Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 7, Episode 25 - Inferno: Episode 7 - full transcript

The Doctor is back in his own universe and must stop Stahlman before his earth suffers the same fate as the parallel one.


-Go on, Doctor. Go now!
-I can't! It's still too erratic.




Sergeant! Over here! Quickly!

What's the matter? It's the Doctor!

-I can see that. Tell the Brigadier.
-Right, Miss Shaw.

STAHLMAN: It's perfectly straightforward, Petra.

We boost all power circuits to maximum load

and that'll give us a further acceleration of 3.6%.

Well, do you find some fault in my calculations?

Of course not, Professor Stahlman.

Well, then, what's the matter?

We're already 1 2% over the planned acceleration.

Another 3% will take us
well over the safety margin.

The safety margins are for cautious old women
like Sir Keith.

I know perfectly well what I'm doing.
Pass on my instructions, please.

You look worried.

He's ordered a further acceleration, 3.6%.

-But he can't do that.
-I'm afraid he can.

-We're pushing the safety limits now.
-Yes, I know.

I'm gonna have a word with him.

Greg, it's no use.

-He usually listens to me, but this time...
-But not any more, eh?

Let's face it, Petra, he's losing his grip.

Professor Stahlman's been working
on this project for years.

-He must know what's going on.
-But he can still make mistakes, can't he?

If he makes one at this stage, it could be a lulu!

Greg, let me talk to him first.

All right.

You go and soften him up
and I'll close in for the kill.


-Well, Benton?
-Excuse me, sir, but it's the Doctor.

He's... Well, he's back.

-Where is he?
-He's in the hut, sir. Miss Shaw's with him.

-Right, I'll come back with you now.
-Right, sir.

My dear Miss Williams,
much as I value your services,

I must remind you
that you're not in control of the...


PETRA: (ECHOING) Professor! Professor Stahlman!

Look, Professor Stahlman,
this accelerated drilling, it just isn't on, you know.

So someone else is about to tell me
how to run my own project.

We should be slowing down at this stage,
not forcing the pace.

The drilling will continue at the pace I decide.

Professor, you've been working on this project
for years, right?

What's the mad rush in the last few hours?

We must reach penetration zero
at the earliest possible moment.

Every second...


SUTTON: (ECHOING) Professor? Professor?

You need a rest.

I don't want to discuss the matter any further.

Please carry out my instructions at once.

-I thought you were supposed to soften him up.
-He just wasn't listening.

-Greg, he's ill. He had some sort of attack.
-Yes, I saw it.

This whole thing is getting too much for him.
He's cracking up.

Heart's beating steadily.

-Both of them?

Well, what's the matter with him?

Some sort of coma.

How long before he comes out of it?

Difficult to say.

Could be a few hours, a few months.

-Some people never recover.

-I'll send for a doctor.
-I happen to be a doctor, Brigadier, remember?

Well, shouldn't he be in hospital?

It could be very dangerous to move him at all.

-What, leave him here?
-Why not? It's quiet.

We can keep him warm.

Miss Shaw,
I really think he needs medical attention.

Brigadier, I will look after him.

If you could spare me a moment, Professor?

I've been checking an emergency flange
on number 2 output pipe.

-It was repaired some time ago.
-Well, the man didn't do a very good job,

and at the rate we're drilling,
that flange could blow at any moment.

And what do you suggest?

If you could slow down the drilling rate,
I can get a proper job done.

-Another transparent excuse for delay.
-Excuse nothing!

At the speed we're drilling,
we could blow this place sky high

before you reach penetration zero.

Mr Sutton, you're here on sufferance.
That being the case, I...

I'm here because I was sent for by Sir Keith!

And, believe me, working with you is no pleasure.

Then I suggest you stop interfering
in matters beyond your understanding.


I'm trying to help!
I am supposed to be an advisor!

Oh, yes, one of Sir Keith's little army of experts.

Well, we don't need your advice, Mr Sutton.

Now, that ridiculous Doctor has gone,
Sir Keith himself has gone,

why don't you follow their example?

-Then we might make some progress.
-Don't worry, I'll do just that.

As far as I'm concerned,
you can blow yourself to kingdom come!

-Greg! You're not serious, are you?
-Of course I'm serious.

If I can't do anything else,
at least I can save my own neck.

Why don't you come with me?

-You're convinced there'll be a blow up?
-I'd take odds on it. Well?

-I can't leave. You know that.
-Loyal to the last, eh?

-I wish you'd change your mind about leaving.

Well, if anything were to happen, I...
I'd like to think you were here.

-Just for the good of the project?

Not entirely.

I've just got used to your being around.

Maybe I haven't been
wasting my time down here after all.


Hello. Get me Control.

Yes, I can hear the alarms.

This is Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart.
Now, get me Control!

Hello, Control? Lethbridge Stewart here.
Now, what's happening?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes, go on.

How serious?



Number 2...

Number 2 output pipe blown.

Doctor, can you hear me?

Number 2 output pipe...

What did he say?

Very dangerous. Very dangerous. Number 2...

Output pipe blown.

How on earth did he know?


The emergency flange on number 2 output pipe
has blown. It's just this minute happened!


-There's only...

Only one thing... One thing to do.

Reverse... Reverse all systems.

Reverse all systems immediately.

-Reverse all systems.
-Reverse all systems.


He knew about the leak,
almost as though he'd expected it.

But how could he?
Look at him, he's still in a coma.

Doctor, can you hear me?



BRIGADIER: It's no good.

Will you keep an eye on him, Brigadier?
I think Central Control ought to know about this.

Keep calm! This is only a minor emergency.
It can be contained.

-Professor, stop the drill!
-No, positively not.

You'd better do something and quick
otherwise you'll bust this place wide open!

-Have those riggers arrived yet?
-An army of riggers won't get you out of this one!

Oh, get back there. Go on!
Get back to your posts, all of you!

Back to the drill head. How dare you leave...

He's out of his mind!
He's not even trying to think of a solution!

Is there one?

What would happen
if you reversed all the systems?

-Reversed everything.

It's not such a crazy idea. It's been done before.

-With an oil shaft?
-Yes, in Arabia.

You push all the coolant down the output pipes

and draw up the debris
from the bottom of the shaft in the input pipes.

-Reverse the vortex? It's a possibility theoretically.

Professor Stahlman would never permit it.

-Just do it.
-Why not?

What about it, Petra?

Come on!

-Well, I reckon it's working.
-Seems to be.

That was a brilliant idea of yours.

-It wasn't my idea.
-Well, then who?

No, don't tell me, the Doctor. I heard he was back.

That's right, the Doctor.

I gave no such orders.

No, Professor Stahlman, I did.

Even you, Petra.

LIZ: (ECHOING) Doctor, are you all right?


It is Liz.

BRIGADIER: How are you, Doctor?

Fine, Brigadier.

You know, you really do look better
with that moustache.

Delirious. Poor chap.

Doctor, you really ought to rest.
You've been unconscious.

Yes, I'm very well aware of that.

Well, the pulse seems to be more or less normal...

at 1 70.

Yeah. Yes, both ticking away quite nicely.

Although the right one seems a fraction faster.
Still, that's only to be expected, isn't it?

Doctor, where did you go?
Where did the Tardis console take you?

Same time, same place,
only a different dimension.

It was a parallel world, Liz.

Terrible things are happening there.

Terrible things.

It wasn't this Earth, and yet it was.

I didn't go backwards into the past
or forwards into the future, I...

I slipped sideways.

You must lie down.

Brigade Leader...

that technician, the one who went berserk
and started killing people,

have you found him yet?


-And Stahlman, how's he?
-Still as difficult as ever.

-But no worse?
-Well, I haven't noticed.

How's the drilling?


Just a minute.

DOCTOR: Sir Keith!

My dear fellow,
so you've come back to us after all.

So you're not dead?

No, I came very close to it though.

-Why, what happened?
-Car crash.

But you're not dead?

You can see he's not dead.

The Doctor's been ill, sir.

That's excellent! Excellent!

Well, yes. Yes, I think so, too.

Brigadier, I shall have to lay very serious charges
against Professor Stahlman.

He ordered my chauffeur to delay my return.

So not everything runs parallel.

-He's been ill, you said?
-Yes, a coma.

Yes, of course, of course.

An infinity of universes,

ergo an infinite number of choices.

So free will is not an illusion after all.

The pattern can be changed.

BRIGADIER: Hello, get me the medical section,
will you? Thank you.

-Now, look.
-Yes, very well.

Now wait a minute.

I'm not sick, I'm not in need of a doctor
and I'm not a raving idiot.

No, no, no, of course not.

Perhaps you've had some sort of nightmare.

He did disappear. We saw him.

Sir Keith,

unless we do something very, very quickly indeed,
there's going to be a disaster.

-How do you know, Doctor?
-Because I've already seen it!

Professor Stahlman,
you must stop this drilling immediately!

-Who let this maniac back in here?
-Do you hear me? Close down this operation now!

-Brigadier, arrest this man.
-Listen to me, all of you!

You are not to attempt
to penetrate the Earth's crust.

-Brigadier, did you hear what I said?
-Doctor, please?

Get out of my light! Now stop this drilling!

-Stop this drilling!

-You don't understand, do you?
-Benton, get some help!

-Stop this drilling!
-Doctor, calm down!

You see? Completely demented.

All right, take him to the sickbay.
Be careful, I don't want him hurt!

-No, you can't!
-Now, Liz, listen to me, computer...

-There's a microcircuit missing.
-I'll look. Will you treat him carefully?

Stop it! Stop this drilling!

Brigadier, I hold you responsible.

Professor Stahlman,
I'd like to speak to you, please.

Ah, Sir Keith.
I thought you were supposed to be in London.

An accident?

This is a direct consequence
of your orders to my chauffeur.


(SCOFFING) Ridiculous.

Professor, the Minister would like you
to report to him immediately.

Oh, he would, would he?

There's to be an inquiry into this project
and, if I may say so, into your conduct.

You can make as many inquiries as you like,
my dear Gold,

after we've penetrated the Earth's crust.

Professor Stahlman,
we'll be switching to robot controls in 49 minutes.

Thank you.

Anything wrong, Professor?

-I feel very cold in here.

Yeah, have the maintenance people
raise the temperature.

-But it's running normally.
-Do as I say.


All of you, leave this area immediately!

Go on! I shall control
the last phase of this operation alone.

Stand by in the drill head there. No, go on!
Get out, all of you!

Go on!

Do as I say!

He's just ordered them all out of there.
Now do you believe he's cracked up?

Greg, the heat shield!

Well, I'm sorry about this, gentlemen.




Professor Stahlman! Please! What's happening!
What's going on in there?

Why don't you raise the heat shield?

Because he's locked it down on manuals
from the inside.

SUTTON: What does the thing say now?

-TECHNICIAN: Zero minus two minutes...
-The Doctor was right.

It advises us to stop the drilling at once.

-Why don't you give the order?
-I can't.

The order to close down must come from
the Professor. I have no authority to intervene.

-Where's Stahlman?
-LIZ: He's locked himself in there.

Good, then stop this infernal drilling.

What are you waiting for?
Stop this drilling and start filling up that shaft!

The data from the computer isn't conclusive,
Doctor, nor is Stahlman's behaviour.

We have no proof of an emergency situation.

Zero minus two minutes, 20 seconds.
Heat control shields now on stand-by.


-Zero minus two minutes, 1 0 seconds...
-DOCTOR: Stahlman, get back!

Sutton, the fire extinguishers!

Fire extinguisher!

Zero minus two minutes,
zero seconds and counting.

Condition Red Three now commences.

BRIGADIER: That's Stahlman?
SUTTON: What's happened to him?

Petra, the drill, close it down.

-Cut off the nuclear power.
-But the drill will disintegrate!

All the better!

Prepare for emergency shutdown.

TECHNICIAN 1 : Section one standing by.

TECHNICIAN 2: Section two standing by.

TECHNICIAN 3: Section three standing by.

Hurry, hurry!

Shutdown, now!

TECHNICIAN 1 : Section one shutdown.

TECHNICIAN 2: Section two shutdown.

TECHNICIAN 3: Section three shutdown.

Shutdown completed.

-But it's still going on!
-Zero minus one minute, 20 seconds.

That's the buffer controls at the drill head.
Come on!

Buffer controls?

They slow it down by stages.
It'll keep going for at least five minutes.

-The servo-switches are smashed!

-Is there anything you can do?
-I can only try.

Zero minus one minute,
zero seconds and counting.

Final countdown commences now.

Zero minus fifty seconds. Stand by.

Attention. Attention.

Countdown drilling stopped at minus 35 seconds.


All systems are...

Sir Keith...

I think you better give orders
for that shaft to be filled in straightaway.

Indeed I will.

I'll send for a stretcher party.

♪ Shine on Martian moons up in the sky ♪

Join in, Liz. Come on.

♪ Shine on

♪ Shine on Martian moons ♪

Sorry to disturb you, Doctor.
I just popped in to say goodbye.

-Are you leaving, Sir Keith?
-Everyone is.

Word came through this morning.
This project is being officially abandoned.

I'm not sorry to hear that.

-And what about the nuclear reactor?
-They're dismantling it tomorrow.

Oh, but there's time for me
to use it just once more, I hope?

Oh, yes, of course, with pleasure.
It's the least we can do.

Thank you, Sir Keith.
By the way, how's Sutton and Miss Williams?

-Oh, they've left already.

Well, I believe he is
driving her to London in his car.

Nothing like a nice happy ending, is there?

-Well, goodbye, Doctor.
-Goodbye, Sir Keith.

-Goodbye, Miss Shaw.
-Bye-bye, Sir Keith.

Goodbye, Brigadier.

Oh, there's quite a lot of mopping up to do.
I shall be around for quite a while yet.

Oh, pity.

Come on, Liz.
If we're going to link up to that nuclear reactor,

-we better get a move on.
-Just a moment, Doctor...

You're not still tinkering with this machine
after all the trouble it's caused us?

The trouble it's caused you?

Doctor, if you hadn't chosen
such a crucial moment to disappear,

this whole business might have been cleared up
a great deal sooner!

He did try to warn everybody, Brigadier.

And a fat lot of notice you all took.

So you went gallivanting off in a fit of pique.


there are times when you strongly remind me
of your other self.

I shall leave at once.

-In the Tardis console?

Oh, but Doctor, you can't!

With the work that we did today,
the Tardis console is now fully operational.

We seem to have heard that before.

Goodbye, Liz. I shall miss you, my dear.

But I've had about all I can stand
of this pompous, self-opinionated idiot here!

Now see what you've done!

Well, I didn't know he'd go off like that.
The man's so infernally touchy.

I shall be most interested to see
how you get on without him, Brigadier.

May I remind you, Miss Shaw,
that you're still a serving member of UNIT?

-I don't entirely care for your tone.
-I don't much care for yours, either.

No wonder the Doctor cleared off.


BRIGADIER: Welcome back!
LIZ: Where did you go?

A few seconds forward in time

and a few hundred yards due east in space.

The rubbish tip?

-The rubbish tip.
-LIZ: (CHUCKLING) Oh, dear!


Brigadier, my dear fellow,

I wonder whether I could borrow
a couple of your stalwart chaps

to give me a hand in bringing the Tardis back.

It's landed in rather an inaccessible position.

''Pompous, self-opinionated idiot''
I believe you said, Doctor.

Yes, well, we don't want to bear a grudge
for a few hasty words, do we?

No, not after all the years
that we've worked together.

Now come along, my dear fellow.

Put on a smile! Just remember...