Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 6, Episode 3 - The Dominators: Episode 3 - full transcript

Zoe and Cully are captured by the Dominators and put to work alongside the survey team while the Doctor and Jamie decide to return to the island to help.

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Cully, what's happening?!

I don't know.


The door quick!


It's stuck, it's stuck! We're trapped!


Complete destruction!


Quarks, wait.

Maybe you'll believe in my robots now!

I don't know about robots, but something was attacking us, and with pretty sophisticated weapons too!

Well whatever it was, we'd better get out of here fast. Let's try and move this door.

Wanted to prevent their escape.

You wanted to destroy, unnecessary destruction is wasteful. Did you inspect it?

All relevant details have been recorded.

See if there are any survivors and bring them to me - alive.

Oh it's no good, it's jammed!

Yes, we're trapped in here.

What about the travel capsule?

Oh I can't navigate it, we'd end up back at the Capitol.

Well that's better than being cooked in here.

Yes, but they'd pick us off easily in that. Come on let's try that door again.

Come on!


Keep it...

Now you know I'm not lying!

Director Senex asked that you be brought to the Council chamber immediately.

Just a moment... Er, where's Zoe?

You mean the girl?

Yes Zoe, is she here?


Well then where is she? She did arrive safely?

Oh yes.

Well then? Hey, has anything happened to her?

Director Senex will explain when he arrives, should he think fit.

And just..!

There is no cause for alarm. I will inform the Director of your arrival.

What do you think's happened to her, Doctor?

Oh I've no idea Jamie, but the Dulcians wouldn't've harmed her. Of that I'm certain.


Are you alright Balan?

Uh? Oh yes, but I don't understand what is happening; why should these people wish us harm?


The other two specimens for examination, shall I bring them in?

Wait! Observe the cerebral cortex development in this specimen.

Oh please don't hurt him!

If only you would tell us what you wanted!

I said silence!


Higher potential than the first two. Not a very resourceful brain pattern, but intelligent.

Yes... I will send this information to fleet leader for analysis. It is possible these creatures could be used for slave labour. Unfortunately their muscular development seems somewhat limited.

Then they are of no use?

We shall test them. Put them to work on the drilling site, observe how long they survive.

Command accepted.

And send a Quark back to the unit. Should any more arrive I want them alive.

As far as we know she left with my son Cully, presumably they have returned to the island.


Oh no! Why'd you not tell us? Come on Doctor!

I do not think that would be advisable.

Aye, you mean we're prisoners again?

No, there are no prisoners on Dulkis.

It's not necessary you see, Jamie. This is a society of total pacifism.

You mean they don't fight? They don't have any armies?

No, no.

Oh that's just great! How then, are we gonna drive off those Quark things?

From your reaction and your lack of knowledge of the way of life on Dulkis, it would seem there was some truth in your story that you are from another planet.

Of course there's some truth! Look, it was your people who thought we were with Cully's.

The identity of my son's companions has now been established, although what has happened is not quite clear.

But Cully has told you - they were murdered!

And I believe him!


Because I've seen these Dominators. We were t-taken aboard their spacecraft. Believe me, they're callous - without pity!

Of for goodnesses sake.

I can't believe this.

I would be grateful if you could tell me what occurred on the island.

Och look here, we've told you! We're just wasting time talking while Zoe's in danger!

Can't we get away?

OH we wouldn't stand a chance, these Quarks are deadly.

Any idea how they're powered?

No, why?

Well if we knew we might be able to put them out of action.

Attack them? Are you out of your mind?

Well they're only robots.

Only?... Do you really think we could destroy one?

It'd be easier if we had a gun of some... The laser gun! Cully, I think we stand a chance.

Take them to the others.


I'll send them to work on the drilling site.

Work potential and stamina to be recorded and sent for analysis.

Agreed. If any of them should escape...

Then you will report the fact to me, no personal action.


Command accepted.

So the Doctor and Jamie are on the mainland?

Yes. It looks as if from now on we're on our own.

You creatures, follow.

And when these horrible tests were over, they just let us go.

Did you discover for what purpose these tests were carried out?

Yes, to see if we were intelligent enough to use as slaves.

Evidently you were not.

I would like to make a suggestion. I know it is the way of Dulkis to discuss and deliberate, but the situation is urgent. Send someone to the island to confirm if what we've told you.

Yes, and while they're away we can be thinking out some plan to tackle those Dominators.

These Dominators... They let you go free, why should we fear them?

Because they are aggressive, callous and unfeeling. Don't expect them to act and think as you do - they're alien, from another world.

Well so are you Doctor!

Oho dear, you've got me there.

Oh for heavens sake! Look, are we going to that island or are we not?

Patience young man. Doctor, what in your opinion did this Dominators want?

Well I'm not sure, but I heard them say that the material was readily accessible. Probably some kind of mineral ore.

Oh, haha, there are no valuable minerals here, they are welcome to whatever they can find. There is no cause for alarm.

Yes, but there's the matter of the disappearance of the radioactivity from the island. That could be significant.

Why seek menace where there may be none?

But you can't just sit here and do nothing!

Why not?

Haste is not in the Dulcian tradition.

Better do nothing than do the wrong thing.

Oh you're mad, the lot of you!

What would you suggest we do?

For a start send an armed party over there to rescue Zoe and your people!

An armed party?


But the use of arms on Dulkis is totally unprecedented.

Not totally unprecedented. In the earliest days of our history.

Ooh, in primitive times perhaps, but impossible to consider today.

Oh of course.

What are they talking about?

Told you Jamie, there are no weapons on Dulkis.

For centuries we have lived in peace. We have proved that universal gentleness will cause aggression to die.

Aye, well the Dominators don't know anything about your gentleness.

Yes, Jamie has a point there you know. Now I suggest that you get in touch with Balan on the island, again.


He must know more by now.

Oh very well.



Hey, would you look at that!

Balan are you there?

It-It's too late!

What is that?!

It's a robot!

That's a Quark! Now come on, we've wasted enough time!


Now perhaps you'll believe me!

Now Jamie, what did you want to tell me?

Well, I suppose you know what you're doing.

What do you mean?

Well this capsule is homing in on the survey place, right?

Yes, that's right.

Well there's a Quark there waiting for us!

If these tests prove favourable some of you may be among those chosen to serve the Dominators...

As slaves, you mean?

Don't ever interrupt me again. To serve the Dominators, masters of the ten galaxies. Your progress here will be reported.

Progress at what?

This area here is to be cleared of debris and rubble.


Because I command it!

I am not going to work unless I know why you want...

Quiet!... Very well. This site is to be cleared; firstly because we want it cleared, secondly, to find out whether you have enough strength to make a work force.

And if we haven't?

You will all be destroyed. So remember, you are working for your lives.

We must, for now.

I wonder why they want to drill here?

Who cares what they want, what are we going to do?

We've got to get away!

Yes, but how?

Well there's only two Quarks; there are five of us.

Escape is pointless, where would we go?

We can't get off the island.

Perhaps the Capitol will send help.

The Capitol? But what can they do? They're not equipped to deal with this sort of thing. No, we've gotta get out of this mess ourselves.

And that's just what I mean to do. Cully, how fast can these Quarks move?

Young lady, I cannot allow you to incite my pupils. Resistance will only lead to violence.

And submission leads to slavery. We must fight! What about you Cully?

You can count me in. Kando?

No, Balan is right. Violence is always met with violence.


I accept what you both say. But I'm afraid I also agree with Zoe and Cully, meek submission would be humiliating.


Hey have you gone daft or something?

No Jamie, not exactly. Oh dear, this is rather complicated.

Y-y-y'can't just take things to pieces. Not when we're flying at heaven knows what speed!

Oh Jamie... As you said, this capsule is homing straight back onto the survey unit, and the Quarks are there.

Well I did try to warn you!

Yes I know. Thank you. Now Don't worry, all I've got to do is to override the automatic pilot.

Oh. Hey, are-are-are there not any ordinary controls for flying this thing?

Mm? The...

Ah... no. No Jamie, there don't seem to be. But the simplest way is to get straight at the control mechanism.

The simplest?!

Yes, now it's alright Jamie, just leave it all to me. T-the trouble is all the wires seem to be... leading up into the nose. Ah... Just hold this for a minute will you Jamie?

Let's see if I can scramble through here. Just wait a minute, we're nearly there... Oh oh ooh!

Transmit course and point of deviation to fleet leader.

Command accepted.





That will be the young man.



Shall I liven them up?

No. Work them to the point of exhaustion, note their time of collapse then bring them to me.

If we don't get a move on the others will be too tired to even attempt an escape. Have you got any ideas?

Well we'll have to put that Quark out of action or we won't stand a chance.

Yes, but how?

Well there's a laser gun in that museum place. Somehow we've got to get hold of it.

I'm-I'm sorry.

Don't be.


He can't! He's exhausted.


You stupid tin box, can't you see he's worn out?




I'm sorry. We're not used to manual labour on Dulkis.

Hey, what are you doing in there?

Uh-uh-uh... I've-I've-I've nearly got it Jamie. Oh, yes, I think I've got it.

You think? You mean you're not sure?

Well, there won't be time for another try you know. Oh, give me a hand, pull me back.

Oh, oh there we are, yes. Yes, I think I've got it. Now then, hold on and I'm going, I'm going to try and steer this thing.

With that mess of wires?

Whoah my... ah-ah...

Take it easy!

Well, at least we know it works, don't we?

Hey, can you land the thing?

Of course I can! I'll get us down in no time at all!

Aye, but in one piece?

Now just hold on!

Perhaps we should do something, we must be...

Gentlemen, gentlemen, this is no matter for precipitate action.

Nevertheless, we must hope that the Doctor may be able to pursue some useful course of action.

With respect Director, I am reluctant to rely on the assistance of any alien.

You do now admit that he is not a Dulcian?

Yes, so I think that our alliance should be placed in the Chairman of Emergencies Committee.

Chairman Tensa? Yes, he is able, but can he deal with this crisis?

Chairman Tensa has proved his efficiency in the face of fires, droughts, earthquakes...

All natural disasters, all created by forces not acting from inherently aggressive motives.


Chairman Tensa is here, presents his compliments.

Send him in immediately.

A very able man, he'll deal with this.

My greetings Director Senex, gentlemen.

Tensa, you have been informed of the emergency that has arisen?


What would you advise?

The facts of this emergency are non-conclusive.

Oh yes-yes.

Of course.

But, as I see it there are three alternatives.



Which are?

If these aliens and their robots are aggressive, and as yet this is not a fact; but if they are then we can either fight...



Silence! Tensa, continue...

Fight, submit or flee.


Oh no, no!

Flee to where?

We cannot make war we are not able; flight is impossible, there is nowhere to hide, and submission - to what?!

Who knows?

So we can do nothing?

Nothing, except wait.

Ah-ah oh-oh oh... no bones broken!


Oh dear. Oh-oh ah, there we are.

Oh my word, Aah. Oh, well... I think we've done rather well if I say so, don't you?

More by luck than from judgement if you ask me. What a landing!

Oh, it was just a bit bumpy. Oh now then, main thing is we weren't spotted. Come along, we've got to find Zoe and the others.


But do you think it'll work?

Of course it will, once we can get hold of the laser and flatten these Quarks, then go to ground somewhere.

But where? it mustn't be far, I mean, look at Kando.

Yes, and Balan. Is there anywhere near here to hide?

Wait a minute, the shelter... the bomb shelter. I'm-I'm sure they built one here somewhere, part of the atom test.

Well that sounds ideal, where is it?

Can't remem...

Hey would you look down there!

That's the ruined building, hello.

What can you see?

It's Zoe and Cully!

We've got to get down there. Jamie.


We'll split up and get around the back of them. I'll try to cut across those cliffs.

I'll go this way.

You ready?


Once you're ready give me time to get those two Quarks into your line of fire.

Here we go.


This is foolishness Cully.

All clear, best of luck.



Fire Cully, Fire!

Hey what do you think you're doing? Zoe's out there!

I know that you fool, I was aiming at those Quarks!


I missed my chance, I had them in my sights!

Why didn't he shoot?

I don't know.



Oh... Oh it's no good, Balan's in the way now!

Well I-I said I'm sorry. Anyway I don't think we should do anything until the Doctor gets here.

Well he'd better be quick, those Dominators will be after me soon.

Don't worry, he'll get here!

What are you doing? You were told to keep away from the Quarks.

Oh but I do! Whenever I see one I go away. But they're all over the island, where can I go?

Stop. One of them is missing.


Has he? Alright carry on, take this idiot with you. Quark follow me.

It's no good Jamie, we daren't wait any longer. Something must have happened to the Doctor.

Yeah, I think you're right.


Down! I told you to stay away from the window!

Do you think he saw me?

I know you're in there Cully!

Give me that.

Now you'll see what happens when the orders of a Dominator are disobeyed! Quark, destroy!

Right, here goes.

Destroy! Destroy! Total destruction!

Can't see a thing! If only I could get in another shot.


Come on, let's get out of here!

No, this way...