Dogs in Space (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

♪ Dig this
We're the last hope of the human race ♪

♪ Embark on a journey ♪

♪ Into outer space ♪

♪ Blast off, there's no going back
We're on our way ♪

♪ Dogs in Space! ♪

♪ Woo! ♪

♪ Dogs in Space! ♪

Are you real?

No, of course you're not.

No one's coming to rescue me.
I'm just having that dream again.

Well, I might as well shoot you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait, wait! You're not dreaming.

Your name's Kira, right?

I'm Garbage.

And this is Stella, Chonies and Nomi.

We're dogs from Earth, like you.

Wave a peaceful hello, team.


- Ow!
- You're real?

You're real. What took you so long?

Oh, who cares? You're here!

You hear that, planet?
You didn't break me.

Uh, speaking of rescuing?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, for the love of... Move!

She's probably an alien in disguise!

Stella, you got tricked one time.

Not all aliens want to steal your fur.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, I'm bald. Again.

Confirmed. Canis Astra familiaris.

- She's a dog.
- A-ha!


It looks like the long exposure
to the planet's elements

have permanently
altered her fur follicles.

No judgies!

Captain, Stella, look out!


It's not safe out here.

If you stand still for too long,
the vines will pull you under

and the emulicks will consume you.

Follow me.

She's fun, right?

Oh! Sticky goo!

Ooh, shiny!

Exposed wiring!

This place is awesome!

Ooh, I love this rug.
Where did you get it?

Same place I got all my stuff,
alien corpses.

Should we be worried about this?

She probably just got frustrated.
Faces are hard to draw.

Easy with that. Toxic pollen bomb.

- Oh. What about that one?
- Active lava.

- What about this one?
- Inactive lava.

- So, just a rock?
- Yeah.


I can't believe
they finally sent a rescue party.

You know, it's funny.

I started to think maybe the humans
had just left me out here to...

To what? To what?

So... it's not that
we aren't gonna rescue you.

It's more that we kind of, maybe,

- didn't know you existed.
- But, then, why...

I'm sorry, Kira.

We had no idea you were here.

We only came here to...

Find a new planet
for the humans to live on.

So they did forget about me.

- Got it.
- But, hey! Now you're coming back with us!

And not to toot my own horn,

but you're kind of being rescued
by the coolest crew on the M-Bark.

Yeah. Whoa!

You know what, I'm good. Thanks.

Okay, that's cool, that's cool.

Because if you've survived here,

this planet must be habitable!

Mission accomplished!
High fives all around!

Ha! Habitable? Sure.

Bring the humans here,

I'd love to see them deal
with the emulicks.

Uh, do we want to know what an emulick is?

Shh. I think I hear lunch.

She's like a living action figure.

Maybe we should go, Captain.
Besides, I'm worried

that the holo-disguise
I created for Ed might not

disguise his, uh... personality.

Don't worry, Chonies. Ed's a pro.

He's not gonna get us caught.

Ed's gonna get us caught!
Loaf to Garbage. Come in.

- Please come in.
- What are you doing, Loaf?

Why are you trying to reach
Captain Garbage?

He's not off-ship.

Oh. No! No, no, no. Of course not...
...Captain Happy. He's, um,

- uh...
- Sitting at that table over there?

Charge it all to my Captain's tab.
That's Captain Garbage.

G-A-R, uh, Q?


There he is. Silly me.

Thanks for helping me find him. Okay, bye.

What are you doing?

Captain, you're allergic to seafood.
I just saved your life.

You can't eat.
You have a hologram face,

you'll get us caught.

Did you know Captains get a 20% discount?

And if I charge it to Garbage's tab,
I get a 100% discount.

That's 120%

Okay, that's it.
Until Captain Garbage gets back,

I'm keeping you under my supervision.


Nothing's wrong.


If Kira doesn't want to leave,
we shouldn't.

Stella, she's a dog,
with a human back home.

We can't just let her give up on Chelsea.

I mean, her Chelsea.
You know what I Chelsea. Argh!

We don't all have Chelseas.

Oh, you haven't gone home yet.

Kira, is this how
you want to live your life?

I mean, you call this food?

Looks like the stomach contents of
a diseased... alien bear.

That's because it is.

Oh, that is so awesome.

Hey, instead of eating bear guts,

how about a bear claw?

Artisanal pastries.

Only on the M-Bark.


Oh, they're super delicious
and crumbly in your tumbly.

Come on.

Wouldn't joining us be better
than being trapped on this poop bag?

The only reason I ended up
trapped on this poop bag

is because I tried to help humans, so...


At least let us give you supplies.

- We've got... we've got soap, food...
- Nomi, put that down!

- Mine!
- ...soap, uh, med-kits, soap,

weapons, soap.

- You've said soap a lot.
- Did I?


- Let's go to your ship for supplies.
- Yes!

Seems to be the only way
I'll get you out of my fur.

♪ Somebody else! ♪

♪ It feels good being somebody else ♪

♪ Don't get me wrong
I love being myself ♪

♪ But pretty cool being somebody else ♪

♪ Somebody else! ♪

♪ It feels good being somebody else ♪

♪ Don't get me wrong
I love being myself ♪

♪ But pretty cool being somebody else ♪

- So the M-Bark's got reclining seats.
- No.

- Hot and cold running water.
- No.

Assorted cheeses.


Well, we're here. If this
doesn't impress you, nothing will.

Tada... Oh. Where's the Pluto?

Chonies, what did you do?

What did you do?

Nothing, Captain! This is where we landed.

Landed? You didn't leave it hovering? Oh.

How have you survived this long?

We have no idea.

- Wait here.
- Where are you going?

You left your ship on the ground...

...which means
the planet swallowed it.

Which means the emulicks have it,
which means to get my supplies

and get you off my planet,
I need to save your ship.

Which means action mode!

Look, don't get me wrong.

You seem like nice dogs,

you just don't seem like
competent dogs.

I work alone.

Oh! Me too!
Let's work alone together!

Piggyback ride!

Oh, there you are.

Okay, time

for operation I Shoot The Vines From Here
And Show Off How Good My Aim Is,

And Then We Rappel Down
Into The Pluto And Escape.

You know the point of naming
an operation is so you don't have to

- describe the whole plan, right?
- Bad plan anyway.

You fire your gun,
you draw their attention.

- Well, I don't see any emulicks.
- There could be dozens.

They change their bodies to any substance
with a flick of their tongue.

Perfect camouflage. Perfect weapon.

Just like me. The perfect weapon.

How do you bite so well?

I sharpen my teeth before bed. Don't you?

Ooh. Well, now I will.

No sign of emulicks, Captain.

I just don't get how she can
hate humans that much, you know?

Well, P.R.A.T.S. never sent
anyone to find her.

They didn't even tell us.

They didn't know she was alive.
Plus, Earth's dying, you know.

I bet they didn't want to distract us.
You know what we're like.

Shh! Something moved.
Nomi, be careful.

- What's that?
- Nomi!

- Captain! Emulick!
- Emulick!


You're hurt!

Not as hurt as it's gonna be.

Sweet. Lava bomb, great idea.

- Hey, emulick, catch!
- No, no! Don't draw its attention!


Good catch.

Oh! My baked goods! No!

Well, I'm glad you filled your pockets
with pastries

instead of, you know, weapons.

Hey, pastries can solve anything.

That's it!

You'll never get in here, lava face!

Ah! I take it back! I take it back!

Hey! Emulick! Over here!

Over... Whoa!

Hey, emulick!

You know what they say,
"You are what you eat!"

Ed? No.

Ed? No.

Oh, he could be anyone. Or no one.

I'll never find...

What are you doing?

Fake IDs. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Enough! Take it off.

How dare you lay your paws
on a Council member!

Loaf, I demand a... What the! Who am I?

- I mean, who are you?
- Um. I'm Happy,

weird smelling Captain of the Venus.

Guards, arrest this ugly impostor!

I got him. Garbage has snuck off
the M-Bark, hasn't he?

I hope you two enjoyed
your crew suspension

because it's about to become permanent.

- Emergency Council meeting!
- Oh, no,

this is worse than my worst case scenario,

and I'm really good
at worst case scenarios!

Well, all good things
must come to an end, right, buddy?

I need to lie down.

My hut's just past that cliff.

Kira, you're badly hurt.

We need to take you back to the M-Bark.

What? No.

I'm fine. Just hover over my hut and
I'll jump out on my three working limbs.

Please don't go, Kira.

We can fix your arm
in a couple days on the M-Bark.

- Here, it'll take months.
- Let it take months.

Kira, I get why you don't trust humans,

but I'm not asking you to trust them.

I'm asking you to trust dogs.

I know you haven't had someone
watch your tail for a long time,

but dogs look out for each other.


Well, I suppose I could stock up
on those pastries while I'm there.


Kira, stay here and hide.

We'll get medical supplies
and come straight back...

Hey, Happy!

And Duchess! Hi.


So to recap, you ignored the Council,

went on an unauthorized mission
to an unidentified planet

and risked the lives of your entire team?

Not my entire team.

You're a liability
to this mission, Garbage.


we have no choice but to strip you of...

Captain Garbage is a hero!

- How can this be?
- What the heck!

Who not on Earth are you?

My name is Kira.

sent me from Earth, just like you.

I was stranded on that planet for years.

Helpless, struggling to survive.

Struggling? Helpless? What are you talk...

- P.R.A.T.S. sent you?
- A dog in space?

This is unbelievable.

I'm finding nothing of your existence
in the data bank.

Forgotten, forsaken!

If it weren't for the Pluto
swooping in to rescue me from the

hundreds of monsters that live there,

I would have been eaten alive,

but Garbage saved me.

- Why are you doing this?
- Dogs look out for each other, right?

Don't fall for this nonsense.

I-I bet this is
just another holo-disguise.

The Council of Canines
cannot overlook saving the life of a dog.

Yes, you can. Overlook it. Overlook it!

Captain Happy, stand down.

- Ow!
- This is truly remarkable.

Kira, we welcome you to the M-Bark.

Nevertheless, we have
a serious situation to resolve.

Garbage, I hate to do this,

but we're sending you to...


Who's Penelope?

The dog trainer.

♪ Somebody else! ♪

♪ It feels good being somebody else ♪

♪ Don't get me wrong
I love being myself ♪

♪ But pretty cool being somebody else... ♪