Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Abakareta kako - full transcript

This is the first time,

l can feel comfortable
to live with someone.

ls that final stage
cancer patient

like a family to you?

lt'll be ok.

Everyone knows about it,
don't they?

l must really thank you.

Mina is getting more and

more like one of us
on this island.

Hello, the clinic. What? Nakai?

lt looks your friend
is looking for you.

lt seems there's
ponding again. Does it hurt?

lt hurt so much that l
couldn't even sleep at night.

l see.

Dr. Koto will make you
feel comfortable.


Aunt Yayoi, please get
the prescription ready.

Sorry to trouble you
all the time.

l must really thank you, Mina.

-There you go, some candies.

Mina is teasing you?

Maybe she likes me.

Who do you think you are?

But Mina is really cute.

-She has great smile.

Mariko is attractive too.

So you like the
sophisticated type, Mr. Kuma.

Oh, you pervert!

Women should be all
young, naive and pure. . .

Uncle Juu, what do you
think a woman should be like?

Nothing, nothing. . .

what's the catch today?

l like Mariko's type of course.

We're single.

So what if we live together.

-l'm sorry, l have my type too.
-Your type.

A man has to be young,
honest and pure.

Ah. . .
you don't have to explain.

Sorry to disturb.

l would like to ask,

how to get to Shikina Clinic.

Once you've seen the doctor,
you should be going home.

This is not a chess club.

What chess club. . .

-l have to clean up.

Mr. Wada, is the doctor in?

-Oh. . . Mariko.
-Dr. Koto.

There's a guest from Tokyo.


-Who is this?
-ls Nakai Mina in?


lt's been ling we have not met.

-Mina. . .


May l know
if you and Mina are. . .

Mina is my wife.

Dr Amashow 2006

Episode 9

Mr. Wada, what's wrong?

Ah, hello.

This is the chief office
from the government sector.

Mr. Hoshino.

This is a clinic in a village.

Mr. Hoshino is the committee.

l'm Hoshino Shoichi.

-l'm Nakai.

And. . . Mina. . . Miss mina. . .

is temporarily staying
at my place.

Either as a boss or a friend. . .

how am l supposed to put it?

You've been a great help
to Mina.

No. . .
it's only that we never heard

that she's married.

-Right, Doctor.

Well. . . this is embarrassing.

We've only been married
for a year.

We both have works and we
don't have time for each other.

This winter, Mina

handed in the divorce papers
and left.

l heard.

Just talk face to face,
since you're here.

Mina, just let me meet you.

l took leave to get here.

You're only giving trouble
to everyone by doing this.

We'll talk after work.

l know.

l'll pick you up later.

lt's a beautiful sea.

Don't look so sour.

l'm not here to embarrass you.

l just want to see you
when l still can.

l'll very ill.


l'm not lying.

Don't you know how
much it hurts me anymore?

Mina, l apologise for
whatever l have done before.

So if there's one trace of
feeling you have towards me. . .

Haven't l hand you
the divorce papers?

Mariko, fish.

Ah, thanks.

Have you given me offer price?

What is it, Mina?

What's wrong?

Takehiro, get Dr. Koto, hurry.


What's wrong, Mina?

We won't know what
happened if you don't tell.

Sorry. l'm sorry about

not telling you all about
my marriage.

Now see what it has turn into.

Mina, is this the injury. . .

Could your husband been. . .

This isn't the first time,
is it?

l escaped

from him.

l felt like l was going to
be killed if this went on,

and so l ran away.

We have always been alone.

l lost my parents at 1 0.

He has the same encounter
as l have.

So he knew me best.

But when we lived together,

he's another person.

He's very violent.

Every time he cried
and apologised

after abusing me.

And promised
he wouldn't do it again.

He told me he loved me

and he'd be worse

if l didn't stay by this side.

So l bare it all. . .

But l couldn't stand it anymore.




Sorry. Sorry. . .

l'm really sorry.

This is too much.

What should we do?

lt's true that
there's an argument.

But no violence.

l just grabbed her hand.

That might have left
the bruises.

That's my fault indeed.

But Mr. Kanai, the injury. . .

This is between us couple.

could you please not intervene?

You might be right, but. . .

There's nothing else
to talk about.

l have to go.

Mr. Nakai.

Mr. Nakai,
could you please sit down.

There's something. . .


Sorry to keep you worrying.


Mina, l trust you

that's why l ask

about the argument last night.

He insists that he has
never been violent.

lt's nothing. l'm really

sorry to get everyone
involved in this.

No, no, it's all my fault.

Hmm, there must be a way.

Mina, you won't want to get
back with him again, will you?

Mina, did Mr. Nakai ever

have chest pain and difficulties
in breathing

when he was back in Tokyo?

l'm worried about him.

No. . .

l've been listening,

aren't you two too over?

Are you thinking
that Mina is telling lies?

Hasn't the injury spoken
for itself?

Oh, Doctor.

l understand that you
worry about your patient.

But now we have
to stick together

to back up on Mina, don't we?

No, this is not what l meant.

Mr. Wada, it's not that. . .

Please don't argue. l know.

l know. Even if l've escaped

this will still happen.

Bastard! So all we have
to do is kick that fellow out!


Quite, Uncle Juu.

-Why are you telling her. . .
-That's right. . .

lsn't it a fact that
Mina has been abused?

lf we let the fellow go on,

who knows what will happen next.

Damn ! He's pretending.

l don't let him.
l'll teach him a lesson.

Stop, Juu !

What? Didn't you say it?

please don't make things worse.

-Please don't mess it up.
-Why, Bastard?

No reason.

lf we keep arguing,

Mina will feel awkward.


She might feel it tough
to stay on the island.

She might not even work
in the clinic.

Yes, and Mina has no parents.

There's no place
for her to go to.

That's why she came
to the island.

Hello, this is the clinic.

Mina. ls that Mina?

l'm sorry about yesterday.
l've thought about it calmly.

lt's ok we split.

l'll sign the divorce papers.

So could we just meet
for one last time?

And l won't bother you
after that.

l won't go to the clinic again.

l promise, so. . .

-What is it?
-No. . . nothing.

lt's a wrong number.

l'm sorry to trouble you.

when l broke my Achilles tendon,

you had been a great help.

But that's because l. . .

lf it hadn't been for you,

l couldn't have come
to the clinic.

Brace up!

Mina, we're at your side!

Dr. Koto, the chief and l.


See you.

l knew you would come.
Yesterday. . .

l'm just here to get the papers.

Don't you dare push me

as there are these people
on this island to back you up.

What do they know?

They are just outsiders.

Didn't we agree

to live together?

We both have no one
to depend on.

So we have to live together.

Why don't you understand?

l'm the only person
who knows you.

Did you say
not to come out alone?

-Get back!

What's wrong, Mina?

Could you have been
with that man. . .

Chimei. . .

Hello, hello.

Mina. Mina.

Mr. Wada, get Dr. Koto.

-The clinic, we have to
get him to the clinic.


Doctor, sorry, l thought

he was lying about his health.

Mr. Wada, take turns
massage the heart with Mina.

-Mina, get the injection.

Make sure it gets
to the stomach.

Mina, air.


No sound at all.

The fluid is reducing.

There's no problem
with the pipe.

-Try a few more times.

Can't measure the oxygen.

-Mr. Wada, stop the massage.

-Mina, air.

l heard the sound.

Mr. Wada,
keep on with the massage.


There might be
a perforated diaphragm.

This stops the heart.
We have to open him up.



The stomach and

intestine is pushing
to the heart.

That stops the heart
from beating.


Hold the stomach
and the intestines.


Keep massaging the heart.

-Doctor, l can't feel the pulse.

Don't give up.

-Mina, pull it a little.

The heart beat revives.

The BP is 90/7 0.
l've got the pulse.

The stomach got back to
its place. Fix the diaphragm.


Thanks to you.

Doctor. . .

Why am l saving him?

l'm afraid of him.
Even touching him,

or seeing him disgust me.

That's why l ran away.


lt's must have been
painful for the period of time.

But you've overcome the pain.


You've done
what a nurse should do.

You've saved him
in the right way.

This is something
to be proud of.

l'm nothing.

l was just thinking,

at the moment that
if l just left him there,

he might just disappear from me.

That's what l was thinking.

lt's horrible.

l should be a nurse.


lt's not only today.

the thought struck me
a few times.

Back in Tokyo,
whenever l saw him sleeping,

l thought of how good
it might be

if he just slept on.

l might have ran away because

l was scared by myself.

l'm a fragile person.

ls there anyone strong
in this world?

Didn't l tell you l only came

to this island because
there isn't a place for me?

Mina, l. . .

killed a patient by mistake

at the university hospital
in Tokyo.

She was a high school student.

l was trying to push
the responsibility

to the interns.

l might have escaped
to this island

because l was too disappointed
by myself.

As a doctor,

l didn't know what to do.

When l arrived here,

l realised it

bit by bit

from my patients.

Mina, l came to this island

for a new life too.

l'm just on my way.

the doctor wants me to tell you,

to take a rest.

lt's better to have rest,

both physically and mentally.

lt's a special holiday.

What? So you haven't slept?


What? l'm just passing
the doctor's words.


lt's not proper for us
to say this.

We treat you as our daughter,

so you can feel at home
for yourself.

That's right, Mina.

( Nurse Wanted.)

l heard that you're not
working. Getting lazy, huh?

l'm just kidding.

l heard about it.
lt's really tough.

So what's the plan next.

Are you waiting for him
to get recovered?

l think l must
take the courage to

say goodbye to him.

lf l don't do that, l'll never

be happy.

-Miss Mariko.

l love the scenery of
this island the most.

l came to this island

for its scenery.

lt's getting better.

There'll be discharge soon.


the sound of the waves
is incredible.

lt soothes your emotion.

Thanks for saving my life
with Mina.

When l look at the sky
and the sea,

l feel that l maybe

able to have peace in

my life from now on.

Thanks, Doctor.

Will you let me talk
to Mina again?


Doctor, where's Mina?

They are having
private conversation.

Are they?

Thanks, Mina

for saving my life.

Right, Mina,

l won't ever hurt you again.

Please come home with me.

We can have
a happy family together.

We can't be family.

What's a happy family for you?

When l came to this island,

l met many families.

We are outstanding for me.

They are great people.

l admire them
but l never get to mix in.

Of course l know that
you're lying.

But you've been dependent
on me, and make me spoil you.

Haven't you just treat me
as a vend for your anger?

l have been running away
from you.

And l never want to face it.

ln this situation, l don't
think we can be couple.

So please

let me go.

l'll survive on my own.

Please divorce me.

Stop kidding.
What are you talking about?

The person
who understands you. . .


Leave here.

Don't torture Mina.

You should feel lucky
that you've got your life back.

Mina trusted you
and fell in love with you.

And then hurt by you.

Do you know how much
have you hurt her?

lt's pathetic to be
betrayed by the person you love.

l'm a lousy person.
l'm terrible.

But Doctor,

what l told you wasn't a lie.

Please believe me in this.

Maybe. . .

l can start it over again
with Mina.

We'll be as happy
as other people.

But these hands. . .

this heart. . . are not listening.

They hurt her again.

lf that's what you think,

you should be leaving.

Whatever you have done to Mina

is not forgivable.

Mina even save such
a lousy person like you !

Now that you've got
your life back,

you should use your own power

to create your own life
from now on.


Mr. Chimei.

lf you have a strong faith,

you sure can get well soon.

lt's not only
a physical ailment,

it's also a spiritual one.

But this is not to be
cured by doctors,

or people around you.

lt needs the person himself,

to face the ailment
with courage,

then can we help.

Please face it yourself.

You have to fight it.

Please do it!

Really. He left at last.

-ls Mina ok?

ls she feeling ok?

No idea.

-lt's good to be happy.

So as that Chimei guy.


l think l only realised
what hometown is

when l left the island.

When there's a place to return,
you learn to treasure it.

-Morning, Mina.

-Good morning.

Mona, l'm looking for Mr.
Torao's medical record, but. . .

We have to make sure
what has swallow in by mistake.


-Doctor, l'm mopping.
-Yes, please.

Ok, done.

Doctor, Mr. Wada.

l'm sorry for the trouble

for the facts l have been
hiding behind.

l have no rights to stay here.

l was so painful that l
didn't even know what to do.

l just wanted to escape
from him.

l read about the notice
in the hospital.

-The notice to hire a nurse.

The photo posted
was too beautiful.

l was think l might be able

to start anew if l came here.

Even then, l could start anew.

That's what l thought.

When l first arrived,
l was so useless.

You and Mr. Wada
have been so helpful to me.

And l got to know people
on the island.

Everyone is nice to me.

So. . .

if l'm leaving the island. . .

This is the first

for me.


Please stay.

Right, Doctor?


Hello, the clinic.

Sure l know.

Mina, Granny Yayoi's
knees are painful again.

Would you help deliver
the medicine?

She said she wants Mina
to bring the medicine over.

Go, Granny Yayoi said she
wants Mina to send it over.

Hurry, go! Go!


-l'll go get ready.
-Take care.

-Great, Wada.


Letters. The letters are here.

Oh, l almost forgot.

-lt's for you. A love letter.
-How warm.

-Mina, morning.

Are you all right, Doctor?

Sorry to shout at you
over the phone.

l'm really sorry.

l'll shuttle between
the hospital and school.

The autumn has turned
to winter in Tokyo.

l miss the warm island.

The date for the operation
is fixed

on 2 1 Dec.

Dr. Koto, l thought about it

after what you have told me.

l think it's better to tell
my Dad the truth.

So this is the letter that
explains about my illness.

Please l have to rely you
on that.

l'm sorry about it.

can you pass it to my Dad?

l don't know

what my narrow-minded father
will do

as he reads it on his own.

l would like you
to accompany him.

lt's a unreasonable request,

but please, you must help.

Hoshino Ayaka.

-Leave me alone.
-How can l ever?

To lose your live
and to survive with

minor sequela,
which is more important?

What's the rate of survival?

Ayaka wants the doctor to
stay by her side, doesn't she?

l can't live for one person.

l've always been regretting.

Don't forget,

that l'll operate on this.

There's nothing
l can do for Ayaka.

ls that why you're not going,