Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 9, Episode 25 - The Time Monster: Episode Five - full transcript

Both TARDISes reach Atlantis, where the Doctor befriends King Dalios while the Master enlists the help of Queen Galleia to try and obtain the crystal of Kronos.


Now, what are we going to do
about you, though?

You're an embarrassment to me.

As, indeed, is that antiquated
piece of junk of the Doctor's.

Now, let me see.

I don't really care any more.

Do what you like.
But just get it over with!

Your word is my command.

Goodbye, Miss Grant.




(GRUNTING) Doctor...


DOCTOR: Jo, are you in there?


Oh, it is you.

DOCTOR: Thank heavens you're alive.

Oh, I'm so happy.

Where are you?

I'm nowhere, Jo.
I'm in the time vortex.

The Tardis is relaying my force field.

What are all those other voices
I can hear?

What other voices?

Oh! Oh, those are my
subconscious thoughts.

I shouldn't listen to them
too hard if I were you.

I'm not all that proud
of some of them.

But I still don't understand.

Well, you must be somewhere.

Tell me how I can get you back.

Oh, you can't, Jo.

But luckily the Tardis can.
That's why she's put us in touch.

Well, what do you...

I mean,
what does she want me to do?

Well, go to control panel
number three.


Now, lift the little lid
marked Extreme Emergency.

- Right.
- Find the red handle inside.


All right, Jo. Pull it!


Hello, Jo.



CRITO: Open the doors!

MAN: Open the doors.

Peace, my brothers.

His holiness, the most
venerable priest of Poseidon,

King of the ten kings,
will hear his council.

My lord, your holiness,
most venerable priest of...

Yes, yes, yes. I hear you, friend.

Lord, may I speak plainly?

It would grieve me to think
you would ever speak otherwise.

Speak as a friend should speak.

You are popular, Dalios.
The people love you.

Will their love fill their bellies in
the winter when the granaries are empty?

Your words are plain indeed, Hippias.
What would you have me do?

- Order the rain to fall?
- Aye, Dalios, I would!

- Hippias!
- Have a care.

Indeed, I shall have a care!

A care for the people of Atlantis.

A care that foolish superstition,
old wives' tales,

the fear of old men, should not
prevent our caring for them

- as our rank demands.
- He speaks the truth, Lord King.

You know not what you ask!

Must I be plainer still?
I know quite well!

I ask for the blessings
our forefathers once enjoyed!

I ask for the divine power
to be given back to the land

from which it was so cruelly stolen!

But Master,
why are we not in Atlantis?

My dear Krasis, I must work out
our landing coordinates

as accurately as possible.

You see, your people must realise
immediately that I am the Master,

that I come from the Gods and
that I'm bringing Kronos back to them.

Where then will you arrive?

Aye. Smack in the middle
of the temple, of course.


Brothers, silence!

Peace! Peace, I say!

I shall speak plainly, too.

You ask for the blessings
of the golden years,

yet there came a time
when Atlantis grew to hate them.

What would you have, Hippias?

If you were master of Kronos,
Lord of Time?

Ten crops in one season,

a surfeit of fishes, an ocean of wine?

Then take your barren soil as well,
the stinking piles of rotting meat

and idle, drunken people.
I tell you, Kronos was a curse!

- But Dalios...
- Be silent! The King speaks.

I have seen a temple
twice the size of this

fall through a crack in the
very bedrock of the earth.

I have seen a city drowned.
A land laid waste by fire.

So, listen to the fears of an old man.

For I tell you if Kronos came again,
Atlantis would be doomed.

Destroyed! Never to rise again!


No, listen. I hear strange music.


There it is again.

MAN: Look!




Who are you?

I am the Master. I come
as an emissary from the gods.

Indeed? Any god in particular?

Of course, why should you trust me?

- HIPPIAS: Krasis!
- Krasis!

Now do you believe me?

DALIOS: What do you want?

To speak of the ancient mysteries.
Secrets of the mighty Kronos.

You are brave indeed, o Master.
An emissary from the gods?

Brothers, should I listen to this man?

He has the very bearing
of a god himself.

He appeared from
the heavens like Zeus.

I have seen many such tricks.

- Krasis?
- Most venerable, I have seen him!

- I have seen the mighty one.

You have seen Kronos?

We must speak together privately.
Council is at an end.

Come, lady.

Counsel is at an end.

The King departs.
Sound the trumpets.


He had the bearing of a god.

There we are, Jo.
On our way to Atlantis.

But you can't just take the Tardis
wherever you want, can you?

I mean, you haven't even managed
to fix it yet. Or have you?

No, not entirely.

But the Time Sensor will lead us
to where the Master's Tardis is.

Not inside it?

Well, I hope not. Not this time,
but we'll soon find out.

But, Krasis, I beseech you,
please, give me the chance!


Well, well, well.
Isn't it a small world?

- You are still alive?
- Yes, so it would seem.

But not for long. Guards!

No! I forbid it. Are you mad?

- Who are these strangers?
- They are the enemies of the Master!

And therefore the enemies
of our people and our land.

- We've come here to warn you that...
- Silence!

You will regret this interference, lord.
Take them to the King!

Come this way.

If the High Priest saw fit
to break a sacred trust,

do you think that good reason
for the King to follow?

Your High Priest saw
the crystal in my hands.

He saw Kronos himself,
saw him dominated by me.

Krasis knows that I am
the Master of Kronos.

Krasis is but a slave at heart.

Maybe, but he has come to learn
that it is well to obey me.

DALIOS: You seek
to make me fear you?

Oh, not at all.

But if you will but see like Krasis
that I am indeed the Master of Kronos,

then naturally, you will obey me.
You will obey me.

You will obey me...

A very elementary technique
of fascination.

I am too old a fish,

too old in years
and in the hidden ways

to be caught in such a net.

You are no emissary from the gods.

- But you saw...
- Tell me then, what of great Poseidon?

What did he have for breakfast?


Fish, I suppose?

And what of Zeus and Hera?

What is the latest gossip
from Olympus?

Do tell me.

I underestimated you, Dalios.

I'm no child to play
with such painted dolls.

Kronos is no god, no Titan.
I know that and so do you!

The King is old in wisdom.

Now you try to flatter me.

You pull a string
and want to see me dance.

You shall not have the crystal.

I shall go now.
I have nothing more to say to you!

You have said nothing to me yet.

When you find the true word to speak,
I will listen.

Good afternoon. Now, where have I
seen that face before?

Can't think of anything to say?

How about "Curses! Foiled again!"


Come this way.

Strangers are uncommon in our land.
Who are you?

This is Jo.
Jo Grant, Your Majesty.

You are welcome, Jo Jo Grant.

Surely as in ancient times,
a goddess has descended from Olympus.

But I'm not a goddess.
Honestly, I'm not.

No, no, of course
you're not, my child.

Forgive the clumsy gallantry
of an old man.

I'm afraid I'm sadly out of practice.

- Hippias.
- Lord?

Take the Lady Jo Jo Grant to the Queen,
while I talk with this, uh...

Oh, this is the Doctor.

...this learned man.

This way, lady.

You'll be all right.

Forgive the roughness
of your welcome.

Hippias has all the delicacy
of a red-necked fisherman.

Nevertheless, he did save
our lives, Your Majesty.

Indeed? He kept that to himself.

But what did you think of him, Lakis?

He had the bearing of a god, lady.

My very thoughts.
In fact, my very words.

Are you teasing me, girl?
Would you dare?

No, lady, no.

No, I hardly think you would.

Are you frightened?

I shan't be angered by your reply.
If it is an honest one.

I like the Lord Hippias better.

(SCOFFS) A sweet meat.

A confection for a child's taste.

I prefer this Master.

He would not cloy upon the tongue
as Hippias does.

He is a very handsome man, lady.

Handsome. Aye, he looked well enough.

But his face, Lakis.
It was a face of power.

A man with such a face would dare risk
the world to win his own desire.

Hippias is but a boy.
A petulant boy.

And a foolish one, no doubt,
to trust a queen.

Foolish, certainly,

to think himself man enough
to love a queen.

No, Lakis! Come back.

The lord Hippias is not staying.

The lord Hippias
would not be here at all

but he has been sent
on an errand by the King.

Then give me your message and go.

Lady! I did my best.

He made you look a fool.

Lady Galleia, may I present to you
the Lady Jo Jo Grant.

The King bids you treat her
as an honoured guest.

How do you...


Greetings, lady.

You come from a far land?

Couldn't be much further.

She and her companion fell
from the skies, as did the Master.

The day of wonders.

You can say that again.

Why should I say it again?


- Show the Lady Jo Jo Grant...
- Oh, it's just Jo, actually.

Your pardon.
Show the Lady Jo to a guest room.

And give her attire more fitting
to a lady of the court.

Yes, lady.

- Thank you.
- This way.

And Lakis, return quickly.
I have an errand for you.

Yes, lady.

And none for me to run?

A flower, perhaps?

A token of undying love
to some lordling of the court.

But no, it would be dead
before it were delivered.

You are impertinent.

Remember, I am Galleia,
Queen of Atlantis.

Daughter of kings and wife of Dalios.

So, have a care.

Your pardon, I took you for another.

I knew Galleia once, you see.
The woman, not the queen.

A sweet and loving lady.
I took you for her.

Please, do forgive me.

You may go!

Aye, thank you, lady.

Lakis! Lakis, come to me at once.

Come closer.

Go to the Lord Master
and when no one is near,

say quietly to him
only one word.

What word, lady?


Kronos, Kronos, Kronos.

I am the last alive who has known,
who has seen,

who remembers with the terror
of twisted guts.

And these fools would have me
bring him back.

But why didn't you
destroy the crystal?

We tried and merely split the smaller
crystal from it. It cannot be destroyed.

Yes, of course.
Just like the Tardis.

It has its being outside time,
but its appearance is here.

You are a philosopher, friend.

Well, if wisdom is to seek the truth,
I am, yes.

Then, help me, Doctor. Help me
to find a way to stop these evil men.

Help me to save Atlantis
from destruction!

- Where is she?
- If you will please wait, lord.

The Master waits for no one.

I shall return when the Queen
is ready to speak with me.

Please, stay.
Lord, great Lord, be seated.

The wine, Lakis.

You may go.

Minister to the needs of our guest.

Lady Queen...

You are beautiful.

Wow! What a groovy dress.

Do you reckon
it'll get Mum's approval?

- Mum? Oh, you mean Queen Galleia?
- Yeah, I guess so.

- (GIGGLES) Mum.
- Anyway let's go and give her a preview.

No, I'm sorry.
She does not wish to be disturbed.

The Lord Master is with her.

- Is he, now?
- They speak of the sacred mysteries.

Kronos and all that bit?

- (WHISPERING) It is forbidden.
- But that is what they're on about?

- Yes.
- Right.

No, you mustn't go in!
You mustn't!

Look, I'll be as quiet as a...

Do they have mice in Atlantis?

- Yes.
- Well, that's what I'll be as quiet as.

An Atlantean mouse. Okay?

You're a man who knows
what he wants, Lord Master.

And takes it.

You want the crystal?

I am going to possess it.

- Not without my consent.
- Of course not.

But, um, I am confident
that you will give it.

Hmm. Why should I help you?

For the sake of Atlantis, lady.

Would you not see her restored
to her former glory?

Rich, powerful, magnificent
among the nations of the world?

(LAUGHS) Who would not be ruler
of such a country?

Nothing must happen to Dalios.

Why should it?
He will rule for many years.

The beloved sovereign of a happy,
prosperous people.

But surely you would want...

Well, purely because
of Lord Dalios's great age,

it might be well
if he were relieved

of some of the more
onerous duties of kingship.

The reins of power, Lady Queen,
should be in stronger hands.

Hands such as yours.

And yours?

It would be a pleasure to serve you.

And then, when the end comes to Dalios,
as it must come for all men,

then perhaps...

The crystal shall be yours.

MASTER: Tell me, where is it kept?

Deep in the earth,
beneath the temple.

Dalios has the key.

Oh, and Krasis has a key.

Well, then Krasis will take me there.
I'll speak with him immediately.

I wish it were as simple as that.

No one can get near,
save Dalios himself.

It's certain death to try.

What is the danger?

The Guardian.

DOCTOR: Yes, but who is the Guardian?

A beast. A man.
You can take your choice.

Once he was my friend.
A fellow councillor, a great athlete.

And just as I longed for the wisdom
the years alone could bring,

so he craved great strength.

The strength of the bull.
And a long life in which to use it.

Well, it's a harmless enough ambition,
I should have thought.

So should I. But Kronos in his
blind sport gave him his desire.

But not only the strength,
the head of a bull.

And so he has remained
for the past 500 years or more.

That's the Minotaur.


Oh, it doesn't matter.
Please go on.

There is little more to tell.

No one else shall suffer
as he has suffered.

Till the last day of his life,
for which he longs so ardently,

he will guard the crystal.

No one can approach it.

To try is certain death.

MASTER: Would you like
to volunteer, Krasis?

No, Lord, no.

Very well, then.

We shall send one down
who is mighty with his sword,

and who longs with all his heart
to seize the crystal.

One whose death
would be of little account.

But who, lady?

Hippias, of course.

What can we do?
What can we do?

We'll tell the Doctor.
That's what we can do.

Now, take me to the King.

I dare not, Lady Jo.

Would you rather let your
precious Hippias face that creature?

Oh, well, come quickly, then.

(WHISPERING) This way.


JO: Take me to the King.

The King is not to be disturbed.

But I've got to see the Doctor!
It's a matter of life and death!

CRITO: Indeed, it is. Yours.

- When you hear what I've got to say...
- Come away.

- (WHISPERING) What's the matter?
- Have a care.

The Lord Crito is
no friend to Hippias.

- For his sake, you...

Right, they're going now.

I'll follow them.

You try to get in and tell the Doctor
and the King, for that matter.

All right? Now, take care.


No, Hippias! Don't go in...


Open the door and let me out!