put out a statement?


We don't want to start a panic.

Then you better tell
your people.

They know.

(knock at door)

Sir, about the detainee.

We can't hold him much longer.

Yeah, okay, we're coming.


who's Marley?


Last night you said
maybe he'd lead us...


I misspoke myself.

It's none of your concern.

Oh, the hell it's not;
we got a murder here.



You don't.

Just a minute.

You think I'm gonna stand
around twiddling my thumbs

while you run my operation,
you're out of your mind.

You got information,
I want it.

Butt out.

This is my

I'll handle
it my way.

All right?

Shall we?

Mr. Fishman.


It's time we had a little talk.



Are you all right?

I guess that's a
stupid question.

Hawks is dead.

So I heard.
What happened?

What happened?
I don't know what happened.

He was dead
when I found him.

They think I did it.

Well, then you'll just have
to tell them you didn't do it.

Well, it's not that
simple, is it?

Well, someone's
got to tell them.

You can tell them, I can
tell Chuck. What about Chuck?

They arrested Chuck
last night.

They found him
in my apartment.

Found enough evidence
to prove

I'm some kind of assassin
or something.

I go back to them,

they're going to lock me up
for the rest of my life.

Well, what about that Agent
Dobbs? Maybe if you went

to him, showed him the paper...
Dobbs?! Dobbs thinks
I'm some kind of a lunatic.

they're setting him up, too,

and according to this paper,
I'm still going to kill him.

You don't believe
that, do you?

Marissa, I don't know
what to believe.

Maybe I'm crazy or something,
I don't know.

You're not
crazy, Gary.

the paper only tells you

what's going to happen
unless you change it.

Well, Marissa,
what if I can't change it?

I got to think.

Look, I told you what I know.

This has all been a big mistake.

You say
he's your friend.


He tells you


But you don't know

Yeah, I know he didn't do
what you say he did.

He already did it.

The guy spends all his
time saving people.

He's a hero, you know that.


I know what you're feeling.

You think you know someone,

and then one day
you open a door

and something else is there.

You say
it's not him.

Okay, I'm open.

Help him
with this.


Tell us where he is.

It's for his own good.

In the news, at 10:00 a.m.
the president heads for Chicago.

Air Force One lifted off
just minutes ago

from Washington's Dulles Airport
on its way to the Windy City.

The president
and the first lady...

I won't accept this.
There has to be
something we can do.

There isn't
something we can do.

Today at 2:00 I'm gonna
be on the top floor of
that building with a rifle.

Gary, that's crazy.
You won't be there.
What are you saying?

The paper's wrong?

what I'm saying is
you need to find a way

to change that headline.
What am I supposed

to do-- wish it away?

I've tried that;
that doesn't work.

Well, then, you need
to find someone to help you.

Someone you know,
someone who trusts you, Gary.

Marissa, half this town
is out looking for me right now.

Lucius Snow.


Lucius Snow.

What about Lucius Snow?

Gary, that picture
that was in the wall--

where is it?
Forget about the
photograph, would...

Maybe that's the reason
why it came to you.

Well, if that's the reason,
it's too late.

It's gone, I gave it to Hawks.

I have nothing against Chicago
or the Cubs.

I just think they'd be happier
somewhere else.


You don't think that's the
reason Hawks got killed, do you?

I think we need
to get that picture back

and find out
what's really in it.



you down here?

Gosh, this place
feels like a tomb.

Yeah, it does.

I'm gonna look around.


Hey, Morris?

(gun hammer cocks)
Stop right there.

Put your hands up.

Go ahead.

Now, come closer,

but slow.


It's all right.

That's far

Keep 'em up.

Been reading about
you in the paper.

You're in a world
of trouble, son.


Always figured,
sooner or later,

this business would
come to no good.

So how can I help you?

So, this is everything?

Everything Mr. Hawks sent
back yesterday afternoon.

If Snow's things
weren't on his desk,

they should be here.

Well, if it's not here,
either he threw it out--

which I highly doubt--
or someone took it.

Well, then, we need to find
out who that someone is.

Now, see, that's exactly
why I borrowed this firearm.

If this fella's killing people,

it ain't gonna be me.

Sorry I can't be
of more help.

I feel sorry for Mr. Hawks.

What about that picture
from the newspaper?

I haven't seen it.

It must be gone, too.

Okay, well, then, the
Warren Commission Report.

There was a picture
in there, too.

It was all blurry.

So unblur it.

Oh, unblur it? Of course.

Just like that.
Listen, I read

that they take pictures
like that

all the time
and make them crystal clear.

And where are you
going to unblur it? NASA?

Oh, you could do that,

I suppose.

Or we might just drop in
on Hanratty.

(phone ringing)


No. No, nothing yet.

Well, tell the mayor
we're making progress.

I don't care if it's true
or not, tell him anyway!

This is nuts.

60 billion cops in this city,
we can't find one guy.

We're looking.

"We're looking."

Starting to sound like me now.


Where the hell is this guy?

(loud tapping)

This is Hanratty's?

A cousin of mine.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

It's me, Morris.
Open up.

I'm closed, dude.


don't make me
tell your mama.

Security is tight, as...

A picture?

You had me open up
for a picture?

If you want an enlargement,
go to Fotomat, bro.

Well, we need more than
just a 10 x 12.

Something special, you know.

I'm a pawn broker,
you understand?

And who are they, anyway?

None of your business.

That's right, and my business
ain't none of theirs.

Hanratty, these folks
are my friends,

and they need your help.

I'd hate to think
you'd let them down.

Not my problem, brother.

Well, then, I'll
tell you what is.

The Immigration Department has
an office two blocks from here.

What if I just drop in
and just drop

a few hints about your
illegal passport business?

And don't be touching nothing.

Where'd this stuff
come from, anyway?

Fall off a truck?

Morris, this is a pawn shop.

In a manner of speaking.

What can he do
for us here?

Watch your step.

All right.

So what are we going
to do in...

Come on.

Come on.

Welcome to the bat cave.

Where'd you get this?

Fell off a truck.

Give me the picture.

They let Fisher go?

On whose authority?

Agent Dobbs, sir. He's...

Hey, Dobbs?

What the hell have you done?

There's no reason
to hold him.

He's told us
what he knows.

He's a material witness
in a murder investigation.


Right now he's worth
more to me out there.

Now, you don't really think

he's going to lead you
to Hobson, do you?

The guy may
look like a clown,

but he can't be that stupid.

We'll see.

Well, it's in.
What are we looking for?

None of your business.

Just make the thing clear.

Well, you don't have
to cop a 'tude, my man.


Three hours?
It takes that long?

That's what he said.

Listen, I don't have
that much time.

Yeah, I know, but there might
be a clue in there, Gary.

A clue to what, something that
happened 30 years ago?

No, something that might
be happening today.

Well, fine, you stay here.

Me, I'm going home.

The hotel, Gary,
they'll find you there.

No, they won't.

At 2:00 I'm going to be
where this paper says.

Only question is, with who?

(distant sirens blaring)

(cat meows)



What are you doing here?

I'm waiting for you.

What do you mean you're
waiting for me, what...?

Why would I be stupid
enough to come back here?

I don't know, but you did.


By the way, you need
a new housekeeper.


Anyone follow you here?

Yes. But I lost 'em.

He in there?

Two of them.

Okay, get going.

Let's wait for some backup.

There's no time for that. Go.

Screw him,
get some backup.

Gare, what the hell
are we supposed to be

looking for anyway, huh?

I don't know.

Well, I don't know either.

Gare, is there something
you're not telling me?

You know, I'm starting
to think that, uh,


Maybe what?

Yeah, I know.

I began to believe that
myself at one point.

I mean, these guys
mean serious business.

(cat meows)



What is it?

He's alive.


"J. T. M."

He's here.



(elevator bell dings)

You got to get out of here now.

Okay, if you hear anything,
go to Hanratty's Pawn Shop.

Hanratty's Pawn Shop, got it.

Open up. Police!

Oh, hello, fellas.
Welcome back.

Over here.

All right,
where's your little playmate?

He's out of the
building, Detective.

Cuff him.

(garbled radio transmission)


Don't make me do this.

Turn yourself in.

You're a sick man.
We can help you.

It's not what you think, Dobbs.

Then I've got no choice.

Do I?
(hammer cocks)


Hey, Hobson!

(tires screeching,
horns honking)

Ah, my leg!

Ah! Damn you!

(sirens wailing)

Unit Six continue on Ridge.

Suspect believed to be on foot
and may be armed.

All units, suspect last seen
on the corner of Clark and...

Hold on, here she is.

Gary, where are you?

Marley's alive.

What? How do you know that?

Something I found
in my apartment.

Listen, I don't have time,
but Marley's the one

that sent Hawks the letter bomb.

He's also the one that killed
him last night.

But why, after all this time?

I don't know.

Maybe he thought Hawks knew

Or maybe Hawks
did know something.

Snow was right,
Hawks wouldn't believe him.

Now Hawks is dead. I...

Listen, Marissa, just keep
working on that photograph.

There's something more in there.
I'm sure of it now.

Well, what are you gonna do?

Well, what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna find Marley. I...

Gary, that's crazy. You don't
even know where to look.

(siren wails)



(garbled radio transmission)

Oh, what? Again?

You just released me.

In that case, welcome back.

On what grounds?

Aiding and abetting a fugitive.

What? It was his own house!

I want to know what
he was doing there.

You know, usual stuff:

shower, shave,
eating cereal, ta...

Look, Fishburn.


You're not helping yourself
here, you know.

Just as long
as I'm not helping you.

So he got away, then?

Yeah, he got away.


Now, listen...
No, you listen.

You can keep me here
as long as you want

and it won't do you any good.

You know as well as I do

Gary is not the one
you're looking for.

(door opens)
Detective Crumb,

there's a phone call.

It's the one you've
been waiting for.

Yeah, okay.

I'll be back.

Yeah, I'm sure
you will.

Take your time.

Ah, what?

He was looking for something.

Something he left behind?

Something he found?

I have nothing to say.

You don't have to.

(phone ringing)

(gun clicks)

Going somewhere?

President's due
in about an hour.

Oh, I see.
So you thought

you'd just run out there
and save the world, huh?

Someone has to.

So far you haven't.

Yeah, well, I'm just a...
an ignorant flat foot

out chasing murderers.

I don't have a fancy briefcase
or nothing like that.

But something's been
bothering me.

What would that be?

Why'd you let him go?


You had him twice.

You let him run.

What are you up to?

If you have questions,
check with my employer.

Oh, well, I-I-I did that.

They gave me the usual
party line run around.

So I went somewhere else.

Friends of mine
in the agency.

They tell me a completely
different story.


May I see that?

They tell me you're
a-a renegade.

A man on a mission.

One that the agency doesn't
even acknowledge exists.

You've been after this guy for
three decades now, haven't you?



J.T. Marley.

There's not a shred
of evidence he's
still alive,

but you think he is and
you'd do anything to
find him, wouldn't you?

Including selling me
down the river.

Maybe even Hobson.

What do you think you know?

I know this.

I want you out
of my office

and out of my precinct
right now.

Nice knowing you, Crumb.

Ah, yes.

Pawn shop.

Pawn shop.



Oh, give me that guy,
uh, Fishburn.


Ah, whatever.
Get him.



Well, see, there's a... problem.

Waiting for

Yeah, something
like that.

I was thinking of going
up there and seeing
the motorcade.

The president's coming,
you know.


Yeah. So I heard.

The hurt won't last
forever, you know.


Whatever is troubling you.

You're young, you'll
get through it.

I'm not so sure.

See, I got to be
somewhere today;

I'm not so sure I
want to be there.

I mean, I don't have to go.

I could stay here. I could stay
right here, but...

No. I can't do that.

Something's gonna happen.

Whether I'm there or not,
something's gonna happen.

You can't cheat it
and you can't wish it away.

Then don't.

Can't run away from
your fate.

Might as well
go toward it.

Good luck to you.


He went where?
He said
to find Marley.

Look at that.
And you let him go?

This is not good.

We've got to call

He made me promise
that I wouldn't.

He thinks it's his fate
or something.

He thinks the paper
needs him to go there.

(computer beeps)
Yeah? Well, I don't.

And I didn't promise
him anything.

Excuse me, can I
use your phone?

Oh, sure.
Right here.

Who are you calling?

I'm gonna call
911, and...

Before you do, you
might want to
look at this.

(hangs up)

(clattering nearby)

(computer beeps)

Well, do you see what
you're looking for?

Far as I can tell,
not a thing.

Same as it was before,
only clearer.

The cat and those
three fellas.

There has to be


Something that Snow
wanted us to know.


Does he know
about me, too?

You know what?
There is something.

C-Can you zoom
into that part

of the picture
right there, please?

Can you enhance it?



What is it, Chuck?

That face...

I know that face.

Of course we know who it is.

It says right on the picture.

It's Marley.


30 years ago.

Can you age him
30 years?



Like a moth to
the flame.

Dobbs, listen to me,
you got to get out of here.

Look, I know
what you're thinking.

The-the gun.

I was there,
And now you're here.

Listen, Dobbs,

we're being set up,
you and I, both of us.

setting us up.

And who might that be?

Marley. J.T. Marley.

He's alive, Dobbs.

No, he isn't.

You got Marley?


You did.

And that isn't

It's Dobbs.

Are things beginning to fall
into place?

That won't do you
much good.

It isn't loaded

But now, at least, we have
your fingerprints.

Put it down,


may I have my lighter?

MAN (over radio):
President's motorcade is making
its way toward the city.

The snow has stopped,
the weather is clearing.

The president is looking forward

to a great day here
in the Windy City.

Hell of a view,
wouldn't you say?

What's the matter,
cat got your tongue?

Dobbs wouldn't
have liked this.

Heights always
made him queasy.

That's why he always
took the train.

When did he die?

Oh, officially,
about an hour ago,

but he's been my guest
for the past few days.

Awaiting his moment.

Kind of like you, huh?

Kind of sad
to see him go.

We had a history

35 years--
cat and mouse.


everyone comes to their time.

Even me.

About that plane crash
you died in--

how'd you make that happen?

Oh, simply a matter
of logistics.


When do I become part
of your logistics?

Not yet.

It's best for the time of death
to be as accurate as possible.

Well, you got it all
figured out, don't you?

In my line

of business, one has to.

You had me worried for a while.

I was afraid
you might get yourself caught.

What made you so sure
I'd show up?

That paper of yours.

I've seen it before, you know.

In Dallas. Lucius Snow.

Must be a burden
knowing what's going to happen.

I'm not going to do it, Marley.

Of course not.

You know it and I know it,
but no one else will.

Don't be so sure.
There's a lot of people

that know you're alive.

Maybe so.

But maybe I'm just a figment

of Dobbs' imagination.

In any case,
they'll find you,

and they'll
find him.

And they'll see a
puzzle that fits.

What about Crumb?

He's gonna find you, Dobbs.

Ah, yes.


I wouldn't worry about him.

(phones ringing)


Something ain't right.

Something just ain't right.

(keyboard clacking)






All right, curb,
curb, curb.

Taxi! Whoa!

(indistinct chatter)

(sirens blaring)

What time is it?

The waiting's the
hardest part.

Too bad Snow
isn't here.

You never met
him, did you?

He was completely naive.

Reminds me of you.

He almost stopped you,
didn't he?

You tell me.


He came to the book depository
in Dallas.

He came there
'cause no one else would listen

to what he had to say.

I know how that feels.

When he got there,
he found a man with a rifle.


Only Oswald wasn't alone,

was he?

That's your theory.

It was the first time
you met Snow, wasn't it?

You introduced yourself.

You gave him your card.

Then you escorted him out

and told him
everything was gonna be fine.

A few minutes later,
John Kennedy was dead.

My, my.

Only, that's where your
logistics fell apart.

'Cause Oswald didn't die,
and he was supposed to.

Instead, he ran.

A few months later,

you supposedly died
in a plane crash.

Anything else?



No matter how
things are,

someone always wants
something changed,

and there's always
someone to do it.

Man without a country.

Soul is a country
unto itself.

You don't have one.

When I need one,
I borrow one.

And then what?

After that,
I just throw it away.

Yes, sir, Mr. Mayor,
I-I know you want action.

Yes, sir, I...
I know who's in town.

The... The eyes
of the world are upon us.

Yes, sir.

Same to you.

Get me a car.
I'm going down there.

Down where?

Wherever the president's going.
Something's gonna happen today.

I-I... I can feel it.

What is this?

"Maybe this
will explain things."


(dog barking)

What the hell is this?
Get your hands off me.

Let him go!

I just need
to see Crumb.

Yeah, what
you're gonna see

is a bunch of
years in jail.

Fine. Lock me up,
do whatever you want.

Let me just talk
to him for two seconds. That...

Oh, you!
Let him go.

This better
be good.

Crumb, listen
to me.
Oh, listen to you?

After you made a
fool out of me and
my entire department?

All right, forget about that.

It's ancient history.
This is about Dobbs.

No. No. No. No. I never want
to hear that name again.

Dobbs isn't who
you think he is.

Oh, that's news?

Lock him up.
What do you mean,
lock me up? Hold on.

Wait, please, Detective Crumb.

Just look at this.

What is it?

Just look at it.

What? This is...

Dallas, 1963.

Check out the name.

Oh, no. This is some
kind of a trick.

Do you think I'm
gonna fall for this?


(people shouting)

All right, leave
it! Leave it!

Sergeant, I want
every man available.

Where's Hobson?

I promised him I...

Look, wherever he is,
that's where Marley is.

All right.

The Randolph Building,
13th floor.

(crowd chatter)

(sirens blaring)

Should we call the
Secret Service?

No. No. This guy's mine.

(indistinct chatter)

(sirens blaring)

It's almost time.

History repeats itself.

(distant sirens blare)
You don't really think

this is gonna happen,
do you, Marley?

You have to
admit, it's rather


Well, I'm not so sure.

It seems to me like
you made a few mistakes.

Such as?
How about Hawks?
The letter bomb to Hawks.

You meant to kill him,
but you didn't.

True. But it got
me you, didn't it?

That's still not
what you planned.

You're here, aren't you?

My choice.

Admit it.

These past few days,

you've fantasized
squeezing the trigger.

Immortality a heartbeat away.

You've been

No, I haven't.

Of course you have.

All right, you're so sure,
let me have the rifle.

I'll take the shot.

No. I don't think so.

(distant shouting)

(sirens blaring)

(sirens blaring)

Listen, Marley,
what you said before

about not having a soul--
that was a lie, wasn't it?

You hear voices
of your own, don't you?

(sirens blaring)

You're lost, Marley.

You're drowning
in your own logistics.

You're so far gone,
you don't even remember

when you were you.

(sirens blaring)

Dobbs, get away
from that gun!


(shot fires)

(rifle thudding)



(sirens blaring)

It never made the papers.

On the books,
it never happened.

Anyone who knew said nothing.

(cat meowing)

(paper thuds against door)


They buried Dobbs at Arlington.

Gave Marley an unmarked grave.

Harry Hawks had a park
named after him, downtown.

People missed him.

And... things moved on.

Only now, for one man,

things were different.

From now on,

that paper
would never be the same.