Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 6, Episode 2 - The Dominators: Episode 2 - full transcript

The Doctor and Jamie are captured by the Dominators, who subject them to an intelligence test, while Zoe and Cully attempt to convince the Dulcian council of the threat.

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Hey Doctor!

Stop it.


Jamie, don't do it!

Doctor look! Look.

Oh my word!



Bring them inside.

Ooh good heavens!

Look, what's going on? Who are you?

We are Dominators! Both of you stand by that wall.

I will not!

Oh now Jamie...

They're not going to bow to...

We are meant to be obeyed!

Not by me you're not!


Wha... Oh if you insist.

Doctor I can't move, help me!

It is pointless to struggle, my Quarks have used a molecular force to bind your bodies to the wall.

What's he gonna do with us?

Alien races are occasionally of interest to us, I intend to probe your physiological make up.

Do what?

Doctor, can you not do anything?

Now don't struggle Jamie, keep quite still!


Quarks, attach force units.



Transmatter focus probe.

Brittle skeletal structure. Reasonable flexibility, certain amount of muscular force - could be marginally useful. Vulnerable, only one heart.


A simple brain. Signs of recent rapid learning. Still, somewhat crude.

Shall I prepare the other specimen for scrutiny?

No, they will be identical. Conserve power.


Are they dangerous?

No, they are physically inferior.

So we destroy them?

No. It is possible we may use them.

What for?


We've got the Quarks.

We must conserve their power, you know that!

But why do you want...

Command accepted.

Set up a reaction test.

Test this one.

Your picture is fading Balan, your picture is fading.

Well never mind the picture father, the important thing is; what are you going to do?

I can't hear you Balan! Send Cully and the strangers to the Capitol, I'll question them there.

Father? Father! Well can't you get them back?

They've switched off the reception I'm afraid.

Oh, switched off? That's typical isn't it? Typical Dulcian behaviour. Something strange, something you don't understand and you switch off - up here.

We don't all have your childish curiosity Cully.

Hah! You'd have more fun out of life if you did.

The power units of the travel capsule are charging now.

You ever travelled in a capsule before?

I can't say that I have. How do they work?

Hah, dunno. Can't stand the things myself. Hey, you asked a question.


There you go Balan, this girl's got an enquiring mind. She can't possibly come from Dulkis!

That will be for your father to decide.

As soon as your friends return they will follow you and Cully in the second capsule.

Wouldn't it be better if all four of us went together?

Travel capsules only take two.

Number one ready.

It's nothing to be frightened of you know.

Oh I'm not frightened. I'm looking forward to it.

Come on, let's try and stir up a little action in the Capitol!

You really mustn't believe Cully's wild tales.

I will dial for the Capitol Cully, if you don't mind.

I see. Frightened I might disappear, eh?

Well it has been known, hasn't it Cully?

It'd be a joke if it happened this time though, wouldn't it?

Selector's a bit worn... soon reach the ceiling. It'll be alright when we level off.

There you are. Sit back and relax, won't be long.

Does this land on automatic control as well?

Oh yes, the whole thing's automatic. Dial where you want to go and in less than eight minutes you're there.

Look how long are you gonna keep us like this?


Oh, if I could only get away from, this wall...

Shush Jamie! I am trying to listen.

Oh, everyone wants me to shut up! Alright I will.

And if we are to use these Dulcians as slaves there are certain qualities you must look for. Obedience, strength, sufficient intelligence to make them of use, but not so much as to make them dangerous. Is that clear?


Ah... what are they saying?

I think they're arranging for some sort of test.

Test? What for?

I dunno. I thought I heard them mention the word intelligence.

Oh, you mean they're going to find out how clever we are?

Yes... Or how stupid. I wonder which is the more important to them?

Will it take long to reach the Capitol?

Reach it? We're there. Door to door service.

Oh very well then. It is agreed that the area in question be converted into an area for holiday and relaxation purposes. This is now agreed?

Er, subject of course to the approval of Director Senex.

Oh I'm sure the Director will approve our decision, after all...

Has he sufficiently considered the case of the residents and the committee?

Oh I'm sure that...

Really gentlemen, we've been debating this matter for several months! I don't wish to hurry you, indeed, but at least...

Yes what is it?

Cully has arrived with the strangers.


They're here in the antechamber.

Ah yes. Well, you'd better keep them out there. Has the Director been informed?

Not yet.

No I will not stay here! I'm going in I want to see my father!

What is going on out there?

If you think that I'm going to stay out there for hours on end kicking my heels, you're very much mistaken Bovem!

Will you tell the Director that his son has arrived?

Yes of course.

You realise, of course, that you've interrupted a most important meeting?

Not nearly as important as the news I've got.

Oh really? And what adventure have you dreamt up for us this time? Who is this girl?

Zoe, I met her on the island with two of her friends, they're coming on later.

Oh I see. Er, doubtless none of you have permits?

Oh don't be stupid man, how could they have permits? They've come from another planet!

Oh nonsense, the existence of life on another planet was conclusively disproved!

Oh come now, in my opinion

By scientific...

It is perfectly possible that life does exist!

But, but but...

Look, we don't have time for the usual Dulcian debate! Don't you realise what's happened?

And what's that?

A space vehicle has landed.

A space vehicle?

Oh come on! Ridiculous!

Oh really Cully, you're wasting the Council's valuable time with these ridiculous stories! Just because you're the Director's son, does not mean...

Hello father.

I am sorry Director Senex, I was not aware that...

So I observed. I think it would be better if I were to speak to Cully and the young lady alone.

Of course, yes.

Well wait in the antechamber.

I told you the commission specifically stated that there was life on other planets than this!

Look father, I...

Cully, do you enjoy being treated like a clown? And your name?


Well then Zoe, what were you doing on the island?

Well nothing really, just looking around.

But didn't you know it was dangerous?

No... At least, not at first.

Oh Cully! How can your conscience allow you to expose innocent and foolish people to such dangers?

But I didn't take her to the island!

Oho, nonsense I know all about "Cully's Adventures Unlimited. "

You know, but why didn't you..?

Well you weren't doing any harm... At least we thought you weren't.

But it's illegal.

But to prosecute would have given you open publicity - and it wouldn't have reflected very well on me either.

I see. Why can't I be treated as an individual and not always as the "son of the Director?"

Now then young lady, tell me exactly what happened.

Well, I landed with the Doctor and Jamie...

In Cully's ship, yes?

Cully?... Oh no! We came in the TARDIS.

Oh, what is that?

It's an advanced craft for travel.

Goes through time and space.

I think this joke has gone far enough.

There you are, I knew he wouldn't believe it.

But it's true! You can ask the Doctor and Jamie, they'll be here soon.

What do you hope to gain by this foolishness?

But it's not! I told you when we spoke on the vision link! Three people have been killed, a spacecraft has landed, radioactivity has disappeared, and there are robots on that island. Now I may have a pretty inventive mind, but I wouldn't have dreamt up that lot, would I?

And no doubt you will confirm all this?

Er, well I haven't actually seen the spacecraft and robots...

Ah! So we only have your word for it Cully. And experience has taught us how little that can be relied upon!

What's he up to now?

He's arranging some sort of intelligence test, Jamie.

You mean those wee shapes in that big box? What for?

Yes, well, you have to put the right shapes into the correct holes, it's-it's quite simple.

Oh well if that's all it is a-a kid of two could do it!

Yes, that's what's bothering me. It's too simple.

Uh... You moved!

I'm free, what about you?

Me too. Come on.




What are you going to do with..?

Quiet! Over there.


Well thank you.

Attach force units.


Through there!



That will be repeated again at regular intervals until the puzzle is reassembled.

Oh... oh no! Oh.. oh.. oh.. ah.


Hurry up Doctor!

Oh-ooh, ooh-ooh oh... my hands! Ah.. ah.. er...

No, the square bit not.. no not the star, the square bit in there!

Aargh! Argh.. oh!


Doctor! Doctor. Now where's that..?

Here. Sniff-sniff.

Come away, come away from that fearful contraption. You alright?

Yes I'm alright.

What were you up to? That puzzle was easy!

An unintelligent enemy is far less dangerous than an intelligent one, Jamie.


Just act stupid - do you think you can manage that?

Oh aye, it's eas...

Attach force units.

You two over here. Sit!

Oh, thank you.

Thanks. Oh.


Now, get up.

Oh-oh ooh!

I said get up!

Oh, but...

Try this around here.

You are surrounded.

But then how do we get off?!

There is a way, find it!

Test complete?

These creatures are useless!


You question my report Navigator Rago?

I find it at variance with what we already know.

I don't understand...

The weapons we saw earlier, could they have been devised by such apparent simpletons?

You think that there were others?

That we will find out. Message to fleet leader:

Materials readily accessible, fleet proceed to refuel. Investigating potential slave labour. Transmit!

Come with me.

But every time we try to get up, there's a...




Aargh... Oh.

A simple circuit completed by your bodies, you obviously know little of electricity.

Elec... elec...

Are you such a fool? You have intelligent eyes. I will continue the test personally. Bring!

Alright! Er, we'll go...

The strangers are a long time returning Balan.

Yes. Doubtless searching the whole island in search of something that doesn't exist. Teel, have you found that graph?

Yes sir.

Show it me please.

Well, er, it doesn't seem logical somehow, sir. We all know that there's been a steady uniform decrease in radiation during the past hundred and seventy-two years...

Now suddenly it's all disappeared.

Well it has happened, therefore it is a fact. We now know that the effect of an atomic explosion lasts for a hundred and seventy-two years.

But why sir?

Oh I dare say our atomic experts can provide a reason. But it seems pointless to spend time searching for reasons to prove facts. A fact is a truth.

But the spacecraft that Cully saw!

Oh, there is no such spacecraft. Nor are there any robots.

I said what is that?!

Well... well, it's um, it's some sort of gun isn't it?

Explain it to me.

Well I don't know that I...

Firepower potential?


What does it do?

Oh, oh I see. Well-well... guns kill people - is that what you wanted to know?

Fire it.

Oh well I-I don't think I...

You have to put something into it first. And it er, it comes out here, er, as far as I remember.

You. Fire it.

Oh I wouldn't know how it...

Do as Dominator Rago says! Fire it!

Well I'll-I'll-I'll try. Ah... you put a cork or something in-in there and something you...

Jamie!... Jamie be careful.

Oh I'll get the hang of it Doctor.

Jamie be careful!

We... we don't understand guns on Dulkis! We haven't used them for hundreds of years!

So, you don't understand guns...

Ooh oh-oh argh!

Are you sure?

Yes! It was the "Clever Ones" that invented them!

"Clever Ones"?

Yes! They-they lived long ago you see, there aren't many of them-them left. They stopped us using guns and things.

There are two distinct types on this planet?


How many of these "Clever Ones" are there?

Well there are, there are not many of them left. We don't like them. They... they tell us what to do you see.

Good, I see.

There is nothing to fear from these primitives, and the others sound as if they're pacifists.

So they are useless.

They have a small labour potential, nothing more.

Shall I destroy them?

No we must conserve power!

But why must we...

We have nothing to fear from these primitives so it would be a waste of energy to destroy them. Leave them!

Stay away from us and the Quarks.

Oh yes sir!

Yes Master!

Am I glad that's over!

Me too. They're a bloodthirsty lot these Dominators, aren't they?

Aye. What do you think they're after?

I dunno. That message they sent... "Material readily accessible. Some sort of mineral deposits do you think?

And then-then-then this fleet of theirs would land, refuel and pick it up!

Well what do they want the Dulcians as slaves for? They've got the Quarks.

Aye, nasty little beasties.

Hey Doctor, they've gone. We'd better get back to that survey place, Zoe'll be wondering what's happening.

Yes I think you're right.

I've got to make them believe me - before it's too late.

Well what are you going to do?

Get some evidence. Will you come back to the island with me?

Alright, but how do we get past the council out there?

Through my father's rooms, come on.

We'll have to steal a travel capsule somehow, well I can manage that alright but...

Well what's the matter?

Your clothes. Not exactly Dulcian are they?


We'd attract too much attention, we'd never get past the capsule managers. Still, no problem. We can always fix you up with some Dulcian garments.

Where from?

Clothing dispenser unit - there's one in my father's rooms, come on.

This will take you direct to the Capitol Doctor.


Your young friend Zoe is already there.

Oh yes!

Director Senex is awaiting your arrival.

Oh this is splendid! Hahaha!

Oh look Doctor, what is this?

You know I hate being cooped up...

Now perhaps we can get on with our work?

What are you thinking?

They seemed so positive that they'd seen robots.

Yes, I almost believed them.

Balan we may be in great danger. Would it not be wise to check for ourselves?

I can see I shall get no work from you two until you have got positive proof. Come along.

Hey, come on, nearly ready?

Yes, just about.


I'm not sure I pressed the right button.

Why not? It's not bad - even for an automatic machine.

Well they're not very efficient garments are they?

Well, at least you look more like a girl now.

Oh I'm not sure, they feel impractical.

Never mind, the main thing is that now you'll pass as a Dulcian. Let's go and get a capsule.

Drill depth on fourth bore?

Eighteen thousand.

link feeds from your seismographic readings, inform explosive force, inquire time and depth. Feed into calculator now.

Command accepted.



No, investigate.

It's enormous!

So Cully was telling the truth!

Was he?

But Balan..!

Where are the robots?

Inside perhaps?

Oh please may we go in?

Oh very well.

But it's empty!

Look, there's a map of the island.


But... you are not Dulcians!


I-I can't move!

Oh what have they done?

Stand quite still! You move over there.


Silence! Toba?

Attach force units.

These look different. Visor.

Leave that boy alone!

What do you want from us?


As I thought, they are different. Greater brain power, two hearts. There are two distinct species on this planet.



Then we might have the labour force we need after all.

Yes, if there are more on the island. We will search.

Well what's funny?

I just thought, your friends are probably on their way back to the Capitol. We'll have passed them going the other way.

I hope not!

Oh it doesn't make much difference, we can always turn around again... as long as those robots don't appear.

Hold on, deceleration. Another minute or two and we'll be at the survey unit.

Record all technical data.


Good! Follow.


Where do you think everybody is?

I dunno. Come on, out you get.

Destroy, destroy!

Cully, what's happening?!

I don't know.

The door quick!


It's stuck, it's stuck! We're trapped!