Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 7, Episode 24 - Inferno: Episode 6 - full transcript

With the parallel earth doomed, the Doctor asks his friends' counterparts to help him return to his own world but the Brigade Leader only sees the TARDIS as a means of escape.


So, we're expected to sacrifice all our lives
so as the Doctor can get back to his other world.

We haven't got any lives to sacrifice.
It's only a question of time.

What do you think, Greg?

It's the weirdest story I've ever heard,
but I'm prepared to believe the Doctor.

You're outvoted, Brigade Leader.

Makes very little difference
since we're all trapped in here anyway.

Not necessarily.

I do have a plan for getting us out,

but it all depends on those creatures out there.

No, no, no. Don't touch it.


I don't think they'll be back for a while.
They'll wait till the temperature rises.

-How long have we got?
-I should say all of 1 0 minutes.

You said you had a plan, what is it?

If we're gonna get power to the Tardis console,
we'll have to connect it up to the nuclear reactor.

PETRA: That's if there's any power left.

What are you doing?

The air conditioning is still working
so power's still getting through.

Only the bare minimum.
The reactor must still be working off robot control.

Could you boost the output?

Well, in an emergency, the master switch
automatically shuts down the reactor banks.

-But it can be reset?
-It would take time.

And after that I'd still have to get to
the main switch room at the reactor.

The master switch is in Central Control!
How do we get through that lot?

We've still got a weapon to use against them.

-You mean the pistol?
-No, I mean the fire extinguisher.

You can't hold them off with that for very long.

If the master switch has been damaged,
it could be a long job resetting it.

There are other fire extinguishers
in Central Control.

If we can get to them.

Wait a minute!

I'm a fool. Of course! The coolant reserve.
I've rigged up an emergency hose!

That's it! Well, the coolant's under pressure.

It's just as cold as the CO2
in the fire extinguishers.

Doctor, you've got a monster sized
fire extinguisher just waiting for you in there.


We'll fight our way into Central Control using this.

While Mr Sutton holds them off with his coolant,
I'll repair the master switch.

Right, now!


I can't breathe.

-Well, stop talking so much.
-Look out!

That's enough. Don't waste it.
That's enough I said!

It's Stahlman.

PETRA: Is he dead?

No, I think he's just paralysed.

He'll probably come to again
when the temperature rises.

SUTTON: Petra, give me a hand here.
BRIGADE LEADER: Get that hose going!

-I can't, it's seized up!
-BRIGADE LEADER: What do we do now?


Brigade Leader!

They're coming!

-Right, off you go.
-What about you?

Don't worry about me.
I'll stay and repair the master switch.

-I'll stay with the Doctor.

-Let's get going!
-Go on, I'll cover you.

Okay, Doctor, get on with it.

It is hot out here.

I still find it impossible to breathe.

Well, no use hanging about.

We've got to wait for them.

-We must get right away from here.
-Wait for them.

They'll find us.

You go if you want to, Brigade Leader.

-The heat's made a pretty good mess of this.
-It's making a mess of me, too.

You can always join the others outside,
you know, Mr Sutton.

I think I'll hang around a bit longer.

-The natives are getting restless again.
-Are they now?

-How are you making out?
-Slow but sure, Mr Sutton.


-When you get back to that other place...
-If I get back.

How are you gonna make sure
they stop their drilling?

I don't know.
Maybe somebody will listen to me there.

-Sir Keith, for instance?
-But he's dead.

Here, perhaps, in the other world, maybe not.

That's absurd. There must be some trace.
People don't just vanish.

Well, keep looking.
Let me know when you have any news.

-Excuse me, sir.
-Well, where is he?

I'm sorry, sir, but he just won't come.

Sergeant, I sent you to get Professor Stahlman.

Well, that's just it, sir.
Professor Stahlman won't come.

-He says he's too busy to...
-Too busy to what, Sergeant?

He says he's too busy ''to waste time bandying
words with a pompous military idiot'', sir.

Sergeant, I want to see Professor Stahlman
and I want to see him now.

And I advise you not to come back without him.

-Sir, if he...
-A chance to use your initiative, Sergeant!

-Carry him in here if you have to, but get him!



Won't you come in, Mr Sutton?

-Hello. Yes. How did you do that?
-With this.

-A useful little gadget, eh?
-One of the Doctor's inventions.

He used to call it the door handle.

Nice bloke, the Doctor.

-I miss having him around the place.
-So do I.

Is there anything I can do for you, Mr Sutton?

-Well, it's like this, I...

-Well, I found myself passing this place and...
-So you thought you'd take a look?

Well, yes, I thought I might get a look
at that wonderful machine

the Doctor was supposed to be working on.

Well, as you can see, there's nothing here.

-He took it away with him, did he?
-That's right.

-Do you know, it's a funny thing now...
-What is?

Well, I've been asking round
and nobody actually saw him go.

Didn't they?

Well, that banger he uses
is not exactly inconspicuous

and he didn't say goodbye to anyone.

He didn't have very much time.
He left in rather a hurry.

Well, since there's nothing here now,
what are you still hanging around for?

I don't know. I suppose I'm half-hoping
he'll suddenly come back.

-Just like that?
-He's very unpredictable.

I thought possibly the poor, old Doctor
had blown himself to smithereens

and you were trying to hush it up.

Yes, well, there was a sort of an accident.

-Well, there's no sign of an explosion.
-No, no, not an explosion exactly. He...

Well, this is a great place
for disappearances, isn't it?

-How do you mean?
-Haven't you heard?

I gather Sir Keith Gold's vanished, too.

This time, Brigadier, you've really gone too far.

I'm literally dragged from my work
by one of your ape-like minions.

-He was acting on my orders.
-By what possible right can you...

Professor Stahlman,
I have made innumerable attempts

to secure a few moments of your valuable time.
You left me no choice.

Oh, very well. I suppose I'd better humour you.
What is it you want?

-Sir Keith Gold has disappeared.
-Has he?

I thought he was in London
pouring out his petty complaints to the Minister.

He left the Minister yesterday evening.
He should have been back here by last night.

Well, an accident, perhaps?

There's been no report of any accident
on any possible route from here to London.

Then I imagine he's had his complaints dismissed

and has taken himself off in a fit of pique.

It doesn't matter.
We shall do very well without him.

I've tried to contact the Minister,
but he isn't available.

-Therefore, in view of Sir Keith's anxieties...
-Sir Keith is an old woman.

I must formally request
that you delay penetration zero until his return.

On no account, Brigadier.

This project will be carried through
on schedule, my schedule.

When that drill penetrates the Earth's crust,
you'll see that my theories were correct.

Time's running out, Doc.

That's it. I only hope it works.
Shall we go, Mr Sutton?

I thought you'd never ask.

Right you are, Doc!

Hurry along, my dear fella. Hurry along.

There they are!

I'll check the inner corridor.

I'd better start work on the power connection.
Will you be long, Dr Williams?

I have to re-route the entire electrical system
before I can boost the power.

-Be as quick as you can.
-What about the Brigade Leader and me?

-You'd better wait here.
-Isn't there anything we can do?

No, I'm afraid not.

I'll need some tools
and a length of heavy duty cable.

We can pick that up at the riggers' stores.
You pass it on the way to the hut.

Let's get on with it.

-What's happening?
-It's an earthquake!

-It's getting nearer.
-We're sitting on a powder keg.

Right, come on.

Get a move on.


I wonder if those creatures are moving out yet?

Quite possible.

It's getting warm enough for them.

-How long is all this going to take?
-I don't know.

-Can't you hurry it up, Dr Williams?
-No, not if I'm to do the job properly.

You must. We've very little time.

Brigade Leader, I'm trying very hard
to carry out a complex scientific task

under impossible conditions.

You will not help matters by bullying me.

You are insolent, Dr Williams.

Am I? Then it's about time that you learnt

that some problems just can't be solved
by brute force and terror.

Better let her get on with it, Leader.
We're in her hands.

We've got to get the power through to the hut.
It's our only chance.

The Doctor said he can't take us with him.

Do you think he wants to help us?
He's only concerned with his own safety.

I think he's telling the truth.
I think he has been all along.

When the time comes, he will take us.

He'll have no choice.

So that's the contraption, is it?

The console, Mr Sutton, the console.

Well, I thought it'd be
a bit more impressive than that.

What did you expect? Some kind of space rocket
with Batman at the controls?

And this brought you all the way here, did it?

Well, it wasn't exactly a journey
in the accepted sense of the word.

It sort of slipped me sideways
into your dimension.

-And it can take you back?
-Theoretically, yes.

-Well, is it all right?
-I hope so.

-Now, fix the connector to the cable, will you?

I hate to tell you,

but if we put the entire output
of the nuclear reactor through this,

it'll blow in the first few seconds.

A few seconds are all I need, Mr Sutton.

Are you making any progress?

I'm worried about the relay circuits.

They're not functioning properly.
I'm trying to rig up a bypass.

Could the reactor have packed up?

No, it's still working,
but it could go at any moment.

Yes, we're well aware of that, Dr Williams.
You must hurry!

As I've already told you, Brigade Leader,
I'm hurrying as much as I can.

All right, Brigade Leader, we're still here.

I don't like your tone.

And those explosions are getting closer.
I'm thinking about the safety of all of us.

Oh, yes, yes, of course you are.

All got to get out of here.

You go if you want to.
I shall stay here and finish the work.

You carry on with your work.

Where's there to go?

If that spacecraft of the Doctor's works,
you'll see for yourself.

You don't really think
you can force him to take us?

He's not the sort of man you can frighten.

-Once that thing's working, we can take it over.
-We don't know how to operate it.

Dr Williams can learn how to operate it.
She's a scientist!

That device is beyond all our comprehension.

Then I shall have to persuade him
to operate it for us.

And if he tries to go by himself?

And leaves us to die?
I shall make sure that he dies first.

If we get you back, Doctor,
you better make darn sure they stop their drilling.

I'd hate to think all this was for nothing.


You can connect up the cable now.


Cross our fingers and trust to luck.

We're not relying on luck, Mr Sutton, but skill.

-I think so.

I just have to switch on
and preset the power controls.

-How do we know the Doctor's ready for power?
-It doesn't matter.

The power won't flow
until he switches on at his end.

And then we may all go up in smoke.

No, I've switched off all other circuits.

Good luck.

-Well? What's happened?

There must still be a fault.

-So you've been wasting our time.
-Try again.

It's no use!

I'll have to go through
the whole wiring system all over again.

What's happened to them?
They should be back here by now.

You must try and be patient.

If those explosions reach the nuclear reactor...

Yes, I know.


-That's coming from the drill head.
-The shaft must be splitting open.

Get out! Get out, both of you!


No sign of them, nothing.

Well, that appears to be that.

I doubt whether
they would have listened to me anyway.

They're coming! All three of them.
Well done, Petra. Are you ready, Doctor?

What's the matter?

I'm sorry. I couldn't get the power through.
I did all I could.

Yes, of course you did, my dear.

SUTTON: Well, we tried, eh, Doctor?

One can't do more than that, Mr Sutton.

Oh, very philosophical, Doctor.

''Thank you very much. I knew you tried.''
All very cosy.

-Hysteria won't help us, Brigade Leader.
-Nothing will help us.

That bore's gonna blast any minute
and we'll all be roasted alive.

Look what's happening to our hard man.

You were all tough
when you were backed up by a bunch of thugs.

How do you like it on your own?

-I warn you...
-You warn me? That's a laugh.

You're finished, Brigade Leader, finished!

-I can still deal with you, Sutton.
-With that?

Even if you had the guts,
you'd only be doing me a favour.

What do you do now, slap my wrists?

I don't need a gun to finish you.

Listen to that.

Do you want to end your lives
fighting like animals?

-Where's Petra?
-She's gone back to the main switch room

to have another try at getting the power through.

Oh, the idiot! I'd better get after her.

-I'll come with you.
-No, Doctor, you stay here.

She might just manage it
and if she does, you need to be here.

What do you think you're doing?

I'd nearly finished the rewiring
when we had to run out of here.

I only need a few more minutes.

It was crazy to come back in here.

-It doesn't matter, he's dead.
-Well, he may not have been.

What are you trying to do, commit suicide?

What does it matter?
We're nearly finished anyway.

All right, but get a move on!

-Are you all right?
-I think so.

That should do it.

-It's working!
-All right, let's get back to the hut.

The power's coming through.

It's coming through all right,
and it's gaining rapidly.

-Hurry, Doctor.
-Well done, Dr Williams.

-Quickly, Doctor. The power won't last for long.
-Long enough.

You're gonna take us with you, Doctor.

I can't. It's impossible.

I advise you to try.

I can't. I literally can't.

It'd create a cosmic disaster.

You're not gonna leave us here.

Do you think I want to?
I'd give anything to save you all.

It's not loaded!

LIZ: Let him go, Brigade Leader.

We helped him. We've every right to go.

I'll give you until three, Doctor.


You'll have to shoot me, Brigade Leader.
I have no intention of taking you.

...two, three...


Now's your chance, Doctor.

Go on, Doctor. Get on with it.

-Go on, Doctor. Go now!
-I can't! It's still too erratic!