Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Kokyô de kurasu haha he - full transcript

l would like you
hear your opinion on

Miss Hoshino's breast cancer.

Breast cancer?

l've decided to
attend the school.

l'm leaving his island soon.

When l'm not around,

she's the only nurse.

lt's 2B, and the
therapy from now on. .

-Dr. Narumi.

Please don't let anyone know

about my condition.

Are you going to
take the therapy alone?

l certainly do want
you to diagnose for me.

Please send all
of Miss Hoshino's

information over here.

We try to get the
therapy done here.

l told you,

that fat guy is Uncle
lchirou, Yamashita lchirou.

The barber is Uncle Juu.

The man just now. . .

-Uncle lman.
-lt's lwa.

-He's not Russian !

l'll answer it.

This is Shikina Clinic.

lf you don't keep
your promise and

tell Dr. Gotou about it, l
won't take the medicine.

Sorry, may l know if you're. . .

-l told you no!
-Who is this?

Sounds angry.

Whatever Dr.
Goto and pills and all.

Mr. Hidarisenotto, l'm sorry.

l've promised to send
the prescription over.

Well. . . get prepared.

Mina, are you quick?

Anyway, just follow me.

Mr. Hidarisenotto, are you ok?

We've got you
the prescription.

Get out! Who
told you to come?

Did you call?

-l didn't call!
-What's wrong here?

Haven't l tidied all up?

Oh. . . give it to
me! Give it to me!

Don't bother it!

Mr. Hidarisenotto.

Why is it so dirty?

Ah. . . don't touch !

l don't want you
all to take care of me.

Maybe so, but
you've hurt your back.

There's nothing
we can do about it.

Don't be like this. lt's
better to stay in the hospital.

Didn't Dr. Goto
said this is fine?

l'll never go to
a place like that!

Ayaka. . .

Who are you?

Get out!

Mina, leave the
prescription here and leave.

Leave the rest to me.

What is it?

Hold it, folk!

He's notorious for his temper.

Was his wife sick?

Yes. lt'd been a
long she suffered, before

she passed away all
of a sudden last year.

-Welcome home.

She's a nice person.

So he had a nice wife.

l see.

He used to be aforeman
at the construction site.

He had many employees.

He must be feeling glum now.

Hey, Nurse. Over here. Hey. . .

They are the fishermen here.

The noisiest one is
Uncle Juu, the leader.

Hey. . . hello.

lt's ok. Leave them alone.

lf you let them get you,
you'll waste a long time.

But. . .

Just say hi.

Hey. . . Miss Nurse!


-Come over here.
-Let's go.

Hey. . . Miss Nurse.


Ayaka, will you
come over, please?


The information is sent over.

l'll try to come up with therapy
according to what l have here.

Ayaka can be cured here.

There are a few methods.

l prefer trying the chemo first.

Shrink the part
where we need to remove,

and have the operation

when there's less
burden for the body.

Stay on the island,
working as a nurse

while taking the therapy.

Why are you
hiding this from me?

Because l'm
worried about your health.

l understand, you don't
want your parents to worry.

But, to the
people on the island,

and for me,

you're someone important.

As a doctor, l do want to help.

Please allow me to cure you.

Will you give me
some time to think it over?

Of course. But. . .

l must make it clear.

l will get you cured.

Doctor, l'm a nurse.

l do know how
horrible diseases are.

But you make
things too simple.

There's no problem.

l'll cure you.

Dr.Amashow 2006
Episode 2

Staying here. Will
you let Mina stay here?

Hmm. She's a cheerful girl.

And Mum won't be too lonely.


What do you think?

Aren't you the one
who feels lonely, Dad?

Silly girl, what are
you talking about?

There's another month.

Are you really going
to come back home?

Of course, l'm there to learn.

What happens
then? l'm a little worried.

Have you decided
which therapy method to use?

No, not yet. Sorry
for not calling you.

There's no time to think.

She's young, and
we must get her cured,

as the condition isn't that bad.

Have you adapted too much

into the slow-moving rural life?

That's not what l want.

But it takes time to cure it.

l wanted to follow her will.

Don't tell me that the
beautiful sea and sky

can cure one's cancer.

Doctor, Doctor, are you there?

l'm sorry, the patient is here.

Dr. Goto, too much pride

isn't good for the patient.


-Dr. Goto.

Another job?

Even midnight will be
fine. lt's ok for me to work

when l'm around.



l won't let you strain
yourself. lf you don't face your

job professionally,
there will be trouble.

l won't let anything
get into my current job.

l heard that it's expensive that
your son is studying in Tokyo.

-Senior high? University?
-Junior high?

You sent him
off for junior high?

Get the major qualification
for a long distance project.

What is it?

This is a better
way to make money.

l'll go for the
orientation at school today.

l saw amazing facilities.

The computer lab, the
temperature swimming pool.

And there were many
high school students.

And there are also the
uniform, bag and material.

One minute. l'll call you back.

lt's not good to let
them spend on the phone.


Will, l'll get the
money for you.

Well. . . the
school opens on 7 April.

Does it? l can't make it.

l have work.

l understand. lt's ok.

l can go alone.

Can you?


Thanks for
sending me to Kaiei.

Why do you say that?

Well, it's just that l haven't
been able to thank you before.

Well, l have to hang up.

Hmm. Night.

Hmm. Night. Say hi
to aunts and uncles.




The prescription.

Bastard! l told you not to
bother so much ! Get out!

l'll just leave it here.

Bastard! Take it
away! l don't need it!


Ah. . . Mina, it's punctured.

What is it?

Have you got
used to the life here?

Hmm. l'm confused.

But l won't go
back nor will l quit.

l sleep really well at night.

Mina, why made
you come to this island?

l never asked you that.

Why did you
come then, Doctor?

lt's been 3 years.

There was any
place for me else where.

And now?

Do l look as if there's
no place for me now?

l won't want any sympathy.

-l'm sorry.
-lt's ok.


Your button. . .

l'll sew it for you.

Hey, what are you two

getting so close there?

What is it?

Oh. . . the new nurse, Mina.

ls she here?

-Yes, but why?

We want to have a
welcome party for her.

Ayaka's farewell

will be on another day
for a bigger celabration.

We'll do it at Mariko's today.

Ayaka has got
everything ready.

You must be Mina, huh?

Well. . . we're throwing
you a welcome party.

Uncle Juu. Doctor! No!

Why are you here
again? ldiot! Over here!

Didn't l tell you to
bring Mina there?

-Get back and wait there.

Fir e!

Mr. Hidarisenotto's
house is on fire!

The fire is big!

Mr. Hidarisenotto!

HIur r y!

-Leave this here, first.

The doctor say we'll put it
out with the buckets of water.


Mr. Hidarisenotto!
Mr. Hidarisenotto!

Can you hear?

lt hurts. . . Quick! Help me!

l know. Let's get this in.

is the intravenous drip ready?


Mr. Hidarisenotto!

lt hurts a little. Hold it.

-Soaked it in the salt.

Mr. Hidarisenotto,
it'll soon be over.

Please hold it.

Mr. Hidarisenotto, we're taking
off the plaster on your tummy.

We're moving your body.

Mr. Hidarisenotto,
what are you holding there?

l'm taking off your
plaster cast. Give it to me.

Doctor, this. . .

Mr. Hidarisenotto, we'll
take care of your picture.


-Ayaka, take off the
plaster cast on the stomach.

-Please lie properly.
Ayaka, disinfection.

-lt's a 2nd degree injury.
Get ready the gel, Ayaka.


Mr. Hidarisenotto,
the burnt area is big,

so the pain
may last till tonight.


Really? All burnt down?


l see.

Mr. Hidarisenotto!

Anyway, life is saved.

lt's lucky enough.


The injury will
soon be recovered.

-So as the back injury.
-How annoying.

What do you know, Ayaka?

l've lost everything.

You're young and
you have a great future.

You can do many
things in the future.

What do you know about this?

Mr. Hidarisenotto.

Get out!

Will you let me take care

of Mr Hidarisenotto?


l lost my family,

and l know how he feels. . .

when he lost everything.


Year 4 in primary school.

l lost my parents in accident.

My ambition was
to be a nurse then.

Looks it doesn't suit though.

-Maybe that's what
everyone is thinking.

So l'll do anything l can,

no matter how small it is.

l know.

So you'll take care
of Mr Hidarisenotto.


Mr. Hidarisenotto,
l'll disinfect for you.

lt'll hurt a little.


Mr. Hidarisenotto.



Mr. Hidarisenotto, l'm
giving you some nutrition.

You'll soon recover.

Fish. . .

Hidarisenotto, do take some.

-Right? You haven't
been eating again today?


l volunteered to
take care of him.

But. . .

lt's not your fault.

Hmm. Let's work on together.

Mina, Mr. Hidarisenotto
said he wants to eat.


He said he wants
some nice dishes.

l'll go get ready.

He has the appetite at last.

Get me something nice to eat.

Mina is making.

lt's nice, isn't it?


l'm sorry to give
you all the troubles.

lt's ok.

l'm home.

-Ah. Mr. Hidarisenotto. . .
-Mr. Hidarisenotto.

Doctor, Mr. Hidarisenotto
wants to committee suicide.

-Don't do that.
-Let go of me.

-Mr. Hidarisenotto.
-Let me die.

-Let go, let go off me.
-Mr. Hidarisenotto.

Let me die. . . Let me die. . .

lf you want to kill yourself,

go fly the kite yourself.

This is a clinic,

a place for treatment.

lf you want to go,

go now!

Get out!


Mr. Hidarisenotto.

Please don't talk
about death again.

Life, having to live

is a wonderful thing.

Please think about it.

You'll soon recover.

You will.

So don't do that again.

Mr. Hidarisenotto.

This. . .

This is. . .


Do you still
remember her last words

before she died?

lt's worries, huh?

lt's my fault that
she died so soon.

lt's because of my temper.

l'd always been scolding her.

And l have never
done anything to her.

l want to go to her soon,

to apologise to her.

When l couldn't
move in the fire,

l thought l would go to her.

But l survived.

Doctor, she won't
forgive me, will she?

Maybe she's telling me that

l have to live to suffer.

That's for sure.

lsn't committing suicide

the biggest betrayal

to your wife

who had always
been worried about you?

lsn't this better?

To survive,

and let her worry
about you forever.

Hidarisenotto is fast asleep.

Thanks to you.


Let me sew
your button for you.



When l beat up
Mr. Hidarisenotto

in a haste,

l was thinking,

that l was a
nurse in this clinic.

How many patients
have been admitted

since you came to this clinic?

You know what?

How many?

63 all together,
including Mr. Hidarisenotto.


l'm to stay in this hospital. . .

but. . .

l can't imagine

myself staying in here.

Could it be. . .

l'm thinking maybe

l'm healthy now.

lf the body is weak,

and one is being all alone,

one won't be able to say

things that are
tough and strong.


When l was tough and strong,

let me speak up.

l want to go to Tokyo.

l'm really thrilled

that you asked if l
wanted to be treated here.

Really. l'm very glad.

Your words are
my encouragement.

No matter what happened,

l will fight with the illness.


l know.

l know.

But even if you go to Tokyo,

l will be with you in
the battle of illness.

So don't feel lonely in this.


Hello, it's the clinic.

Doctor, it's me,
Hara Taketoshi.

Mr. Hara, l've not
seen you for a long time.

l just want to hear your voice.

-Hmm. Yes.

-ls everyone fine there?

-Ayaka is leaving
for Tokyo anytime now?


l see.

Why do you sound so sad?

So do you.

l feel that Tsuyoshi
has transformed

into an adult all of a sudden.


The kid into a good school.

lt seems that he's
working really hard.

He even told me that it's ok

if l can't attend his
first day at school.

What a relief!

l can't take a
leave because of work.

Can't you go for the
school orientation?

A poor man is never free.

Neither do l have the time.

l see.


ls Ayaka leaving?

lt'll be lonely.


Hey, get it done well.

Who do you
think the house is for?


is a love letter.


Mina, there's one
thing l need your help.

When l'm not around,

please take care
of my Mum and Dad.

Well. . .


lf you don't make it
quick, Uncle Juu will be mad.

He's been very
excited since last night.

He's saying to
see you off and stuff.

l know. l'm going.

Well. . . with. . .

Mum, how are
you going up there?

With. . . your Daddy.

Just insist on going and
not listening to anyone.


Thanks, Mum.

-Ayaka is here. lt's Ayaka.
-Ayaka is here.

Let's work on it.

-Sis Ayaka.
-What is it?

The principal
said to see you off

before the opening ceremony.

The principal let
us come to you.


Thanks to you the kid
is brought up till today.

-Do take care, Ayaka.

Take care.

Good luck.

You must take good
care of yourself.

Long life! Long life!


-Don't run away
with stranger in Tokyo.


-You must protect
yourself till you return.


All the nonsense.

But everyone in Goto Clinic

is indifferent.

Ayaka is leaving for
Tokyo, but no one is here.

lt doesn't matter.

l'll be back soon.

Right. You must let
the clinic stay empty.

Ayaka, it's time to go.

-May l know. . .
-Ah, Mr Makiotto.

Thanks, Shigeo.

-See you.
-Sis Ayaka. . . see you. . .

-Wada, give me the board.

-Take care.
-Sis Ayaka.

-Bye, Ayaka. . .
-Sister Ayaka, Bye bye. . .

-Good luck, Bye.

Good luck.



Students over there, hurry up!


HIur r y!

-l'll do my best to treat her.

Critical condition !

Please let me
have her blood sample.

ls Mina ok?

Of course. She'll be fine.

l'll do my very best.