Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 5, Episode 4 - The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 4 - full transcript

Having managed to control the Cybermen's small mechanical creatures, the Doctor must now deal with Klieg who is still intent on taking control of the Cybermen. Klieg reveals his true objective - the conquest of the Earth, with the help of the Cybermen - allowing him to build a better world. It's left to the Doctor to foil his plans.

Watch out, Doctor!

Keep back!

Your gun.

You've killed him, you murderer.

No. He is fortunate. I spared him.

- You missed him.
- Silence! I could have killed him.

- Shall I kill them now?
- No, that will not be necessary.

The Cybermen will have a use for them.

You will make excellent
experimental specimens.

Oh, let me help him, please!

No tricks.

Still think you can bargain
with the Cybermen?

Certainly. This time on our terms.

I wish to speak to the Controller.

I wish to speak to the Controller!

I wish to speak to the Controller!

The humanoids must first be destroyed.

You will re-enter cells
to conserve energy.

He is now prepared.

Release him.

They're coming.

Now, gentlemen, you will see how
I shall use the power of the Cybermen.

Use, maybe, but you'll never
control the Cybermen.

- Behind you.
- Stop!

You know what this can do to you.

That's better.

Now you are under my control.

We know you must be revitalised

or you will perish.

If you agree to my terms...

I shall let you survive.

I will listen.

Make them release Toberman.

You're dafter than I thought.

Silence! Sit down.

First you release our man.

Toberman, it is good that you are back.

Watch them.

- Doctor, he seems er...
- Yes, Jamie, yes.

Stay where you are!


Do you agree to accept our plan?

- Plan?
- The conquest of the Earth.

- What?! You must be...
- Silence!

Your answer.

We accept.

We will give you
some of our power devices.

Good. I knew an understanding
could be reached.

I shall let you be revitalised.

To survive, it must be now.

Come forward. Slowly.

- Be careful.
- Leave this to me.

You are absolutely crazy to trust them!

You think so?

Then perhaps you and your colleagues
had better join him. Go on. Go on!

- The girl stays with us.
- No!

She is our hostage.

Close the hatch.

Go on. Close it!

- He's too weak to get in.
- Quiet, Jamie.

You seem to be in trouble.

The energy...

levels... are... low.

We... will... survive.

You will help us.

You will... help... us...

Yes. Yes, certainly.

- Jamie, Professor.
- You're not going to help them?

You can't support these creatures!

I think it best. Come on.

Come along.

That's it.

Do... you... understand...
the... machine?

Yes. One moment.

Have you taken leave of your senses?
Let's help Victoria.

In a moment, Jamie.

Are you ready?

We will survive.

We will sur...

Now, where would you rather
have him - in or out of there?

Oh, I see what you mean.

Only we must make sure
that he stays in there.

Do you really believe you can bargain
with those terrible Cybermen?

That is our concern, not yours.

I'm talking to him, not you.

They will have to agree to our plan.

What about the other weapon?

What other weapon?

I saw another one like that in that room.

Is that true?

I don't know. We'd better make sure.

No. Wait.

That means that any one of them
in there could...

Yes, you're right, Eric.

Better wait here.

If the Cyberman is aroused,
we shall be ready for him.

Stay well clear.

Take no chances.

Keep back! It's smoking.

We shouldn't have touched it.

Turn it off. It's out of control.

It's taken over.

I think not.

There must be some sort
of internal timing mechanism.

Jamie, I hope you made
those ropes secure.

The King of Beasties
couldnae get out of that.

Jamie, remind me to give you
a lesson in tying knots.

You will remain still.

Stay here and watch that door.

At least we shall have some warning.

What do you hope to gain from this?

- That does not concern you.
- They might as well know.

We are going to build a better world.

Better? But who for?

I told you to watch the door.





- You have done well.
- Toberman!


He is now under our control.

Open the tombs.


You have broken your promise.

Cybermen do not promise.

Such ideas have no value.



That gun will not harm me.


Look what they've done.

You are not like them. You're a man
like us. You must help us.

He has killed Kaftan.
You must help us.

You will report to the surface.

Jamie, the hatch!

The gun, Jamie!

There's another one!

Are there any more?

No. I'll close the hatch.

Wait a minute.
We'd better go down there.

- Not again!
- It's the only way to make sure.

- I'll go too.
- No. Stay and look after Victoria.

I'll take somebody else.


You see what these creatures
have done to you?

They've tried to make you like them.
Do you understand?

They've tried to make you
their slave. They want to use you.

They are evil. Think of Kaftan.

- Evil!
- They must be destroyed, you see.

Evil must be destroyed.

Now, come.


Come on.

Come on!

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- Doctor, the gun.
- I shan't need that.

Should have taken it.

- Aagh!
- Poor Mr Callum. How are you?

I can't move my arm.

Move quietly.

They're all dormant, see?


No! Quietly. They're only asleep.

They're not frozen yet.
You watch them. I have things to do.

Now, let me see.


The cryostat! You're freezing them!


No! You'll wake them up!

That is exactly my intention.

You still don't understand, do you?

Their Controller is dead.

Now I shall control them.
They will do what I say.

You see, Doctor.

Yours is the privilege
to witness for the first time

the union between mass power
and my absolute intelligence.

Who is that?

Come out.

Come out or I shall kill this man!

Oh, it's you.

Go to that wall, all of you.

All of you!

- Now...
- Yes. As you say,

such a combination
between intelligence and power

would make you formidable indeed.

Why, you would be Commander
of the Universe with your brilliance.

The imagination reels
with the possibilities.

Why, Doctor, if I'd only known
you shared my imagination,

you might even have worked for me.

Perhaps it's not too late.

- Doctor!
- No, Jamie. Don't you see?

Don't you see what this will mean
to all the people who serve Klieg -

the all-powerful?

No country, no person
would dare to have a single thought

that was not your own -

Eric Klieg's own conception
of the way of life!



Yes, you're right.

Master of the world.

Now I know you're mad.
I just wanted to make sure.

Well, we can blast off any time.

- Sh!
- All right.

Hey, what gives? Where is everybody?

Down there.
And so are Klieg and the Cybermen.

Well, I hope
they know what they're doing.

I've been down there once
and I don't reckon to go again.

That's all right, Captain.

It's comforting to know we have
your superior strength to call on

should we need it

And so you have forfeited
your right to survival.

I shall make an example of you
to all who question my intelligence

and the supreme power of the Cybermen.

You know, I've heard this
all before somewhere.

You talk too much.

You're stupid.

You still think your puny minds
can survive against us?

You are decadent. Weak!

Do you know that? Weak!

All right.

Go ahead. Kill us.


I have a better idea, a much better idea.

I shall leave you to the Cybermen.

I'm sure they'll have some use for you.

Or parts of you!

Quick, Jamie!
These two levers together.

- I can't shift this one.
- What? Trip that first.

Last time they were frozen
for five centuries.

This time it must be forever.

Oh, Doctor!

Here we are, Victoria,
safe and sound. Close the hatch.

There we are.

Now then.

The best thing about a machine
that makes sense -

you can very easily
make it turn out nonsense.

- I think you'd better go outside.
- What are you going to do?

I'm going to re-electrify the main doors.

Only this time I'm going to include
the hatch and the control panel.

Anyone touching any of them
will get a considerable shock.

A fatal one. Now, everyone outside.

Please take him with you.
I shall be glad to see him outside.


I'll stay with the Doctor.

Oh, all right.

There we are. That's done.

We just have to close the main doors
and the circuit is complete.

Thank goodness for that.




You go that way. I'll go this way.

That gives us more of a chance.

When I say run, run.



Stop! We'll get a shock.

We must find something to insulate.
That shoring timber.

Hurry up!

Hurry up, he's coming!

We must keep him inside

or all our work will be wasted.

- I can't hold mine!
- You must!


We must survive.

We must survive.

You are evil.

- Toberman, come away!
- You'll get killed, man!

They shall never pass Toberman.

The door is closed.

How terrible. Another life gone.

Come on, Professor.

Blast-off in nine minutes.

Anybody coming along for the ride?

We have our own flying machine.

Flying machine?

At least it works.

Aw, let's go.

Right. Well...

- Goodbye, Doctor.
- Goodbye.

- I'm sorry it had to end...
- I know.

I know.


That really is the end
of the Cybermen, isn't it?

Yes, Jamie.

On the other hand...
I never like to make predictions.

Come along.