Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 17 - Colony in Space: Episode Three - full transcript

The Doctor makes it back to the colony and warns Ashe what Dent is up to but when Jo and Winton try to find proof they are captured.

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So what do you think happened?

Well, I think the whole thing has been faked by someone who wanted to frighten the colonists away.

Well, these claw marks, I mean, something made them.

Yeah, they could have been faked by some sort of mechanical device.

You mean with something like this?

Yes, yes - exactly like this!

By the time they find you, the monster will have claimed another victim.

Keep back! Purely business, you understand. Nothing personal...

Now, if you fire that thing... you'll spoil your whole story. Monsters don't carry guns!

You'll have to keep going on your individual power units. Main dome out.

Oh, take a rest.

I could do with it.

What's happening?

Have they had any luck with the relay circuits?

I don't know - Norton and Winton are still working on it.

All the domes have been screaming for power.

I've been checking the stock of individual power units. We've only got enough to last us a few days.

Well then what?

No power for machinery, no heat, no light - we're finished.

I wish the Doctor was here. He'd be able to fix it for you. Look, he has been gone rather a long time. You said you'd be able to go and look for him.

I've got rather more to worry about than your friend, you know! The whole life of this colony is in danger!

Yes, I know, but he was trying to help you.

Yes, yes, I'm... I'm very sorry. I'll send someone to look for him.

Thank you.

Any luck?

Norton say's it's impossible.

Well that's it then.

What's that?

It sounds like a spaceship!

It must be going to land right by us!

Radar _ confirm terrain firm.

Keep main retrorockets steady. Altitude report?

One hundred meters. Descent rate now at minimum.

Activate landing stabilizers.

Landing stabilizers in position.

Final altitude report.

Twenty meters... fifteen meters... ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five...

We have contact.

Cut motors.

You've landed practically in their laps.

Yes sir.

I can assure you, Mr. Ashe, I'm as surprised as you are. How long have you been here?

More than a year now. You realize this planet has been assigned for colonization?

No, not according to my company. We've been assigned full mineral rights.

Then your people must have made a mistake.

Or yours. In any event, we're both here, so there's only one remedy - we shall have to send for an Adjudicator.

Well, we know all about that. It takes years to reach a decision and by then, you've chewed up the entire planet.

I'm sure you agree we must apply the proper procedures.

Well, yes I suppose so...

Procedures nothing, Robert! This planet's ours - and the sooner you're off it, the better!



What happened? Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine Jo, fine.

Sorry if that spoils your plans, Captain Dent!

My plans? I... don't understand.

I was to have been another victim of their imaginary monsters. They're trying to frighten you off this planet.

That's a very serious allegation, Doctor.

Yes, and one that I shall have great pleasure in bringing before the proper authorities. You say there's some sort of procedure?

Yes, we're going to send for an Adjudicator.

Good. I'm sure he'll be very interested in hearing what I have to say.


I refuse to listen to this man's... "ravings" any longer. I'll send a message to the Adjudicator's bureau right away. If you'll excuse me.

He really tried to kill you?

Oh yes! Yes, the IMC people are using a robot to fake these monsters.

Doctor, those monsters were real - I saw them!

Optical trickery so that you think you can see monsters... and a robot with claws so that you can see their effects. The immobilized robot is at Leeson's dome. Or it was - they've probably removed it by now.

This is unbelievable!

Yes, well, don't worry old chap. When the adjudicator hears of IMC's methods, he's bound to decide in your favor.

Yes, if we're still here.

Why shouldn't we still be here?

We're in a middle of a power breakdown. Jo said that you might be able to fix it.

Well, I'd be only too pleased, but at the moment I'm looking for some lost property. It's a box, erm...

A tall blue box like...

Doctor! You haven't lost the TARDIS?!

Well no, I haven't exactly lost it. Let's say it's temporarily mislaid.

But don't you realize, without the TARDIS we're stranded?

Look Doctor, the whole life of this colony is in danger! Now, we'll help you look for your blue box later.

Yes, all right. Come on, show me what's wrong.

But Doctor...

Later, Jo, later.

The relay circuits have been completely destroyed...

What's he talking about? Optical trickery? I've been hunted by those things. You've seen them.

I saw something. It could have been faked.

I tell you the man's crazy! Those creatures are real and you know it!

If the Doctor says they were faked, they were faked.

Yes, but he hasn't mannered... managed to produce any evidence, has he?

Well, why don't we do something?

Such as what?

Well, we could find some proof.


We could start with the IMC spaceship.

There was nothing I could do!

The Doctor told everyone what happened.

Did they believe him?

I'm not sure.

These look very good. Have you sent for an adjudicator?

Not yet.

But you are going to?

Of course - legality must always be maintained.

What are you two going to say when the Doctor tells the adjudicator his story?

IMC control room?

Norton to IMC. Urgent message: two colonists are about to enter your ship.


There you are. I think that should do it.

I'm really very grateful, Doctor! I'd better get power out to the outlying domes.

How long will it keep going?

Eh? Well, as long as you want it to, of course. You say that somebody else has been trying to repair this relay circuit?

Yes, Norton.

Well, he didn't make a very good job. In fact one might almost think that he'd been trying to make things worse.

Doctor! There's a message for you from the IMC ship.


Captain Dent says he wants to see you.

What about?

Something to do with Jo Grant.

Good of you to come so promptly, Doctor.

All right, Captain Dent, where's Jo Grant?

Under arrest. She was caught attempting to rob this spaceship.

You've got no right to hold her...!

You are acquainted with interplanetary laws? She's committed a capital offence.

I see. All right, what do you want?

When the adjudicator arrives you will withdraw your ridiculous accusations.

That's quite out of the question, and I repeat: where is Jo Grant!

Not here, Doctor. She is rather uncomfortably placed. Do you know anything of our survey methods?


An explosive charge is laid and activated by remote control. I have only to press...

...this button.

I wouldn't do that - not until I've gone. Once the charge is primed, these things are very sensitive. In fact... I wouldn't move at all.

What is this place?

Primitive dwelling. Rather aptly named. Well? What do we do now?

Try and escape?

Of course!

But this is abominable, Doctor! I'll go and see Captain Dent at once!

What good will that do? Dent'll deny everything and you'll be putting Jo's life at risk.

Then we must organize a search.

Look, Dent's spaceship is only a few hundred yards from this dome. He'll be monitoring us on his scanners.

Well, what if he is?

Use your head, man! If he sees the slightest sign of a search, he'll detonate that charge!

Be careful, Jo!

You'll blow us all sky high.

Wait a minute... this thing's just been unpacked.


Well, there's still some grease on the casing.

I get you.

But, I can't reach. Look, if you can get some on my wrist...

You'll have to try and pull your hands through. It won't be very easy.

Well, I... took a course in escapology - once.



Now back to the dome and warn Ashe!

I'm not leaving here without you!

Look, don't you see this is just the evidence we need for the adjudicator?

I'm not leaving here without you!


Something's happening. Who's guarding the girl?


Captain Dent to security guard Allen.

Receiving you.

Check up on your prisoners.

There are no guards - quick! This way, Jo!

Stay where you are!

Run, run!

Oh, please, no! Run, Winton, run! You'll be killed!

No, no!

Security guard Allen to Captain Dent. Male prisoner has escaped.

You've still got the girl?

Yes sir.

From now on, stay where you can see her.

What about the explosive charge, sir?

Don't worry. I'll give you plenty of warning.

Send some guards after the man.

Do you want him brought back alive?

Don't bother! I got him for you!

Okay. Right.

It's all right. They've gone.

All right.

You'll be all right here.

Now I'd better have a look at you.

All right, all right.

Yes, you're lucky... and you're lucky we've got these.

Why are you helping me?

I'm not one of Dent's killers. I'm a miner.

Thank you.

Why were they after you?

We were hostages. There was a girl with me, they've... still got her.

You go back to the colony and persuade your friends to get off this planet.

We're waiting for the adjudicator.


Do you know what that this - those veins? It's duralinium. This is the richest source we've ever found. Now IMC want this planet and they're going to have it!

The adjudicator's decision is law. If he says we can stay...

Even adjudicators can be dealt with! Oh, get your people off this planet before someone else is hurt.

It's dark now so they can't use their scanners.

We'll start the search at the Primitive caves here, then onto the Primitive ruins here and here.


Winton, where's Jo?

IMC have still got her.

What, you left her?

Doctor, there was nothing else I could do.

Well how did you get away?

One of the IMC men helped me but I had to leave Jo in the Primitive ruins.

Then we'll have to get over there at once!

Well, they'll have moved her by now.

Then we must organize a search.

No - we're going to mount an attack on their spaceship. We're going to try and get them to surrender, make them release Jo and then get them off this planet.

We're not going to start a war!

Now look, Robert - I've been chained to a bomb, hunted and shot at. As far as I'm concerned, the war's already started.

You've got to stop him. Dent'll shoot them down and be glad of the excuse!

It seems the decision has been taken out of my hands.

Come in, dome three. Come in, dome three.

Report to main dome immediately - do you read me?

Yes, I read you.

Did you say one of them helped you?

Yes - Caldwell, their chief mineralogist.

Well, where was he?

He had a survey tent pitched in the north sector.

Can you direct me there?

Well, why?

Well, I've got to talk to him. The only way we can save Jo now is with help from the inside.

Ah, Caldwell.

Working out your future bonuses?

What do you want?

I want your help.

I work for IMC.

Did you know that Captain Dent had given orders to have me killed?


Or that they'd taken Jo Grant prisoner and may kill her?

Look, Dent's just bluffing to... to scare you into keeping quiet.

Tomorrow morning, the colonists are going to attack your spaceship.

Then you'd better stop them. The guards will mow them down.

I know. That's why I'm here. There's something that you can do to help me.


Release Jo Grant before the attack starts.

All right, I'll do what I can. But you'd better stop that attack, Doctor. It won't be battle - it'll be a slaughter.

Your message received from Captain Dent. Confirm an adjudicator is in your present galactic sector and is now on his way. Message ends.

Message from Earth control. An adjudicator's on his way.

Did they say who?


Doesn't matter. Allen's still guarding the girl?

Yes, but I'd better send someone to relieve him.

Never mind about relieving that guard, Morgan. You just have the girl brought back here.

What are you talking about?

Now you heard me - have her brought back!

You're not in command of this ship.

I'm in command of the mining operation. If the girl isn't brought back, the survey stops.

You'd be breaking your contract.

You'd have to explain to head office.

Have her brought back.

Caldwell, you've just committed professional suicide.

Come on. You're going back to the spaceship.

Why? What for?

I'm just obeying orders. Get a move on.

Don't shoot!

You make a frontal attack like that, and Dent'll blast you down without a second's thought!

We've got them outnumbered.

What difference does that make?! That ship is like a fortress and the men are trained! By the time the adjudicator arrives... well, he will have killed them all and claimed it was self-defense.

Now look, Doctor, we're going to attack this morning and that's final!

I see. Well, you leave me no alternative. If I can't stop you, I must help you.

Oh yes - how?

By giving you a piece of good advice - unless you want IMC warned, I'd keep a very close watch of our friend Norton.

And secondly?

By helping you devise a less idiot plan of attack!

Where do you think you're going?

I believe you've got a friend of mine in there.

Well, we wouldn't know about that.

But I was told she was here. I was expecting to meet her.

This in an IMC ship - there are none of your people in here.

Excuse me...

What the...?

Captain Dent to security guard Allen, come in please and report your position.

This is Captain Dent to security guard Allen, do you read me?

I can't raise him.

Come on, Dent, where's that girl?

The receiver's on and working... but he's not answering.

Hey! You!

Come here!

All right, the control room! Move!

Captain Dent to security section, what's going on? Report immediately.

I'm afraid your guards are rather busy, Captain!

All right, Dent, where's Jo Grant?

She's vanished, Doctor. I can't contact her guard.

Is this true?

I think so.

I'll leave them to you.

You know this is an act of piracy punishable by death under interplanetary law?

Never mind the speeches, Captain. Order your guards to surrender - now.

All I can do is go down to those Primitive ruins and start searching from there.

I know where they are, Doctor. I'll take you there.

Good. Well, Winton seems to have seized control. I only hope he can keep it.

Quite so.

We've got to find out what's happening in those Primitive ruins - and where they've taken Jo.

Err, seems as if the Primitives are no longer friendly.

Well, what do you expect? Norton killed one.

Yes, and Morgan tried to kill another. Where would the Primitives have taken Jo - to their city?

I'm afraid so.


In the early days, one or two of our people went down there. There were rumors of creatures that lived in the ruins.

Well, did they find them?

We don't know - they never came back.