Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 9, Episode 1 - Day of the Daleks: Episode One - full transcript

When someone tries to assassinate diplomat Sir Reginald Styles, UNIT investigate the possibility his attacker came from the future.

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You will be sure that nobody disturbs him, won't you?

What the...?

Ah... no... no! No!

Sir Reginald?

Are you all right?

What happened?

He attacked me! Tried to kill me!

Who did? What happened?

He vanished... disappeared into thin air! Like a... ghost...


Ah, I have the Minister for you.


Oh good, put him through, will you?

Hello? Hello?

Er, good morning, Minister.

I've just been on to Auderly House. I've rather had some rather disturbing news.

Yes, yes, I've seen the report from Miss..., Miss Paget. Doesn't seem to be very much to go on.

I don't need to tell you how critical the situation is.

Er, yes, Minister. I'm very well aware of Sir Reginald's importance in these negotiations.

Then you're proposing to do nothing about it?

No, Minister. I do not propose to ignore the matter. I'm putting my best man on to it.

As a matter of fact, I was just about to brief him when you rang.

Doctor, why don't you take a break?

It's maddening, you know. So nearly there. If I could only cut out their override on the dematerialisation circuit. Let me see those figures.


I thought the TARDIS was working again.

What gave you that idea?

Oh, being dragged off to an alien planet five hundred years in the future, for example. Oh, you know - all that business with the miners and the colonists.

My dear Jo, the TARDIS was being operated then under remote control by the High Council of the Time Lords.

Well, if it worked for them...

I don't want it to work for them. I want it to work for me. No-one's going to turn me into an interplanetary puppet.

Yes, of course. Why didn't I think of that before?

Yes, of course. I remember now.

Look, don't worry, my dear. I know you're alarmed but you needn't be.

Yes, well I think that should do it. Why on Earth I never realised that...

Oh no! What are you doing here?

Well, I'm not here. Don't worry. Well, that is, in a sense, er, I am here, but, erm, you are not there. Er... yes, well, it's a bit difficult to explain really.

This won't do at all! We can't have two of us running about.

Yes, well don't worry. It will all sor...

Doctor! What happened?

Well, it's a very complicated thing - time - Jo. Once you've begun tampering with it, the oddest things start happening.

But there was another you and another... me.

Well, where've they gone?

Back into their own time stream, of course. Or do I mean forward?

But, Doctor, I don't understand...

Look, Jo. Don't worry about it. It was a freak affect. It's very unlikely to happen again.

Hold that and give me those papers.

Ah, Doctor. Glad you're still here.

I need your help.

Sorry, Brigadier. I'm busy.

Yeah, so am I, Doctor, so am I. Now then, you've heard of Sir Reginald Styles?

No, can't say that I have.

Well isn't he the chief representative at the UN?

That's right - key figure at the latest summit conference.

My dear chap, I'm a scientist. Not a politician.

You know, Doctor, if you... didn't spend so much time tinkering around with this wretched contraption, you'd realise just how bad the international situation's become.

Humans are always squabbling over something, Brigadier.

Yes, well, this particular squabble looks like ending up in a third world war.

The Chinese delegation have refused to attend. Without them, the conference can't even begin. Now Styles is flying to Peking in a few hours. There's just a chance that he can persuade them to change their minds.

All right, Brigadier. So what's his problem?

Well, he was working late last night, down at Auderly...

Where's that?

Auderly, Miss Grant, is a Government owned country house about fifty miles north of London where the conference is due to be held.


He suddenly started behaving... rather oddly. Seemed to think that someone was trying to assassinate him.

Any idea who?

Some sort of "ghost" apparently.

He said somebody attacked him and vanished.

And you're absolutely certain that he used the word "ghost"?

Oh yes. But afterwards he...

Miss Paget! What's going on here?!

These people are from UNIT, sir.

Who asked them to come here?

I did - because of what happened yesterday.

Nothing happened yesterday.

There seems to have been some sort of incident, Sir Reginald?

Nothing of any importance.

Well, if you could tell us what happened?

I was working late. I must have dropped off. Freak gust of wind, blew some papers off my desk, I woke up rather confused, I was picking up the papers when Miss Paget came in.

But you did mention ghosts.

Did I? Must have been having a nightmare.

But the French windows were shut. I closed them before I went to bed.

Then I must have opened them!

Did you, er, did you also make those marks on the floor over there? Muddy feet, Sir Reginald. Someone was in here, you know.

Are you accusing me of lying, sir?!

Sir Reginald, you've obviously been under considerable strain recently. Were you feeling at all unwell last night?

I felt, and feel, perfectly well. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've a lot to do. I'm due at the airport in an hour.

You've no objection to my men searching the grounds?

None at all. Though I really don't know what you hope to find.

He's over here!


Ah, he's in a bad way, poor chap. You'd better get him to the hospital.

Captain Yates...

Right away, sir.

This is a new one on me. What do you make of it, Doctor?

I'm not sure...


What've you got there, Benton?

No idea, sir.

It was hidden about fifty feet inside the tunnel. Must have been put there recently, I reckon.

Your report?

We... found... and destroyed... the enemy.

Any complications?

No complications.

Good. They will be satisfied.

I did not say dismiss! I want an intensified effort. There can be no relaxation - not until we have found all those responsible for this menace - and eliminated them too! Now you may go.

But keep me informed of all developments.

Have you seen this before?

Really Brigadier! What sort of games are you playing?

It's not a game, sir. It's our duty to protect you!

I don't need your protection!

Sir Reginald, we've just found a very severely injured man down by the canal tunnel.

Oh really? And what did he look like?

Thirty-fiveish, average build. He was wearing a sort of guerilla combat suit.

And carrying that gun.

I am very sorry, gentlemen, but I have rather more important things on my mind at the moment. If you'll excuse me?

I've arranged an escort to take you to the airport, sir.

Thank you, but it shouldn't be necessary.

I'm sorry, sir, but I think it will!

Oh, if you insist.

I'd like to get that gun down to the laboratory and run a few tests on it.

Anything else we can do?

No, not for the moment. I think we'll just have to sit and wait and hope that our would-be assassin regains consciousness.

And stay with him every moment, Benton. Take down everything he says - anything at all.

Leave it to me, sir.

Well, basically it's a form of ultra-sonic disintegrator.

You mean a ray gun?

That's right, Jo, I mean a ray gun. Only it's far more sophisticated than any weapon yet invented on Earth. Now take a look at this.

Quite an effective little weapon, eh?

Doctor, you say this wasn't made on Earth. Do you mean it comes from another planet?

Well that was my theory at first, yes. But the metallurgical analysis shows that the, er, iron constituent is very much of this world. In fact, it was mined not very far from here - North Wales.

How do you explain that?

Do you believe in ghosts, Brigadier?

Let's be serious, Doctor.

I am.

Oh, come along, Doctor, come along.

Oh, my mistake. I was forgetting the unimaginative nature of the military mind. But we saw a couple of "Amicus Seperatus" a few moments ago, didn't we, Jo?

Did we?

Yes, here in this laboratory.

Oh, you mean when we...

Mind you, they were manifestations of a much more benevolent kind. None of your clanking chains and chilly fingers! But ghosts, none the less.

That was because you were playing around with the time mechanism on the TARDIS, wasn't it?

Still can't get it to work, eh?

Well, I can't get this thing to work, either. But this is a form of, er, of time machine of a very crude kind.

How do you know?

Come over here. Look at this.

Now what do you think that is?

Ooh, it's a... mini-dematerialisation circuit.

Top of the class, Jo. Now then, pop this in here, like that.

Now, as far as I can gather, when you push this button, it should...

Good grief! It's working!


What is it?

Time transmitter in operation, sir. Twentieth Century Zone.

Can you fix the space-time coordinates?

I'm trying, sir, but it's very faint and erratic.

Do be careful, Doctor!

All right, Jo, all right.


No good, sir. There was a transference, I think, but the machine's cut out completely.

Continue scanning - and next time you had better be more efficient!


Well, the thing's completely dead now.

But it was working.

Yeah, it started to work...

Ah, I see, yeah. Yes, the temporal feedback circuit has overloaded.

The what's done what?

In your terms, Brigadier, the thing's blown a fuse!


Lethbridge-Stewart? Yes, Sergeant. Really? You're sure? Yes, I see. All right, sergeant. You'd better report back to Captain Yates. Goodbye.

That was Benton. He was in the ambulance with the man we found.


Well according to him, that man just... vanished, faded away - like a ghost.

Oh no!

Well, Doctor, what now?

Well, everything that happens seems to centre round Styles' house.


And whoever tried to harm him will probably try again.

Jo, how would you like to spend the night in a haunted house?

You know, one thing you can be certain of with politicians, is that whatever their political ideas, they always keep a well-stocked larder - not to mention the cellar!

Doctor, ought you just to help yourself like that?

Well, you heard what Miss Paget said, Jo. We were to treat the place as our own.

I wish you hadn't sent all the servants away.

That's commonsense. You can't expect a ghost to walk in a house full of people, can you? Come on, tuck in.

Well, I'm not really hungry, thank you, Doctor.

Well you ought to eat something, you know. This is likely to be a very long night.

What's that?

It's a clock chiming. I say, you really ought to try this gorgonzola cheese. It's absolutely delicious.


Hello? Hello? Greyhound to trap one. Greyhound to trap one. How do you read me, over?

All the lads are in position, sir.

Thank you, Benton. Quiet so far?

Like a morgue.

Yes... yes, that's a most good-humoured wine. A touch sardonic perhaps, but not cynical! Yes, a most civilised wine. One after my own heart.

Everything all right, miss?

It was until you came along! You took years off my life creeping about like that!

Well, I didn't want to disturb the Doc. What's he up to?

Well, at the moment, he's carrying on rather like a one-man food and wine society.

Oh, talking of food, you, er, you couldn't get us a bite to eat, could you, miss? I'm famished!

Hang on.


All in a good cause.

Ah, you've saved my life.

Sergeant Benton!


Just what do you think you're up to, Benton?

Er, I... was just checking, sir.

Yes, well I want you to go and check on number three patrol. Move, Sergeant Benton.


Jo, how thoughtful!

Well, that wasn't very kind of you.



Rank Has Its Privileges. Thank you.

And what was all that about?

Feeding the troops.

Oh, quite right. Do you know, I remember saying to old Napoleon, "Boney", I said, "Always remember - an army marches on its stomach".

Well, Mike Yates certainly does. Doctor?


You didn't mean what you said to the Brigadier - about... ghosts?

Well, there are many different kinds of ghosts, Jo. Ghosts from the past and ghosts from the future.

Well what kind did you have in mind?

What's more to the point is - have they got us in mind?

Just the wind.

Look, why don't you take a nap?

We'll wait here till it's light.

Time we...

I said we'll wait!

Wake up, Jo.

It's all right. It's morning.

Nothing's happened?

No, nothing at all.

Any chance of a cup of coffee?

The canteen's closed, sir.

It would be.


Not a murmur, sir, all night.

It's Geneva, sir.

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency to all UNIT national HQ's - stand by for a special announcement.

Here is the latest official report: the international situation is growing steadily worse. War now seems inevitable. As yet, there is no further news of Sir Reginald Styles, who has flown to Peking in a last minute attempt to persuade the Chinese to con... reconsider their withdrawal.

Observation satellites report troops massing along the Russian-Chinese frontier. In South America and Southern Asia, reports say fighting has already broken out in many regions. All UNIT personnel are hereby placed in maximum alert!

Jo! Jo!

Please! Turn that machine off - or they'll kill all of us! Please!



We've picked up that time transmitter again.

You're sure?

Yes, sir. Same frequency, same time... time zone. Much stronger now.

Right. I want the exact space-time co-ordinates so whatever happens, don't lose it!

We have a fix on the time transfer device. It is operating again in the twentieth century time zone and it must be them.

You have obtained the space-time co-ordinates?

We're trying now. The trace is much stronger this time. There is every chance...

You must not fail!

Security forces are standing by. If we do get the co-ordinates, what are your instructions?

Whoever is operating the time machine is an enemy of the Daleks. All enemies of the Daleks must be destroyed! Exterminate them!

Exterminate them! Exterminate them! Exterminate them!