Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 7, Episode 11 - Doctor Who and the Silurians: Episode 7 - full transcript

While Liz distributes the cure to the virus, the Doctor discovers the Silurians now plan to wipe out humanity by destroying the Van Allen Belt.

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Doctor Who Season 7
Doctor Who and the Silurians 7 of 7

Original Air Date: 1970/03/14

And there's no news
from cave mouth two?

We've lost contact with
cave mouth two, sir.

I want reports from all sectors
as they come in...

- ...and get me Captain Hawkins.
- Sir!

I've checked on the ambulance man
in the sick bay.

The discolouration of the skin
is fading rapidly.

So, the Doctor's antidote
seems totally effective?

So far, yes.

I wish he'd get a move on
with that formula.


Quickly, there may be others.

Hold them long as you can.

I'm doing my level best
to get you the support you need.

- Over and out.
- Yes, Dr. Crawford.

- Crewcock, bring that down here.
- I know. Look, I'm terribly sorry.

Look, what's happening about my call
to the Ministry of Defence?

I'm sure
the Doctor won't be much longer.

Look, hurry it up, man.
This is top priority.

Yeah, I do realise.
All right, goodbye.

- Trouble?
- Dr. Meredith is getting very impatient.

I can't say I blame him.

Give the Doctor a couple more moments.

I mean, he may have run into
some kind of problem.

Hey, you!
Give me a hand.

Well, don't stand there gawping, man.
Come on, give me a hand.

Yes, all right, Major Walton. Pull back
from gallery four and try to hold them...

- cave mouth three.
- UNIT control.

- Over and out.
- Yes, sir. He's here. Hold the line.

- The Minister of Defence.
- Miss Shaw, I must have that formula.

All right, I'll go and see
what's holding the Doctor up.

Lethbridge Stewart here, sir.
You got my message?

With respect, sir, I don't think you
appreciate the gravity of the situation.

But there's no time to
refer it to the Defence Committee.

Doctor, the...

- But where is he?
- I've told you, I've no idea.

Well, read the formula to Dr. Crawford.
He's been hanging on long enough.

Don't you understand?
I don't know which is the formula.

Hello, Dr Crawford. Look,
I'm afraid I'll have to ring you back.

There's been yet another delay.

Yes, yes, yes, as soon as I can.

Brigadier, there was some glass
in the lab. I don't know if...

- Sir.
- Glass?

Sir, there's been some kind of a raid.
Private Upton's dead.

- In the caves?
- No, sir, here.

Just down the corridor.

And there's a kind
of scorch mark on the wall.

- Stay here, Miss Shaw.
- What?

- Stay here.
- Yes, of course.

Get me Dr. Crawford, please.

How many humans
have survived the epidemic?

They will all survive.

- That is impossible.
- You have discovered a cure?

Yes, and soon all the humans
will be immune to your epidemic.

Your plan has failed,
as your leader wanted it to fail.

Our leader is dead.
I killed him.

I am the leader now.

Thank you, Dr. Crawford.

- The Silurians have broken in.
- Well, what about the Doctor?

Well, I imagine
they've taken him to their base.

Captain Hawkins, send every man
we've got into the caves...

and I want all civilian personnel
evacuated from here immediately.

- Sir.
- And organise a thorough search...

- ...of that laboratory.
- I'll see to it myself, sir.

You two, come with me.

I've given the formula to Dr Crawford.
They're going to make their own tests...

and then go into mass production
with the antidote.

Well done, Miss Shaw.

What are you going to do
about the Doctor?

- What can I do?
- Try to rescue him.

You'll have to attack their base.

At the moment,
they seem to be attacking us.

Since the epidemic has failed,
we must use other means.

We intend to make this planet,
uninhabitable for humans beings.

But you can't do that.
You can't exterminate a whole species.

Is the disperser ready for activation?

All we need now is the power.

We shall continue to use
the electricity of the humans.

I'm afraid you won't be able to do that.

Thanks to you,
the humans are no longer making power.

Their generator has been switched off.

- Then you will help us.
- We shall force you to reactivate it.

We shall take the centre.

Hello? Hello? Hello? Switchboard.
What's the matter with this thing?

What the devil...

We seem to have switched
to an emergency lighting system.


It's dead.

This one's dead, too.

And I've just sent the last of my men
into those caves.

What do you mean?

Because of the attack, I sent
every man I've got down to the caves...

and now the Silurians
are cutting our communications.

- What about your pocket radio?
- No, useless at this depth.

If they could break in once
to get the Doctor,

- ...they could break in again.
- Exactly.

Only, this time,
it'll be in force.

Is the machinery prepared?

I could do nothing without power
from the humans' generator.

It has ceased to function.

We shall force them to reactivate it.

When your instruments register the power,
you will revive all our people.

Now I shall take the one called the Doctor
to the research centre.

I'll go to the Ministry myself.

We need a division down here
and I'll see we get it.

What's the matter with this thing?

- The telephone stopped working.
- Now the lift as well.

Brigadier, look.


Put down that weapon.

Do as he says, Brigadier,
or they'll kill us all.

- We do not need these humans.
- Miss Shaw is a scientist.

If I am to do what you want,
I shall need her help.

The other one is a soldier.
He is dangerous, kill him.

- Brigadier!

Any more killing,
I shall refuse to help you.

You'll have to kill me, too.

You will take us
to the nuclear generator...

or we will kill you all.

Very well.

I'll do as you want.

Stop. Stop.
I said there was to be no more killing.

Stay where you are.

This centre is now
in the hands of the Silurians.

They need the use of the generator.

Now, if you follow carefully
the instructions I shall give you,

your lives may be spared.

Remove the bodies.

- Doctor, what do you think you're doing?
- Trying to save your lives.

keep out of the way and keep quiet.

You will now connect this device
to the nuclear generator.

The power source is over here.

- What is the purpose of this machine?
- That is no concern of yours.

If I am to help you, I must know.

This is the molecular disperser.

It will convert the energy
of the nuclear reactor into microwaves.

For what purpose?

The microwaves will disperse
the molecules of the filter belt...

which has enveloped this planet
since our time.

But if this process gets out of hand,
it will destroy all life on the planet.

We can control the process.
Commence work.

What are they gonna do?

- Destroy the Van Allen belt.
- What?

The Van Allen belt.

It surrounds the planet and filters out
some of the sun's radiation.

What happens when it's gone?

It'll get so hot, we will all die
of sunburn on a cloudy day.

What good will that do them?

They're reptile, cold-blooded.

They'll thrive in heat.
We shall die.

It will mean the end of the human race.

The generator of the humans
is producing power.

Commence the revival process.

The power is still too low.

You will now provide power to operate
the de-hibernation machinery...

and activate the disperser.

Yes, well,
we'll need to stoke up the reactor.

Miss Shaw,
I'll need your help, please.

You mustn't help him.

The Doctor knows what he's doing.
Trust him.

Miss Shaw, I want you to feed uranium
into the reactor, all right?

When I tell you,
lower all the rods in at once.

- Doctor...
- Liz, I know what I'm doing.

Please, do as I say.

All technicians
to your usual sectors, please.

To your usual sectors, please.

- All right, Liz?
- Yes.

Lower in number one rod.

Number one rod, check.

Lower in number two rod.

Number two rod, check.

Sector one,
increase your power level.

Lower in number three rod.

Number three rod, check.

Now, you should be getting
enough power, now,

to get your disperser unit
into operation.

- Continue to increase the power.
- As you wish.

Liz, now.

You have destroyed the disperser.

Yes, I know.

Turn off the reactor.

Remove the uranium from the reactor.

Liz, keep away from those controls,
get back.

The reactor is now
permanently overloaded.

There's going to be a massive explosion,
and a colossal radiation leakage.

The whole area will become deadly.

- For how long?
- A quarter of a century, possibly more.

This means nothing to us.

We shall return to our base...

and wait in hibernation
until the radiation has faded.

Kill these humans.

No, they will all stay here
to die from the radiation.

Well done, Doctor.

Well done, Brigadier.

Well, hadn't you better
close down the reactor?

I can't.

- You were surely bluffing them?
- Well, I exaggerated a bit,

but I had to push the reactor
past the critical stage...

or they'd never have believed me.
We'd better get out of here at once.

- We can't.
- Why not?

They've jammed the lift.
There's no way out.

The re-hibernation mechanism
is defective.

One of us must remain.

I am the leader.
The responsibility is mine.

The one who remains here will die.

Is sufficient power stored
in the hibernation unit?

Yes, I have set the controls
to revive us in fifty years from now.

When our people revive,
you will be the leader.

See that the apes are destroyed.

- Any good now?
- No, it's still not working.

Give me time, Liz, give me time.

There you are.
Try that now.

The mega-wattage is still rising.

Yes, I know. I'll try fusing
the control of the neutron flow.

Now, stand well back
and cover your eyes.

Well, that seems to have done it.

You are still alive.
You tricked us.

I managed to close down the reactor.

the others must be revived at once.

But first I shall kill you.


Well done, Brigadier.
Now, then.

And just what do you think
you're doing down here?

I'm trying to find out
how this hibernation unit works.

I must know
if we're gonna revive them again.

- Revive them?
- Yes, not all at once, you understand.

One at a time
so that we can reason with them.

There's a wealth of scientific knowledge
down here, Brigadier,

and I can't wait to get started on it.

Yes, well, everything seems
to be working quite smoothly.

I don't think
there'll be any more trouble.


Now, don't forget, Brigadier,

nobody is to go into
that Silurian base.

Yes, Doctor.

Miss Shaw and I,
will be back as soon as possible...

with some testing equipment
and probably some other scientists.

Good, good, well, have a good journey.


Don't forget, Brigadier,
nobody is to go into that base, all right?

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Miss Shaw.

- Corporal Nutting?
- Sir?

- Everything set up?
- Yes, sir.

Give them time to get clear,
and then set off those explosive charges.

I want that Silurian base
sealed permanently.

Shall I walk back and get some help?

No, no.
No, it's just a minor technical fault.

We'll soon put that right.

There you are.
That fixed it.

What's that?

The Brigadier.

He's blown up the Silurian base.

He must have
had orders from the Ministry.

And you knew?


The government were frightened.
They just couldn't take the risk.

But that's murder.

They were intelligent alien beings.

A whole race of them.

And he's just wiped them out.

I know.