Dogs in Space (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

[dogs screaming]

[ship crashes]

♪ Dig this
We're the last hope of the human race ♪

♪ Embark on a journey ♪

♪ Into outer space ♪

♪ Blast off, there's no going back
We're on our way ♪

♪ Dogs in Space! ♪

♪ Woo! ♪

♪ Dogs in Space! ♪

[Stella] Kira... Please. We're friends.

[Kira] Yes, we are.

And as your friend...
I urge you to believe me.

I'm doing this for you.

For all of you.

Chonies, did you find Captain Garbage?
Please respond. Please... [barks]


- [growls]
- Ah, buh buh. Sit.

- [barks]
- Stella. I said sit.


Good dog.


- [howls]
- Nomi! Get us off this planet now!

- I'm at full thrusters already!
- Well, go to whatever comes after that!

All right! Turbo button!

[thrusters firing faster]

Oh, yeah.

Ah! Too hot, too hot, too hot!


[sighs] That's better.

Ugh! Put your shirt back on, Garbage.

Hey, want to keep a cool head,
gotta keep a cool bod.

It's science, Happy.

The planets magnetism's
way too strong, Captain.

I have an idea. Fuller thrusters!

You know what humans say
the definition of insanity is?

Doing the same thing over and over again.
And expecting different results.

Well, they also say,

"If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again."

Oh, I've never heard that one. I al...

[both] Stop arguing. That's an order.
We need to cooperate.

Hey, don't tell my med tech officer
what to do!

Don't tell me what to do! Yah!

- [grunting]
- Sheesh. And they say opposites attract.

[gasps] That's it! Nomi, that's it!

Atlas, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Of course... I...
thought of it before you did.

I was just waiting for you to catch up.

[keyboard clacking, computer beeping]

I don't know which is more impressive,

what they're doing
or that they're doing it together.

I have no idea what they're doing.
So for me it's the second one.

Done. If this works, we'll reverse
the magnetic polarity of the Pluto.

- So instead of attracting, we repel!
- Hm.

[Nomi] Wait, shouldn't we all be wearing...

[all screaming]

[screaming continues]

- [all grunt]
- belts.

- Ow!
- [grunts]

Whoa! [grunts]

[groans] Loaf? Come in, Loaf!


- Loafie.
- We're too late.

[Loaf barking]

No, we're not. Nomi!

- I know. Turbo button! Seat belts!
- No, wait, wait, wait!

- [all scream]
- [howls]

- [snoring]
- [sniffing]


- [barks]
- [grunts]

- [barking]
- [grunts]



- [squeaking]
- [grunts] Ah, okay.

Let's find us a home.

Aww, look at all the bridge crew.

[giggling] It's so cute!

Uh... and also, you know, the other thing.
Bad. Bad.

[Chonies] Scans confirm, Captain.

Everyone, except Kira
has been turned back into regular dogs.

Stella, Ed...

- Ooh!
- Ah!

Get out of my Captain's chair!

No, get out of my Captain's lap.

This isn't your ship!

It won't be yours after this.
You were on her side!

Because I know how she feels.

You guys trust me, right?

- I really do!
- Yes. Mmm. Very much so.

- [groans]
- [pants, howls]

If we show her Olga's message,
I know she'll come around!

It's proof our humans never gave up on us.

That planet you crashed on
acted as a kind of transmission magnet

and the fireflies absorbed the raw data.

With them I can build a beacon
so Kira can see the message from Olga!

[scoffs] You think you can build

a frequency beacon strong enough
to cut across the whole M-Bark?

Have you got a better idea?

I do.

We get to the genetic enhancement machine,

turn everyone back to normal,
and arrest Kira!

Perhaps we could neutralize her
by turning her into a dog.

[scoffs] The irony
would be most satisfying.

Hey, then you're just as bad as she is!

No. We're the good guys.

- [Atlas] Happy's right
- [Nomi] No,

you're a bad boy!

- Happy is... right.
- [gasps]

We need a backup.

If my plan fails, we'll try yours.

No. If my plan fails, we'll try yours.

- Yours is the backup!
- Yours is the backup!

- Ow!
- [grunting]

[shouting] Doesn't matter which is which!


- [barking]
- [grunts]


Hey, Kira! Guess who?

I can see it's you.

That's right. It's me. Garbage.

And like a Christmas tree in January,

I'm gonna take you down.

What? That line's a classic.

Get your popcorn ready
'cause the show's about to start.

What's the matter? Chicken?


Uh... [gasps]

Hey Kira!

You know it takes four dogs
to control the M-Bark.

You can't do them all at once!

Or can you? Buh-bye!

Oh! I will not let you stop me!


Okay, now!


- [chittering]
- D'oh!


- [Captain Garbage screams]
- [grunts]

Atlas, grab what you need
from the med tech lab.

When I find the machine, I'll signal you.

Chonies, radio me as soon as you
build the beacon.

- [Atlas] Precisely, Captain.
- Yes, Captain.

Nomi. How you doing up there?

Having a space whale of a time, Cap!

- [alarms beeping]
- [barking]


- Ah!
- Okay. Shields are up. Now to...


[growls] I should have known.

[gasps] Ah!


[both gasp]

[console pinging]


[growls] Where are you, Garbage?

Kira? There's something
I need to show you.

You shouldn't have come back, Garbage.

- Just listen to me. We found these fire...
- I've heard enough.

I won't let your misplaced loyalty
prevent me from saving these dogs!

I told you that you shouldn't have
come back.

Kira. I don't want to do this!

Oh, I do!


[Nomi gasps]

Hang on, Cap'n! I'm comin'!

[grunts] You're in charge, Jerry.


- [chittering]
- [shield clinking]

Woo-hoo! Yippee! [laughs]

Bye, Eelizabeth! Come visit soon!

[Happy] Stella? Ed?

What the... Get off!

Have you seen Kira or her machine?


Oh, why even ask.
You're just stupid dogs now.



You're not seriously expecting me to...

Oh! You're even more annoying in dog form
than you are in regular form.

Ah! You'd better not be
sniffing my buttocks!


[grunts] Chonies?
Could really use an update!

[grunts] Ow!

The whole M-Bark's on lockdown, Garbage.

Chonies can't save you.

He's not trying to save me!

We're trying to save you!


Ow! [grunts]

You say I'm the one being human,
but you're the one trying to control us!

Take away our choices!

I gave you a choice.

If you'd have stuck to my plan,
none of this would have happened.

But you can't be trusted,
so everyone stays this way

until I find us a planet
and destroy the M-Bark for good!


[groans] Ow!

Ow. [sighs]

Happy to Atlas.

The machine is in the mech wars arena.
Meet me there.

Kira has trapped us in the lab, Captain,
but I shall endeavor to help from here.

Do you see a glowing red button
anywhere on the console?

Uh... Yes?

Press it and turn the central knob
all the way to the right.


- [grunts] Huh?
- [gasps]

He found the tech? No!



Happy! Put everything back
how you found it!


[dogs growling]


[growls, barks]


[gasps] Come on. Almost got it.

[grunts] Ow!


[groans, gasps]

- [straining]
- It's over, Garbage.

I'm not giving up on you
and neither did Olga.


Olga sent me into space
and forgot about me!

Just like Chelsea did to you.

Accept it, Garbage! [yells]






[grunts, gasps]

- Hey, watch it!
- Never! [roars]

- [grunts] Chonies, is it ready yet?
- Almost, Captain!

[pants, grunts]



- Ha ha!
- [grunts]

- Ah!
- [grunting]

- [gasps]
- [grunts]

[clicks, beeps, powers up]

[Captain Garbage straining]

Captain, it's ready!

- [grunts]
- [fireflies murmur]

[Olga] Hello, my treasure.

I hope that this message finds you,

wherever you are.

I've tried every frequency,

every direction, every satellite relay

and I'll try them all again,
for as long as it takes for you to know,

I'm looking for you, and I will find you!

- Be a good girl, Kira.
- Olga!

[Kira crying]

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

- [sighs]
- [Kira crying]

- [gasps]
- Happy, what are you doing?

Saving the M-Bark.

But the message! Olga. It worked!

I can't trust you, Garbage.
You two still might be in cahoots!

Who even says cahoots these days?

Don't think I won't zap you too!

Perhaps being a dog would make you
a more obedient Capt... Oh, god!

- [Stella growls]
- Get off me!

- [whines]
- [Ed growls]

Kira, you know how to put
everyone back, right?


Well, you still ate it.
So... here's the check.

[barks, screams]




Bark, bark, bark, aw, snap.


[gasp] Captain. I am so, so sorry.

Uh... Hm. Excuse me.

You're under arrest.

Duchess, no!

It's okay, Garbage.

It's okay.


[indistinct conversations]

Hey, Chelsea! It's me, ya boy!

Long time, no speak, I know. So...

Anyway, the council was very split over
what to do with Kira.

- [the Council chattering]
- Order. Order!

We should banish her
and banish Garbage! Banish the Pluto!

She just needs obedience training.

Trial by combat! Trial by combat!

Or... just a regular trial?

[Captain Garbage]
So... I had to improvise.

And after just a few dog hours of talking,
I had a brilliant idea.

Something to remember me by, kid.

- Hey, that's mine!
- And now it's hers.

I'm still mad at you.

But also I learned a lot
about butt-kicking from you

and then I kicked your butt
which saved the M-Bark. So...

Thanks. Say hi to Earth for me!

Don't take this the wrong way,
but I'm kind of glad you're leaving.

What's the right way to take that?

For what it's worth, I think you'll make
a great Captain someday.

A great Captain wouldn't let you
take over the ship

or turn me into a dog or...
[clears throat]

Thank you. That's... kind.

I'll check in on Chelsea
as soon as I get back.

Well... Give her this. From me.

[whimpers] Ahh!

[Captain Garbage] And we
didn't send her back alone.

She's got 300 messages in a bottle.

One from every dog to their humans.
Mine was the longest,

but I'm still going to send messages
out into the stars for you.

Just like I know you will from Earth.

Live un-boxing! Happy adopt-versary!

[gasps] Oooooh!

A perfect fit! I love it! And...

- [Chelsea] And I love you, Garbage.
- [gasps]

I know these messages
probably won't reach you,

but on the off chance they do,
I miss you so much.

I hope you're having fun out there.
We're counting on you, boy.

Don't get a new owner!

Okay. Bye.

[fireflies murmuring]

The fireflies have thousands
of tunable frequencies,

and if Olga's message came through,

- it stood to... [grunts]
- Not now, Chonies.

Sorry. Sorry to interrupt but, um.

Stella? You okay? What's wrong?

I wanted to tell you first, I've um...

I've been promoted.
I've been made Captain...

- [Nomi gasps]
- [celebratory sounds]

- ...of the Pluto.
- [all gasp]


[outro theme music playing]