Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Utsukushî minami no shima kara, kokoro atatamaru kandô no monogatari - full transcript

-I passed, I passed!
-That's great!


Passed, passed.

-Get out of the way!
-It hurts. . .

Yes, this is
fishermen association.

Yes, this is public place.

How are you?
This is the clinic.

HIuh ?

Shit! This is
fishermen association.

Paying taxes?
At this busy hour,

please don't ask
this kind of question.

Ah. . .ah. . .

lf you are looking for Dr Goto,

he was out visiting
patient at home!

Shut off, is it okay?

Are you asking Dr. Goto

whether Tsuyoshi
has passed the exam?

We are actually hurry
to find out as well! Right?


Hi everybody!

Hi doctor! How are you?

Excuse me, please move.
Could you please fill this up?

-Dr. Goto!
-Yes. . . is Chiga!

Chiga, you are
here! Good girl. . .

-What are you drawing?
-Eh !

Massayo, how are
you? Today is fried chicken !


Chiga! No way, l'm sorry.

Sorry, doctor,
good that you are here.

Everyone is getting
ready for lunch, please sit!

-Please have a sit, will
get you tea right away!


No tomato?

l will make tea.

Yea, any news?

Not yet.


Sis Ayaka.

lt's has been a while.

l am here.

Hi everybody. . .
what's going on?

Yes, passed?

Break the first step.

Passed. . . passed!

Tsuyoshi, Tsuyoshi!

Really? Passed?

Uncle Torao, already passed.

Good job! Cheers!

Great news! Great
news! Everybody gathers.

Tsuyoshi just passed.

That's great! Excellent!

ls it really that great?

Talking about Kaiei,

is the top three
schools in Tokyo.


Eh? Guarantee will
get into public school!



Tsuyoshi is really great!

l will be safeguard in years.

lf Tsuyoshi becomes a doctor,

Uncle Torao will have glory!

But Tsuyoshi only
passed secondary school now!

lt is still too
early to be a doctor!

Couldn't it be?

So what. . .isn't that great?

Good, worth celebrating!

Let's cheers! Cheers!

Doctor, doctor

How are you?

-l heard you have passed already

Congratulation Dr Goto!

That's too
great! Congratulation !

That's great!




Good job, good job!

Good job, Tsuyoshi!

Study hard for a year half
by yourself

Eh !

What's going on?
Why are you so down?

There's still exam tomorrow,

tomorrow is
the most important one.

-Public school?

No problem,
have more confidence!

You already got in a
very difficult institution,

must be able to
get in public school.

From spring
onwards, l will be at Tokyo.

Please look me up!


l've decided to go to
study at Fuku Takeshi school.


l want to get
medical therapist certificate.

Let's work hard together!

Eh !

lt's great to meet Tsuyoshi,

make me more energetic now!


Nothing, bye.

Sis Ayaka, how long are
you going to stay in Tokyo?

Go back to the
island the day after.

Help me to send regards to
everybody, including Dr Goto.

continue to work hard!


Medical fire
teacher, what's that?

lt is about helping
patients to recover.

Because of Massayo,

she seems like wanting to sit

for this exam
since long time ago.

l see, what a Mariko!

Even Ayaka
leaves here for study,

is Dr Goto okay with that?

Doctor agrees as well.

That guy will be single forever.

-How about nurse?
-Yes. . .

Nobody to replace
her, that's troublesome.

Yea, clinic will
be in difficulties.

A clinic without woman,

how could it be?

So you only care about this.

-This is important as well.

Captain really
okay to let her go!

You are always been
sensitive since young,

just know how to say 'No'!

Only worry about it at the end.

Who's sensitive!

The one who is
sensitive are you !

About future, l am
always considering.

l have something
important to say.

Already decided, there's one
from Tokyo medical university,

one excellent nurse
who ever worked there

before is coming to our place.

She is from
surgery department.

So should not be a
problem at all for operation.

-When did you decide?
-Just now.

Have been talking
about this a while ago.

l was thinking to announce

only after everything
is settled.

-What kind of girl?
-How old, how old?

-Big boobs?

How, tell us quickly!

So you guys only
thinking about these!

What do you think?

Even more
outstanding then Ayaka?

Ah. . .captain, captain !


Mr. Nan, how are you?

Please fill in the
medical history report.

Dr Amashow 2006
Episode 1

Ah. . .

Almost there, please
bear a little while longer.

Okay, taken out already.

How could it be again?
Even eaten the packing,

too hurry.

Must take it out from
inside before you eat.

l am really sorry. Doctor,
that's too great. Grandpa!

-Please take care.

Such a pity.

Ayaka, from
next time onwards,

please pulverize
grandpa's medicine next time!

Doctor, fine $ 1 00!

Only not here for
three days, that's all.

She is back today, so
can buy better things.

lf continuing this
way until spring,

could buy a scanner!

-Ah. . .

Next please!

Are you nurse?


Why don't you do medical
check up at your own hospital?

Any problem?

No, is the clinic in the island.

That's why, is Shinkina lsland!

The island,

no professional doctor, right?

No, at our island. . .

Please take off
your top, lie on the bed.

Excuse me, now
proceed to medical check up.

After the result of
the examination is out,

will then
proceed to explanation !

Doctor, l have to go
back to the island right now.

Before l go back, l wish
to listen to your opinion.

The formal result
will be out next week.

l will inform you
again that time.

Ayaka, is it Ayaka?

Village head.

So it is Ayaka.

l went to the island to work,
are you going to visit Tokyo?

Eh !

Yea, Tsuyoshi has
passed away, that's too great!


Sakano is below,
let's come together!

Come, let's go! Let's go!

Let's eat some bun together!

There is your
favorite red bean bun.

Come on, miss.

-Let's drink together!
-l don't know how to drink.

You, you. . .are
you from the island?

Stop that, isn't that annoying?

Why does it matter?

Let's drink together joyfully!

l told you not to.

-Stop that!

What are you guys doing?

Head, are you
okay? Anywhere hurt?

-Hi. . .

Head, are you
okay? Let me see.

Head, was your chest hurt?

Head, could you
breathe deeply?

This has
nothing to do with me. . .

She pushed me.

-lt is her
-lt's all her fault.

ls that girl.

Sorry, that. . .

Village head.


Mr. Sakano.

What's going on?

Village head, he is. . .

Head, are you okay?

Mr. Sakano,
please contact Dr Goto.

Ah !

Head, head, are you okay?

Sorry, can l borrow
your mobile phone?

How was it?

Head fell down, please
contact Dr Goto immediately.


Dr Goto? Doctor is out
visiting patient at home!

Eh ?

Something happened in
the ship, seem unconscious.

Mr. Kuma, telephone!

Please wait,
please wait for a while!

Please contact me immediately

after you find the doctor.

HIur r y u p!

This is Shinkina lsland

fishermen association,
can you hear?

-Please get out of the way!

Please move, here
is the First Aid box.

-Let me have a look inside.

Ayaka, what to do
now? Dr Goto is out!

Should not be like this. . .

Anyway, please
contact Dr Goto quickly!

Then get something
like straw, and knife.


What for?

Release the air
accumulated in the chest.

Otherwise, head will. . .

Go find it quickly!

Anyone has knife?

All gone?

Have you heard
where is the next family?

Please, this is
about head's life!

Damn it. . . what to do now?

Dr Goto, Dr Goto,
emergency condition.

Please go back to
the clinic right now!

Dr Goto, Dr Goto!

Please go back to the clinic

when you hear this
broadcast announcement!

Emergency condition !

Dr Goto, please go
back to the clinic right now!

Please go back to
the clinic right now!

Could it be
okay with only this?

How was it?

Unable to blow!

Sorry, Dr Goto, have
made mistake just now.

lt's not clinic, is
fisherman association.

Please rush to
fisherman association right now.

Emergency, Dr Goto.

Dr Goto, lt's not clinic,
is fisherman association.

Please rush to
fisherman association right now.

Move, found this.

Ayaka, this. . .

Cut that orange one into 6cm.

l know.

ls this okay?

Open it?

Ayaka, already
contacted Dr Goto.

-Dr Goto!

l heard the village head
was injured.

What's the situation now?

concussion at the chest,

shift of trachea and
emphysema under the skin.

The pulse is very
weak, even breathing is stop.

Already done CPR,
but can't blow the air in.

Could be the emphysema
in the breast,

now l want to vent. . .

Ayaka, calm now,
already did CPR,

but air can't blow in, right?


What's the position
of the emphysema?

ls at the neck. From
the neck to the left chest.

Tell me again the
condition of the neck.

How about the
situation of emphysema?

lt is seriously swollen,
there is symptom of striking.

This could not only
be emphysema,

and the injury of throat.

Th en ...I...

lt's okay. Calm down.

treat the injury at the throat.

Could you feel the pulse?

Very weak, but
l can still feel it.

Can only use the
ligament opening method.

Ayaka, let you do it!



lt's okay, you
can do it for sure,

just follow my instructions.


Get ready sharp
object for operation or knife,

and need to find
something to replace

trachea opener,

could use fishing
equipment to replace!

Diameter around 1 cm,

just use that,

firstly just use left
hand to press thyroid,

use index finger to make
sure the location of thyroid.

Could you feel it
with your hand?


lt's okay, concentrate.

Place the edge of the knife

in between
thyroid and cartilage.


Open about 2cm.

-Everybody moves back.
-Please move back.

-l am here to help. . .
-Don't come over.


Open up,

turn the knife 90
degree after open it up.


Please insert the
aqueduct inside here!

-Already inserted!
-ls breathing recover?


Continue to blow air few times!

Start breathing.

Pulse is back also.

Village head, head?

Back to consciousness now!

That's too great, too great!

Thank you, Ayaka, well done!

Hurray, hurray. . .

Ayaka, well done, well done.

Dr. Goto.

Ayaka, thank you
so much. Well done!

Village head, it doesn't
matter, just have a look.

-Excuse me!

There's injury
to the blood vessel,

must bring it back to the
clinic for operation right away!

Just use the car to
deliver right away!

Village head, this isn't a

difficult operation.
Take it easy!

-Start from the head.



Village head, village head!

ls shock, Ayaka! Please
open the drip to its fullest!


Go to the clinic
as soon as possible!

Sorry, let me help as well!

No need, it's
okay now, nothing.

l am a nurse as well.

l am the new
nurse, Nakai Mina.

Are you?


But you said in the phone

that you're coming here
next month !

-No matter how, just
get up the car first.


Sit in front next
to driver's seat.


Ah. . .


-Blood oxygen content!
-9 1

How about life condition?

Blood pressure
60/80, pulse 1 24.


-Wada, get ready anesthesia

-Ayaka, get ready
for blood transfusion?


-l go wash my hands.
-l go change!

First have to repair
the injured blood vessel.

-Thank everyone!

-Surgical knife.

-Surgical scissor.


-Wada, please transfuse blood.


-Please extract


-Blood vessel tape

-Blood vessel pincers

-Use 6-0 to sew?

-Wada, please


ls it okay?

Thank you so much for
coming to this far island.

Just arrived then meet
this emergency operation,

should be tired right?

No, l didn't help much.

l should say that l've fainted,
so didn't help anything at all.

l am sorry, ever since
graduated from nursing school,

this is the first time operate.

l heard you are responsible
for surgery department, right?

Even though it is surgery,

only responsible to
take care of the ward.

Never have
surgery experience.

Ah. . .

Then l came
here to be a nurse.

Forget it, don't talk
about this anymore.

Just stay here
today, and have good rest!


By the way, you are actually
here earlier than mentioned.

l want to start work earlier.

Am l making more problems?

Nothing, this is
the staff's hostel.

lt's not ready yet, right?

Ayaka, really sorry today.

But l am very touched.

Ayaka by herself,

can do trachea
opening this kind of operation.

lf me, l am sure
that l cannot do it.

That's all l can do.

Please do not use this
kind of satiric method,

to say this thing, okay?

Ayaka, do you
have to say this?

-l am full.

Wei. . . how was it?

Really don't know
what to do with her!

-l am really sorry!
-Yes, sorry!

-More rice?
-Yes. . .

Let me do it!

l am doing physiotherapy.

This is therapy, therapy.

Captain, l am
sorry, your wife is. . .

Two year ago, she fell sick
because of cerebral hemorrhage.

Even though Dr Goto
did operation right away,

but there is still side effect.


However, she is
much better than before.

Everybody says it is a miracle
to recover like this, right?

Thanks to God!

Please let her
continue to live on.

No, should thank
God and Dr Goto!

Mina, it is difficult to
be a nurse in this island.

Please take care.

Let's eat quickly! Yes, mum,

-ls she really okay?

She doesn't even
know anesthesia!

and even fainted
during operation.

Could it be a fake nurse!

What's going on?

Wada, aren't
you like this as well,

while operated for
Tsuyoshi at the beginning.

Wada Shoumei.

Wada that time.

Even so, l did
my best that time.

The first time
accompany operation in life.

Doctor, you too,

even seasick and
vomited when you just came.

Make it clear first,
even though l am not nurse.

But l am still the
manager of this clinic,

is a government servant.

-Time's up!
-Let's eat!

Tsuyoshi, how's it today?

ls the day of public
secondary school's announcement.

lf no news mean that. . .

Make a call and check it out!

No, just wait!

-Eh !

lt's okay, there's
nothing to do if fail!

Don't be sad, just
go to private school!

l will tell mum.

Eh !

Then, pass
everything here to me!

You have to take care
of your health as well!

That. . .father


Can l really go to Kaiei?

Why are you asking this?

lt is because, private
school is very expensive,

it's better to go to public
school which is cheaper.

lsn't this the school you like,

that's why you go for it?

Because l think will fail, so. . .

Are you thinking this way,

thus going to this school?

No, it is not like that.

Kid, don't worry about money.


Forget it, too loud
until l can even hear.

Too energetic!

Forget it, Tsuyoshi,
come for dinner!


Working so late because
too many customers today.

No, l can't continue to say it.

l want to study
in public school!

Tsuyoshi, what's going on?

Sis Mariko.

What's going on?

You didn't call,
so a little worry.


l am Nakai Mina.

Didn't say hi to
everyone yesterday,


Nice to meet you !

Same here, nice to meet you !

Work hard!

Please take
care of Nakai, Ayaka!

Good, let's go and check up
the condition of village head!


Th en ...I...

Just call me Mina.


lsn't that the new nurse?

Please just call me Mina.


Village head,
what do you think?

still a bit hurt!

Please bear a while longer!

This is the new
nurse, Nakai Mina.

l am Nakai Mina,
sorry about yesterday!

Nothing, it is not your fault.


lf Ayaka was not there,

l could have gone to
another world by now.

Thank you.

Don't mention !

Village head must
live long life healthily.

Ayaka, come
give doctor a hand.

Grandpa Tara,

seemed eaten
something strange again.

HIuh ?

Then you stay here,

let me know immediately
if there is anything.


Ah. . .

Hey, what are
you guys doing?

Go to school now! Hurry up!

These group of idiots,
keep doing stupid thing,

should have at least
learn from Tsuyoshi.

-But. . .

-l saw it just now.
-What did you see?

-The new nurse.

White angel!

What? What?

-From legs till here. . .

All white.

-This is exclusive!
-No. . . no. . .


-Really energetic!
-l'm lack of exercise.

Please take care.


Be careful on your way back!

Doctor, all seen !

l am going to look at the
condition of village head!

Thank you !

Why is everybody having

high blood pressure
at the same day?

-Why is it in fact?
-What are you doing, Mina?

What's going on?

l pull out the
needle quickly now.

Sorry, l
changed the drip for him,

but didn't notice
that it slide, so. . .

You are not asleep, are you?


Village head, don't worry,
only the drip slides away!

-Go get hot towel!

Never done drip?

Then why did you
change the bottle on your own?


And yet fell asleep.

This is different from the
big hospital with many nurses!

There is limited
equipment and staff.

lt is different from big cities,
not all emergency cases are able

to be taken care of right
away at the same time!

Thing which is
totally unimaginable

at the hospital in the city

but could cause death here.

So you have to pay more
attention to your duty here!

Ayaka, it is okay now.

Forget it, will get
used to it slowly.

-Right, captain !
-Hmm, yes. . .

Just came yesterday, right?

But. . .

l am leaving this
island right away!

lf l am not here,

there is only one
nurse by herself.

Please think
about this carefully.





l am agitated
seeing her like this.

She is still young
and inexperienced.

And now working in
university hospital,

work is all divided!

Many nurses never
inject drip or injection.

Eh ?

Thus, she could be
only inexperienced!

Nobody can be
like you right away!

l didn't say this
because of that.

Not only skill, and also the
consciousness of being a nurse.

l am really sorry.

Village head, really sorry.

Before l came here, Ayaka

has been always
servicing for this island.

Even me. . . if without you,

couldn't do this as well.

Frankly speaking, l was a
bit lost at the very beginning.

lf Ayaka goes to Tokyo,

what would
happen to the clinic?

No matter is
operation, or normal treatment,

can't be like
what it is like before!

However, if Ayaka
can get the certificate,

and come back.

We will be so happy!

Same to
everyone in this island.

Off course, to me as well!

lt's okay. Don't worry
about the thing in the future.

You can come to this
island, is a kind of fate too!

Slowly, watching her grow up!


After l get my certificate,

can l really come
back to this island?

Eh ?

Nothing, nothing.

That. . .

l don't think l
say anything wrong.


Sorry, l am a bit too much !

So, l told him,

guys have our own pride!

So you better
listen to your father,

go study at private school!

Doctor, what do you think?

lsn't it better to go
to private school?

lf not, gave up the fishing job,

and go to work at the
island, what's the point?


But no matter which school,

effort is undeniable!

Then it is okay then !

No matter where,

as long as don't
lose your own direction !

Hey! Goto, do
you really think so?

Wei. . .wei. . .

l don't know anything
about what monster or coast,

giving out the school
which get in toughly,

what if regret in the future!

Then from the very beginning,

would it be better
just stay in the island.

Taketoshi doesn't
have to sell off the ship.

Father and son don't
have to be separated as well.

l don't have to lose
a fisherman as well.

Many people
want to go to Okinawa,

that's why the island is getting

more and more lonely
and desolated!

Only consider what's in front,

and devote into
profitable job immediately,

have up the
property in this island!

How about the
future of the island?


Why are you looking at me?


l think you are
thinking too much !

-Are you thinking to run

for the next election
as village head!

What are you talking?

Hey, is clinic.

-ls this the clinic of Dr Goto?

-ls this Dr. Goto?

l am Narumi, in
the lab at University,

we ever did
experiences together.

Hi, Dr Narumi, it
has been a while,

anything l can help?

Few days ago, a
nurse from your place,

came to my place for check up.


About her state of illness, l
wish to listen to your opinion.

Condition, who
are you referring to?

l am talking about
Ms Hoshino Ayaka!

From your clinic.

About Ms Hoshino's
breast cancer condition,

l want to listen to
your opinion first.

Breast cancer?

Even though the result of
the examination is not out yet,

but basically l think
it shouldn't be wrong!

l think l shouldn't
underestimate you,

who are also surgery doctor

and go ahead the
treatment on my own.

Dr Goto!

Are you listening?

Will recover after
rest for few days!

-Please take care. . .

Doctor, today don't have
to give more medicine, right?


The one who wants to
cry should be the head!

-Anything happened again?

What village head said is

too heart-warming
and probably touched!


Village head said l
can help him to get blood.

l made such a big
mistake yesterday.

He even said let
me work hard, sorry.

Mina, after Ayaka leaves,

you have to replace her,

to be the nurse in this island.

You have to work hard!

Right? Dr Goto!


-Come on Mina, let's start now!

Village head, sorry!

Please use this to clean. . .

Village head had
said something like this!

Sometimes village head will
say something touching as well!

-Mr. Hoshino

How's Ayaka after
she went to Tokyo. . .


When l was there last time,

already found the
apartment to rent,

she had already decided
about everything quickly!

But after she came back,
she doesn't seem happy at all.

ls it. . . because of
woman's jealousy!


Perhaps l am too nice to Mina,

taking care of her well,

probably being jealous!

This is not possible!

But if she goes to Tokyo,

she will probably feel lonely!

Even though is me,

honestly speaking l
don't want to let Ayaka go.

but she treats her mother,

seems more
responsible than me.

Whenever think of this, l
have no way to against her.

Hey, l was at Dr
Narumi there two days ago,

to treat Hoshino.

May l ask the result
of the examination?

Please wait.

ls it because of us?

Every. . .one. . .

eat. . .together. . .

Mina. . .lets it together.


is it really okay
that l leave the island?

We. . .two of us. . .

compete. . .

Ah ! ls competition !

lt's one million three hundred
and twenty thousand remittance.

Thanks for coming!


Come on, everybody gets ready,
l am going to take it now!

Come on ! Let's pose!

l'm sorry, l want
to go home earlier.

lt's okay, l will go
visit you everyday!

Village head, can l go
together in the future?


Village head, frankly just. . .

Village head has to be
Mina's practice partner.

No, that is too. . .

That. . . let's go
village head, thanks!


-Village head, please take care!

Ms. Mina, after
sending out village head,

l will bring you
around to have a look!

You haven't seen out
island's scenery yet!


Mr. Wada seems very happy!

What to say! Hurry
up! Get into the car!

Ah ! Has Grandpa Torao eaten

something wrong
by mistake again?

Never mind,
never mind, l will get it!

ls clinic.

l am Narumi.

What's the matter?

Ms. Hoshino's
medical report is out already,

just want to inform you !

Hi, Dr Narumi.
Please wait for a moment!

The result is out, is negative.

Doctor, isn't this emergency?

Who will. . .

No, this doesn't
matter, today is okay already!

Yes, then l am taking off first!


-Mina, get up the car, hurry up!

Village head, sorry for waiting!

ls cancer!

The tumor's diameter is
3cm, T2N 1 's term is 2B.

About the
treatment after. . . Dr Narumi.


Does she know this herself?

Don't know, still
unable to contact.

Then how could l know this. . .

Do you mean
keeping it as a secret?

Doctors discuss
about the medical results,

isn't it common?

Why don't you say that l
am doing it for your reputation.

Here, l am treating about

1 20 cases of breast cancer
every year.

Excuse me, the
equipment here is good as well,

even the staff, is very
different from your clinic.

lf this is for the patients,

let her come to my
place for treatment quickly!

Dr Goto, can you
really handle that?

Eh ?

Only one nurse,

and specially come to
my place for treatment,

shouldn't be a problem at all!

Dr Narumi!

After l have
discussed with herself,

will give you a call back.

Really? No matter
how, please hurry up!

Similar to him, l see surgery
doctor as my target occupation.

The partner while
practice together.

ls an excellent doctor.


What did Dr Narumi say?


About my cancer,

what is the result of
the medical report?

According to the
result of breasts' X-ray,

there is high
tendency being negative.

Even though l tell
him that it is okay.

l am actually
psychologically ready that time.

ls it ready for operation?

The faster to do the
operation the better!

Doctor, please tell me,

the result of the
medial examination. . .

When did you notice that?

Just recently.

After new year, when l decide

to go to Tokyo school.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you discuss with
me from the very beginning?


l don't
understand myself either.

Doctor, l have a request.

What is it?

This thing, about my sickness.

Could you don't
tell anyone else?

My father, my mother,

and everyone else in
the island, don't tell at all!


Because l. . .

Can't let mother
worry about me again.

Are you planning
to leave the island?

Are you planning to
receive treatment on your own?

This way!

Only a little bit, only a
little bit, l want to say!

lf you receive appropriate
treatment for your sickness,

can be cured for sure.

So. . .

lf you really think that way,

l will be with Dr Narumi. . .

Doctor, why
would you say this?

Me too, from
the very beginning,

just want you to treat for me.

Ever since l went to
Tokyo to see doctor,

l have been thinking.

Whether receive your
treatment in the island,

or go to Tokyo to
receive treatment.

There are many patients

who fight sickness and
become healthy again,

but l am still feeling insecure.

But l don't want
everybody to console me either.

Because l am a nurse. . .

Want to bring
courage to everyone.

So. . . so how should l do it?


lf l have said something l
shouldn't say, l apologize.

However, about
threatening your sickness now,

is more important
than anything else. . .

Doctor, you don't
understand anything at all!

You don't understand
anything about me at all!


l don't want to
show you my breast!

l hate myself
having this kind of thought.


-Thanks for hospitality. Hi!

-You're back?
-l'm back!

Coming, sorry for waiting.

Tsuyoshi, your parcel!

-Get it!

-l am back.
-You're back!

Tsuyoshi, how are you?
lt's still cold at Tokyo, right?

lt's like
completely spring here now!

About your further education,

l already hear a
little bit from Ms Mariko.

Are you feeling better now?

Actually before
you go to exam,

l was thinking
to send you a gift,

as your
memorial entering school.

This is the dictionary which l
had mentioned to you before,

my life saver.

Because of appendicitis,

the moment
facing life and death,

that doctor who saved my life,

gave me that when l decided
to sit for medical examination.

Even though this is the
dictionary l have used,

l am giving it to you.

All the characters inside,

was written by that doctor.

Boys be ambitious

Do you know this sentence?

Then, what is it
after this sentence?

Boys be ambitious.

Not because of money, and
not because of selfishness,

and not because of
name this hollow direction !

Why are we living for?

Because of achieving this,
that's why being ambitious.

lt is written
like this after that.

After l came to this island,

you were my first patient.

You gave me courage,

l started my life
in this island.

Ayaka, Wada, Hishino,

Uncle Torao, Mariko, Masayo,

then and your father,

people in the island
taught me many things.

For the past three years,

never thought of one day,

you will leave the
island because of study.

Even though a bit lonely,
but it's a very happy thing.

You life, just start!

What kind of
future awaits you then,

nobody knows.

But have to be ambitious,

and don't forget that
everyone is guarding you always!

Boys, be ambitious,

congratulation on
your school day!

Goto Kensuke.

l am not home,
after the beep sound,

please leave your name and
contact details in one minute.

Father. . .

Thank you for helping me to
do all registration at school.

That. . .

Actually, l. . .

l passed, and feel very happy.

-New job?

Why are you working so hard?

ls it because of debt?

No, it isn't like
that, is investment.


Because of my son's dream.

Dr Narumi, l am Goto.


About Ms Hoshino which
we mentioned few days ago,

l would like you to send
Ms Hoshino's information

all of them here.

Yes, most likely here.

Yes, thanks.

lf possible,
could you please send

the copy of the
image here as well.

Fire, fire
happened at Grandpa there,

became like this,

everything is gone, all gone!

l can understand
Grandpa's feeling.

Doctor, Grandpa
Sachi killed himself.

lt's so important to have life.

Are you really coming back?

lt is not a good thing having

too much self-esteem
for the patient.

Never mind, l will
cure your illness!