Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Arata na tabidachi - full transcript

Could l still work as a nurse?

Life and some sequela,

which is more important?

For her, not being nurse

is like losing hope to live on.

So should we think
of some other method?

Why are you so agitated?

ls it because she's
like a family to you?

Dr. Nariumi is

no doubt a great doctor.

But. . .

How am l suppose to just

hand my daughter
over to someone else?

lf it's because of the number
of the workers in the clinic

please don't worry.

l'll be charge of
watching over the clinic.


Please, Doctor.

Please let her work
in the clinic.

Please let me operate on her.

Dr. Koto.

Are you sure

you want to do the
examination for the lymph?

lf the test shows negative,

we'll keep the lymph.

Then we don't have to
worry over the sequela.

She can continue her
nursing career from now on.

l didn't expect you
to be so determined.

Dr. Koto, will you
stay with me tonight?

l want you to see someone.

l see. Dr. Koto
has left for Tokyo.

This is Grandpa lwa.
There's a relief doctor.

l'll come back next time.

Hey. . . Grandpa lwa.

l'll come next time.

Wait a minute, Grandpa lwa.

That's it. l'll come next time.

Don't do that, Grandpa lwa.

Sorry, Dr. Mikami,

people on the island just won't

let the new doctor cure them.

Ah. . . l hope you won't mind.

When l first came
to the last island

things were the same.

Were they?

On the island, the
title in the hospital

has nothing to do
with the people here.

lt's all about one
to one relationship.

lt's like letting everyone
see through you. lt's horrible.

To a certain extent, Dr. Koto

is an ideal doctor for me.

That's why l came here

to this clinic for a visit.

Hey. . .

What? You fellow

makes things sound so nice.

-Uncle Juu.
-Where are you not feeling well?

Oh, well, can't l even
come when l'm not ill?

Get some tea. Oh, Mina.

Has Koto called?

No. Not yet.

No? What's that fellow doing?


Are you going to Tokyo?

HIuh ? HIr r r r .

She might not want to see me.

l'm home.

Please come in.

This is my wife, Yoshiko.

She collapsed 5
years ago in a heart attack.

Since then,
she has never talked,

she couldn't communicate.

Mr. Koto, this might
be a dumb question,

but can l ask?

ls Yoshiko still alive?

Which one?

l operated Yoshino

5 years ago.

Before the operation,
my professor sent for me.

He told me

not to operate
on your own relative.

Because you can
never do it calmly.

But l didn't listen to him.

Who could help my wife

if no one could?

l am a doctor.

Who would save my more beloved

if l couldn't save them myself?

This is the result.

lf you have
special affections towards

Miss Hoshino,

this is what l want you to
know before the operation.

This will happen.

Doctors are humans

and there are no
absolute operations.

lf you insist to operate on her,

l won't stop you.

Dr Amashow 2006

Final episode

Ah, Mr. Wada, l can do it.

-Ah, thanks.
-lt's ok.

lt's about to start.


Ayaka, how's the feeling?

Takeshito, you're here.

You've grown again, Takeshito.

Sis Ayaka.

l can still remember

everything then vividly.

lt's painful

to have an operation
in Dad's ship.

Sis Takeshito has been
encouraging me by my side.

That's what l remember.

Takeshito, if you
want to be a doctor,

you should let
the patient see you

before the operation.

A doctor must show the

just-rely-on-me kind of looks.

-ls that right, Doctor?

Before the operation,

there's something l
want to discuss with you.


No breast rebuild operation?


l know you can have them rebuilt

after the removal.

l see.

Can't really see it.

-Why then?
-That's why l don't want it.

Because you're the doctor.

You'll make

the operation perfect.

ln this case, as time goes by,

you'll look down on the cancer.

Even if the operation goes well,

and l can be a nurse,

l prefer looking
after cancer patients.

This is the time,

when l want to identify

the process of my
experience with my eyes.

This might be
some alarming speech.


-But. . .
-l know.

l'll do as you wish.

Dr. Koto, time it up.

l know.

Thank you, Doctor.


Please wait over here.

-Good luck.

-Mr. Wada. Mr. Wada.
-Sis Mina.

-Sis Mina.
-Every body.

Mr. Wada.

-You're here at last.
-l've been worried.

lt's the same to come here.


-Could l wait over here too?

-Ah. . .

-Oh, Mayor.
-Thank you.


-Please let me wait over here.

Thanks to Ayaka

l can stay
fit and healthy today.

HIr r r r .

Let's come in.

We'll soon be able
to contact here.

Come in.

Ah. . . you can tell if
you're not feeling well.

This is a clinic.

ls that right, Dr. Mikami?

Let's sit down.

Are you ok? Have a seat.

Move over there.

Sit well. Are you legs ok?

Grandpa lwa, here you are.

Thank you, Dr. Koto.


Now you use this.

We'll check on the lymph

with the
combination of the two methods.

My pleasure to learn from you.

My pleasure.

-Give me the measurer.

We can find it.

We have identified
the position of the lymph.


Ayaka is a great nurse.

Ayaka grows up in this island.

And as a nurse,

she knows exactly that

it's difficult if there's
no doctor in the village.

From then on,

Ayaka has been taking
good care of everyone.

Oh. . . here you are.

Before Dr. Koto came. . .

Massage the injection part.


3 years ago, when Dr. Koto came,

l started helping up
at the clinic.

l never thought of

having operation in this clinic.

He thought of it and made it.

And Ayaka had been
very supportive to Doctor.

l think as for Dr. Koto,

there's no one more important.

5 minutes passed.

-Will it do now?



-Sorry, pick-ups.


-Pick-ups, please.

Clamps, hurry.

l can understand that
you wants to

know the results
of the examination.

But if you rush on it,

your vision will be narrowed.

And you can't change
anything if you rush things.


-Clamps, please.


-Clamps, please.

-Get the 3-0 thread.


The examination
on the lymph is done.

Please get her to the check-up.


-Thank you.

This is really a great clinic.

The tightly-knitted relationship
between people on the island.

The high efficiency
among the workers in the clinic.

l don't have
to do anything special.

lt's there.

And all l have to do is
help Dr. Koto, that's it.

That's not true.

lf it hasn't been Mr. Wada,

l don't think Dr. Kotocan
make it

to this level.

Me too.
Like what Dr. Mikami said,

There are Dr. Koto,

Mr. Wada, and Sis Ayaka here.

And there are
people on the island too.

No one can live
without the other.

We have to help each other up.

That's what keep
the clinic going.

This is what
l always think it is.

Mina is one of us.

lt'll be great if

l can found a
clinic like this one day.

How are you going to slice this?

Miss Hoshino doesn't
want a rebuild operation.

So we try our best
not to leave scars.

Next, it's the
removal for the right breast.


As the matter of fact,
since Dr. Koto's arrival,

the life among everyone on the
island has become more peaceful.

Before this there's always come

serious disease
that caused lives.

And we don't have to go
to the mainland. We can

have the operation
on this island.

But, Dr. Mikami,

Every time
l thought of Dr. Koto,

it hurts me a lot.

HIuh ?

Doctor always look
out at the sea all alone.

lt makes us hesitate

when we are about to call him.

The lonely back

makes me think that

the closer the man is to
the people on the island,

the more painful he is.

People are all getting older,

and they will have
to face death.

There will be more from now on.

People who are
close to you die away.

Then, will the doctor
be able to stop death?

ln fact,
you can have a lighter life.

But that man can't make it.

Why not?

Doctor. . . why?

OR No.2.

Dr. Koto,
the report from the lab.


Tell me what is it.


l know. Thanks.

The result shows negative.

The cancer has not spread.

You're right.

So we're not removing the lymph.

All doctors are humans,

and there are no
absolute operations.

What is it?

We'll keep the lymph. Move on.

The wound is a little too deep.

lt's the aorta.

Give me the forceps.
Get it quick.


-Give me the clamps.

Dr. Koto, don't we have to

open up a little more
on the skin?

lt's easier to handle if
it's open a little more.

Keep it there.
Give me the clamps.


No. Open up a bit more.

-Dr. Koto.

-Dr. Ko. . .

-One more.

Calm down.

-lV, hurry.

-Calm down.

Dr. Koto.

Forget about the fact that
Hoshino Ayaka is the patient.

This is just a normal patient.

Just look at
the wound and focus.

Listen up, Dr. Koto.

This is the last warning.

lf a doctor has to
be in an operation. . .

-Give me the clamps.

That clamps. . .

Give me the clamps.

Suction, Dr. Nariumi.

l know.

Find the bleeding
part and sew it up.

-Get the 3-0 thread.

BP 1 22/66.
Pulse 7 7. lt's stable.

-ls it?
-Move on.



-Sew it up, use the 4-0.

-Me too.

-Cut it off.

The operation is over. Thanks.



Mrs. Masayo.


The operation is over.

Don't worry about

any sequela.

Please stay by Ayaka's side

until the anaesthtics wears off.

Dr. Koto.

You're no doubt Dr. Koto.

lt's a great operation.


Why are you saying that?

l forgot the patient
is Miss Hoshino.

But you know it the best.

Don't you.

A great surgeon has no heart.

You've worried too
much during the operation

about Miss
Hoshino and you lost track.

But as long as you had
forgotten that the patient

was Miss Hoshino,

you could get back to
your role as a surgeon.

Couldn't you?

Saving lives

is about stepping into

the area that no
one has ever been into.

lf there's anything emotional,

the surgeon will make mistakes.

This. . .

is what l learnt from
my wife's operation.

After the incident,
you left for the island

and start
your surgical career there.

You're treating them

like your family.

But l

doubt it.

lt's impossible
to treat a patient

like your family.

Family is

about everything in his life.

The life alone

is heavy enough, painful enough.

The more you love,
the heavier you feel.

Dr. Nariumi.

Whatever that you do,
whatever that you say,

it's not real, it's hypocrisy.

The people on the
island are your family?

What are you joking about?

lf this is
what you really think,

you're just feeling
self-contented that's it.

You should have learned it

in the operation today.

A doctor can never treat
the patient like a family.


Made it!

To celebrate,

l'll let this doctor treat me.

Grandpa lwa,
if you're over-excited,

the blood pressure will rise.

lt's bad then.

Cheers. . .

Ah. . .

Then, when l get old,

there'll be no worries.

What does it have to do
with Ayaka's operation?

-That's right.
-Of course it does.

Or do you want Ayaka

to change your diapers.

lsn't that better?

HIr r r r ...

-lsn't that good?
-Will it do?

Of course.


lt's great!

Great! lt's over.


Ayaka is a happy woman.

HIr r r r ?

Because Dr. Koto is with her.

l think it'll be so in future.

Ah. . . that's right.

Ah. . . but l don't think so.

Because he's Dr. Koto.

lt's too early

to claim that the people
on the island are you family.

What are you joking about?

lf that's what you're thinking.

lt's only lying to yourself.

Whatever that you're doing

is only hypocrisy.

You should have learned

from the operation
this morning that

a doctor cannot treat
the patient as his family.


this is the Koto's residence.

This is Koto's
residence. Who is this please?

Hello. . . Hello. . .

Mum, lt's been
long we have not met.

Kensuke, how are you?

Are Mum and Dad fine?

Yes. Everyone is fine.

lt's been a while we have not
get in contact with each other.


And you? How are you?

All right.

lt's incredible.

l've been thinking about you

since this morning.

HIuh ?

Do you still
remember Dr. Kashiwagi?

ln high school

you almost died of appendicitis.

l remember.

Dr. Kashiwagi has passed away.

As he was lying in bed,

till the end,

he'd been showing
concerned about you.

He said,

he never expected
Kensuke would become a doctor.

And you even quitted the
job in the university hospital

and worked on hard
at a clinic on an island.

Doctors always keep
that near their mouths.

Like the way you live your life.

lf a doctor can,
he would like to try.

But. . .

lt's hard to implement,


Are you really ok there?


Right. That's good.

As long as you're
healthy and happy.

Thanks for calling.

l'm glad to hear your voice.


l have to go.

Sis Ayaka is waiting for you.

Please come in.

Dr. Koto, you're here at last.

l thought you're
hiding up somewhere.

How does it feel?

l'll help you with it.

Doctors are
all like Santa Claus.

l didn't expect Mum to be here.


Don't feel glum.

The therapy for the past
6 months might be painful,

but as long as it's curing you.

You'll get the certificate

and go back to the island

and work at the clinic.

l've been thinking about this.

ln this case. . .

l can help you with
the loosen buttons.



No present

is better than
this Christmas gift.

Doctor, hold my hands.

Dr. Koto.

Miss Hoshino is stable.

She can soon do
away with the tubes

and go home
within a week's time.

ls that right?

Dr. Nariumi,

about the question last time. . .

Personally, l think

as long as you think so,

you're wife is still alive.

As a doctor,

l think as long as you
go on with the treatment,

your wife will stay alive.

This is what l think.

Maybe one day,

there will be miracle.

Nothing is impossible.

Dr. Nariumi.

Thank you

for telling the truth
without hiding.

lf it hadn't been you then,

l wouldn't have made
it in Ayaka's operation.

l've experienced it all

for what a doctor fears most.

l must really thank you.

Dr. Koto.

Are you going to the island?


ls it ok?

Sorry, how much
longer does it take?

Well, about 2 to 3 hours.

2 to 3 hours?

lt's ok. We'll get there soon.


Why don't you take a
seat first over there?


-Ah. . . watch out.
-Sorry. lt hurts. . .


-l go get the car.

-Are you ok?

-Mr. Hara.
-What is it?

lt's only a matter of one week.

Why do l miss it so much?

All people on the
island think this way.

All people on the island.

Dr. Kashiwaki. . .

No. . . Kensuke.

l came here myself,

Dr. Entou.

lt's just a joke.

Uncle Juu.

-Welcome back, Koto.
-l'm home.

What do you think, Takehiro?

What do you think?

-Hey. . . Uncle Juu.

What are you doing?
This won't do.

Welcome home. We
have to discuss this together/

Oh, well, bring it out, Mina.

Ok. Come.

-Doctor, welcome home.
-Welcome home.

l'm home.

-Dr. Mikami.
-Welcome home.

Ah. . . right.

Oh, Koto, come over here.

You must have been waiting.

Here you are, what do you do?

-Just get it done first.
-Oh !

Forget about it.
Welcome home, Doctor.

Welcome home.

-lt's great, Doctor.

Good job. Welcome home.


-Welcome home.
-Good job.

Dr. Koto, you're great!

You're very, very great!


Dr. Mikami, what's
your plan for the New Year?

l'll be in the clinic again
this year.

Sorry to take your time
over here.

Thank you !

lt's ok. l didn't do anything.


lt's embarrassing.

l'm home sick now.

HIuh ?

l've been thinking
about people on the island.

l wonder if Mr. Yasushidai

has worked on well
with the relief doctor.

Or if Ogino Tsune is ok:

or does Mr. Satou
still suffer from pain.

These are all that l
have been thinking about.

So have l.



We. . .

why are we doctors?

Doctor. . .

What is it exactly?

But. . .

l've been searching. . .

What are doctors all about?

l won't give up.


-lt hurts.
-Ah. . .

Just a minute.

Ok, got it.

That's great!

No matter what it
is, take the challenge.

l understand how it feels.

The most important
thing is to take good care.

-Doctor, l'm really sorry.
-lt's ok.

-Ok, thanks.
-Please take care. Ok. Mina.

Be careful with the
food on New Years days.

lt's a great enemy.

Take care. Who's next?

Ok. Tsuruko, come in.
Where are you not feeling well?

Mariko, you didn't even see

how silly Koto looked then.

How can you
call him Super Jettor?

lt's Super Doctor.

Oh, Uncle Juu.

How many times does
it have to be repeated?


lt's really fun anyway.

Now you can put
on the white shirt.

-Uncle Juu.

Should we check
if everything is ok?

What are you talking about?

lt's not as bad as you say.

l have a great deal here.

lt's the trade marks. Oh !

Hey, you don't
watch out for the hair.

-lt's the head.
-Oh. . .

when have you returned?

You should have told us
that you're coming back.

WE can go and pick you up.

Masayo said not
to bother everyone.

lt's great that the
operation is a successful one.

Thanks for it.

How's Ayaka.

Going to be discharged
from the hospital soon.

Ah. . .

l'll be back to the island soon.

She won't let be
stay by her side.

lt's her style.

Sorry to keep you all worrying.

l must really thank you all.

Don't mention it.

Hey. . . Oh, good.

Juu, sorry to trouble you.

l'm really sorry.

OO h ... ah ... HIr r r r ...

Things have been great.

HIr r r r .

What are you doing?
lt's not like what you think.

You should be saying it softly.


There he goes, feeling so shy.

lt's really annoying,
you merman.

Not a merman,

a half-witted.


-Drink for Hoshino.

-l have to go now.

l've fixed the puncture.

You can ride on it.

-Please take care.

-Take care.
-l'm leaving.



This is your
letter. lt's from Dr. Koto.


How are you, Takeshito?

Thanks for staying

by Ayaka's side

when she's having her operation.

She must have been
strong with your accompany.

Ayaka is recovering.

She's been discharged.

Do go to her
if you have the time.

Everyday, l go visit my patients

on the island.

lt's the same everyday.

When l got back, l
realised something.

No matter it's the
patients in the clinic,

or the patients l visit at home,

they are ill

and they should be
showing me their sour faces,

but no, they are give
me encouraging smile.

As a doctor,

as a person,

l found the courage

to live on from them.


Ah, sorry. Can l try?


Koto's turn.

-Ah. . .
-Watch out!


This year is almost over.

-Don't drop it.

Ok, enjoy.

Everyone is coming
over here for it. Please. . .

What's your plan
for the New Year?

Are you coming back?

Then we can go to their places


Doctor, wait. Take a look.

Lower on the right.

-Lower, huh?

thanks for your decorations.

lt's not straight.

-Ah. . . Doctor.

Just ask my
husband to get it will do.

-This is the public one.

lt's designed.

Hello, everybody.
The Doctor is here too.

You're really beautiful!

-l want.
-Me too.

-Hey. . . be soft.

Mr. No, hello.

-Hello, Dr. Koto.
-Where's Yukari?

-She's sweeping in there.
-l see.

Thanks for your
help for the whole year.

lt's ok.

l didn't expect that
it will be three

to celebrate
the new year together.

l must really thank you.

-lt's ok. . .


Please take care for
the next year to come.

Same here.

Can't make it
for two to ride on,

so we need Mr. Wada's help

to fix it into a
bicycle for keeping stuff.

Sorry to disturb.

What to do on the
New Year's Eve, Mina.

Ah. . . l don't know yet.

Ah. . . would you like
to go for the sunset?

-Sunset on the first day?

l always go worshipping
alone at Mount. Shinkina.

lt's beautiful.

And of course,
l'll take some photo.

l always think it's
ashamed to watch it on my own.

What a shame!

l want to go too.

HIuh ...

Could l go for the sunset on the

first day on the island?

Of course.

Looking back the year,

many things happened.

Everyone is well,

and all are healthy.

-Uncle Juu.

Will you let Kunio

be in my ship
starting from next year?


Kunio said he would
really like to be in my ship.

Hey. . . he's just a kid.

A young man
shouldn't be a fisherman.

But this fellow is different.

For the island,

l do want to train
some young fisherman.

l see.

You bastard!

So you think
you're cool! You bastard!


-lce. Put in some ice.
-Put in more ice.

Kunio, do you need help?


Will this do?

No. More.

l know.

l hope to see you again.

l'll wait for you on the island.

Boys, be ambitious!

(Boys, be ambitious.)

These are words someone
told me. Now l pass them to you.

Search for the meaning
of these words

as l'm waiting for you
to come back.

Koto Kensuke.