Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Kono shima wo deteike - full transcript

Here you go, the love letter.

The date for the operation
is fixed.

lt's on 2 1 Dec.

lt's better
to tell Dad the truth.

So here's a letter that
tells about my illness.


to ask for your help in this.

Could you pass
the letter to my Dad?

My Dad is very narrow-minded.

l hope you can stay with him.

Anyway, thank for your help.

What's wrong?

l can take this.

Why has thing
turned up to be like this?

Why did Ayaka get cancer?

Why has it gone so bad as
to have to get an operation?

l'm really sorry.

ln fact,
before Ayaka left the island,

she discussed with me

saying that she didn't
want her parents to be worried.

Moreover, she's a
nurse on this island,

and she didn't want
anyone to worry about her.


l don't want to hear this.

All my concern
is Ayaka's health.

Doctor, will Ayaka
become well again?

Will she recover
after the operation?

As long as
there's the right therapy,

Ayaka will be fine.

Her consultant is Dr. Nariumi

was with me when we
were doing our researching.

He's a good doctor.

Because he's. . .

That's why l can
trust him with Ayaka.

ls he your friend?


l see.

Please answer the
phone. lt can be urgent.

Anyway, just answer the phone.


You've been hiding something

from me for the
past 6 months, Doctor.

lt's really disappointing.

You and l. . .

l should have been more. . .

l thinking it's easy to
understand once read.

The drugs are working.

The tumour has shrunk to 2 cm.

But for the size at the moment,

it's still dangerous
to keep the breast.

The lymph are found
swollen when we do the check-up.

lt's under control now.

But l can't promise
that it's not spreading.

So we must remove

the breast and the lymph.

Doctor, may l ask?


lf l have my lymph removed,

will there be any sequela.

lt doesn't happen to everyone.

But, once it shows its signs,

the hands will become
inflexible and swollen.

Can l still be a nurse?

Well, we can't tell anything

before the operation.

Anyway, please think about it

The remaining cancer
tissues can be malignant.

Life and some sequela,

which do you think
is more important?

The breast and the
lymph must be removed.

Can l still work as a nurse?

We can't tell without

having the operation first.

Life and some sequela,

which do you think
is more important?

What's happening?

God might have
already abandoned our family.

Bastard, what are
you talking about?

What do you mean abandoned?

Hasn't Masayo made
an impressive recovery?

Why do you have
to be so negative?

Shin, you must
pull yourself together.

You're right. . .

But Ayaka is
not even married yet.

l know, l'll get my
ship here tomorrow,

we'll go and visit Ayaka.

And we'll tell her about Masayo

when we see
how well she's doing.

Or else, it'll be a
sudden impart for her.

-l see.

-You're right.

But if l make a unexpected visit

to Ayaka, she'll. . .

Just say that
you're on a business trip.

Tell her that
there's something urgent.

Ah. . .

l thought you're very smart.

Can't you even
solve this small problem?

Ah. . . sorry.

Ok, that's it.

But think about it,
why didn't this Koto,

stop Ayaka?

Why did he send Ayaka all alone

to Tokyo?

l've briefed her about

the operation.

lt's all the typical therapy

to remove the
breast and the lymph.

l don't think there's
anything to be worried about.

What did Miss Hoshino say then?

She agreed of course.

There'll be me and some

professional assistant
in the operation,

and the anaesthetist
is very experienced.

Please not to worry.

Anyway, l still hope
to do my best so that

l won't embarrass you, Dr. Koto.

Dr Amashow 2006

Episode 1 0


Ah, you scared me.

What a surprise!

HIr r r r .

You must be tired.
Come have some tea.

Or coffee?

We have black tea.

lt's different from the island.
We have everything in Tokyo.

What a pity!
lf you came yesterday,

there's even dessert.

So you've got the
letter from Dr. Koto, huh?

That surprised you

and you came
all the way to Tokyo.

Even the doctor
can't stop you. Oh. . .

Ayaka. Stop it.
Come over here. . .

Please talk to me.

l know.

lt's my fault
to hide this from you.


But from your looks
the moment you came in,

l don't think l can tell.

Have you brought the agreement?

How's Mum? ls she ok?

She's all right.

l see. That's good then.

l see. Left Tokyo.

There's something urgent.

He left this morning.

And is staying with Sis Ayaka.

l see.

They haven't met
for a long time.

And he misses Sis Ayaka.


What is it?

What? lt's a business trip!

Has he gone to Tokyo

because he misses Ayaka?

Ayaka must have a boyfriend now

and that makes him so worried
that he rushed his way there.

How can it be?

lsn't Ayaka's boyfriend here?

-Huh. . .
-Damn it!

Uncle Juu, so you know huh?

Have you sent him off?

You're really busybody.

All you do is drink
during the day

and tell silly jokes here.

What does it matter?

You're always the one
who starts it

and you're now being critical?

What is this crap?

Uncle Juu, stop!

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Damn. . .

You're such a
boring bunch of people.

l'm leaving now.

-Ah. . . Uncle Juu.
-How annoying!

What kind of joke is this?

-What is it?
-A man's post-menstrual?

What do you mean?

lt's difficult
to ask the daughter

if she's feeling
better from her illness.

Mr. Hoshino, to be exact,

we can't use the
word ''recover'' on cancer.

Even after the operation,

there might be a
relapse in a few years' time.

We judge it
by the rate of survival.

The rate of survival?

For Hoshino's situation,

there's 7 0 to 80% to
survive after 1 0 years later.

OO h ...

This is not a bad number.

7 0 to 80% means. . .

there're 20 to 30% of. . .

lt's too subjective to judge

it by its figures.

-What is it?

l know l shouldn't
be saying this.

But can't you have the
therapy on the island?

Dr. Koto will operate on you.

What? Haven't we
just done the papers?

Don't worry about your Mum,

l'll talk to her.

She's tougher than me.

Don't you want to
stay by Mum's side?

People on the island,
and Dr. Koto. . .


Even if the
operation goes smoothly,

l can ever be a nurse again.

HIuh ?

Once this happens,

my arms might even turn numb.

l might no longer be able

to be an assistant to the
doctor at the operations.

lf l can't be a nurse, l. . .

-Stop. Just come home.

lt's sad to see how Dad looks.

l've thought of a lot
about the island, Mum,

and things in the clinic.

Now l can't help thinking

about them all.

So please. Come home.

l don't care.

l can't just

leave my daughter alone in this.

l can't make it.

You don't have any idea

how parents think.

You have no idea
how your Mum and l. . .

l know.

l know what you think.

That's why l don't want

things to turn out
to be like this.

l don't want to be like now.

Take it.


lt's a shock to you

to see how distressed l look.

l have been wondering

what disease Sis Ayaka has.

l doubted but l never asked.

Sorry to make you worry.

Sis Ayaka, is it really bad?

lt's not too bad. As long
as the operation is done,

l can be cured, basically.

They told me l'll be fine.

l see. That'll be great then.

Taketoshi, how are you?

How's studies?

The scholarship will
be granted in Spring.

Just wait for a while.


Ok. Right. 1 00/80.

So it's 1 00.


Mina, just get the
medicine like usual.


Didn't you come 2 hours ago?

What is it?

Sorry, Doctor.

Thanks for taking me back.

Shin, are you all right?

HIuh ?

Will you talk to Masayo?

lf you think you can't
make it, l can go with you.

What's it with Masayo?


What happened?

HIuh ?


You. . . what. . .


Mum. . . Ah. . .

Dad. . .

l'm not trying to hide.

l only knew now.


Ayaka has breast cancer.

She went to Tokyo
for an operation.

l asked her to come back on

the island for
Dr. Koto's treatment,

but she won't listen.

She doesn't want
you to worry about her.

She couldn't tell
you about her disease.

Will you forgive her?


Ayaka. . .

What a silly girl.


l'm really sorry.

l didn't mean to overhear you.

lt's ok. So Mina,
you should know, huh?

You're a professional
therapist too.

l see, Takeshito. . .

Ayaka is so different
from usual.

She looks nervous.

Takeshito wants to
do something for her.

Doctor, l might be going too far

by saying this,

but does Ayaka. . .

wants you to be
with her by her side?

Mr. Hara, l regretted it

what l didn't

tell the Hoshinos
about it right away then.

Why didn't l make Ayaka stay?

As one of the people
on the island,

l didn't even make Ayaka stay.

Mr. Hara, l. . .

have been regretting since

the day Ayaka left.

Have you been to Tokyo?


How's she?

Like usual.

l was shocked

when l saw her.

l heard from Dr. Naruimi

that one of Ayaka's breast,

and limps have to be removed.


This is more threatening to her

than the operation itself.

This might affect

her hands in future.

And consequently,

she might not be
able to be a nurse again.

These are her worries.

l understand how she feels,

But even if she can't move,

l hope she can survive this.

Dr. Naruimi is a great doctor.

But when l ask if
Ayaka will be cured,

he said there's only
some survival rate.

What is that?

Doctor, is Ayaka just a test?

ls she a tool to figure out

the survival rate in 1 0 years?

Mr. Hoshino.

That's not
what Dr. Naruimi means.

Maybe so.

All hospitals are
the same, aren't they?

Like what you say,

Dr. Naruimi is

no doubt a great doctor.

But. . .

Why do l feel so at
the bottom of my heart.

How can l just hand over

my daughter to somebody else?


Hello, this is Koto.

ls that the Doctor?

l didn't realize it's you
when you call yourself Koto.


My name is Koto.

Anything l can help?

No, well. . .


Did my Dad say anything to you?


You don't have to hide,
l will think over it myself.

He came all the way,
yet l just kicked him home.

lt's my fault.

Doctor, are you going to

join in my operation?

Why are you asking?

l somehow feel it.

l asked of the
procedures on the operation.

l'll talk to Dr. Naruimi

if you're worried
about the sequela.

Doctor, now l'm thinking
more and more positive.

Think about it, l'm
studying physiotherapy.

Even if there's
really any sequela,

and my hands won't be moving,

l have to overcome it myself.

l can set a good
example for the patients.

ln this way,

l share the pain
the patients have.

And l can encourage them.

l'm starting to think this way.

Doctor, you have to
take up the responsibility

to keep 1 800 people
on the island healthy.

You can't come because of me.

As a former nurse
on Shikina lsland.

l can't make it.


l'm fine.

Don't worry about the operation,

l never thought
that l couldn't make it.

-l'm hanging up.


l'm glad you call.

-Do take care. . .

Doctor, we heard about Ayaka.

lf it's because of the
number of workers in the clinic,

please don't worry,

Mina is a professional nurse.

l might not be
professional enough,

but if anything happens,

l can manage some simple ones.

There can be a relief doctor.

We can discuss with to
the councils if the province

and they'll watch
over the clinic.

So, Doctor. . .

That's right, Doctor.

Thanks, Wada, Mina.

Of course l'm worried
about everyone on the island.

l won't leave the
clinic for no reason.

But it's not just like that.

Ayaka as a team of
professional doctors.

Even if l go,

there's nothing
much l can do as a doctor.

Are you not going because

all you will do is be with her?

That's the reason
for you to go, Doctor.


-This is Koto.
-What is it?

Do we really have
to remove Hoshino's

lymph in her operation?

What? Are you only
discussing about this now?

The tumor might have spread

to the lymph right for
the beginning in her case.

To be safe,

the lymph have to be removed.

ln this case. . .

This is a decision

made by our team.

You can't be too emotional

at this moment. . .

l didn't say it based
on my own emotion.

l'm saying as l put
myself in the nurse,

Hoshino Ayaka's shoes.

For her,

she might not be
able to be a nurse.

lt's like losing
the hope to live on.

So is there another way out?

Why are you so agitated about?

ls she like a family to you?

lt's fine you're opposing me.

l don't have
to operate her anyway.

But don't forget that

she allows us to take
the operation for her.

That's why l'm in it.

Anything wrong, Dr. Koto?

Mrs. Masayo.

Sorry for coming so late.

-lt's ok. Please come in.

This way. Will this way do?


lt hurts for you, doesn't it?



Stay with Ayaka.


Doctor, l think like she does.

Please help with Ayaka.

Please don't do that.

lt's my fault

to hide this from
you for almost a year.

lt's so important,
but l didn't say.

l'm really sorry.

Uncle Juu,

you knew it all
along about Ayaka, huh?

That's why you've
been so unhappy.

lt's really difficult to tell

when your friend's
daughter has got ill.

But how about Ayaka?

l didn't expect that Ayaka
has problem with her health.

ls she ok?

lt's fine.

l'm sure she'll be fine.


What? What is it?

That guy. . .

Koto has left.

-What about the clinic?

What will it be like?

Don't squeeze.

There's nothing interesting.

Why are you asking?

-Oh, Uncle Juu.
-What is it?

lt seems that someone's there.

Someone's there.

Uncle Juu, not
you. You mustn't come.

-No, don't peek.

Wada, what is it. Move away.


Who are you?

Well. . .

l'm Mikami Shinichi.

Doctor, do you
remember what happened

when you return to
Tokyo 3 years ago.

HIuh ?

l remember who Ayaka looks then.

Please, Doctor,

cure Ayaka so that she can
recover to how she used to be.

Please let her stay
in the clinic.

At the same time,
you won't regret it.

Now l know.

l won't regret it.

Are you ok?


lt's beautiful.

l'm now on a beautiful island.

That's all for the check-up
today. Do take a good rest.


Dr. Koto.


Coming after all.

This is the latest
coconut crab Ramen.


This is a scarf from Kaori.

This is what the mayor
wrote about things on Shinkina.


Sorry, Ayaka,

that l couldn't keep the people
on the island from your illness.

Everyone is worried about you

and they've brought you stuff.

Get well soon and get
the qualification certificate.

Then we can work
together at the clinic.

This is a drawing from Chiga.

And this is an autography
from everyone on Shikina lsland.

And this is. . .

Watch out!

These shells are done by Mina.


l've not had the operation yet.

And look at everyone of you.

Even if the operation goes well,

there might still be relapse.

And as for working as a nurse. . .

lt's ok.

Ayaka won't die
from the illness.

Even if there's a relapse,

l'll cure you no matter how.


will be with you.


Please let me operate on you.


Right, we almost forget
the most important thing.

This is a special
calendar done by Mr. Wada.

And there are more.

These are shells
Hina has collected.

Sand from Natsumi.

And this is from Kunio.


lt's like a Santa Claus.

Like a Santa Claus.

-This. . . No. . .
-Dr. Koto.


Doctors are human and
there's no absolute operation.

Don't get upset.

She's more important than
anyone else to Dr. Koto.

Why are we doctors?

Whatever you do and say

are just hypocrisy.

The more you love
your family the more so.